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Orange Bud Autoflowering Seeds

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Orange Bud gives you an extra pep in your step with feelings of happiness, energy, and creativity. Your room will smell like an orange grove.

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Orange Bud


Orange lovers are going to go wild for Orange Bud marijuana seeds. This mostly indica strain, as you might expect, resembles everything about the orange fruit — the smell, the coloring, and the immediate zing you get from the citrus. Orange Bud is an energizing, uplifting, and happy strain that can jumpstart your brain and body in the morning to help you get moving. Understandably, this is a classic daytime strain when you could use the boost in brain function.


Another bonus to smoking Orange Bud in the morning is that it takes no time at all to kick in. The effects are immediate, leaving you with an extra pep in your step for hours. Veteran smokers keep coming back to Orange Bud for its THC content of around 16% on average but don’t let its potency throw you off. Orange Bud is an equally enjoyable smoke for novice users who are looking for something a little stronger.


As you might expect from the name, Orange Bud plants can fill your grow space with the sweet smell of orange. It will feel like you’re walking in the middle of an orange grove. Orange Bud marijuana seeds do well both indoors and outdoors. These plants are resistant to change, human error, and diseases, so you’ll get a long-lasting stash most of the time. Growers can expect an above average yield in around 8 to 10 weeks.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Citrus, Skunky, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






37 reviews for Orange Bud Autoflowering Seeds

  1. GreenGuardian (verified owner)

    I love how fast and easy it is to grow Orange Bud, and the balanced high it gives is perfect for me. The body high helps with my pain and the cerebral high keeps me focused and productive. I highly recommend this strain for anyone who wants a quick and easy strain to grow with great results.

  2. Maria Mendoza (verified owner)

    Orange Bud Autoflowering Seeds are a fantastic choice for both growing and smoking. All my seeds germinated successfully, and I was impressed with the yield I obtained after 8 to 10 weeks of growth.

  3. Soo Min Lee (verified owner)

    Orange Bud is a fantastic strain that I absolutely loved. It gave me a good high that was both energetic and relaxing. The citrusy and sweet taste was absolutely delightful. A great strain that I highly recommend for its uplifting effects and easy cultivation.

  4. Jena P. (verified owner)

    No matter what day I am having (good or bad) you will enjoy the dank citrus vibes of Orange bud. I love how easily this weed grows….It basically takes care of itself. A very productive plant that makes nothing but perfectly shaped cylindrical nugs that burn evenly and slowly, for that SUSTAINED buzz!

  5. Terry Worthington (verified owner)

    How does Orange bud effect your mind? Well, imagine jumping head first into a pool of orange soda, or…..maybe frolicking through a field of fresh oranges in souther California….okay maybe I’m just a bit stoned LOL great weed!!!

  6. Karen Woodley (verified owner)

    Hopefully you will SMELL this weed before you taste it. I swear it’s like holding your nose over a bowl of fresh oranges. Really wakes me up without making me feel tired or jittery. Has about a 6 month growing period, so take your time and don’t rush things. Great weed comes to those who wait.

  7. Kezia Macias (verified owner)

    Orange bud is exactly what you want it to be! I love the sweet citrusy smell, the delightful buzz, and everything in between! It’s helped me manage my stress, gives me a GREAT sense of relaxation and accomplishment, and really offers me a sweet citrusy high that reminds me of California!!

  8. Tyson Hirst (verified owner)

    Ohhhh yeah, orange bud is a REAL treat, makes me feel like I am trick or treating as a kid or something. This citrusy sativa has all the makings of a good afternoon or a weekend hike. It packs a burst of energy, gives me a sweet smooth flavor, and helps with stress. I usually only get 3 seeds at a time, cause my yields are normally in the hundreds of grams, pretty neat!

  9. Amaan Davenport (verified owner)

    Smoking this weed is like eating a fresh orange straight from the tree. It’s bright, citrusy, and sour. Really perks me up and gives me a great sense of calm and relief. I bought 5 seeds all my own, and I am pretty stoked I did, cause all of em germinated within a week. I am a natural at this!!

  10. Eleni Dale (verified owner)

    For years I thought I could never grow my own marijuana, but now things are turning around and this auto seed has made it easy for me to finally cultivate my own strains. Orange bud specifically is an amazing buy, and it grows particularly well here in sunny California. I am no professional, but 500 grams from 3 seeds is a LOT of weed, now that it is cured, it will surely last for ages, I am very excited for some citrusy goodness 🙂

  11. Jad Marriott (verified owner)

    Ooooooh yeah, orange bud is amazing. This has all the best flavors and textures. The buds are the size of my hand and they crumble beautifully into a bowl or a bong or a blunt, you name it. Have had great success with this grow, and I LOVE the sweet orange smell.

