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Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Seeds

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Amnesia Haze autoflowering marijuana will help you wake up and start the day with a smile. This high THC strain is also high-yield, and the addition of ruderalis genetics makes this sativa-dominant variety easy enough for even beginners to successfully cultivate.

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Orange juice, eggs, and… Amnesia Haze autoflowering marijuana? You wouldn’t think that this prize-winning cannabis strain could be part of a balanced breakfast but in some circumstances, it might be just the green you need to wake up with a smile on your face.

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an eclectic heritage. It delivers a strong cerebral high, courtesy of its 21% THC, but its moderate levels of CBD are what make it popular with patients. This strain can offer users a sense of relaxation, helping them shift their focus from daily concerns and experience stress-free moments. Along with its happy, giddy effects, it can put aches and pains to bed.

Everyone lucky enough to encounter Amnesia Haze marijuana will come to know and love its earthy, citrus aroma, which brings with it a psychedelic rush you won’t want to experience to close to bedtime.

The addition of ruderalis genetics make the notoriously finicky Amnesia autoflowering marijuana seeds a bit easier to grow. This plant prefers a warm environment and a lot of light, but close attention can garner you upwards of 400 grams per plant after 50-60 days of flowering. Note: it tends to be susceptible to pests, it might be better suited to planting indoors rather than out.

Grow your own Amnesia Haze autoflowering marijuana and wake up to feeling good – order now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Ruben Farrell (verified owner)

    I love amnesia….cause it makes me forget all my worries. I smoke weed every day and this is what it’s all about. It’s a smooth and relaxing process, the growing, the rolling, the smoking. I am so stoked….SO stoked! SO happy I found my online seed bank yay!

  2. EvergreenEco (verified owner)

    I like the amnesia strains cause they’re generally pretty easy to grow. I smoke them every day and they never make me tired. Generally speaking they’ve made me less anxious and more social. I bring it to parties and forget my worries and just dance! The nugs are quality, and they stay fresh for a really long time. Best choice I’ve made in some time….plus they ship to Canada!

  3. Abbie Ball (verified owner)

    Move over coffee because this is the real pick-me-up and really is the best part of waking up LOL Amnesia Haze gets you out of your haze and ready to take on the day as a sativa-dominant strain. I’ve tried my fair share marijuana, and this one is tops in my books. You’ll love how you’ll have your beautiful flowers in about 8-9 weeks. You won’t be able to contain yourself!

  4. Mateo Kim (verified owner)

    You’ll NEVER forget Amnesia Haze! I grow this weed every summer! Delightful bounty, tall plant with usually over 100G in nug. Never had any problems with mold, but these damned aphids!! NEEM oil is your friends, folks! I do enjoy the growing process however, especially being in my older years. I like the feeling of soil in my hands….and the sun on my back. Great looking plants too, VERY intriguing!!

  5. Angela Odonnell (verified owner)

    Great looking amnesia weed! Used to grow this weed professionally, but I skipped out of the game since I got a little tired of all the red tape and regulations! So, now I just grow for myself, and life is feeling pretty great. I never worked with an online seed bank before, but I heard good things about PSB and wanted to try it out! So far, great success! Plants are tall, bushy, vegetative, strong smells, and just about to produce flower!

  6. Presley Firth (verified owner)

    I am not an expert grower…but I am getting better. Amnesia haze is a great strain for making it work! I got 15 seeds online, they shipped right out to my apartment and boy did they grow FAST! I could barely keep up! They took a lot of trimming and plenty of water, but once it got hot outside, you could be sure they were producing flower and it looked beautiful!

  7. Md Waters (verified owner)

    tHE HAZE IS THE BEST! I have been an Oregon grower before it was cool 😉 I am now proud owner of a small grow operation in Bend. The weed life is my favorite life. I am SO happy with the way it’s going too. These seeds germinate beautifully and bring me a lot of happiness. It’s fast shipping too. A good crop of people!!

  8. Shane Wyatt (verified owner)

    Start your day right with amnesia haze weed from pacific. These guys source from only the best growers in and around Cali. Their seeds ship super fast and literally always germinate! I love smoking my own weed. Makes me feel like I am in control of my own destiny!!!

  9. Norah Cline (verified owner)

    This haze is going to consume your mind, give you extra internal sight by opening your third eye. Has colors and flavors I can’t even name. Interesting buy but maybe not the easiest grow for a newbie like myself. I still ended up with a decent harvest, but it does take time to hone your mj cultivation skills. don’t give up!

