Although it’s understandable why some prefer to meditate without the aid of any other substance, others find that cannabis helps enhance their meditation sessions as they say that it helps get them into the right mindset, increases their ability to focus and stay in one place, and expands their consciousness and awareness of their breath and surroundings in the present moment. Today’s blog showcases the best strains for relaxation, mental recovery, and meditation.

Strains for Relaxation

Consuming Marijuana Strains for Relaxation

Cannabis has long been used by various cultures for different spiritual rituals and rites. In fact, based on archeological evidence and the work carried out by archeologists and paleoethnobotanists, it is believed that humans were using weed at least 10,000 years ago. Wood braziers that are at least 2,500 years old were unearthed a few years ago at the ancient gravesite of Jirzankal Cemetery. Researchers think that these ancient wooden “bongs” were used as a funeral ritual and form of medicine for grief.

So, while the notion of using cannabis as a tool when meditating may sound like some kind of hipster excuse just to get stoned and sit in one place, the truth is marijuana and spiritual practices have gone hand in hand for far longer than yoga studios have been selling over-priced mats or budtenders in shiny dispensaries have been around.

As such, for those of you who have been curious about seeing if marijuana can help enhance your own meditation practices, I have compiled a list of eight of the best strains to help you connect to your inner state of being. Some are more energetic and others are more tranquilizing, so maybe try a few different types and see which ones work best for you. Just as there is no one right way to meditate, there is no one right strain to use when meditating.

Without further ado, these are our top-selling marijuana strains for relaxation!

Strains for Relaxation

Our Recommendations to Help You Relax

  1. Northern Lights: This highly-popular hybrid, which has an indica to sativa ratio of 80:20, is also very popular amongst yoga practitioners and meditators alike thanks to its euphoric and relaxing effects. Essentially, you’re likely to find yourself in a nice dreamy state of bliss with your body able to let go of any muscular tensions so that you’re able to just focus on the here and now.
  2. Laughing Buddha: As a practice, Buddhism teaches its students the tenets of peace and contentment. This sativa-heavy hybrid is known for clearing the mind of troublesome thoughts and filling users with a sense of levity and introspection. All of which are traits that may be extremely useful to you as you settle in to meditate.
  3. Jack the Ripper: While anything named after a truly evil and vile serial killer understandably sounds like the last thing you want to be partaking of, especially when trying to connect to your inner peace and the beauty of life around you, in actuality Jack the Ripper is an incredibly upbeat and reinvigorating strain.
Strains for Relaxation
  1. Bruce Banner: Need more strains for relaxation and calmness? This sativa-dominant hybrid with its 25% THC level is a euphorically uplifting strain that is known for helping users to achieve mental clarity, greater focus, and motivation. When it comes to meditation, having this extra help may be precisely what you need to sit or lie in one place and focus on your breathing and the moment, without feeling distracted by chaotic or troubling thoughts and feelings.
  2. Wedding Cake: This is an indica-dominant treat that like Northern Lights and Bruce Banner has very potent effects, so, if you’re new to using any of these strains, then you may want to start more conservatively when using them as a meditation aid. Wedding Cake is known for its balanced cerebral and physical high that is a mix of bliss and body unwinding relaxation. By lifting your mind and soothing your body, Wedding Cake has the potential to help increase your practice of being mindful and fully present in the now.
  3. Harle-Tsu: With a CBD: THC ratio of 20:1, uplifting Harle-Tsu is an excellent option for those who are either new to cannabis usage or have an extremely low tolerance to THC.  It provides full-body relaxation, mental focus, motivation, and an elevated mood in gentler, subtler ways almost like how a glass of wine gives a nice mind and body buzz of happiness and relaxation. As such, Harle-Tsu could be a much gentler way to get into a positive meditative mindset without the risk of ending up stoned.

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