  12. Cristian Cartwright (verified owner)

    Get baked on Orange bud and youll feel pretty excellent inside. It’s a bright and bubbly strain, a good time every time. Easy growing just give it a lot of light and heat. I prefer greenhouse growing, and find this stuff to be doing really well. Seeds germed quickly and flowering took about 5 months.

  13. Keyaan Connolly (verified owner)

    Orange bud is a particularly uplifting strain, gives me smiles and peace of mind. I had no issue growing this stuff either. It honestly looks pretty great so far. The plant is nearly waist-high. I water it like every day, and it has been a very interesting experience to be out in my garden. Real good buy, man these guys really know their stuff!

  14. Ptolemy Moyer (verified owner)

    Forget Lysol, this weed makes any room smell waaaaay better, and it’s organic!! 5 seeds online were very reasonably priced, shipped directly to my mailbox and feels pretty great. I opened up a little grow room in the basement and it’s a pretty rocking collection of seeds (all PSB), all at different stages of growth. Yippee!!

  15. Danniella Bentley (verified owner)

    Orange is not only the color of the flower, but the flavor of this weed! I am HYPED for this next batch of seeds. I got my greenhouse all set up, looking fantastic!!! Soooo stoked to finally have some freedom when it comes to buying marijuana. I was sooo tired of wasting all my money at the dispensary, and now I don’t have to anymore. Hooray!!!

  16. Caolan Devine (verified owner)

    Orange bud is really nice stuff, gets me good and stoned and helps me manage my arthritis pain. Really chill time, but definitely a difficult time growing it. Love buying this weed, cause it’s real convenient to grow, like the orange taste…even looks orange!!

  17. Nabiha Mcculloch (verified owner)

    Mmmm you really can’t beat the smell of some fresh-cut orange bud. It smells like oranges!!! A very bright sativa, smoking at any time of day will definitely make you feel brighter and happier. I smoke most nights though to get creative with my artwork and then get super stoned and watch TV. Gotta keep the mind active during quarantine!!

  18. kate scott (verified owner)

    Orange bud is a very relaxing strain…something like a nice vibe to it, like drinking orange crush, or eating a dreamscicle. It’s pretty remarkable stuff though and pretty easy to grow too. Helps my mind stay active during these trying times. I have been so lonely, but that doesn’t mean I am unhappy. I have these amazing seeds from Pacific!

  19. tapout000 (verified owner)

    I opened up a whole new world with the orange bud….it’s like smoking a bowl of oranges, and it leaves you smiling every time. A very light and energetic weed, great for working or creative stuff, like painting. Also a very social strain, so nice to have in my home!

  20. Sweet Dreams (verified owner)

    Orange is my favorite color…I smoke orange bud and feel like I am swimming through an orange cloud. It tastes amazing, and it gets me really high and relaxed. It’s not a difficult strain to grow either. It’s actually quite easy and even fun! I definitely think you will enjoy it for the stress relief!

  21. Classic Johnson (verified owner)

    This weed definitely lives up to its name. I love its strong orange color and citrus flavor. I find it really impressive. I am glad I was able to grow this myself. I am pretty stoked about the smell and taste. I definitely wanna buy more from this site, make life a whole lot easier being quarantine time and all.

  22. JADE (verified owner)

    Who else loves orange soda? Well this weed tastes just like it. It’s a beautiful grow…very prolific and it smells just like oranges. Gives me a huge boost of energy…puts a smile on my face….even makes it easier to socialize…I will definitely buy more weed from Pacific.

  23. Jack Kitchen (verified owner)

    Orange flavor and bright sunny vibes. A nice Sativa leaning hybrid that gets me up and going every morning. I am an AM smoker, love mixing weed with coffee in the morning then riding my bike to work. Pretty stellar quality, and only takes like 5 months to grow. I was literally so happy when I finally got to harvest my bud. Some flower was like the size of my hand! Can’t deny, this weed is something special 🙂

  24. Sam Stewart (verified owner)

    If you are a fan of citrus, and you need some extra energy throughout your day, turn to the orange bud to brighten up your gloomy mornings. It’s a fast, enjoyable grow, gets me very stoned and helps me with stress and anxiety. I smoke it before work and during my lunch break to make working in food service easier. I am not much of a weed grower but I found this to be a fun little experiment. It’s perfect for those new to growing or just looking for something fun to do!

  25. Banyan (verified owner)

    I have always loved the taste of oranges. I love the way this stuff makes me feel, and I really like how it gives me an extra boost of energy and focus and gets me back to where I wanna be mentally. I got like 400 g from my 2 little plants I grew in thje backyard. but they smell super strong and citrusy and I really dig the way it makes me feel! I am really stoked to have this stuff in my life! It’s great for depression and anxiety! Definitely worth a try!