  10. Ken Zagula (verified owner)

    Not my favorite. Extremely sensitive to nutes, burns easily. Had almost no leaves left by harvest time. EXTREMELY LOW trichome production, can barely see any visible with the naked eye. Very light, almost not noticeable high. Ordered 3 seeds and one of the seeds grew so densely green that by harvest time, there was barely any flower, just green leaves. It wasn’t a nitrogen issue as the other 2 seeds grew somewhat normally. Very strange, am I’m no novice.

  11. Thalia Sherman (verified owner)

    Ooooo Amnesia Haze is where its at! This weed is like if a Hazy IPA was turned into a mj strain that gets you BAKED! I am a HUGE stoner, been smoking since I was in college. Now I make a habit of growing my own MJ with PSB seeds. They ALWAYS germinate and they look absolutely incredible in the garden! Awesome vibes!!!

  12. Lola Mckenna (verified owner)

    Powerful morning smoke, kind of shocks your senses into awakeness. Gives me a NICE headbuzz and gets the thoughts racing through my mind. It can be a bit harsh if you smoke too much, so I recommend just taking a puff puff and then passing! I grew 5 plants outdoors, they did extremely well! Happy as can be with my homegrown weed, feeling like a true farmer!

  13. Bryson Joseph (verified owner)

    Okay so I ordered 3 seeds online, and I am expecting them to show up soon. I keep hearing about this amazing shipping times, and I want to try it out for myself. I bought 5 seeds online and had them shipped to my home in southern OR. Looking pretty great so far, with its broad yellow leaves and a pungent sour smell!

  14. Shanice Johnston (verified owner)

    I work so damn hard….I need something to take the edge off. Thankfully my drinking days are behind me, and I am feeling like marijuana is a better alternative. I also have gotten into gardening with my second wife. We are pretty happy together. I like the way it helps me feel. When I come home, the back is aching and I’m tired, my wonderful spouse cooks me some food and packs me a bowl. She’s the best.

  15. Ariella Wharton (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a hell of a strain, it gives me a nice buzz and doesn’t make me groggy like many indica strains do. Feeling very excited about my next harvest. The flowers are shaping up beautifully, very tight, danse, sticky and GREEN. Plus I love these crystals that form on the buds, it looks like they’ve been frosted overnight!

  16. Parris Felix (verified owner)

    I was always recommending this strain to my friends, they seem to love it as well, but now that I am their main grower, they are hitting me up a LOT more often LOL. I got this weed shipped to my apartment here in San Fran. I have a nice patio that I can grow this mj throughout the summer. It sure likes the heat and sun, so I feel pretty happy about it sitting out there all day!!

  17. Elspeth Butler (verified owner)

    Hazy and orange and just full of bright flavors that make the mind feel light and free. I usually take a few bong hits and then watch a Marvel movie, which is nice cause they’re all super dumb!! I ordered online though, and it looks pretty great when it finally germinates in the backyard. Well worth the effort, definitely a good vibe!!!

  18. Gary Hamer (verified owner)

    I was looking for an uplifting strain…something nice and sweet and good for my brain….amnesia def helps me forget my problems, but I like that it doesn’t make me sleepy. Sativa vibes all around, and a great smell, especially for the price. I ordered online, and it shipped to my place within a few days, so sick!!!

  19. Brandon Sullivan (verified owner)

    This is some exciting weed, it helps me manage my pain and stress and it smells hella awesome. I smoke it all day and night and I definitely enjoy this stuff more than anything. I really like my life and I feel like amnesia is a good buy, and I like the sativa strain definitely wakes me up and I feel way more energy throughout the day!

  20. Asa Velasquez (verified owner)

    I am an all day smoker, love to get up and have a good toke and then chill out hardcore on the couch or go outside and enjoy the sunny weather. It’s a pretty easy strain to just grow at home, you will not be disappointed, I promise, and if you are, they have a good refund policy on this site. Very convenient and tasty weed. You made me a customer for life!!!

  21. coalman (verified owner)

    This weed will definitely change your perspective on life, it’s very relaxing and also helps a TON with depression and anxiety. I have those at a debilitating rate, so that’s where the weed comes in. We are all very happy about that, and my family supports it too. I am a medical grower and smoker and its made possible by Pacifc seed bank!

  22. Chris Lightman (verified owner)

    I had to leave a review just cause I never thought I would like this weed as much as I did, but turns out I am obsessed with it! Got myself 3 seeds and grew them individually to space out my harvests. I was really impressed by the results…got some seriously nice bud, very pink and green in color, with a lovely sweet taste. You’re gonna love it too, I guarantee it!

