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Blue Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Blue Diesel wins popularity contests all the time and for good reason. The Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain, with a 60/40 ratio sits right at anywhere from 16-23% THC levels. It’s a favorite choice for day or nighttime use with daytime being a favorite.

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The origins are Blueberry and NYC Diesel which combine to deliver a pleasing cerebral and body high. It’s a feel-good daytime choice for many thanks to its energizing effects. Blue Diesel has been known to curb drowsiness and increase awareness making it a perfect social strain. Users can partake and still enjoy a great conversation while feeling relaxed and happy. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s also sometimes known as Blue City Diesel.

What are Growing Tips for Blue Diesel?

The Blue Diesel strain will thrive grown indoors or out, but keep in mind for outdoor growers a Mediterranean-like climate is ideal. Blue Diesel is a taller strain that will typically mature after a 55-60 day flowering period and top out at anywhere between 4 to 6 feet. While the blue kush strain is fairly uncomplicated to grow you could have some challenges with tight spaces. The plant is forgiving but some trimming will encourage airflow and light which will help the production of buds. That little bit of maintenance should bring an average yield of 18oz/sq meter indoors and outdoors a bit more at around 21 oz/sq meter.

What Is the History and Genetics of Blue Diesel?

Originally produced by Breeder’s Choice Blue Diesel is affectionately known by several names and has a colorful lineage.

Beginnings of Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel feminized strain is the crossbreed between the fast-blooming NY Diesel and the fruity Blueberry which produced the highly resinous strain.  You know it’s popular when you find out it goes by multiple other names such as Blue City Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Blueberry Diesel.

Parent Strains and Genetics

You get to know a cannabis strain by understanding its lineage, and where it came from. That tells a story. Blue Diesel is a relative of Lowryder, Northern Lights, and Santa Maria. But what does that mean for the family tree? The original Lowryder-style strain likely contributes balance as a 50/50 hybrid. Northern Lights is known for its relaxed, happy high and all of its sweet and earthy Indica goodness. Not to be left behind is Santa Maria, a hybrid that behaves a bit more on the sativa side. All that to say this family tree has developed a wonderfully balanced and complex blueberry hybrid that is popular for recreational and medicinal use.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance – The Blue Diesel Calling Card?

Blue Diesel has some signature qualities that set it apart from the rest and at the top of that list is the unmistakable wonderful aroma, its distinctive fruity flavor, and of course its unique appearance.

What Is the Smell and Aroma Profile of the Blue Diesel Hybrid Strain?

With a name like Blue Diesel, it has to have a smell and aroma profile to live up to. It leads with the blueberry and diesel and rounds out with earthy and sour notes that contribute to it being a very aromatic strain.

Taste and Flavor Profile of Blue Diesel

The sweet taste of blueberries is enough to pull you in, but when you pair the blueberry alongside diesel you have an Indica dominant strain that not only knocks you off your feet, it just might knock you right onto the couch. The sweet blueberry notes and pungent sour flavors are a delicious invitation for someone looking to relax.

What do the Blue Diesel buds look like?

We can’t give all the attention to the flavor and aroma because Blue Diesel is a looker too. The journey from seed to bud produces a dense high quality finished product that makes the wait from seed to harvest so worth it and so ideal for novice growers, but more on that later.

Burnt orange-hued pistils with average coverage over the dense buds also feature small-headed trichomes. And you won’t miss the hints of blue and purple in case for just a moment you forgot why this distinct blueberry is an in-demand strain.

What Are the Effects of Blue Diesel Seeds?

We know what it looks like, tastes like, and smells like. But what does it feel like? Blue Diesel has been celebrated for its effects on medicinal users as well as recreational. Though there are adverse effects to take note of, when combined with other strains there is so much to celebrate about its extra potency.

Adverse Effects to Consider

Back to that risk-reward topic we mentioned earlier; moderation and good hydration are a great place to start to try to ensure it remains a happy-making strain. But it goes without saying that there is always a chance of experiencing some adverse side effects. Some have been known to have dry eyes, dry mouth, drowsiness, or an increased appetite – which for some is considered a positive side effect.

Can You Combine With Other Strains to Enhance Effects?