  26. impossible (verified owner)

    Oh man do I need this weed in the morning! Otherwise, I just can’t wake up for work. So I usually pack a small bowl before work and then I am off on my bike. Something about the strong citrus flavor really wakens my senses and gives me an extra pep to my step. Not to mention its super euphoric so it fights off the early morning blues as well. Great for growing at home, makes the whole house smell like oranges, great buy!

  27. harry bailley (verified owner)

    I feel like I need some of this weed during the long, rainy days I endure living in Washington. The smell of this brings me back to the days when I had citrus trees in my backyard in southern Cali. I miss home sometimes, but this weed really brings me back. It’s very uplifting and helps a lot with the rainy day blues. Helps me stay focused and also helps a lot with creativity. Not to mention it’s a pretty easy grow. So why not give it a try?

  28. alfonso (verified owner)

    This weed is seriously awesome! I love how much it smells like oranges, and having around the house really brightens my mood. I am very impressed at how easy this is to grow, I just did it in my backyard, right among my other plants, and it took right off! The buds are HUGE and green with orange pistils. It’s a perfect smoke in the afternoon to give me a little boost of energy and keep me in a good mood. Great stuff!

  29. Reba Peck (verified owner)

    If a glass of OJ in the morning just isn’t enough, then take a few tokes of the orange bud to get the day going. I start work very early in the morning and it’s difficult for me to wake up at the right time. Orange bud was easy to grow and has an amazing orange flavor to it, it’s sativa dominance really helps me get going in the morning, and all through the day I am feeling great!

  30. rwagner2391 (verified owner)

    One of my retirement dreams is to live near an orange grove in Italy or somewhere in the Mediterranean and pick fresh fruit and relax in the sun all day. Doesn’t sound too bad, eh? ? This pot doesn’t exactly transport me to Italy, but the orange smell is divine! I’m lucky I can grow mine outside, where it did really well: grew healthy and pretty tall. I imagine these would do well indoor though too, and then you’d get that wonderful orange smell with you all the time! Orange bud makes me happy so I definitely plan to buy more of these seeds

  31. Lawrence R. (verified owner)

    If you’re ever feeling down or blue, this is the best strain in the world for getting you back on your feet. I grew this weed right in my basement, and the whole room smells like oranges, delicious! PSB has an amazing online selection, and the seeds shipped out really fast too! I had a great time growing, not too many difficulties, but the harvest was a little small unfortunately.

  32. Quintin O. (verified owner)

    A surprisingly uplifting indica that offers great energy and mood benefits. I am a medical mj user and use weed to help with depression and anxiety symptoms, orange bud gives me a great uplifting high and smells like a bowl of oranges in the summertime. Fairly easy to grow and a very nice yield, almost 350 grams. I usually smoke in the afternoons and evenings, when my mood tends to dip, and I find this weed has been very beneficial for my symptoms.

  33. Braxton T. (verified owner)

    I used to fantasize about living in an orange grove, walking amidst the trees while breathing in that lovely orange smell. Now that I grow Orange Bud mj, it’s kind of like my dream has come true. While I don’t have the trees of course, I do get that beautiful, citrusy smell in my back room which I’m wild about. It smells so good!! If you’re not sure which cannabis seeds to buy (and you like oranges) order orange bud. It’s an easy grow and boosts your brain into a wonderful mood. And did I mention that summery orange smell???

  34. Zion W. (verified owner)

    Not sure if i’m late to the party here. Kinda seems like everybody knows about Pacific and likes this place to buy theyre seeds from, but I hadn’t even heard of this site. Just ordered three seeds to see how I like em. Got em crazy fast in the mail and they looked really good. Used the paper towel method and they popped fast to. Excited to see them grow. I guess i like Pacific to. Thumbs up!

  35. Bryan B. (verified owner)

    SoCal resident with a lot of sun in the backyard grew this weed right out back and had about three plants in my little garden. Beautiful nug with a powerful scent of orange, I’ve got people coming over asking about my orange trees and I have to turn them away, or at least smoke them up Ha! I smoke during the day, helps with energy and creativity, great for my painting and music. I feel unstoppable when I smoke this stuff! Easy to grow and easy on the nose, a must buy for the experienced stoner!

  36. Annabelle K. (verified owner)

    This weed is so orangey it’s like you won’t ever have to worry about vitamin c deficiency! I think the citrus part of it helps the plants ability to fight depression and anxiety because hey who doesn’t love a super clean fresh smell? Pretty light thc and nice balance of indica nad sativa so this is an excellent toke all day and all night. I grew it indoors and it was really easy and they stayed pretty damn short and grew out so I didn’t need to do any topping or anything to keep them in line.

  37. Kenzie H. (verified owner)

    I live in the PNW and you know that I can just pop down to my local shop and grab me a handful of seeds without second thought. But you know what? I don’t. I buy online here from Pacific cuz you guys always send me good seeds. I know they don’t cost a lot, but I don’t make very much money and I don’t want to waste it on duds. This is the best site to buy from and they always take care of you.

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