With too much time on our hands and too many thoughts on our minds, yoga has emerged as one of the most popular at-home workouts during the pandemic. Being a yoga practitioner comes in many forms. To some of us, the calm and peaceful practice comes naturally. To others, myself included, it benefits from marijuana beforehand.

Introducing Weed Into Your Yoga Practice

How bummed/annoyed were you when your gym first closed in March? Since then, we’ve been forced to find new and innovative ways to stay healthy and active, mostly at home. For yoga, all you need is a mat, a rug, or a carpet to get settled in a comfortable pose. But then your mind starts to race. You’re tempted to check your phone, read the news, reply to an email…Marijuana can help change that unsettled and unfocused feeling. Marijuana can help you become a better yoga practitioner.

Yoga Practitioner

The Right Kind Of Yoga Practice

There are two varieties of yoga—the active class with elements of cardio, HIIT, and free weights, and the stretching class with an emphasis on flexibility, mindfulness, and breathwork. In my experience, marijuana and an active yoga class don’t mix that well. I feel sluggish and lost in the cardio rhythm. I find it more effective to add weed into your breathwork class. Marijuana can provide a boost of relaxation and introspectiveness as you slowly move in between stretches.

Yoga Practitioner

The Right Kind Of Marijuana Strain

Just as important as the yoga class itself is the marijuana strain. For my practice, I opt for a sativa-dominant hybrid for a gentle boost of energy with a hint of indica relaxation and calmness. The best of both worlds. In terms of the consumption method, I recommend either smoking or vaping before class. Stay away from edibles as they’re typically much too heavy for any sort of workout. A little goes a long way (I take about three inhales from a vape in my car).

Pacific Seed Bank has a variety of yoga-friendly marijuana strains from

A high-CBD marijuana strain makes for a great pre-workout habit as it may prevent muscle cramps and aches.

Yoga Practitioner

The Easiest At-Home Workout

In a twisted way, I have to thank COVID for giving me the time to become a better yoga practitioner. Yoga is the perfect at-home workout as it requires minimal space, minimal equipment, and it’s QUIET. Nothing drives me up the wall like hearing my upstairs neighbor jump around to loud music and heavy footsteps. It should be part of the “COVID Work From Home” etiquette rulebook to keep the noise to a minimum. Have you ever tried adding marijuana into your workout? Or yoga practice? Let us know!

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