We’ve all probably heard the term “terp sauce” thrown around but many of us are likely unfamiliar with what it actually means. Terp sauce is a form of cannabis concentrate. Let’s explore what cannabis concentrates are before we dive into the specifics of terp sauce.

Learning about cannabis concentrates

A cannabis concentrate is a homogeneous mass of the active parts of a cannabis plant. Because of this base, cannabis concentrates can appeal to people over cannabis in its raw flower form–concentrates offer a more pure, higher quality, more potent cannabis experience. Some people liken cannabis concentrates to cannabis extracts, but there is one major difference between the two–solvents are used to dissolve substances into a solution by extracts.

The history of cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have been around a long time–thousands of years, in fact. Some of the original forms of cannabis concentrates were hash and charas, both of which were made by removing the trichomes from dried or fresh cannabis flowers.

Thankfully, modern technology has made it much simpler to access cannabis concentrates than it was for our ancestors. Not only that, today’s cannabis concentrates are often much more potent than their predecessors. Some of the solvents concentrate that you may have heard of include butane hash oil (BHO), Shatter, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and live resin. There are also some popular extracts that do not have solvents, including distillate, rosin, and bubble hash.

Terp Sauce

The definition of terp sauce

Terp sauce is a solvent concentrate, and it is often made by flash freezing buds of cannabis. One of the key aspects of terp sauce is that the buds that are used to create it need to be of top-notch genetic quality. First, flowers are made into butane hash oil (BHO) and then they are left to age and crystallize. Once that takes place, a terpene sauce that has a very viscous quality is left, which can be found engulfing THCA crystals.

Why is terp sauce so popular?

Simply put, terp sauce has become quite popular thanks to terpenes becoming popular. It used to be that people were primarily concerned only with cannabinoids. Science, however, has shown us just how valuable a component of cannabis terpenes can be, particularly when you consider how they are able to enhance the effects of marijuana. Some cannabis users who are looking for larger amounts of terpenes do so in order to experience enhanced taste and effects.

Terpenes themselves can be a bit fragile–they actually have quite low boiling points. Because of this, some common extraction techniques actually end up with the terpenes being evaporated. Terp sauce avoids this issue because it is able to preserve the terpene molecules beautifully.

For those wondering just how potent terp sauce is, worry not–it is extremely strong. This is because when THCA crystals decarboxylate due to heat exposure, they are converted to THC.

Terp Sauce

Making terp sauce

Did you know that you can make your own concoction at home? As we mentioned before, one of the most important aspects of terp sauce is ensuring that you begin with a very high-quality cannabis strain, like the one you might purchase online from Pacific Seed Bank. If you start with quality ingredients that contain abundant terpenes and THCA, you’ll end up with a fantastic terp sauce.

Fresh cannabis flowers begin the process by making live resin, which is an extract that manages to maintain the strain’s aroma and flavor. If the buds are flash-frozen before butane extraction, this can avoid terpene loss. For this reason, live resin tends to be the ideal choice for creating terp sauce, rather than using cannabis buds that have been cured.

Up next, the extract will need to receive some gentle heat, after which it can be transferred to a mason jar while it is still in liquid form. These jars will need to remain at a temperature that is slightly higher than room temperature. Then, the pressure will start building in the jars, and, with it, the formation of THCA crystals. The crystals will naturally fall to the bottom of the jar as terpenes rise, making a bit of a soupy, goopy layer at the top of the jar. The whole process can take anywhere between two and three weeks.

Once your terpenes have risen, they then get separated and are individually purged (the terpenes for about sixty hours and the crystals for slightly longer, at around 72 hours). Then, they get mixed back together in UV-proof containers and terp sauce is born. Terp sauce tends to have a cannabinoid content that falls between thirty and fifty percent on average.

Terp Sauce

The benefits of terp sauce and how it can help you

If you’ve made it this far, you likely realize just why terp sauce is one of the pricier cannabis products that are on the market. Making terp sauce is a serious endeavor, one that begins with very high-quality cannabis from the start. But, many cannabis users and Pacific Seed Bank customers find that terp sauce is just what they are looking for, thanks to its high THC content which can provide a great deal of relief.

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