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Double Tangie Banana Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Double Tangie Banana

Double Tangie Banana is a real crowd pleaser thanks to its well-balanced high that’s almost equal parts sativa and indica. This strain veers slightly more on the sativa side, and has a THC range of 14-18% on average. Novice and daily smokers alike can do well with Double Tangie Banana marijuana seeds in the house. None of the effects are too overpowering, which makes this strain a great choice for any occasion or time of day. Don’t believe us? Double Tangie Banana has won many awards for its impressive balance.

If you’ve had a bad day, or week, or month, all you need is a little Double Tangie Banana in your life to feel better. This is a very happy strain that fills your mind with happy thoughts. Consumers immediately feel happy, cheerful, and euphoric moments after inhaling. Surely, it’s no surprise that Double Tangie Banana does well amongst consumers with depression and anxiety. This strain is powerful enough to melt away worries and things that keep you up at night — but don’t expect it to knock you out right away.

Once Double Tangie Banana marijuana seeds germinate and reach plant maturity, you can expect your home to smell of citrus and tropical notes, such as banana and pineapple. One whiff of this stuff is enough to transport you to an island in the middle of the Bahamas. The scent of citrus alone can make the brain feel happier. The nugs on this plant are long, minty, and frosty.

Description: Double Tangie Banana lifts your spirits while calming anxieties and stressors. The scent of citrus will awaken the mind and focus on happy thoughts.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Citrus, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






14 reviews for Double Tangie Banana Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Erika P. (verified owner)

    Super duper happy weed. The second I take a hit of this I am smiling uncontrollably and filled with such positive thoughts. It tastes like a delicious fruit smoothie and kicks in slowly and doesn’t knock you out! Have been growing weed in the yard for a while now and usually have some moderate success, this plant was no different but the yield was slightly higher than expected, which I was thrilled about! Great for anytime, but I usually just wait till after work to partake. Happy as a clam!

  2. Ben D. (verified owner)

    Ordered, planted, germinated, vegged, and flowered in a little less than three months total! Super fast everything especially shipping from PSB. Pretty evenly balanced hybrid leaning towards indica, so it’s a super nice and happy high that eventually leaves me pretty ready to snooze. Really nice banana bready smell that leaves the house smelling really nice too. If you want some mj for depression and anxiety this stuff will definitely do the trick.

  3. Rachael S. (verified owner)

    Double tangie Nana makes me smile. 😊 This mj lifts any bad feelings far away, makes me feel euphoric and the tropical banana smell is so good too! I grew mine outdoors but probably best to grow indoors if possible, where I think it might grow even fuller. To me, double tangie is a classic, can’t wait to order more!

  4. jasloan45 (verified owner)

    Ordered my seeds and it felt like I got my seeds the next day they game so fast. Quality all the way. Germinated quick without a single hiccup. Had a few troubles with the grow, but totally my error. Almost lost some plants but I got em back on course. Had a good yield but gonna try this strain again and see if I can get a better one.

  5. Tomas R. (verified owner)

    I’ve been going through a divorce which has been stressful and emotionally draining. I’ve been in a total funk for the last several months, and I’m so glad that I kept my little grow room cranking and that I had these plants already going. This weed is so helpful in improving my mood and helping me destress from all of my problems. If you have issues with stress or depression, I’d highly recommend growing this strain!

  6. Rachel B. (verified owner)

    Probably the most flavorful weed I have ever smoked. DTB tastes like a tropical fruit bowl with delicious citrus and banana and it’s got a great balanced buzz that really clears away the winter blues. I smoke this any time of day for a pick me up, I swear it’s better than coffee! Great weed for creativity and relaxation, I can even get my work done on this mj so couldn’t really ask for anything more!

  7. Harelson R. (verified owner)

    I ordered these seeds online and I don’t regret it. After a flowering cycle of a little less than two months, this strain has a pretty high yield with impressive results for a basic indoor grow. Leaning a bit more on the sativa side, this is my favorite alternative to a cup of coffee after work to lift me up a little bit, especially without forcing me awake all night. This is definitely medical grade mj that leaves my house smellin’ fruity and happy. Leaves me a little happy too.

  8. Remi A. (verified owner)

    So, full disclosure. I’m not the gardener in the family — my sister is. Everyone thinks I’m the one growing weed in our household. I don’t know why that is? Maybe because I’m a giant stoner and my sister isn’t? Either way it’s a good little set up we have here. My sis likes the extra challenge of this strain and I’m a big fan of smoking it. I always have great ideas when I light this shit up! This is a good strain for the money and I’d recommend it to anyone.

  9. Frederico X. (verified owner)

    Smoking this weed is like taking a freakin happiness pill. Honestly, you can’t have a bad day after taking a couple tokes of this stuff. Very nice daytime strain! And it’s SO ridiculously great tasting. Just absolutely delicious. Probably the best flavor of anything I’ve ever smoked. My buds came out really nice. Coated in crystals just how I like to see em. Got my seeds shipped to my door and they arrived in a VERY speedy manner. Happy bud. Happy customer. Awesome seed service!

  10. Paris E. (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever smoked tangie mj and thought “I could use this…but double the flavor and potency!” Well, this is definitely the strain for you. I suffer from depression and a great deal of stress throughout the week, and this mj has been really great at keeping my head in a positive space. I grew right in the backyard, it was very easy to do, and got a really nice harvest of around 500 grams per plant, amazing! This is my go-to when I am on my lunch break, or on the weekends. Great for parties as well!

  11. Franco Z. (verified owner)

    Double tangie banana sounds like a mouthful but it’s a surprisingly uncomplicated ordering process and grow! Super excellent nice good smell throughout my house (I grow indoors) and a decent yield to boot after about 9 weeks of flowering, not too long. Smoking is real pleasant and you can definitely tell it leans a little more towards the indica side because of how relaxed it is.

  12. Gordon F. (verified owner)

    The description wasn’t lying, it smells real tropical. All my friends love it. It’s a well balanced hybrid, won’t make you too sleepy or too keyed-up. If you’re wondering where to buy a great indica-dom hybrid, wonder no more.

  13. Ebony F. (verified owner)

    I prefer my mj to be well-balanced so that it’s versatile, so I can use it to get happy or to relax. Double tangie pot fits the bill for this requirement – I use it at night sometimes to help me sleep or help me chill but I can also use it in the morning if I’m feeling down or sluggish and just need something to put some pep in my step. And the citrus smell is SO nice – almost like an orange grove! 😊 I have a hard time believeing anyone wouldn’t love double tangie nana. It’s one of the best, most-balanced hybrids out there.

  14. Renee E. (verified owner)

    OMG best tasting weed ever!!! I friggin love this stuff, like it;s super easy to grow in your backyard and makes a HUGE yield with these softball size nugs that smell like a tangerine orchard, seriously amazing stuff, bright green and yellow in color. PSB really has an impressive selection and I will definitely be back for more weed seeds!

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