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Pineapple Mayhem Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Pineapple Mayhem

Like the rest of its Pineapple cousins, Pineapple Mayhem carries a sweet and tropical aroma that will have you feeling beachy. We automatically associate the pineapple flavor to a refreshing pina colada beverage, so if you’re in desperate need of a vacation, reach for Pineapple Mayhem marijuana seeds. This fruity marijuana strain is considered a hybrid with sativa and indica effects, making it an all-around crowd pleaser for any occasion. Pineapple Mayhem is multi-functional enough for parties, work events, and chilling on the couch.

There’s never a wrong time to reach for Pineapple Mayhem. In fact, it’s praised for having an above average yield. This strain is a cross of Sonic Fly #B4 and Pink 2.0. For growers, expect a flowering period of 55 to 60 days, which is considered an average time. Don’t expect flowers to show themselves within the first couple of months, but when they finally do, you’ll be dying to share pictures of Pineapple Mayhem on Instagram. It presents bulbous colas that fill the air with pineapple, coconut, and other tropical flavors.

We recommend this strain for anyone who’s been having a bad day, or week, or month. We’ve all been there. Pineapple Mayhem marijuana seeds are a great way to naturally elevate your mood and turn a frown upside down. The tropical flavors will ease your mind and melt your worries away. Not to mention, it will feel like summer all year long with Pineapple Mayhem marijuana seeds inside your home.

Description: The smell and effects of Pineapple Mayhem will have you feeling like it’s summer all year long. This strain naturally elevates your mood with tropical notes.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






52 reviews for Pineapple Mayhem Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. M. Brooks (verified owner)

    Exceptional growth from these small plants. They usually take about 10 or so days to germinate, and then they usually are good for indoors growing until about June. I place them in the sunniest place in my garden and they take right off. Very happy little plants grow HUGE and produce hundreds of tiny dense nugs packed with pineapple flavor!

  2. Nightshade (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love the taste of sweet and juicy pineapple? This is the perfect strain to get a little tropical feel. It flowers in around 60 days, so there’ not too long of a wait. Plus, it has a good yield, so you’ll have plenty of your favorite weed. You’ll always love to smoke on this!

  3. Madilynn Acevedo (verified owner)

    Forget this reality….put me on the beach!
    This MJ is fresh as heck, it smells amazing, and it helps me relax and fight depression.
    My wife does most of the growing, but I do help from time to time. Exceptional yields, about 100 G per plant, but never enough for me!
    That’s why I am always ordering more!

  4. Lopsided Llama (verified owner)

    The mild strength high from Pineapple Kush was great for a nice relaxing vibe without feeling too heavy. This was incredibly easy to grow, and I was amazed at how fast it flowered at just 7.5 weeks. Really liked the sweet pineapple taste as well. Overall, a solid choice for a chill evening.

  5. Ahmed Silva (verified owner)

    Brilliant colors and textures…this weed looks like it’s encased in glass with all the shiny crystals coating the nugs….buy your weed online right here. Pacific has the best selection anywhere and their prices are Walmart low….
    I had a small biz growing up where my parents grew and cultivated cannabis so I know a thing or two about the plant. Great to know customer service is there though in case I run into a jam 🙂

  6. CropCraftsman (verified owner)

    Hopefully you have had luck with your grow this season! I am just getting ready to start harvesting. It’s been a long grow (about 12 weeks) but I enjoyed the process!!
    I learned a ton about growing from this website. It’s a small but dedicated community of gardeners. We all have a love for weed and I feel like part of the homegrowing community. I am trying my darndest, but here I am! Still lots to learn!

  7. Hiroshi F (verified owner)

    Pineapple Mayhem is an amazing strain that I absolutely loved. The high it gave me was euphoric and happy, with a nice body relaxation. The plants I grew were of medium size and had a beautiful fruity and tropical taste.

