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White Fire OG Feminized Seeds

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White Fire OG starts things off with uplifting mental stimulation that’s sure to boost your mood with its happy and carefree ways that will have you reveling in its euphoric properties to the point you’ll find yourself giving into a smile-inducing giggle fit.

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What are the effects of White Fire OG cannabis?

  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted

White Fire OG marijuana seeds grow into plants that produce generous yields that contain 60% indica / 40% sativa and a sky-high THC content that can reach 28%.

White Fire OG, aka “Wifi OG,” is becoming an increasingly-popular strain amongst well-renowned marijuana cultivators and those who consider themselves to be cannabis connoisseur growers due to its potent effects and bountiful yields.

As the offspring of parent strains The White and Fire OG, this near-evenly balanced strain offers big cerebral effects combined with some body-exhilarating relaxation that won’t leave you stranded on your couch, provided you use it in moderation.

White Fire OG starts things off with uplifting mental stimulation that’s sure to boost your mood with its happy and carefree ways that will have you reveling in its euphoric properties to the point you’ll find yourself giving into a smile-inducing giggle fit.

In addition, its powerful effects on the body serve to rid the body of pent-up tensions without impacting your ability to stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

While indica-dominant in its genetics, White Fire OG’s overall effects are pretty well balanced, and its mind-expanding properties make it a great choice for people who are wanting to engage in creative activities as well as those just looking to have a nice and light laid-back kind of afternoon or evening basking in the upbeat vibes of this potent and amazing strain.

What does White Fire OG smell and taste like?

White Fire OG gives off an enjoyable and pungent room-filling aroma with hints of fresh pine and wood, and overtones of diesel and spice.

Its fragrance is indicative of its flavors that are also quite strong on the diesel and pepper side of things with refreshingly sweet shocks of pine that keep its overall taste profile from being too intense. Furthermore, despite its diesel and spicy overtones, White Fire OG, when combusted, gives off a surprisingly smooth smoke.

How do I grow White Fire OG cannabis seeds?

Although White Fire OG weed plants are highly resistant to both pests and diseases, it does require a certain level of care and attention that could be a bit too much for novice growers. As such, it is better suited for intermediate-level to experienced growers to cultivate. That said, since Pacific Seed Bank only makes feminized marijuana seeds available growers can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that the likelihood of ending up with all-female plants is around 90+%!

White Fire OG, which can be grown indoors and out, requires a consistently dry and mild setting with sunny conditions along with plenty of space in which to grow so that it can fully stretch out during its flowering period. Other things to be mindful of are to keep an eye on the pH levels of its soil as this particular cannabis strain does better in a more “acidic setting,” and to provide your plants with regular trimming sessions so that its lower-growing nodes get continuous airflow and light. If you’re an indoor grower, you’ll also want to make sure to control the temperature and humidity levels of its growing environment.

What do White Fire OG cannabis plants look like?

When properly cared for, White Fire OG feminized seeds grow into beautiful plants that are usually average height but can grow to be pretty tall plants. The green nuggets that these bushy marijuana crops produce are pyramid-like in shape. Its buds, which some say look like miniature mountains covered in autumn foliage, are interspersed with orange pistils and blanketed in thick chunky trichomes that are colored in various shades of yellows and golds.

When to harvest your White Fire OG cannabis plant

Cultivated inside, where it’s easier to control White Fire OG’s growing environment, this strain generally begins to flower in 9-10 weeks, after which it should provide you with a massive indoor yield of almost 600 grams per square meter.

When grown outside in the right setting, White Fire OG marijuana plants will produce a large outdoor yield of about 510 grams per plant sometime in October.

Similar cannabis strains to White Fire OG

  1. The White: this hard-hitting indica with its 26% THC content is one of White Fire OG’s parents
  2. Fire OG: considered a one-and-done kind of strain, this potent indica-dominant hybrid also claims White Fire OG as an offspring
  3. Strawberry Haze: this trippy hybrid with its psychedelic head high is on the opposite end of the ratio spectrum with 60% sativa / 40% indica


Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, worries


Diesel, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






48 reviews for White Fire OG Feminized Seeds

  1. PhantomSorcerer (verified owner)

    Want that fire in your life? Need some heat in your world? Well, all you need is some White Fire OG because it’s definitely extra-hot and guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Your mental will be stimulated and you’ll feel focused, energetic, and will have the giggles 😊

  2. Eileen Morrison (verified owner)

    Has a sweet and earthy flavor….kinda bitter sometimes and leaves a taste in my mouth. A fresh vibe though, and super agreeable to the nose and eyes. Totally layered in white trichomes, hence the name white fire. Grows like an OG strain, does well in hydroponic settings if you have the facilities in place. Great purchase for a really low cost!

