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Magnum Autoflowering Seeds

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Magnum is a potent sativa that will give you endless energy, laughter, and happiness. This strain is a go-to party favor as it brings people closer together.

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Let’s say you’re headed out to a party on Friday night and your friends ask you to bring marijuana along. Magnum is the perfect choice for such an occasion. Magnum marijuana seeds, a sativa-dominant hybrid, can liven up any situation thanks to its euphoric cerebral effects. If you ever find yourself feeling sluggish, lazy, or “off,” Magnum can awaken the fun and lively side of you in an instant. Your brain will be buzzing with positive thoughts and creative ideas, making this a very social strain. You’ll feel the urge to connect and spark engaging conversation.

We would describe Magnum as a very potent sativa. Although it’s considered a hybrid, the indica is this strain is barely recognizable. Magnum wouldn’t be our first choice for a peaceful and quiet night at home. Instead, we’d want to be smoking it around a circle of friends with lively music playing in the background. If you choose to enjoy Magnum by yourself, be prepared to keep yourself busy. You may end up rearranging furniture or painting the walls simply to find something fun to do with all that energy.

The best part about Magnum marijuana seeds is they make you laugh. They bring out the good side in everyone, even if you’ve been having a bad day. The slightest joke will make you crack a smile. Under the influence of Magnum, you won’t want to sit down or take a breather. Instead, you may want to run a marathon around town or hit the gym.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Arthritis, Depression


Peppery, Spicy, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






51 reviews for Magnum Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Kallie Stark (verified owner)

    Magnum is the perfect way to get the party started since it has a heady buzz that makes you sociable and play well with others! Anytime I’m heading out to social events, I love to get my buzz on with this. I love it, my friends love it, we all love it! I also love ordering from PSB because they make everything super easy and chill.

  2. Fatima Hassan (verified owner)

    The plants grew strong and healthy, with dense buds that were bursting with trichomes. The high was incredibly uplifting, leaving me feeling energized and happy. The peppery and spicy taste added an extra kick to the experience.

  3. Madyson Reeves (verified owner)

    Big flower! I had some clusters as large as my hand! Smells like….Mountain Dew lol! Hits me very strong and usually puts me in a chill and smiley mood. Such love.
    10 seeds was the perfect order….just the right amount to last me the winter and into the spring. JUST got my new batch of Magnum seeds and they’re already soaking!

  4. Kai Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Hey everyone, new to the weed growing community. Just wanted to say thanks for the great opportunity to grow some homegrown MJ….in Canada!
    Love the fast shipping and great growing advice on the blogs. Learning a LOT in a short time. Definitely down to keep growing just can’t keep my plants inside next time. They get soooooo big!

  5. FreshBeginnings (verified owner)

    A large bushy plant, grew to about 6′ tall. Best suited for outdoor or greenhouse growing. Fresh as heck, and pretty fun to work with. Buying online is definitely the ticket. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your weed delivered. Pacific is very trustworthy and they even have a great customer service team that is willing to help out every step of the way!

  6. Midnight9Melody (verified owner)

    I have recently tried growing and smoking Magnum Autoflowering Seeds and it has been a great experience. All of my seeds germinated successfully and the plants grew beautifully. The high from smoking Magnum is energetic and uplifting, perfect for social gatherings or when you need a boost of creativity.

  7. Austin Graham (verified owner)

    Hey yo! Bought magnum weed and had the seeds delivered…They were fresh from the start and very cooperative outdoors. I needed to water them consistently to get even germination, but I was dedicated and they were some very easy to work with seeds. Took about 1.5 weeks but all 5 of my seeds have germinated, and they are growing rather tall now. I think I must trellis them soon, otherwise they may fall over when flower starts to form. So far, just as advertised. Very excited for the prospect of harvesting my own flower!

  8. Marina Merritt (verified owner)

    A nice even hybrid, this strain will both mentally stimulate and physically relax your body, with a low THC level so this strain will not become overpowering. I really liked the mellow buzz of this and flowering was amazingly fast, just took 8 weeks.