Talk about fun, try experimenting with combinations of strains. Are you looking to up the ante on happiness? Then consider combining it with a more Sativa dominant strain. Or perhaps anxiety management is what you’re after. In that case, another strain on the Indica side may help to really take the edge off when combines with Blue Diesel.

But if it’s purely a flavor or aroma combo you’re after, consider leaning into either the sweet berry flavors or earthy diesel with your pairings. Experimenting is the best part to uncover the duos that best enhance your desired effects.

Growing Blue Diesel Seeds at Home

You can be successful growing Blue Diesel at home both indoors and out. But you will find that Blue Diesel ultimately thrives in a sunny, Mediterranean-style climate.  Novice growers shouldn’t be intimidated to jump on the seed germinating train and get started and once. A big bonus is that it’s highly resistant to pests, molds, and mildew.

If you’re new to growing here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Place a paper towel with a few seeds in running water until it’s soaked.
  2. Put the wet paper towel in a small plastic container under 70-85 F. The seeds need a warm environment to germinate.
  3. Now you wait. Check your seeds daily until you see them sprout. This could take 3 to 10 days. Be patient.
  4. Once your seedlings have sprouted you can transfer them to something like a Jiffy pellet with good soil.

Similar Strains

Once you’ve grown it successfully you may find yourself looking for similar strains to try out. Here are a few we think you might also enjoy:

  • Blueberry Skunk – Sweet and earthy balanced flavors and Indica dominant strain.
  • Silver Haze – Could it be that silver really is more precious than gold? This Sativa just might be.
  • Skywalker OG – The force is with this Indica dominant strain featuring sweet and earthy flavors.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Diesel, Pungent, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






42 reviews for Blue Diesel Feminized Seeds

  1. Lea Vega (verified owner)

    Big blue diesel nugs are some of my all-time favorites. I been growing this nug for a LOONG time, been a grower in Oregon since the 90s actually….never went commercial cause of all the red tape, but I do like to grow for myself, and I gotta say I have really mastered the art these days. I’d recommend ANYONE who loves MJ and has a passion for garden growing to give this a try!!

  2. ShadowWalker (verified owner)

    PSB is the best when it comes to fast shipping. I ordered my seeds on a Friday and had them by the following Friday. The package comes discreetly wrapped, so nobody knew what I was ordering. It’s always the sign of a good place that keeps your packages from busybodies and nosey neighbors lol

  3. Nebula9Nightingale (verified owner)

    As a proud grower, I can tell you that this strain is a grower’s dream, whether you choose to cultivate it indoors or out. The plant itself is forgiving and produces high-quality buds that boast a dense and beautiful appearance. When it comes to the effects, Blue Diesel delivers a wonderful combination of a cerebral and body high. The happy and relaxed feelings it brings are perfect for socializing and enjoying conversations.

  4. GrassGuardian (verified owner)

    I never had a chance to grow weed when I was younger. Now that I am older, and have some land, it’s time to finally fulfill my VISION of buying and growing marijuana….at home! FRESH buds all around, great flavor and smells like diesel. Reminds me of NYC.

  5. Laurie Jones (verified owner)

    Very beginner friendly grow. I’ve had a few failed attempts since i am new and starting out, but this one germinated and grew perfectly for me! Very happy with how easy this was to grow. And i ended up with a lot more than i expected! Got a great first successful harvest from this seed. If you need a seed that’s beginner friendly this will work wonders!

  6. Crystal Oneal (verified owner)

    Recently trying to grow for me for the first time. Decided to ask for some info and Pacific customer support was very helpful. I picked up a 3 pack of Blue Diesel and got a great experience. Fast and efficient shipping and it has been 3 weeks and these plants seem very healthy and I’m excited when it’s ready to harvest!

  7. Leonard Rios (verified owner)

    NorCal Farms….one of my fave seed distributors out of Humboldt County….Been buying their products for years, have even become decent friends with one of the employees. Nice to know such a reputable seed bank as Pacific is carrying their seeds. They really deserve it. Blue diesel has been a staple in my garden for years, and this year will be no different. Great having the seeds shipped right to my door!