  3. 8DawnDreamer (verified owner)

    Looking for the perfect seeds to grow White Fire OG, the potent strain with therapeutic benefits and a delightful aroma? Look no further! White Fire OG seeds offer generous yields and a THC content of up to 28%. This sativa-dominant hybrid will uplift your mind, relax your body, and create a carefree mood.

  4. Celestia Howell (verified owner)

    Fresh and fire! White fire has a beautiful bouquet of color and a sweet melange of smells that makes it one of my all-time faves! Beautiful fresh pot, easy growing, and a ton of helpful advice from the good old customer service team!

  5. HighHipster (verified owner)

    Keeps you active while happy and creative. This strain helps me do my best work, I feel really motivated whenever I smoke this and loved the diesel aromas with nice notes of sweetness. A great high with great flavors for a good time.

  6. Judah Mcdonald (verified owner)

    Wake and bake anyone?
    \White fire is one of my all-time favorites. It’s easy to grow and usually produces hundreds of nugs per plant. All fresh, dense, sticky, and covered in crystals. An excellent investment.

  7. Finalformfreeza (verified owner)

    Nice daytime strain that has helped me immensely in being more productive and energetic. Almost like having a cup of coffee in the morning this strain really gets the mental juices flowing. Really nice simple strain to grow that yields quite nicely.

  8. EclipseExecutioner48 (verified owner)

    White Fire OG is a great strain for those looking for a creative and euphoric high. The sweet taste is a bonus. I found the seeds to be of high quality and had no issues with germination or growth. Overall, a great purchase from Pacific Seed Bank.

  9. Aaron Gentry (verified owner)

    This beautiful nug is unique for its bright white streaks that run up and down the plant like currents of electricity! This MJ is listed as an indica but it hits like a sativa in my experience. I usually smoke it before I leave the house for work or before I hit the town. No matter what time of day, this mj is packed with great vibes and good laughs.

  10. Zayne Orr (verified owner)

    This weed is boss. I loved buying this stuff online. It was fast and easy and the delicious nugs made it all worthwhile. I am friggin amazed how easy this was. Caring for a weed plant is no more difficult than caring for a house plant! Well, maybe a slight bit more difficult….but not by much.

    Get your seeds right now. This is the cheapest time of year to buy mj seeds since it’s no longer the season for growing. That means the time is now, and the iron is hot. Will you strike?

  11. Hasan Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, large “snowy” nugs with a dank sour flavor and sweet taste, Is your mouth watering yet? White fire is like a dessert weed. Great for smoking after dinner for that deep indica body relaxation. Ships to Canada so you KNOW I am coming back for more. Plus, I just like buying online, it’s super simple and I am NOT tech savvy ha!

  12. Arbaaz Frost (verified owner)

    If you are into growing marijuna, and have yet to try this strain, I would highly recommend it. The white fire OG is a great way to relax, unwind, and have some fun! I brought 10 seeds online, had them shipped to my apartment in WA. They grew beautifully and quickly, and always were easy to manage, even with pruning and fertilizing. Think of it as an easy to way to get active outdoors.

  13. Cavan Dalton (verified owner)

    Lighting strikes! I am electrified with white fire marijuana. Best tasting marijuana I have ever tasted. Tastes like sunny D!

  14. Keiron Bush (verified owner)

    White fire is everything you want it to be. It’s light and mellow, but it’s also deeply powerful. You feel it in your gut, and clouding your tired mind. Has a sweet taste, and the flower is streaked with white and red stripes. Pacific has great seed genetics, these babies always germinate, without fail!!

  15. larry arndt (verified owner)

    taste is so good and always connects with my mind. nice yield and easy to grow .