  9. Peter Rosales (verified owner)

    Magnum is the perfect grow for those looking for a good bang for your buck!! It’s got LARGE yields, like 600 G per 3 plants. Magnum really denotes the SIZE of the nugs and the general vibe. You feel larger than life yourself when you smoke!!!

  10. Hope Orozco (verified owner)

    Fat nugs with a sweet and earthy flavor. Extremely dense, very sticky, easy for packing bowls and rolling the BEST blunts!

    Grew indoors to excellent results. Happy I can finally be growing my own pot!

  11. Hari Mellor (verified owner)

    Just like the Zoolander look Magnum, this weed will take your breath away! A POTENT and PUNGENT sativa meant for the most dedicated growers. Yields are usually medium (400-600 G across 3 plants) but absolutely worth it cause this stuff stores well and looks great!

  12. Esmae Wu (verified owner)

    Off to the races. This weed grows faster than any strain I have come across in my 30 year growing career. They’s really hyped the genetics of these seeds making them easy to grow for growers of all experience levels. Hope you have a chance to burn through this weed. It’s got some great flavors, great vibes!

  13. Riaan Waters (verified owner)

    Big flower and BIG power. This might be your next favorite strain of mj from the good folks over at Pacific Seeds! 5 seeds is the perfect order size for the casual grower. I HIGhly recommend growing this weed indoors for a bigger yield. Expect to see little flower buds popping around 4 months 🙂

  14. Zaynah Conway (verified owner)

    Despite its intimidating name, this strain is great to smoke with friends. It does not make you feel anxious or introverted, in fact, it’s the opposite! I been doing some great work, getting writing done, working out at home, talking long walks, since I started smoking this weed. The purple and pink flower is beautiful and inspiring. Can’t wait to buy more online!

  15. Deon Warner (verified owner)

    You like powerful sativa strains? This weed is gonna blow. your. mind!!! Amazing weed to grow at home, especially if you have a greenhouse or an indoor space! The plants are nice and compact and produce some flower that is purple in color and smells like candy! I am an every day smoker, and I plan to just keep growing with PSB, their genetics are outta this world!!!

  16. Chelsea Zhang (verified owner)

    This weed has some huge nugs that help me manage my stress. I like smoking this stuff in the evening, then I usually just drift off to bed or play some video games until I doze. I get very depressed during the day, and I need some of this stuff to feel a little better. I prefer it to antidepressants.

  17. Dalton O’Connor (verified owner)

    A wild and wonderful pink flower, its so exotic you will wonder how it got to be in your own backyard but let me tell ya, you will not be disappointed, this weed is meant for LOVERS and will only be appreciated by heavy-hitting stoners that are crazy about weed cause it’s STRONG like espresso or it knocks you right out!

  18. Marcos Webb (verified owner)

    When you take a hit of magnum, you know you’re in for a good night. I like smoking this strain before hitting the clubs on a Friday night. Not only does it give me energy, it also helps me deal with social anxiety. I am actually a very introverted person who likes working in the garden and these pot seeds did nothing but impress me as they grew into beautiful flowering weed plants! So stoked for my next delivery!!

  19. Tomos Mcgee (verified owner)

    Don’t say you never heard of Pacific, cause if you’re reading this review, then you definitely have time to order seeds online. I like ordering from a seed bank cause they usually have more variety and have higher germination rates. Feeling pretty dang good about this weed in particular, so I think I am gonna buy some more. I like the taste and smell of this stuff especially, kinda sour and earthy, gets me nice and relaxed. Smoooooth.

