How about some uplifting news for a change? In the midst of a global pandemic, marijuana dispensary sales are through the roof from coast to coast, and it could be largely thanks to romantic couples! In a blog post on Voleface, real-life couples shared how marijuana has positively impacted their relationships from laughter to higher sex drives to a closer sense of intimacy.

The Rise of Relationship Abuse

In this time of isolation and social distancing, we could use all the help we can get to maintain healthy relationships—even the ones we’re quarantined with. An article in the NY Times claims that domestic abuse has risen worldwide since the outbreak of COVID-19, largely due to such close proximities and zero distractions.

“During the epidemic, we were unable to go outside, and our conflicts just grew bigger and bigger and more and more frequent,” expressed one interviewee to the outlet. “Everything was exposed.” A second interviewee said that she no longer has any form of privacy, not even in the bathroom and that she feels trapped in her own home.

Marijuana Can Improve Your Relationships

Surely, this sense of entrapment is something most of us can relate to. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. In the off-chance that we do wish to grab a drink at the bar, we’re constantly nervous that we might catch the virus and spread it to someone with a weakened immune system.

As so many worries and anxieties hang over our heads, it’s only natural that certain relationships might suffer. We may feel emotionally and physically detached from our partner. We may feel extreme loneliness or boredom, which doesn’t leave much room for conversation, sex, and intimacy. All that said, marijuana provides a glimmer of hope for those who wish to improve their relationships.

How Marijuana Can Save A Relationship

Let’s take a look at some of the stories shared on Voleface. The publication asked multiple couples why they smoke marijuana and if they’ve noticed any improvements in their relationships because of it. The first thing they noticed is that marijuana can elevate a couple’s sex life.

  • “The only reason I smoke weed is so I can have sex with my boyfriend. It blows my mind.” — Anonymous
  • “Smoking together has been a way to spend quality time, we’ve totally worked it into our sex life, which was tight.”—Benjamin
Marijuana Can Improve Your Relationships

Outside of the bedroom, marijuana can help couples fight and argue less because, let’s face it, when you’re stoned, practically nothing bothers you. Marijuana can also reduce the stressors of daily life, help you sleep better, and distract you from minor annoyances. All in all, you’re less likely to bicker over small, meaningless stuff.

  • “If my partner is having a stressful day and he smokes just the right amount, he’s able to unwind and enjoy some chill, quality time with me.”—Chrissy S.
  • “Weed has been the single most helpful element in my relationship. We’re getting married soon because we both love to get high and no longer sweat the small stuff. 

Since COVID eliminated most of our distractions (closed movie theaters, bars, arcades, etc.), marijuana gives couples something fun to do at home. It creates a comfy, cozy hotbox zone right from your very couch. This can provide a safe space for couples to open up, talk, and share their feelings. We all have too many feelings these days and it’s unhealthy to bottle them up.

  • “My boyfriend and I smoke together on the daily. Our relationship is solid as a rock, and I’ve never experienced this kind of love. Smoke together, stay together.”—Anonymous
  • “I suppose cannabis helps relationships. It can give you that perfect amount of f*cks to give. For me, that tends to be 0 with the right strain. I’ve also noticed certain strains can up your touchy-feely factor, which definitely helps lubricate any romantic situation.”—Sunshine L.
Marijuana Can Improve Your Relationships

Combine Marijuana With Other Tools

Marijuana may not be enough to restore or improve a relationship. Fortunately, there are other measures you can take to get back on a page that you both enjoy. Therapy is still a viable option during the pandemic, though you’ll likely schedule Zoom appointments instead of in-person ones. You may want to try a therapy app like TalkSpace, which is said to be significantly cheaper than traditional therapy.

You can also stay with friends if you need a few days apart for some breathing room—but be sure to ask if they’ve experienced any COVID-like symptoms in the last two weeks. Even when it feels like we’re entirely closed off from the world, help is always just a phone call or a short drive away.

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