Say it with me, “I vow to be a better neighbor in 2020” because there’s nothing worse than poor apartment etiquette. You know what I’m talking about—loud music on a Monday night, around-the-clock parties, and the immediately-detectable smell of marijuana…not to mention nasty cigarettes. With so many of us hoarded up at home these days, we think it’s important to reconsider the methods of getting high indoors.

News flash: not everyone wants to smell what you’re smoking. You may think our Animal Cookies flower smells delicious, but your neighbor…not so much, especially if they have young children at home. Getting high indoors could come with some unfortunate side effects, such as a nasty sticky note on your door or possibly an eviction. Most apartment buildings don’t allow smoking of any kind. Luckily, there are other ways to get high indoors, or at least mask the smell better.

Getting High Indoors

Exhale Smoke Out The Window Or Balcony

When it comes to getting high indoors, we say, “Exhale with care.” Use your window or sliding balcony door to exhale smoke so it doesn’t linger in your apartment or stain your furniture. Marijuana smoke has a habit of sticking to certain fabrics, such as your couch or blankets. The aroma of marijuana dissolves faster in fresh air when the wind carries it away from your apartment.

Roll A Towel Under Your Front Door

In most apartment complexes, your front door opens straight into a communal hallway that dozens of people walk through on a daily basis.  It’s even worse if your apartment is close to the elevator. To prevent the smell of marijuana from “seeping” into the hallway, we recommend that you place a rolled towel under your front door to close that mini gap.

Getting High Indoors

Spray Natural Scents To Make The Odor

Nothing screams suspicion more than walking past someone’s apartment that smells of heavy Febreeze. As soon as you get a whiff of strong perfumes and sprays, you just know that person was getting high indoors. It’s too obvious. Instead of Febreeze, we recommend an aroma product with a more natural, sophisticated aroma, like incense or linen candles—something that smells like you just cleaned your apartment. Most house-cleaning products smell of lemon.

Try Edibles Instead Of Smoking

One of the best ways to avoid that marijuana smell is to avoid smoking altogether. Surprise, surprise, there are many other ways to reap the benefits of marijuana without smoking.

  • Oil pen
  • Edibles
  • Topicals/Patches
  • Slow-release capsules
  • Tinctures
  • THC bath salts

No smoke, no problem. You may even prefer edibles because they last longer, somewhere between 6-8 hours, while the effects of smoking wear off between 2-4.

Getting High Indoors

Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbors

Just moved into the building? New to the neighborhood? It’s not a common practice to walk over to your neighbor’s to “borrow a cup of sugar” but maybe, it would serve you well. The friendlier you are with your neighbors, the less likely they are to complain about your marijuana use. They may even partake in getting high indoors with you! It never hurts to gently knock on their door and introduce yourself.

Since we’re all couped up in our homes due to, you know, a global pandemic, the least we can do is practice polite and considerate apartment etiquette. That includes proper practices of getting high indoors.

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