  20. Sanaya Shields (verified owner)

    This is a pretty awesome strain cause it looks super bright in the sun, it has pink flower!! I broke open my package and It looks just amazing!! The seeds are so big, they are like little marbles :))) It’s so exciting to see this weed grow tall and bushy. It’s a very resilient plant, looks pretty great though, and will buy again 🙂

  21. Gavin Harrington (verified owner)

    This weed is larger than life…some of the flower was so big I needed to carry it with two hands. LOTS of trimming and pruning involved, but well worth it since the price was ON POINT! Definitely helps with stress, but mostly just makes me feel relaxed. I ordered 3 seeds online and they shipped directly to my place, very fast and convenient service!!

  22. Priscilla Berry (verified owner)

    When it’s time to grind it’s time to shine. This weed does me straight at work. Can get a whole lot of work done on this weed, feeling pretty awesome every time I smoke it, and defintiely gets me buzzed. It’s real relaxing but great for focusing too. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good time 🙂

  23. Conor Parkinson (verified owner)

    This weed is like my all-time favorite. I smoke it most nights when I am done with work and I find that I have a great evening almost every time. The pink flowers smell so sweet and earthy and the buzz is nice and dreamy and the smoke is soooo smooth like velvet. A true gem in such an expansive online catalog!

  24. walkntak (verified owner)

    I gotta get more of this amazing strain in my life!!! The flowers are sooooo huge, like the size of my face sometimes and they smell like heaven and hell had a skunk baby and I am just loving it!!! I eat my weed, bake it into cookies and brownies and share with friends, careful though, this weed is stroooooong so just a little bit should do the trick!

  25. dmmenever (verified owner)

    I never thought I could grow such potent and powerful weed…but Magnum proved me wrong with its pink flowers and its gorgeous green leaves. I totally love this strain, it’s been a good experience getting it to grow in the basement. Does really well with the irrigation system I set up, so no complaints there, gotta have it!

  26. tank (verified owner)

    This is a big, powerful strain with amazing bud and some beautiful flower….the flowers are super pink! I was so surprised how well this turned out, cause normally I am a terrible gardener lol. I found ordering online to be simple as ever, and the quality of my harvest was better than expected. I now have weed to last me the next few months!

  27. Purple Punk (verified owner)

    Magnum is your new best friend…makes for a great addition to any greenhouse collection and it’s really easy to grow….best bang for your buck cause it grows super huge and always provides a ton of flower in just 5 months…well worth the effort for this sticky delicious weed!

  28. Worker B (verified owner)

    WOW this weed is amazing. It has exceeded my wildest expectations. I love how HUGE the plants are, and how the flower is this beautiful pink/purple color. I’ve never seen anything like it. Great buy for the price, and absolutely stunning when it’s ready to harvest. I got myself soooo much nug that It’s lasted me all winter! I already ordered my next batch of seeds. I can’t wait to grow this next batch indoors!

  29. Siri (verified owner)

    Puff puff pass the magnum! This gorgeous colorful weed is the perfect addition to any stoner’s collection. Even if you’re new to growing mj this stuff is a real winner and will help you get through your day. 15% THC means you’ll definitely get stoned but not too stoned and you can stay active and on your feet all day long. I really love the taste and smell of this, super earthy and delicious and clean. It’s the purest, dankest weed I’ve ever smoked and I will definitely buy again!

  30. 2″x4″ (verified owner)

    Get ready to fly fly fly, cause this sativa is like a rocket straight to the moon. I LOVE this stuff, it’s really potent and powerful, has a strong earthy flavor and a really delectable taste that keeps me coming back for more. Like I really can’t get enough…and lucky for me, my grow produced a whole lot of mj, very easy to take care of, especially since I am a plant enthusiast. I feel very proud of my backyard work, and I definitely look forward to growing more!

  31. O.G. (verified owner)

    I’m definitely the party guy in my friend group…I bring the weed and the booze and everyone has fun on my dime! I don’t mind cause I make fat stacks of cash, but this weed must be one of my favorites for the party scene. The name really says it all, it’s got these beautiful pink and green flowers which dry quickly and store very well. It’s also got a nice taste, pretty sour and a little like dirt lol. My buds and I like to get SUPER baked off this, and since it’s a sativa we are down to party!

