Not all of us are blessed to live in a state with legal marijuana, let alone medical marijuana. I have a friend, for example, who’s about to move from Seattle (a very weed-friendly city) to Milwaukee (a not-so-friendly weed city). Her biggest fear is not being able to find access to edibles as part of her nightly routine. She turns on the TV, makes a cup of tea, and snacks on a weed brownie or cookie to help her fall asleep. Would she be able to continue such a tradition in Minnesota? Thankfully, she only needed a few days on Instagram to find her local marijuana bakers.

Where To Find Marijuana Bakers

Say what you will about social media and its toll on mental health, but we must give it a round of applause for introducing us to all kinds of creatives: marijuana bakers, clothing designers, makeup artists, and the like. Instagram, in particular, is where creatives flock to show off their impressive skills. That’s how my friend was able to find a weed baker in her new city. If she can find one so easily with just a few swipes on Instagram, so can you! To help, we rounded up some marijuana bakers who caught our eye.

Marijuana Bakers

How To Reach Out To Marijuana Bakers

Since Instagram has strict regulations about marijuana advertising and promotion, most of these accounts set their profile to private as to not get blocked or flagged. It’s nothing shady or a sign to deter you from following, it’s strictly to protect their business. Instagram still lumps marijuana into the “drug” category, so it goes against their policy to promote anything weed-related.

Most of these accounts slide past Instagram’s anti-marijuana policies by adding “NO SALES” or “NOTHING FOR SALE” in their bio section. But actually, it isn’t quite true. It’s more of a formality than an accurate statement. The best way to order from these marijuana bakers would be to visit their website or send them a direct message via Instagram. Some are legitimate businesses, others are home chefs who sell edibles as a side hustle.

  • @bakers_stash
  • @thc.bakery
  • @plantbased_edibles
  • @bakededibles
  • @glaceedibles
  • @thebakeryediblesyvr
  • @highestchocolate
Marijuana Bakers

Placing Your Edibles Order

While each account handles business differently, my friend’s experience was extremely positive and easygoing! She reached out to her baker with a request for 10 M&M chocolate chip cookies with 15mg THC each. Then, she asked about his pay scale, how to pay, and how to pick-up her batch. Her baker accepted Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle, and was happy to deliver the cookies for an additional $5 since they live in the same city. Some marijuana bakers are happy to ship their delicacies to other cities as well!

A Brief Overview Of Edibles

In a previous blog post, we noted the biggest marijuana trend to pay attention to come 2021—one of them being the rise of edibles. It’s becoming increasingly popular to consume edibles rather than smoke marijuana (probably for health reasons since weed can still damage your lungs in the long run).

As more and more people switch from smoking to eating, it’s worth mentioning the key differences between each method. Many are surprised to experience how “hard” edibles hit them and how much longer the effects last. The effects of marijuana in edibles last between 6-8 hours on average, compared to 2-4 hours when smoked. 

Additionally, it takes significantly longer for the effects to kick in when eaten (somewhere around the 2-hour mark). It’s crucial to be patient and not overeat because you feel “normal” after 30 minutes on edibles. Beginners often make this mistake because they’re used to feeling high after 20 minutes when smoking.

Marijuana Bakers

Pros And Cons Of Edibles

Obviously, the biggest pro to edibles is their delicious taste! Experienced marijuana bakers can whip up anything from a weed bake to weed brownies to weed cereal bars. And you can even find savory versions of edibles like crackers and chips.

On the flip, side, however, it’s easy for less-experienced home bakers to miscalculate how much THC goes inside each product. They may accidentally add more THC to one batch of cookies, leading to a less stable or reliable high. On its own, baking is already a highly precise and scientific process that can easily go awry. When you add THC to the mix, it could lead to some unwanted side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and disorientation.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to edibles.

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