  23. Rollypolly (verified owner)

    Don’t pass up your chance to enjoy this marijuana….it’s delicious and it helps with headaches and insomnia. I ordered online and had it delivered to my place here in NoCal…had a nice grow in the backyard and really like how it fills the air with pleasant aromas. Highly recommend this stuff!

  24. Brewbakers (verified owner)

    Hey, it’s summertime, and although things are profoundly screwed up in the world, we all need a little relaxation, and an escape from this madness we call reality. That’s why I decided to grow this haze strain in my greenhouse over the winter. Now, it’s hot outside and it’s time to smoke the heck outta this weed. Great for a nice, uplifting mood boost, and for an excellent end of day joint!

  25. Quilters (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a really nice sativa that helps me stay focused during the day. I am way more productive at work and can even carry on better conversations with my co-workers. I love the beautiful taste and smell of this weed, it’s so sour and earthy and makes for an excellent gardening project. I highly support growing this weed!

  26. I dig dirt (verified owner)

    When it’s time to forget your worries, try out this weed for size. It’s absolutely intoxicating. Makes me feel like I am floating on a cloud, or chilling at the beach. Puts a smile on my face and gives me a boost of energy and clarity I need so badly in the middle of the day!!! It was pretty easy to grow, but that’s probably cause my gf has been doing this for years and helped me out quite a bit lol. Great buy overall!

  27. Canudigit (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of this weed! I ordered my seeds online with Pacific and they were shipped to my home here in East LA. I actually have a yard which is pretty cool so was able to grow this weed out in my backyard and got a pretty substantial yield off this plant. I love the way it looks, super bushy and dense and tall and the nugs are super fresh, great for smoking in the afternoon for an extra bump in your jump. Definitely try it out for yourself!

  28. Green House Grower (verified owner)

    Forget all your worries, your troubles and your pain when you smoke the amnesia haze first thing in the AM. This helps me wake right up with a smile and I feel so much better about life! I smoke it right at the breakfast table, looking out my window on a rainy day, and then I finally feel ready to work. It’s super worth the time it takes to grow, but germination can be tough. I grew waaaay to many, 5 plants gave me more weed than I can smoke, so I am making cookies!

  29. weedster (verified owner)

    Not a difficult grow by any means. i am super new to this, I have barely smoked any weed in my entire life so this was pretty cool to try out on my own. I love the way this grew in my backyard, it’s pretty solid strain for waking up in the morning, or if you just need an energy boost sometime throughout the day. It’s pretty relaxing too. Euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing. Sounds like the holy trinity to me. Pretty excited to smoke this after I am done writing this review Haha!

  30. jazzman125 (verified owner)

    This is the perfect AM strain, great for rainy days when you don’t want to get up for work and just have to do it anyway. I love the delicious smell and taste of this weed, it’s perfect for my stress and anxiety and always gives me a boost of energy that lasts for hours. It’s almost better than coffee! It’s been great growing this in the backyard, has definitely been a learning experience for me, but I am pretty darn happy with how it turned out. Great buy!

  31. rev3000 (verified owner)

    This is some powerful weed for sure, very high energy stuff that always puts a smile on my face. It’s a really straightforward grow, nothing too complicated about it, and it yields at least 300 g per plant which is pretty darn good. I definitely want to grow indoors next time to see if I can get more weed! Will be back for more 🙂

  32. Stanley Walter (verified owner)

    I am a big sativa fan, do not enjoy the sensation of couch lock and consider myself a very productive stoner. I like to smoke weed and then get some creative work done or just concentrate on a book I am reading. I enjoyed the growing process, went very well. It gave me a ton of nug to share with friends and I love how great this has been for my focus and even my headaches!

  33. Rosa D. (verified owner)

    God this strain of mj has helped me out of so many tight spots. If I need an extra boost to help me get up in the morning, this is the strain I turn to, it’s incredibly energizing and helps me get into the right mindset for work. When I smoke it at lunch, I don’t get tired in the afternoon and stay focused on my work. Really an easy grow with a great yield, plus the bud smells and tastes super tangy and delicious!

  34. Oliver H. (verified owner)

    Shout out to Pacific for being super dependable and reliable! Just got my third order of absolute perfection. Never have I had such a good streak of getting all of my seeds to pop. Going to buy another batch soon and see if I can get a new personal record. This is only place to buy good seeds at a good price. Loyal customer right here!

  35. Rick K. (verified owner)

    Thing I like best about this one is how fast it grows. I wasn’t keen to have to wait a long time for my pot to grow, but I don’t have the option to just go the store and buy weed the way some of y’all do. So I ordered these seeds and they came pretty quick and didn’t arouse any suspicion and I grew em out the garage. Mission accomplished, I gotta say. I smoked some about ten minutes ago and it feels real good.

