Sometimes, marijuana makes you do crazy things. Weird things that sober observers cannot understand (or find extremely annoying). One time, for example, I made a so-called “smoothie” out of water and ice cubes because I forgot the rest of the ingredients. I was supposed to add fruit, dummy. Perhaps you’ve read strange marijuana stories a time or two in the news.

In recent years, we’ve come across marijuana stories that range for weird to strange to outright mind-boggling. Today, we’ll walk you through the ones that threw us for a loop! We rounded up stories from the past three years.

The Weirdest Marijuana Stories You’ll Ever Read

What’s For Dinner?

In 2017, police busted a man carrying 800lbs worth of weed, which he attempted to hide in duffle bags filled with frozen chickens. Did he think the smell of the chickens would mask the marijuana? Did he think he could throw off drug-sniffing dogs with the smell of dead chicken? When caught, the man claimed that the “weird” smell coming from his truck was actually stir fry sauce to cook the chickens in. Nice try, buddy. Police know the smell of weed too well for this BS.

Marijuana Stories & Headlines

Cookie Monster

Also in 2017, a story came out in which St. John’s The Apostle Catholic Church laced cookies with THC. Church members reported feeling nauseous, sluggish, and lethargic after the ceremony in addition to noticing a strange cookie after-taste. All signs point to marijuana, but the church tried to cover it up by saying the cookies were accidentally over-salted in the baking process. Yeah, right.

Closed Casket

The last one from 2017 makes us physically ill, so be warned! A man tried to smuggle manure-covered marijuana across the border…in a casket. Similar to our first story, perhaps the man thought manure would cover the smell, and police wouldn’t want to look inside the casket as a sign of respect for the dead.

Marijuana Stories & Headlines

Magic Man

The following year, in 2018, a story came out in which historians and theologists believe Jesus used cannabis oil to perform his alleged magical healing powers. The editor-in-chief of High Times magazine, David Bienenstock, believes that cannabis was widely available during Jesus’ era 2,000 years ago. Jesus could have used cannabis oil for relaxation as it easily absorbs into the skin. It’s not a far stretch considering how we use CBD oil today.

Want Fries With That?

Moving into 2019, a man got a little something extra from his late-night McDonald’s drive-through. This man ordered a sweet iced tea from a McDonald’s in South Carolina when he noticed it tasted strange. He lifted the lid to notice three baggies of marijuana stuffed inside. A similar event happened at a North Carolina Taco Bell. Maybe it’s time we all move to the Carolinas for some free weed with our fast food?

Marijuana Stories & Headlines

Call The Weed Fairy

It’s not uncommon for marijuana to put weird thoughts in our heads but ex-NFL player Rickie Williams takes it to another level. He claims that wherever he goes, wherever he travels, marijuana magically appears. He claims he’s blessed by the “marijuana fairy.” “As I hit the road and started traveling, I called it the weed fairy. Without me going to look for it, in some weird, mysterious, synchronistic way weed would appear.”

Man’s Best Friend

Why is it that the weirdest headlines seemingly always come out of Florida? In any case, a Florida man was busted with a backpack full of marijuana and THC-based products. Police pulled out a plastic bag filled with THC-laced dog biscuits, which isn’t something you openly find on the market. This man must have made these biscuits himself. Was he planning on getting his dogs high? Or, was the planning on eating the laced biscuits himself? It remains a mystery.

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