  8. Nada Gates (verified owner)

    Big beautiful pineapple flavored NUGS! My 5 seeds arrived in the mail and were already growing by late spring. Harvest was late-summer. FRESH! I got about….oh Idk….150 G per plant? 10 oz in total? Lots of nug. It’s great for evening smoking!

  9. Rehaan Emerson (verified owner)

    Sounds pretty whacky! I am a BIG fan of this stuff, really appreciate the smell, gets me baked and it’s easy. It’s California living at its finest, can’t get better than pacific online, great service team and useful info on growing on their blogs. Fast shipping, too! 5/5 stars!!

  10. Barnaby Findlay (verified owner)

    I had some issues with germination. Only 3/5 seeds popped and it took those seeds a long time to get there. Yes, the grow was successful but if I am buying 5 seeds I expect at least 80% germ. Regardless, the mj I was able to harvest was high quality. It does have a fresh pineapple flavor and helps me sleep. I enjoy the process just would like more reliable germination. The shipping was fine and fast, so was the online ordering, so 3/5 stars for now.

  11. Jemimah Stubbs (verified owner)

    Can you feel the mayhem? I know I can! I buy online, get my weed delivered to my home, and grow usually in my backyard. I am very casual about growing weed, it’s just a fun hobby for me, nothing too crazy. But always a good time and lovely flavor!!

  12. Marcus Handley (verified owner)

    So much pineapple goodness. This is like drinking straight from the coconut. It’s sweet and relaxing and I swear it’s good for your mental health! Absolutely brilliant weed! Pacific really makes the weed growing life possible!

  13. Prisha Burgess (verified owner)

    I feel the mayhem, and the pineapple, and I am just CHILLIN hardcore. I bought 5 seeds online, got them shipped directly to my apartment, and was able to grow on the balcony since I am on the top floor and get a ton of sun up here. Good vibes all around. I’ll make SURE to buy more from this local Cali seed provider.

  14. Tazmin Burns (verified owner)

    Have had great luck with this weed. It’s grown well in my backyard. Has an excellent aroma, makes the whole garden smell better. Pretty stoked about it, have never grown my own weed before.

  15. Geoffrey Sheehan (verified owner)

    Get BAKED on Pineapple Mayhem! This strain is seriously chill, offers a lot of stress relief, has a sweet, pineapple flavor that makes it a favorite at parties or just in the garage with the gang. Don’t have any issues with ordering online and growing at home, most of this stuff takes care of itself.

  16. Yasin Flynn (verified owner)

    Pineapple is the LIFE man! This weed is both strong and powerful. It makes me feel really nice, like I am just floating down a lazy river. It’s so great to have this weed in my back pocket. Eeverything is looking great in the garden, the sun is shining on my bald head. I am an eagle, do not forget me cause the sunlight won’t give you yield. I need YIELD!

  17. Havin Mcphee (verified owner)

    Get a pineapple mayhem seed packet from Pacific Seed Bank. Do it.

  18. Kenny Tran (verified owner)

    I worked so dang hard today, and I got so much done, all cuz of pineapple mayhem. Love my flavors and my days in the sun. I like the tropical vibes, bring back memories of Hawaii. Smells amazing and honestly it feels just fantastic. I feel like superman. Awesome!

  19. Amber-Rose Bostock (verified owner)

    You KNOW you want pineapple mayhem in your life….it’s incredibly uplifting and also seriously hard to mess up! You’ll LOVE the way this stuff works out, and I think it’s gonna make me smile more. Tired of being depressed but also very happy about the prospect of growing more marijuana. LOVE me some Pacific stuff, the best stuff man!

  20. Talitha Colley (verified owner)

    Pineapple mayhem is a good way to relax and it comes at a good value as well. I ordered online, made the purchase a little over a week ago and my seeds showed up in the mail just yesterday. I am already soaking them to improve germination, which is pretty awesome if you ask me!! I got almost 600 Gs from my last grow with Pacifc

  21. Evelyn Proctor (verified owner)

    Pineapple is some strooooong but sutble weed. When you smoke this, the first thing you’ll notice is the smooth pineapple flavor, and then the buzz just sneaks up on you and relaxes you into a lull that makes it seem like you’re listening to the waves lap on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Good times growing it as well, was a fun house project with some very useful results!