  32. Daniel H (verified owner)

    The website says it’s a perfectly balanced hybrid but this stuff hits like a sativa for sure. It’s a great grow, especially in my new greenhouse. and the buds are HUGE and very pink and green in color, so amazing! It has helped me with my depression and anxiety, and given me a greater sense of focus at work. I feel much more in tune with my body and at peace with life. Definitely a worthy buy!

  33. Howard W. (verified owner)

    A nicely balanced strain of MJ, a little heavier on the sativa side of things. Great for a mood or energy boost in the middle of the day, or even right before going out to a party. Beautiful bud too, super green with streaks of bright pink, very cool! I love this stuff and will be back for more!

  34. Dwight Spence (verified owner)

    This is a powerful weed that’s gonna get you good and stoned. It’s kind of a challenging grow, so do be careful and know what you’re doing beforehand, but the results are worthwhile and the buzz is really something special. Has been great for helping me chill out at home and also keeps my mind focused on what I am doing. Also gives me hella munchies! Great stuff!

  35. Kiana I. (verified owner)

    Magnum mj is the perfect strain for sharing, you’ll love getting super high with your friends and shooting the breeze. It’s a very social weed, and helps me with my anxiety and depression as well! I enjoyed the grow, but my harvest was kind of small which was a bummer, maybe I’ll try growing indoors next time around! Fun times all around, and delicious tasting stuff, like citrus and pine. Thanks!

  36. Colin I. (verified owner)

    Super excited about my new grow space in the basement, and this was the first weed I ordered online with Pacific. Absolutely stellar MJ! Had no problem cultivating seeds and trimming the plant, and just about 3 months later I harvested nearly 400 g! A very powerful sativa, keeps me up and active for hours on end, I feel super creative and productive. Perfect for a guy like me who needs an extra push to get stuff done!

  37. Carter M. (verified owner)

    I guess I have the mind of teenager, but every time I mutter the name of this strain under my breath I giggle. Magnum. hehehehe. Awesome easy strain with a MASSIVE yield, which makes it all the more funny to me! LOL. Definitely gonna order magnum again. Good buy for sure!

  38. Nathan K. (verified owner)

    FIrst time growin a n automatic seed and man, I’ll never go back. Why gorw anything else? You can’t mess m up. Just luv this weed. Helps ease my aches and pains. I got rheumatoid arthritis and I swear to God this is the only thing that helps. So thankful for this weed. Makes me happy, giggly, feeling good all over. If you hadn’t grown this one you got too. Its good weed and easy to grow.

  39. rwalt529 (verified owner)

    I didn’t anticipate just how much weed I would get from this grow. I was pleasantly surprised to find I harvested almost 500 G, and love sharing it with friends and family. My whole family likes to get high, so this weed is kinda perfect for family gatherings, chilling out and drinking beer and listening to music and whatnot. Had trouble sleeping after I took too much of this stuff, but man it’s super worth the grow. Those pinkish white crystals are beautiful, and I just love the way it makes me feel sociable and fun. Heck yeah I’ll be back for more!!

  40. Enrique S. (verified owner)

    Living up in the PNW has some serious gloomy days which keep me feeling lazy and unmotivated. Magnum has been the perfect choice for me, getting me out of bed in the morning, off to work, or into the woods. I use this weed as a social “pick me up” and have found it to be super useful at parties or just chilling with my homies. Easy to grow PLUS it produces a ton of bud. Happy to buy from pacific again!

  41. thedude30810938 (verified owner)

    Oh man, when I smoke this weed I do not shut up. Lol, make sure you’re around people you like cuz you will be super chatty! Harvested in only about 75 days. Love these autoflowering strains! I’m still pretty new at this but I feel like I’m hitting my stride when I grow strains like Magnum. Was completely successful germinating with the paper towel method. Next time I order this strain I will be sure to get at least 10 seeds. Only did 5 this time and got about 500g.