  8. Kimberley Oneil (verified owner)

    This danklicious weed is perfect for any day that isn’t a workday. I am an avid hiker and I enjoy having a little joint of this weed available to me at all times. I am definitely excited by the sweet nugs and in the incredible flavors posed by this weed. It’s better than what I am used to getting in the dispensary, so that’s pretty cool. Idk what I would do without this delicious homegrown bud, but I sure know how to smoke it!!

  9. Huey Mercer (verified owner)

    Blue diesel has that classic diesel flavor and taste that puts gas in YOUR tank. Seeds ship anywhere in the USA or Canada (quickly, I might add) and usually take about 5 months to grow. It’s the perfect summer project for anyone looking for a unique weed-growing experience!

  10. Shiloh Pugh (verified owner)

    I am FLOORED by the quality of this marijuana. It’s absolutely fantastic and sweet and tasty! This was my first “attempt” at growing weed. No, I am not much of a gardener, but I am proud of how well I did. How nice to have your own weed at home! Trust me, your friends will be impressed 🙂

  11. Fabien Sloan (verified owner)

    WOW such an amazing purchase, made my whole garden look magical this year. The smell and taste are profound. They hit me with great power, and usually last for many hours. If you have no experience growing weed at all, this might be a BIT powerful to start out with. But hey, I am not one to try and stop anyone from pursuing their passion. Thanks Pacific!

  12. Jaidon Powell (verified owner)

    Has a powerful smoky gasoline taste, leaves a sour taste in your mouth, behind the tongue. Got a big yield from my grow, an absolutely stunning grow, given the cooler weather we had last summer. I’ll absolutely purchase more. It’s been a good experience for me!

  13. Cyrus Molina (verified owner)

    This blue diesel is hefty and delicious. Gives me energy and keeps me feeling really light on my feet. I get lots of work done when I smoke this strain, it’s such a nice flavor! I love the blue color and the sweet smell. Everything I have ever wanted.

  14. Emeli Mcdonnell (verified owner)

    Getting baked on your homegrown mj has never been easier. Gets me stoned every time, and I have a pretty high tolerance. Ultimately, I am not the best grower but feminized seed from Pacific does make it easier. Add the convenience and fast shipping of online ordering and you’ve got a winning combo. Blue diesel is super pungent, so make sure the neighbors are aware 😉

  15. Kinga Bryan (verified owner)

    Love blue diesel, makes me stoned aF. U r gonna love this site cause they have the best seeds everrrrrr. Bought 10 seeds online omg so easssyyyyy. Put in the ground and then 6 months later…..what? I am smoking my own weed! It’s bright and beautiful and looks amazing. What can I say?

  16. Koa Arellano (verified owner)

    A pungent and fast-acting strain, goes straight to the head, makes you kinda loopy. Usually only smoke at night. I get tired and groggy if I smoke during the day, prefer the nighttime energy. I like the way it hits me too, the sweet pungent diesel smell in my nostrils. A truly exceptional grow, even for the least experienced of us.

  17. Johanna Quintana (verified owner)

    We love blue diesel in my home. All my roommies and I are smoking it together, and we even grew it together as well. GREAT results, with some seriously beautiful flower, super blue and green and pungent as all heck. Nothing beats the indica relaxation of this incredible strain!

  18. Ollie Hebert (verified owner)

    I was feeling really blue, so I rolled a joint of the blue diesel and now my engines are firing! I like the sweet and dank smell of this bud, it’s pretty chilled out, but doesn’t make me sleepy. I usually smoke out of a bong when I get home, and then chill hard on the couch with my girlfriend. I am kind of lazy lol but this weed came out nice anyway.

  19. Rhona Todd (verified owner)

    Blue diesel is pretty RAWWWWWW. I mean if you’re driving trucks like me, then you’re definitely gonna be smoking this stuff for like the next 10 years. I am TOTES gonna be growing this in my backyard for like 10 years man until I am just an OLD man, how awesome!!! Good times 🙂

  20. Nikolas Mcnamara (verified owner)

    Blue diesel is one of a kind. An absolute gem, very easy growing and a phenomenal yield. Good for getting super stoned with your buddies or just playing video games on your own on a weekday. Pretty excited for the next couple of weeks, cause my next harvest is right around the corner. The buds look dense and blue-green!