  16. Katy Sierra (verified owner)

    If you’ve got headaches, cramps, you name it, the white fire OG is the perfect choice! It’s got a great smell and flavor, and it hits just like a good indica should. It helps me unwind, relax, and take a nice break after the work day is done. Moderately easy to grow, prefers light, loamy soil and full sun. You can expect weed on your plant in about 5 months 😉

  17. Nana Mccormick (verified owner)

    Was excited by the name of this strain, not gonna lie, and so I bought some, just on a whim 🙂 The seeds took about 5 days to arrive, very fast shipping times no doubt, and the green little sprouts turned into waist-high mj plants in a matter of months. Rewarding process with a lot of weed at the end 🙂

  18. Jakub Hartman (verified owner)

    I need the white fire to feel alive!!! Great buzz, helps me deal with stress and depression and offers me a great vibe. I like it’s long tender leaves and fiery earth smell, which burns my nostrils in just the right way 😉 Fast delivery from Pacific, with very helpful customer service. An excellent yield too, but be patient, it takes time to be successful with this strain!!!

  19. Jannah Holding (verified owner)

    What is white fire? It’s what’s burning in your mind, and in your soul. You might be tempted to walk past this one, but you’ll never regret when you really commit to growing it. Something really special about this weed. It’s got that sweet and spicy flavor, and a laid back energy that really does me good. I say go for it!!!

  20. Geraldine Lennon (verified owner)

    I wanna white fire weekend. I wanna bowl a perfect game. I wanna harvest this weed every day, but hey, it’s only a plant and we gotta be patient with this dudes, they grow sloowwwwwww, and it’s not about the speed, it’s about the quality, so I think I ought to try this again indoors man, gonna be a better yield.

  21. Huzaifa Weir (verified owner)

    I got on the white fire train like weeks ago man, and I am loving life so far/ Been rolling some really nice fat joints and let me tell ya this stuff is really top-notch!! It’s an easy grow for the home gardener, and it gives me a great little mind and body high that I definitely enjoy. Harvested nearly 500 grams, very sticky and easy to break up. The best stuff I have ever grown!!

  22. Ella-Grace Greene (verified owner)

    The white fire OG strain is definitely FIRE and lives up to its name!! I am broke but I still got to buy some of these seeds cause they are hella cheap man…Got my hydro system set up in my garage which is pretty dope too. Gotta smoke this dope like a true fiend to enjoy its many effects. I am getting all excited just thinking about this next harvest. Luv the NUGS!!!

  23. Izabela Sykes (verified owner)

    Get that white fire into your life….It has drastically improved the quality of my mental health, especially during the pandemic, and it grows spectacularly in almost any location with sun, but I am lucky cause I have a greenhouse haha! Tasty as all heck, with a smooth smoke that makes for dank clouds. Feeling like a boss!

  24. Hadiya Boyer (verified owner)

    This white fire is soooo dope it’s like a beautiful dream that lands right on your head. I smoke it all day long, doesn’t even matter the time of day, and I feel instantly better. I smoke most days, but even my days off, I am dreaming of the white fire, the next time it will rock my world. So very excited!

  25. Aubrey Williamson (verified owner)

    Sometimes we all need a little fire to get us going. Gotta say, I am pretty stoked about this stuff in particular. Gets me VERY stoned, but keeps me nice and sharp. I can sit through a lecture and still stay awake, this is a new phenomenon for me. I perform better at work too, which is pretty great I gotta say. I’ll never be disappointed ever!!!!

  26. Julia Davis (verified owner)

    I was never into smoking weed till the pandemic started and I just got bored outta my mind! I NEED some of this weed, and I loved growing it at home, opened up a whole new world for me. Has these gorgeous green and yellow buds with nice silver hairls, it’s so exotic! Can’t wait to smoke more dope in the coming years!

  27. londonwolfkk (verified owner)

    White fire is a crazy strain that helps me like stay fire dude. I love just drinking some beers and smoking this weed cause they go perfectly together. I am suuuuch a huge fan of Pacific, their seeds are always top-notch and they deliver on time every time. Nice grow in my basement dude!

