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Blue Mystic Autoflowering Seeds

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Blue Mystic’s effects can go one of two ways. The indica side may make you relaxed and tired, while the sativa side can boost your mood and creativity.

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Blue Mystic is a mystifying strain with 60% indica levels and 40% sativa levels. With this combination, your marijuana experience can go one of two ways. The first lends itself to common indica effects, feeling relaxed, calm, and even tired and hour or two after smoking. Blue Mystic marijuana seeds will not knock you out or leave with you with couch lock, but it can certainly aid in insomnia when smoked closer to bedtime.


The sativa effects of Blue Mystic work in opposite ways. While half of Blue Mystic consumers feel ready for bed or to relax at home, the other half experience an increase in brain function and creativity. This half may feel extra chatty, motivated, and happy. Blue Mystic is known to elevate your spirits and increase your overall well-being. Depending on which side you feel more (either the sativa or indica), Blue Mystic can be smoked either during the day or at night. It varies from person to person.


The growing process, on the other hand, is far less complex and polarizing. Blue Mystic marijuana seeds are relatively easy to grow for all levels. This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Northern Lights (great for helping you sleep) and Blueberry. Similar to Blueberry plants, Blue Mystic plants have stunning blue buds that are often covered in a white resin of trichomes. Blue Mystic plants typically flower between seven to ten weeks.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Fruity, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






36 reviews for Blue Mystic Autoflowering Seeds

  1. DarkVoyager (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a great two-in-one type of hybrid, this is the one that’s just calling your name. Once you smoke, you can either get the sativa or indica effects. That means you can feel up, up, up or chill, chill, chill. I’ve learned that it depends on how much I indulge in to determine which effects I feel. This is a fave among my peeps lol

  2. Aurora1Antelope (verified owner)

    Not only did I enjoy the high, but the plants themselves were top-notch. The germination process was a breeze and I was rewarded with beautiful plants. The high was a nice balance of relaxation and a boost of creativity.

  3. Denny Cobb (verified owner)

    Blue Mystic is a smooth, fruity strain that left me feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted. As a beginner grower, I appreciated how easy it was to cultivate and was pleasantly surprised by the impressive yield. This strain helped me manage my depression and chronic pain, making it a go-to for both recreational and medicinal use.

  4. Mcauley Pace (verified owner)

    The mystic strains are sometimes hard to cultivate but they usually end up alright in the end. I am no expert when it comes to weed, and honestly, not that great at growing pot, but I have to do it, it’s an important part of my mental health. I feel like working in the garden is an excellent way of soothing an unstable mind. Brings my heart to life. The nug itself was nice, has a trippy psychedelic vibe….almost feels like lsd lol

  5. Anna-Marie Li (verified owner)

    I was pretty stoked when my seeds arrived in the mail. Beautiful flower! Gives me a huge blood rush to my head. I bought 10 seeds online. They were all reliable and great. They look amazing. Very green. Bright colors. Smells funky fresh. No complaints!

  6. Codey Barrett (verified owner)

    How mystic is blue mystic? Just imagine yourself using 100% of your brain power and fully understanding the meaning of the universe. Yeah, it’s kind of like that. VERY nice bud, high quality, extremely nourishing to the soul.

  7. Hanifa Newton (verified owner)

    Blue mystic is powerful and it is intense. It makes me smile, it makes me dance, and it makes me feel creative. I love the beautiful gray smoke and bluish-green nugs. Nothing is better than this strain and I can’t wait to grow more seeds!!

  8. Ariella Sparrow (verified owner)

    Even if you don’t believe in the power of the mystics, you will certainly feel the magic of the mystics in this powerful weed! It gives me a nice head rush, and a sweet undercurrent of joy and creativity. It dissolves depression and anxiety, and in its place, you find a peaceful pain-free you who is ready to take on the day, or night!!

  9. Sanjeev Hope (verified owner)

    Best for relaxing at home when you got nothing to do. Blue mystic will take you on a journey of the self, bring you back to what you really wanted to be, whether that’s creative or just not stressed out for once. You don’t have to be a master grower to get this right either!!

  10. Allan Xiong (verified owner)

    This will have some great results if you plant it right. Gives me a great supply of mj when I am running low. I order online and it ships fast and I grow at home with my wife. We do well for ourselves. Never buy from dispensaries anymore. Pretty happy about that.

  11. Fintan French (verified owner)

    I have had nothing but positive experiences with Pacific. They are a truly exciting company, have an incredible online selection, and they ship anywhere in the USA. I just feel lucky to live in a state where it’s legal! So liberating to grow it in my backyard. I have had a great experience so far, and know I am gonna be growing more!

