marijuana flavor

The Connection Between Marijuana Flavor & Benefits

Most people have their favorite weed, or at least their favorite flavor profile. You might’ve picked it because it brings back memories of smoking on the garage roof when you were in high school, or because it tastes nothing like the skunky crap you tried back then. Chances are you like something about the way […]

Biggest Mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Seeds

If you’re a marijuana user, you’ve probably wondered how long you can keep your weed. In fact, you may be reading this article because you’re looking for tips on proper storage. Well, you’re in the right place. These are the biggest mistakes you’re making when it comes to caring for and storing your marijuana seeds.

History of Marijuana

The History of Marijuana and Its Origin Story

It all started with a single seed. That seed grew into a plant and eventually made its way around the world, growing in popularity as decades went by. Researchers say the history of marijuana has been around since the Viking and Ancient China days—but where exactly did it come from? And how did it spread […]

Germinate Marijuana

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

If you live in a place where growing marijuana is legal and you’re wanting to start cultivating your own plants from seed, the first step will be to germinate marijuana seeds. While it might, understandably, sound like a daunting task–especially if you don’t consider yourself as having a green thumb–the truth is once you find […]