  21. Geraint William (verified owner)

    The blue diesel strain is bound to bring good things into your life like some good food or some really tasty beer or something as awesome as paella or something lol. Pretty excited for all this stuff to start out and I am very pleased to be growing more weed and will keep doing so cause I am an expert now!!!

  22. Edna John (verified owner)

    This stuff definitely is pungent but it’s a nice mix of the indica and sativa vibes so you will definitely have a good time growing it. Ordering it online was a great way to go, it’s very chill and also gets me in the mood to cook or be creative. I am pretty excited nonetheless and definitely am gonna be a frequent customer.

  23. Lisa Rodgers (verified owner)

    This blue diesel strain is some next level stuff! Easy ordering online and had some great results getting this weed growing in the backyard. I was hoping I would get like 300 Gs and I got like 600 instead! Amazing vibes from this pot. Gets me hella stoned. I think you’ll enjoy it too!

  24. Scotty Mac (verified owner)

    What an awesome Variety! One Bean and We for this wonderful Berry, Toxic Gas Sativa keeper – Two more beans to explore her further but again Pacfic Seeds and their Breeder’ have produced multiple First Bean keeper’ amazing Fem technology and to ALL the Nay sayers – You are missing out by not trying out the easy to use seed source – get results for the Price and Guaranteed Female, selling technology has come a Long way, and IS the fastest way to IBL

  25. isaac nguyen (verified owner)

    When you are just craving that sweet weed, you know you gotta turn to the blue diesel for all the best parts of diesel weed mixed with the blue dream. It’s all kinds of wonderful, makes you wanna climb a mountain or go surfing, or even just enjoy a few beers with your buddies. It’s an easy grow and a good time!

  26. Kealakukua (verified owner)

    Blue diesel is a weird one!!! And I am all about the bizarre in this life…just ask my collection of clown puppets! I ordered this online and it was a very fast delivery time and I was very excited when it showed up at my door and then suddenly there was just weed in my backyard, faster than I could say the words “Blue Diesel” a great buy!!!

  27. Ryan Heade (verified owner)

    Believe it or not, you CAN grow your own weed right in your backyard! It’s strong and its tasty and it makes you super stoned, plus it saves money too. This blue diesel is a real winner in my book and the smell is better than anything else I could experience. Give it a whirl…if you dare!

  28. Rebel w/ Cause (verified owner)

    Blue diesel is exactly what it sounds like…it’s got all the wonderful flavor of diesel but the flowers are a deep green and blue color, it’s really trippy. I used to grow weed back when I was younger, but since quarantine started I decided to pick it up again. Everything is looking great so far!

  29. thclover (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever had diesel weed, then you’ll have no trouble adapting to the blue diesel. It’s basically the same thing, but it’s got a sweeter taste, maybe a little more flavor overall, which I think is nice. It’s really relaxing, great for slow days at work or when you’re chilling out at home. Nice to buy from Pacific too, they always ship out on time and get me my seeds in under a week. Great selection at a great price. Buy yours now!!!

  30. hangry (verified owner)

    If you want some sure-fire, fast-acting relief for your gloomy days, rev your engines with blue diesel. This stuff is strong and very pungent, has a wonderful blue-green tinge to it, and it helps a lot with depression and stress, I smoke it when I am feeling down and out, often at night to help with stress from the day. Gives me motivation to cook food and put on my favorite music. I LOVE growing weed, it’s such a great hobby with some fantastic results. Highly recommend for your smoking pleasure 🙂

  31. Chevy Chase (verified owner)

    Blue diesel is an even BETTER version of diesel weed! It’s amazing stuff to grow in your backyard and you’re gonna go nuts for those fat blue and green nugs after only 4 months of growing! It’s so nice to harvest and dry this weed and be like “Yo! This is my own nug and I am so proud!” I couldn’t have done it without the amazing help of the Pacific customer service team who helped me decide which strain was right for me. Definitely worth a try!

