Before you roll your eyes, let it be known that marijuana spirituality is on the rise and becoming increasingly mainstream across the country. Yeah, we know, we never heard of it either prior to today, which makes it that much more interesting. Marijuana spirituality refers to modern witches and Wiccans who use weed in, well, spiritual ways.

As Halloween approaches, we see no better time to talk about marijuana spirituality and all the different practices that come with it. The witches and Wiccans interviewed by differ from the stereotypical portrayals in pop culture. They lack the broomstick and black cauldron you see on Hocus Pocus, my personal favorite Halloween movie, by the way.

Let’s see how these modern-day witches and Wiccans practice marijuana spirituality.

Marijuana Spirituality Practices For Halloween

Bri Luna, Founder of The Hoodwitch

To enhance her spiritual work, Bri uses marijuana to heighten her senses and make her inner and outer energy more in-touch with the world. She feels more in tune with her surroundings with marijuana. Right before her period, Bri turns to CBD products such as CBD-infused honey to relieve her symptoms. Marijuana also helps Bri with medications and relaxation practices.

Maggie Wilson, Reiki Master, and Cannabis Sommelier

With the help of Reiki, Maggie incorporates marijuana into her healing practices to benefit herself and clients with anything that troubles them. Maggie finds that marijuana spirituality brings out magical energy in whoever consumes it. She then reads their energy and uses a variety of weed products (CBD salve, tinctures, concentrates, etc.) to help empower her clients to be the best version of themselves.

Marijuana Spirituality Practices For Halloween

Gabriela Herstik, Writer, and Witch

Don’t believe in witchcraft? We’ll let Gabriela convince you of otherwise. She finds that marijuana allows her to get in touch with her witchcraft in a deeper, more sentimental way. Marijuana helps her enter a deeper state of consciousness where she communicates with spirit guides, ancestors, and the Goddesses and Gods she works with. She mostly uses THC products but loves to bathe with CBD bath salts.

Anna Joy, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and Podcast Host

After too many years of having to lie about her marijuana use (because it was illegal at the time), Anna is embracing marijuana every way she can now that more progressive laws have passed. Anna uses marijuana spirituality to cope with the troubles and mysteries of the world. Whenever times feel tough or overwhelming, she smokes marijuana to tap into her ego and focus on positive energies rather than negative ones.

Marijuana Spirituality Practices For Halloween

Maja D’Aoust, Author and Scholar of Alchemy and Occult Lore

Diagnosed with an intestinal infection, Maja felt that Western doctors failed her with their attempted medications and pharmaceutical drugs. It wasn’t until her 40s that Maja tried a different sort of medicine that actually worked: marijuana, of course. Since that day, she uses marijuana to heal herself from the inside out, both with her infection and the way she thinks about her body image.

Melinda Lee Holm, Tarot Priestess

If you can’t change the situation at hand, change the way you perceive it. That’s the motto Melinda uses when confronted with a challenging situation. She uses marijuana to alter the way she thinks, reacts, and tackles the mountain in front of her. She says marijuana is a “short cut” to hone into a deeper level of thinking. On her typical day, she microdoses marijuana to enhance her medication routine, spell work, and tarot card readings.

Michael Cardenas, Head Witch, and Owner at Olde Ways

The Wiccans of the world also use marijuana spirituality to enhance their lives. Michael, for example, thanks marijuana for better sleep, a hotter sex life, and spiritual healing. He says marijuana makes him more empathetic to others and his surroundings, which also makes him kinder and more understanding of how to approach certain situations. He calls marijuana his “teacher” as it has heightened his overall awareness of the world.

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