Okay, we get it. You’re sick of the coronavirus headlines and honestly, so are we. That’s why we reached out to friends, followers, and customers via social media to tell us their funniest weed story. Something stupid, or ridiculously clever, that they’ve done while high.

Get Ready To Laugh

Within seconds, our Facebook and Instagram families pitched in and gave us a reason to laugh again (to be honest, it was getting pretty dark and depressing there for a while). We’ve got nothing but good times ahead in today’s blog post so keep on reading!

tell us your best weed story

Tell Us Your Funniest Weed Story

“My friends and I “broke into” a school bus late at night only to have my dad drive by and recognize my truck…Didn’t turn out well.” — Thomas P.

“Back in the 90’s we got busted smoking in the cemetery. Long story short, the cop threw my buddy in the back of his car before searching him. My buddy ditched his bag in the back seat before being pulled out and searched. He then got sat back inside. Grabbed his bag and was released with just a ticket to show up to court for paraphernalia. We then went back to my house and smoked down lol.” — Jake S.

“I forgot.” — Jay C.

“I was front row center at a small venue, solo acoustic Johnny Cash concert. I smoked multiple dank bowls during the show exhaling the pungent aroma on stage. After the finale, the man in black shook my hand first, saying, “that smells amazing.” — Nico M.

tell us your best weed story

“I run a podcast and my guest speaker brought a joint with 30% THC. That was the strongest strain I had ever tried. We smoke while recording and, well, the audio got immediately silent. I was so stoned that I forgot how to speak.” — Lucy H.

“When I was smoking at home, I got so high that I forgot all the ingredients in the morning smoothie that I make every single day. It’s always the same and this time I forgot everything. I only remembered ice.” — Tisha D.

“One time, I was so stoned that I couldn’t figure out the extension cord to my laptop.” — Max R.

“This may not be the funniest story, per se, but I just love getting high as hell and then stepping into a hot yoga class. It’s the best feeling in the world.” — Stephanie B.

“DUDE! Hands down the funniest weed story doesn’t even involve me. It’s about my dad. He came home from the bar one night and came into my room just to tell me that he’s super high (with bloodshot eyes) and hopes that my mom won’t get mad at him. Then he preceded to break the glass doors to the shower by slamming them too hard. My poor mom had to wake up in the middle of the night to clean up shards of glass cause he was too high to function. They’re still married.” — Carter J.

tell us your best weed story

The Best Marijuana Strains For Laughter

Come on, you have to admit those stories are funny. Aren’t you in a much better mood now? We certainly are. We love a good weed story! It just goes to show that laughter really is the best medicine, and we could all use more than ever these days. Also, might we recommend some giggly marijuana strains for future use. You can purchase all of these strains directly from our website!

  • Blue Diesel — This indica-dominant hybrid can fend off pain and anxiety with a hefty dose of laughter on the side. It can easily elevate your mood and put you in a joyful mindset. Plus, it’s easy to grow even for beginners!
  • Laughing Buddha — The name says it all with this one. It gives users a relaxed and cheerful state of mind with anxiety and stress relief. Within minutes, users notice a more positive outlook on life even when times get tough.
  • Church OG — Out of all our giggly strains, this one should not be taken lightly. Get it? That’s some weed humor from us to you. In smaller doses, it can send you on a laughing spree. Larger doses can send you straight to sleep, so watch how much you smoke.
  • Sweet Diesel — This combo of OG Kush and Sour Diesel encapsulated everything we love in a sativa. It gives you a burst of energy that makes you feel more alive and awake than ever before! It’s a great party strain for social engagements.

Feel Happy & Giggly With Pacific Seed Bank

From the beginning, our mission at Pacific Seed Bank has always been to make customers feel as good as possible with our products. No matter your mood, we can almost guarantee that there’s a marijuana strain for you somewhere in our vast selection of high-quality weed seeds. If you missed our social media post, you can share your best weed story in the comments down below!

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