  12. Michael Samuels (verified owner)

    I reaaaaaly like the weeds out there that help with creativity. Sometimes as a writer, you run into creative blocks. That’s what weed is for! Smoke this and my mind is RACING with new ideas. A trip and a half man, and always makes for some good fiction writing. Here I go!!

  13. Summer Shepherd (verified owner)

    I was pretty interested in this strain after reading about it online. Really supposed to help with stress and depression. I feel like I gotta keep from getting TOO hooked on this mj, but it’s pretty good stuff honestly, and it’s got a nice blue color and honestly a BLUE energy as well, so give it a try and you will see that it’s the best out west!

  14. Faheem Molina (verified owner)

    Blue mystic might be the most mystical strain out there…it’s got a vibe that no other weed I have ever smoked has. It feels like I am tripping on a low dose of LSD or Shrooms, and it gives me tracers around my fingers which is pretty awesome. I love the extremely relaxed feeling blended with euphoria, excellent indoor grow.

  15. Haya Bull (verified owner)

    Wow it’s time to get mystified! I love the way this stuff makes me feel, love all the vibes it gives me, and I truly appreciate the sweet taste of the bud. The plant is gorgeous, like a painting in the louvre. It’s all kinds of exciting to see this weed flourishing in my backyard. Gonna definitely purchase more weed from this website!

  16. Melinda Lewis (verified owner)

    Blue mystic is gonna make your head spin, really chill vibes but definitely good for people with anxiety cause it just calms you right down and puts you in a very nice position. Can’t wait to be smoking more, and damn I am definitely gonna keep buying more!

  17. Menaal Welsh (verified owner)

    Blue mystic is very relaxing and uplifting. If I am having a bad day, I reach for the mystic, I smoke this and then chill with my cat and my ouija board and try to talk to the dead. I am not at all scared by ghosts and I think smoking this weed actually makes it easier to see them. Can’t deny I have been a very happy camper since harvesting 🙂

  18. leabuter (verified owner)

    Worked my little butt off to get this stuff growing. Had a great time, smoking it and also sharing it with friends. Has a nice blue-green color, the color of seaweed, or coral. I smoke it almost every night to help with anxiety. It does a great job helping me stay positive. Worth it for sure, and definitely saves $$ at the dispensary!

  19. strawberryblondde (verified owner)

    Blue mystic is a very unique strain that helps me manage my anxiety really well. I like it cause it’s actually super easy to grow. I just grew it in the backyard, and am really surprised at how nicely it turned out. I mean I am not an expert in the garden, so this was kind of a miracle for me. I am very excited to share this with my mom. She looooves weed!

  20. Kissiling (verified owner)

    Blue mystic is a really wonderful smoke…especially in the evening by the water. I love the taste and smell of this strain…it gets me soooo high and it helps me with my stress and depression like nothing else!!! It’s got a wonderful green-blue color and it has the best flavor in town. Online ordering is a cinch, highly recommend!

  21. Lance Armstrong (verified owner)

    Blue is the color of my eyes and the color of my soul, so of course I had to get the blue mystic weed! This weed is really relaxing and it makes me feel super chill. Like I like smoking a bong and just sitting on the couch, living off the chips in the pantry cause I am super broke. Yous should totally buy this weed!

  22. Perry the Platypus (verified owner)

    This weed is magic….gets me to that special place inside where I feel both confident and powerful…makes me wanna cry how happy I am about this weed and what It provides me…I am a huge supporter of growing your own…it’s very rewarding work and it helps a lot with any stress or anxiety you may have…beautiful days lie ahead.

  23. Not what U Xpected (verified owner)

    A pretty unpredictable hybrid makes for an interesting smoke cause it changes on you every time. I like the taste and smell of this stuff, very sweet and earthy, and it’s got these dense, resinous buds that make it a real winner in my book. Took a bit of effort to get these guys going, but once they were established, they took care of themselves. Excellent grow and worth the wait!

  24. dan treat (verified owner)

    Blue mystic is rather…mystical. It’s got all the great vibes of a kush strain…with its own unique spice of life. Indica heavy and great for a relaxing evening at home, perfect for long walks or just cooking some hot dogs on the grill. I love smoking this weed and watching the sunset over the lake. What a great buy and what a solid grow. I finally got my little grow room set up in the basement, perfect for these plants which can be nice and compact and have wonderful colors. Happy times!