  36. Marcus P. (verified owner)

    Sticky icky sativa heavy super heady high that lasts for days. CBD is good too for physical aches and pains. Probably my favorite cannabis strain i’ve grown so far. Really easy plant to manage indoors and I had a good yield for how much work I didn’t have to put into it. I’ll probably order more from psb soon because they shipped really fast and the seeds germinated without any issues.

  37. John L. (verified owner)

    Anytime is Amnesia Haze time! Love the freshness of this mj, such a good, lemony pot strain. I’ve grown marijuana for awhile so probably would not recommend growing this to a total beginner: bugs like it and you need to keep the environment consistently toasty and warm. Great pot from PSB and good customer service too. Looking forward to more tasty highs!

  38. Sharon S. (verified owner)

    This weed will make you forget your worries, quickly. A super relaxing and uplifting high. Mostly sativa so it’s great for stress management during the day, and one of the best growing experiences I’ve had. I have a pretty basic indoor grow system but with some tlc I got a huge harvest that I’m super happy with. Can definitely see the slightly higher cbd than some other strains available because of how relaxing and calming it is.

  39. Pat Y. (verified owner)

    Have an indoor hydroponics operation in northern WA. Have had the same seed distributor for years but haven’t had much luck coming across this strain. Ordered online through pacific and was happy with how fast the seeds arrived. Germination was a bit spotty but strong overall and found the plant to be a bit finnicky. However, yield was strong and market demand for this strain is pretty consistent, happy to add to my product list and happy to order from PSB again.

  40. Oliver H. (verified owner)

    Waking up as early as I do (4 am) sometimes requires a little extra BOOST that coffee just can’t give you. Glad I came across Amnesia Haze cause this stuff perks me right up and gets me on my feet! Had no trouble growing and got a pretty solid yield but had a few pest problems along the way, so keep an eye out for that. Otherwise, would definitely buy/grow again!

  41. Roland Penser (verified owner)

    I moved recently and thought I’d try growing in my basement. These seeds were magic. Delivery was fast and the pot grew fast as well. The high is pretty much a revver-upper. Compared to other cannabis I’ve smoked this is also a lot stronger. I’d recommend it though.

  42. justthetip00 (verified owner)

    One of the best strains Ive tried – it made me feel happy and light and was super-easy to grow. It has kindof a “wake up” quality to it that makes it good for morning use. If you don’t know what kind of pot to buy, try this one – I would order this one again definitely.

  43. Alec C. (verified owner)

    I gravitated to this strain because of the CBD. Really liked the balance and the stress free high. I felt energetic, like I could still get stuff done. I don’t really like getting stuck in the couch. Most of the time I smoke while out trail building in the forest. This weed is the best if you want to keep busy, but happy while you’re working. Nice bud and really nice yield. Thumbs up!

  44. Genevieve F. (verified owner)

    Newbie grower but I took a gamble and ordered ‘intermediate’ seeds. Don’t regret buying em though, it took some work to get my ladies where I wanted them but it’s worth it in the end. Might as well be growing coffee beans with how energizing this weed is! Definitely got a little more than four hundred grams each plant in my indoor grow. But yeah the high is super happy and energetic and wakes me up without feeling groggy later, it’s good all day!

  45. Rudy O. (verified owner)

    Classic wake and bake mj strain with a nice, medium-level dose of CBD. My daughter loves amnesia haze to help with her stress – she has three kids and a full-time job so she needs pot more than I do really. She uses this before heading off to work and says her day is improved immeasurably. I grew it indoors as I heard mold and pests can be a issue with amnesia haze mj. Not with mine, it grew all toasty and healthy in my basement. Plan to order more seeds from PSB.

  46. Lamar N. (verified owner)

    This weed really REALLY makes me happy. And I’m not usually happy on my own, lol. I guess I’m kind of a curmeoudgeon, but when I smoke Amnesia Haze I’m almost… pleasant. I hadn’t bought seeds from Pacific before so this was kind of an experiment. My seeds all germinated and I got a good yield. Nothing bad to say at all! Will buy more seeds again soon when I can decide what to grow next. 🙂

  47. Clyde L. (verified owner)

    Amnesia haze has been my go to for years, so I figured I would try growing for myself and I am happy I did. PSB has an amazing selection, and it was hard to choose just one! I cultivated in my backyard and the seeds grew beautifully, excellent healthy plants with dense green nugs, very pungent weed, and tastes like a citrus fruit, sour and tangy. Great for mood and focus, and it’s sativa dominance makes it great for energy as well!

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