  28. Boomer (verified owner)

    White fire is a powerful high….it gets me blazed in like 2 hits and it helps with pain and stress and all kinds of depression. I ordered this online and had it delivered to my place in San Diego…Makes for a nice garden grow, and it loves all the SoCal sunshine and heat. I highly recommend it for your consuming pleasure 🙂

  29. Spoonman (verified owner)

    Sometimes you gotta set the night on fire. It’s seriously amazing to just smoke this weed and take a ride in the car or go somewhere on your bike. It’s got a real fresh flavor, just like the woods. It only takes like 4 months to grow, which is fast for weed, and the results are almost always amazing. Must be the genetics. PSB has the best online sales anywhere!

  30. Dandy Lions (verified owner)

    White fire is what you need in times of trouble, like this. It’s strong and super sour….some of the most amazing bud I have ever seen…HUGE flower, bigger than my head, excellent for smoking with yr friends or when you just ripping that bong on your own. Life is a little brighter, a little fuzzier, nd so much more chill. Your worries will disappear!

  31. chef anna (verified owner)

    Treat yourself to white fire and you will see new ways of living. This weed provides me with spiritual and meditative insights. I am a master gardener and got myself nearly 800 grams of fresh mj from my 3 amazing plants. The smell, so intoxicating, like a sweet meadow, mixed with skunk. I smoke every day, then go into a deep trance and think about my life. I feel I have become much for focused and secure now that I have this weed by my side!

  32. teagan rose (verified owner)

    If you are looking for some hardcore chill then this might be your strain! I found it very easy to grow, and I liked the way it did in my backyard, got nearly 5 oz of weed from 3 plants which is pretty impressive. I’ve been growing weed for years now and this was my first time ordering from this site. I was pretty impressed overall. I like their seed selection and their commitment to quality seeds. I love smoking this weed and will continue to do so thank you!

  33. Market Demand (verified owner)

    I’ve got the powa! This weed makes me feel like a superhero, makes all my stress and worries just melt away, I have increased focus and my creative juices are flowing. I can paint, draw, or write anything, I love letting my mind just run wild! This was a fun strain to grow too, no real complaints honestly. I got my seeds delivered from Pacific and they were super helpful and provided excellent customer service. What an amazing site!

  34. Roy Ruiz (verified owner)

    If you need a little fire in your life, I recommend trying out this amazing weed! It’s both strong and pungent but also gives off a mellow relaxing high. A great indica/sativa hybrid, perfect for almost any time of day. A bit of a difficult grow however, maybe not best for beginners, and it smells and tastes simply amazing! Got a great yield from this weed, and I definitely imagine myself getting more of it. I am your new best customer PSB!!!

  35. jerkyman (verified owner)

    Don’t spread this around, but this is a great at-work strain haha. I am a professional actor, and this actually really helps me relax and get into character. I feel like my lines flow out of me so much more naturally once I smoke this stuff. It’s an excellent buzz, and pretty darn easy to grow at home too. I really like pursuing this as a side hobby. Will be back for more!

  36. Cookie Monster (verified owner)

    This is a killer strain of mj, very powerful indica, it’ll set you right back on the couch and keep you there all night long. I love movies, so this weed has been great for just chilling out and catching up on some great movies I haven’t seen. I enjoyed the grow as well, it’s been really a cool experience watching these plants get tall and produce HUGE nugs. Will definitely be back for more!

  37. Ricky M. (verified owner)

    This will mess you up harddddd! It’s such a powerful strain I gotta take it easy when I get to smoking, just one or 2 hits will do ya! Great time growing this pot, and had some delicious results, yummmm. It’s got these deep green flowers and bright white pistils like lightning. I was very happy with my seeds, will be back for more!

  38. Carmen V. (verified owner)

    BEAUTIFUL marijuana strain! My boyfriend jokes that it looked like winter came early with the white dusting on our white fire plants. It really is pretty, we smoked some white fire and then kept staring and staring at the remaining plants, lol! My boyfriend and I use white fire to help get shit done, it lights a fire under you and you just want to be productive! Which is good cuz I feel like we are kind of lazy most of the time otherwise, lol! Really pleased with the seeds we got from Pacific – all but one germinated and we got these beautiful, lovely weeds! Hooray!