  25. Surprised Myself (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d get into growing weed, but this stuff really amazes me, and after it was recommended to me by my doctor for depression, I decided I would give it a go. Glad I came across PSB. very impressed with their online catalog, and their delivery was fast and reliable. Germination and growing were easy to do, got a nice yield from my 3 plants, and the marijuana is very high quality, makes me feel relaxed and also alert!

  26. Prius (verified owner)

    Nice hybrid smoke, definitely leans indica in my mind, gets me feeling super chilled out and relaxed, but the sativa keeps me from totally passing out haha. I got 3 seeds and germinated just one of them. I’ll save the other two for later on. I really only needed one plant, I got a really nice yield off this stuff, and can’t wait to plant my next seed. The weed is super aromatic and colorful, really eye catching stuff, and helps a lot with anxiety and stress.

  27. xxxdanger (verified owner)

    Yeah this weed is really strong on the indica side, a little more than I bargained for, but really excellent for my stress and anxiety and helps me sleep at night. I got a NICE yield from this plant, and it’s absolutely gorgeous, I really love the bright white, yellow, green and blue colors, they’re all super wonderful to look at. I love smoking this stuff right before bedtime, turning on a movie and just chilling out hardcore. I’ll definitely grow again!

  28. francisco (verified owner)

    What a mystical strain of mj! It’s a delightful grow, and really a beautiful plant. I love how deep green the trichomes are, almost blue in color like the ocean. Remarkably easy to harvest and get a good yield, even for beginners. The smoke is smooth and cools the back of the throat and it makes you feel oh so lovely. Great for relaxation and stress relief, not to mention sleep or depression either. Highly recommend!

  29. Philip Taylor (verified owner)

    This weed makes me sleepy! I enjoy smoking it right before bed, it’s flavors are very relaxing, tastes like blueberries and pine and relaxes me so that I can unwind from my day and fall into a restful sleep. It’s been great for my aches and pains as well and grew beautifully in my backyard. It’s a wild looking plant with white leaves and green buds. Super amazing!

  30. Ramon U. (verified owner)

    Definitely an indica-heavy strain, one that’ll help you with sleep and relaxation. This mj is a dream, such a worthy grow that words themselves cannot describe. I ordered my seeds from PSB, had them delivered stat, right to my door, wow it was fast! I keep marveling at how much weed I got, like 400 g per plant, and now I am swimming in weed, the smell is also great, like sour berries!

  31. Kaley A. (verified owner)

    Never had a cannabis strain that effected me and my friends in very different ways. I knew Blue Mystic had both sativa AND indica in it, but it’s so interesting how that mix will have different effects on different people. My friend got hit with the sativa and felt energetic and ready to hit the mall. Me? I had the opposite effect and was ready to fall asleep on the couch. Now that I know how blue mystic will affect me, I smoke it about an hour before I want to fall asleep. I get great sleep from blue M, and some kind of trippy dreams, too!

  32. Larissa S. (verified owner)

    I find this to be the ultimate stay home and draw weed haha! I’ve been growing mj in my backyard every year for many years, but this was my first time ordering through Pacific. Was really impressed by the amazing selection, and so affordable as well! I went with this strain cause I loved the look of the mj, all those white and orange pistils, like the plant is on fire! I usually don’t mess with this stuff until the evening, cause it can make me very sleepy haha

  33. mjnerd44 (verified owner)

    College student and proud space bucket grower. Loved the name Blue Mystic and grew the most beautiful mj plant you’ve ever seen! The plant looks like its from an alien planet, covered in sticky white snow! I smoke this during crunch time, when I need to get ready for an exam or finish a paper. It’s the perfect way to balance my stress levels with creativity. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  34. Jaylen Z. (verified owner)

    This is the second time I’ve grown this weed and its been a success both times. I grow for myself to treat a whole bunch of medical conditions. I have chronic pain from a back surgery a few years ago and I need help relaxing but I don’t like full blown indicas. Blue mystic treats me just right and its easy to grow. A win win in my book! For sure gonna buy again.

  35. Laurie N. (verified owner)

    I think my favorite part of watching this cannabis develop is the growth of the stigmas themselves – they are long and deep blue and make this plant like otherworldly. Incredibly easy to grow indoors for such a wonderful payout – nice big buds with beautiful trichomes throughout. Smoking seems to be very adaptable to setting as it has a 60/40 split which makes for a phenomenal balance.

  36. Zack J. (verified owner)

    Gosh this grow went fast. My plants flowered in no time and I’m still in a whirlwind with how fast I harvested. Autoflowering plants are the shit! The whole grow required literally zero effort from me. I think this is how I want to grow my mj from now on — without working very hard at it! Haha. Seeds from Pacific were shipped fast and all 5 germinated. Happy customer.

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