  42. forgetmeknots (verified owner)

    I tend to use MJ for mood management. Not a daily smoker by any means. But once in a while if I need a lift I’ll have some pot and I usually feel better. This kind is good for mild depression, I’d say.

  43. Edward L. (verified owner)

    Where to get marijuana seeds is important and I recommend PSB. Ordering online from them couldn’t have been easier and the home delivery is so convenient.

    I grew this outside but I would recommend growing it indoors if possible. It’s a hardy strain which is good because I had some wind that tossed it around a lot. Also, you definitely get a better yield per bud if you can grow it inside. Still, this strain is hardy, and it turned out well (and tall at almost 60 inches).

    I’m giving this strain three stars because it made me feel giggly and silly. If you want a “party strain” this is the one you should try. I didn’t like the giggly feeling so much, but the high was fun and happy-feeling. I like a more relaxed vibe in my pot but this would be good for getting weird with friends.

  44. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Such easy ordering and delivery. Pacific Seeds really knows their pot and has a great business set up; I’ve ordered so many seeds from them but am particularly pleased with Magnum. This pot is AWESOME! Love the happy high and the easy grow. Quite a potent sativa, really gives me a good shot of energy!

  45. Ariane K. (verified owner)

    Way stoked on this site and this particular weed! They shipped the seeds right away and they got to my door in around 5 days, all of them germinated, growing indoors was easy, and now I have all this great weed to smoke! Definitely a session toke that’s good to share with lots of people, everybody’ll be laughing and giggling the whole time!

  46. Madeline K. (verified owner)

    Magnum is my absolutely favorite strain! I roll my joint before a party and I’m ready to rock and roll. Heading to the club, and Magnum is quickly smoked between the car and the club. This strain just puts me in a good mood, I’m happy and everyone is my best friend. I recommend you order this if and when you want to have a very good time.

  47. Jeff R. (verified owner)

    Yeah baby! Magnum MJ for the win! This strain is really special. Best party weed I’ve ever had. We’re talking all-night ravers. “Plays well with others.” Easy to grow and fun to smoke. Buy, buy. Bye-bye!

  48. Alfred T. (verified owner)

    I now know where to buy my cannabis from: Pacific Seeds. These guys are great: I love the convenience of buying online and placing my order with them is so easy. I was really glad to discover the awesome Magnum mj as part of their seed arsenal. Nothing picks me up more than a few whiffs of magnum, it makes even a grump like me feel happy and a little silly. I’m smiling ear to ear after lighting up Mag-G! Beatiful flower too: purple and almost blue with lots of resin on top. Magnum will be an order on the regs for me.

  49. Roland R. (verified owner)

    HAHA, yeah you don’t wanna smoke this shit and then try to go to sleep. It’ll keep you moving that’s for sure. I really love this weed before I go to the gym. I swear I last longer and lifting weights becomes a lot more interesting. Even the treadmill isn’t boring if I smoke Magnum before. This is a good strain for doing stuff. Not a good strain for not doing stuff.

  50. George K. (verified owner)

    Magnum is an absolute smoking gun – and it’s much better when smoking’s involved. The high is super fun and giggly and energetic and I love sharing this weed with my friends. They all love it. Since autoflowering plants tend to grow shorter than feminized ones, the AF magnum strain is the best for an indoor grow. Feminized, it tends to get pretty tall and needs extra trim to keep it under control. AF version though is so easy and manageable. Super easy grow.

  51. Ari P. (verified owner)

    A very unique strain of weed, the plant itself looks like its from another planet, very tall and bushy and with pink trichomes? what a trip! I love how balanced the buzz is, not too heavy and not too crazy, a nice middle of the road smoke, good for every day toking, perfect to share with friends, but also good for at home, helps with mood and depression. I’d highly recommend this weed to anyone looking for a good time!

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