  39. Brandy F. (verified owner)

    A very relaxing strain of MJ, perfect for low key evenings when you just want to smoke a bowl and chill! I grew this in my basement and found this to be an easy strain to cultivate and harvest. Lots of nug for you to enjoy so you’ll definitely be smoking this for a while. It’s got a nice diesel smell to it and the buzz is very body oriented, helps with stress and sleep!

  40. Trent P. (verified owner)

    Are my hands just small or are these colas super huge? Kind of can’t believe how fat my nugs are. I had to give them some support near the end, but I’m happy with how everything turned out. Got lots of weed for very little money — all it took was a handful of seeds and some elecritcity! Highly recommend growing indoors. I think that’s where you get the best value for your money.

  41. baja12560 (verified owner)

    If you’re going to grow white fire og indoors, leave some extra space up top. It likes to stretch quite a bit during flowering, which only took about seven weeks for a huge huge yield. I’m really satisfied with this mj overall – the high is really creative and keeps me talkative without getting drowsy or anything. I prefer to smoke this throughout the day and switch to something a little more mellow at night.

  42. Brad S. (verified owner)

    I’m a big time social smoker, so always turning to the White Fire before parties. This bud keeps me up and chatting all through the night, perfect for passing around a J and shooting the breeze with some buddies. Have been growing weed in the backyard for years and this one is a personal fav. Love all those trusty dusty crystals, and that sweet sour stink! Pacific really nailed the delivery too, ordered online and Hello! Seeds are at my door in just one week! Keeps me going and it’ll keep you going too. Peace!

  43. Michael F (verified owner)

    Twinkly buds of bubbly tingly starlight goodness 🙂 🙂 🙂 So so so pretty. I felt like I was floating with the moon and stars. So blissful! The trichomes are AMAZING. Like a dream, almost hallucinagenic. Love love love this weed. Smelled really beautiful too! Relaxed me and made my brain buzz with the most incredible thoughts and ideas. Cerebral and euphoric. Light as a feather. Creative! So far out. Ordering again as soon as I come down off my cloud 🙂

  44. Nicole L. (verified owner)

    This is the best cannabis for endowing a buzzy, twinkly, happy high that’ll make you believe in life! ? I’ve tried strains of pot before that make me feel strong or invincible or sleepy, and white fire OG is not like those. DON’T smoke if you want to fall asleep!! I’m not sure if it’s the kind of earthy smell or the slightly sour taste, but something about this mj is magic. Terrific buy from Pacific Seeds and their delivery time was good, too.

  45. Sierra S. (verified owner)

    White Fire OG is absolute fire! Really nice easy smoke with diesel hints so you know it’s good, good balance of indica and sativa to keep both mind and body happy. If you pay close attention to ph levels in the soil (keep it a little more acidic than normal) you’ll have a good yield, I got about 600 grams each plant from my indoor grow. Really nice white trichomes cover the buds too, it’s a good plant and great weed.

  46. Filip S. (verified owner)

    I guess my only complaint about this weed is it makes me super chatty. Normally that wouldn’t be a bad thing (for anyone else). But I’m already kinda too chatty so this makes me even more chatty…I think you can see where this is going. My roommates love it though, so it was worth the time and effort to grow. We all get pretty creative when smoking this weed and do some pretty amazing cooking in the kitchen as a result. Good seeds as always. Thanks Pacific!

  47. Dana A. (verified owner)

    Big time lover of the White Fire. Growing this strain was a serious thrill, and they’re not kidding, the crystals are coated in a fine white dust that makes it look beautiful and smell amazing! Smoking this is like putting your life into overdrive, like I get sooooo much done on this stuff! Homework or papers or just creative stuff becomes a breeze! I l smoke this right around noon and am flying high the rest of the afternoon, a great weed for productive stoners like me!

  48. Curtis C. (verified owner)

    White fire is a super solid strain of mj with a lot of potential for fun and creative times with friends or just by yourself. I grew in the backyard and the plants got really tall and were just amazing to look at and enjoy throughout the day. I feel super fortunate to have access to this delicious bud and it really puts a positive spin on my mood, helping me with anxiety and depression, also giving me a powerful appetite. So happy to have this weed in my life!

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