There’s a new use for cannabis that is rapidly becoming all the rage—it’s known as “weed lube” and, as its name suggests, it’s a sexual lubricant that contains THC and/or CBD. Let’s take a closer look at just how this product might enhance intimate experiences as well as any side effects or issues that need to be considered before partaking in cannabis lube.

First of all, how does cannabis lube feel?

Keep in mind that weed lube, like weed itself, has varying effects on different people. Overall, though, you can expect that weed lube will not be providing you with a high that is psychoactive (with a few exceptions). It may even take between fifteen and twenty minutes for your body to pick up on the lube’s effects, which could include:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Stronger or more prolonged state of arousal
  • Sensations of tingles
  • Stronger and longer (and maybe even multiple) orgasms

Does weed lube make you high?

It depends on what kind of cannabis lube you choose. Lube that is created using CBD only will certainly not give off a high, however, cannabis lube that is not composed of CBD only may make some users who are particularly sensitive to THC feel a bit of a high. This high would be very different from the high one would get from vaping, smoking, or ingesting weed. Most people don’t feel any sort of psychoactive high from cannabis lube—but they will likely feel aroused.

One caveat to note when using cannabis lube is that many of those on the market are edible and if they are ingested, they will indeed provide a psychoactive high. So, if you or your partner would prefer not to receive a psychoactive high from a cannabis lube product, be sure to keep that in mind when engaging in intimate activity.

Cannabis Lube

How long does cannabis lube take to work?

After the initial application of cannabis lube, it will take, on average, around fifteen to twenty minutes to work. Its effects take a bit of time to be felt, as the body needs to process it differently than cannabis that is smoked or vaped.

Can it be used with latex?

If you are planning to use latex protection with cannabis lube, you might want to think again. Generally, it is not a great idea to mix lubes that are coconut-based with condoms, since they might degrade condoms, leading to breakage. That’s why so many water-based lubes are recommended for their compatibility with condoms.

Is it detectable in drug tests?

In general, the levels of THC that can be found in cannabis lube are lower than those that would be present in the body after smoking or vaping THC. That being said, if you are concerned about an upcoming substance test, it would be wise to steer clear of cannabis consumption in any form.

Cannabis Lube

Can weed lube be used in pregnancy?

The use of any CBD or THC products is strongly advised against by the US Food and Drug Administration during a pregnancy. This is likely because there is extremely limited research on how these substances affect a baby in the womb. Until more research is conducted, it is highly discouraged to use cannabis products such as weed lube during pregnancy.

Similarly, it is, so far, inconclusive whether or not it is safe to use marijuana (or even CBD) while breastfeeding. When THC enters the body, it gets stored in the body’s fat and slowly released over time, meaning that the breastfeeding infant could be exposed to an unknown amount of THC for an undetermined period of time.

Given the lack of information on both of these situations, it is best to completely refrain from using THC and CBD products during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Cannabis Lube

Where can I purchase cannabis lube?

If you’re in the United States, you should purchase any cannabis products you would like from a licensed physical cannabis dispensary or a licensed online/delivery dispensary (like Pacific Seed Bank, for example). If you were to purchase cannabis lube elsewhere, you might be buying from a dubious source rather than receiving a legally obtained product that you can trust. We would never advise that you purchase an intimate product like cannabis lube from a supplier that you are unsure about–your body is a temple, after all!

Be sure to give cannabis lube a try if you are interested in switching things up in the bedroom—either for yourself or a partner.

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