  32. Jah Bless (verified owner)

    Oh man I luv smoking this dope! Suuuuper chilled out and relaxed stuff and it smells strong AF! I got sum seeds thru PSB and they send them right to my place. Got a nice garden in my backyard, planted deez seeds and they grew pretty dang well! I smoke in the morning before work, at lunch, and after too, don’t mind the high, makes me happy, feel good, no complaints.

  33. simon naturewood (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing weed for years so this isn’t my first rodeo. Blue diesel has been a long time favorite, but first time ordering with PSB. Love the online delivery system, so useful and convenient! Got my seeds in just under a week and got them growing in the greenhouse out back. Great genetics on these plants, feminized seeds really change the game in terms of how much yield you get, and I got a very impressive harvest! Love the taste and smell and a very enjoyable buzz!

  34. Aimee Justice (verified owner)

    I have always been a fan of the diesel strains, and so I knew I had to try growing this one. It was surprisingly easy to do. I got my seeds on the mail after ordering online and they showed up super fast! Used a germ guide to get them to pop and just a few months later I was swimming in nug! Love the taste and smell of this stuff, will definitely be back for more!

  35. Willard Barnes (verified owner)

    I love me some diesel weed. You really can’t beat that smell, it’s intoxicating. Not to mention the weed itself being super sticky and dank and easy to grow! It was easy to order my seeds online with PSB and offered me tons of nug to enjoy with my girlfriend. Excellent for a nice day off or after work to help you unwind.

  36. Kyla Z. (verified owner)

    Blue diesel offers the best of both worlds, it’s a nice indica dominant buzz with a pleasant sativa vibe underneath! Such a delicious strain, tastes sweet and earthy, and it is great for anxiety and depression. Ordered my seeds online and got them delivered in no time at all! What an amazing company offering the best seeds around!

  37. Joshua C. (verified owner)

    If you’re wondering where to buy mj seeds from, you can’t go wrong with Pacific Seeds. Professional operation with great quality seeds. I’ve ordered from them several times now and have not been disappointed.

    I’m only giving blue diesel three stars b/c I have to admit it kind of kicked my ass. I need to work on my dosing with this one, clearly I need a smaller dose than I thought! The taste was pretty awesome though once you get past that distinctive diesel taste. The blueberry compliments the diesel very well – it’s a unique experience. In more ways than one.

  38. Jared W. (verified owner)

    New customer here to Pacific. I’m really impressed! I had a bunch of questions for the people who work there over the chat. They were really responsive and friendly and helped me find what I needed. They really seemed to know their stuff which was refreshing. I also received my seeds in the mail v fast and the seeds were packaged discreetly. Got 9 out of 10 to germinate which is satisfactory in my book. So far plants look healthy and I’m happy with my purchase!

  39. Christie Y. (verified owner)

    Guess I’m not crazy about the smell of diesel strains, but I make an exception for this particular diesel strain cause I love it so much. Very easy to grow, which is great for me cause I have almost no growing skills whatsoever lol! Very relaxing strain, kind of your typical middle of the road hybrid, good for relaxing in the afternoons, but I find it does make me groggy if I smoke it at the beginning of the day. Has that classic diesel taste when you smoke it, but the high is well worth it. A great buy!

  40. Aaron R. (verified owner)

    First time grower, long time fan of diesel strains. I ordered my first ever batch of seeds and got them right away and all of them germinated no problems. Indoor grow room did just fine for this weed and I had no problems from start to finish. Got a lot of weed from it, really big fat nugs on the plants. Smoking blue diesel is incredible and it says indica dominant but definitely got a real good head high the whole time.

  41. Destiny U. (verified owner)

    OMG I am in marijuana heaven! Grew this strain in my backyard and it is so beautiful! I feel so lucky to have this weed in my life. The buds are literally huge and smell amazing! I got like 400 G from my plant which will last me till summer probably and now I am stoned as can be, but not totally knocked off my feet. It’s so great to help me with stress and depression, AND I sleep like a baby! Thanks!!!

  42. Yvonne C. (verified owner)

    I gots anxiety super bad. I can’t afford to go to the dr but ordering a few seeds and seeing if they can help is totally in my wheel house. I had a word with the Pacific reps and they recommended Blue Diesel. Man, it helped me so much! This is good medicine and I recommend to anyone with anxiety or any other medical problems. Order it and grow it!

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