I think we can all agree that 2020 needs to wrap itself up ASAP. As we look toward a (hopefully) brighter and happier future, we noticed some marijuana trends that are beginning to pick up and could become the norm in 2021. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the six marijuana trends that caught our attention: five of them that put a smile on our face and one…not so much.

In the last five years, the marijuana market reached new heights and ground-breaking records. Did you ever expect CBD to explode as hard as it did? Did you ever expect the topic of marijuana to present itself to the Supreme Court? Did you ever expect COVID to come along and heighten marijuana sales? We sure did not. Especially the virus part.

Now, let’s look at some promising marijuana trends to come our way…

Marijuana Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

Higher Market Share For Non-Flower Products

When we think of marijuana, flower is usually the first product to come to mind. Marijuana dispensaries stock all variations of flower, from indicas to sativas to hybrids for your smoking pleasure. In 2021, though, non-flower products like edibles, CBD, and vapes might win the popularity contest. 

Interestingly enough, marijuana-infused beverages are gaining more traction than ever. According to Green Entrepreneur, “big investors including Anheuser Bush and Coca Cola have entered into talks to invest in infused beverages.” We also have certain beer companies brewing THC-infused non-alcoholic beer to make all your hangovers go away.

Continued CBD Market Growth

We already see how vast CBD use has grown in recent years. From millennials to seniors to pets, CBD use is on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2021. In fact, experts expect CBD sales to climb to record-breaking numbers—it might even overshadow marijuana flower.

“With an annual growth rate of over 140 percent, the CBD market could eclipse the adult-use marijuana market by 2022. This is largely due to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp farming nationally.” This is one of the marijuana trends we’re most happy to see!

Marijuana Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

A Flood Of Money And Investments

As the marijuana market grows, so does the number of people who want to be involved and grab a slice of the pie. More popularity often equates to more investors. With more money in the marijuana market, we might see a further boom of dispensaries and canna-based products. 

This next detail stands as both a pro and a con: larger corporations love that flashing dollar sign and want to claim their stake. How do you feel about corporations moving into the marijuana market? “Both plant-touching and non-plant touching weed businesses are listed on Canadian and American stock exchanges. This means more access to capital and bigger operations than ever.”

Additional Product Variety And Branding

As investors pour their money into the marijuana market, it leaves room for entrepreneurs and companies to come out with more products. We mentioned early that some Cola brands are starting to look into THC-infused drinks. This is largely thanks to an influx of money that allows brands to further their marijuana research and explore a variety of ways to consume marijuana.

More specifically, we see more and more customers wishing for a variety of marijuana flavors in their foods and drinks. As Green Entrepreneur puts it, “As the market grows in size and product diversity, people want access to products with a variety of flavors. Terpenes are easier to taste and therefore more important than ever with the rise of concentrates.”

Marijuana Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

Marijuana Legalization On The East Coast

It’s about time that liberal states like New York and New Jersey caught up with California and Oregon in terms of marijuana laws. Marijuana trends suggest that East Coast legalization is on the horizon. With the Presidential election mere months away, East Coasters may vote in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in November.

The states most likely to legalize marijuana next year are New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Better yet, marijuana legalization might also head toward to Midwest with states like Illinois and Minnesota jumping on the bandwagon.

Marijuana Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

Increase In Marijuana Sales Tax

Lastly, we wanted to mention a not-so-great dip in marijuana sales. It’s only natural that an increase in demand leads to an increase in tax sales—unless you live in Oregon or another state that does not deal with tax sales. This increase would mean that the cost of marijuana would become greater and possibly less accessible to certain demographics. Out of all the marijuana trends mentioned today, this is probably the one we’re the least excited about.

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