  22. Nayla Feeney (verified owner)

    This will absolutely serve you right. It’s the best pineapple strain out on the market. Helps me manage my pain and stress, even my headaches disappear. Have had nothing but great luck with this strain, It’s easy growing and also makes for an awesome purchase online. So much flavor, so little time!

  23. Kadeem Hogg (verified owner)

    Yesss, this weed is truly a dream come true. I love smoking this dope and then chilling on my couch for a few hours, feels totally awesome. I will buy marijuana from Pacific for all eternity…so nice to smoke this dope, and chill with my homies. Nothing is better than that!!! Give it a try, you will get great results I swear!!!

  24. Elizabeth Bove (verified owner)

    This was my first grow. I grew a few different strains and this one finished first. I grew in a 5 gal pot outdoor and indoor (18 hrs) during veg. I left it outside only in flower. Total time from seed to finish was 12 weeks. Very easy and only got a little powder mildew but it is quite humid here in HI. This plant smells very fruity and fresh. It tastes like pineapple candy in my vaporizer which is amazing. It helps me to relax all my muscles and mind in the evening. I highly recommend for an easy grow and delicious treat!

  25. sam welter (verified owner)

    Well well well, I am finally back on here and I stand corrected. These seeds germinated perfectly and all of them produced some very delicious weed. It’s very tropical strain, makes for a nice laid back time on the beach or taking a walk through the forest. Beautiful bud, smells and looks pretty great too. Definitely will buy again!!

  26. hologramfnn (verified owner)

    I wrote to my brother about how I wanted some weed seeds and he recommended me this website, so I decided I might as well try out this delicious pineapple strain. I got a very nice yield from my grow, all it needs is some sun and water, just a gorgeous vibe with a lot to offer. I can’t wait to grow more!!

  27. You Can’t Judge (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t just go crazy for the addictive taste of pineapple? It’s my favorite fruit and it makes me suuuper happy that Pacific carries this strain. I ordered it online as a bday gift to myself and got them delivered right away. They grew like magic in my backyard…and then the caterpillars attacked. It’s ok, I managed to still get like 500 grams of mj. Good stuff!

  28. lawnchairs (verified owner)

    Not much mayhem coming outta this strain…in fact it’s super chill and the vibes are just right. I smoke this to remain calm during all the craziness that’s going on right now. I grow it in my backyard….got a nice garden bed back there and it does super well in the full sunlight. Yep, it definitely tastes like pineapple and helps me with stress and depression. You are gonna love it!

  29. Luu – Luu’s (verified owner)

    If you want a chilled out buzz with some great mental effects, I say go for this strain, it’s super easy to grow and when it’s time to harvest, it has some really beautiful white flowers, and when you smoke them, it’s like smoking a pineapple lol. Pretty fun stuff, like a Hawaiian beach Luau in your own living room, what could be better?

  30. Great Dane (verified owner)

    Get ready for a tropical staycation. This weed is wild and wonderful. I grew it in the backyard. Made some amazing flower. Such a beautiful plant. Great color, like greens and silvers. So many tiny little “hairs” sticking out end to end. Love smoking this in bed, makes for a nice sleep and good dreams. I like the pineapple flavor (duh!) but also the huge yield I got. Sooo fresh!

  31. TypicallyTori (verified owner)

    Take a drag of the pineapple mayhem and watch your mind soar! I always smoke this right before I embark on some creative endeavor. It helps me write, paint, draw, whatever. It clears my mind of negative thoughts and makes me feel extremely happy and energized and focused! I have never grown weed before! It was such a fun and interesting experience! I got a massive yield and didn’t even have to work that hard. I really liked how it all went down though and will definitely buy from PSB again!

  32. hearteyes (verified owner)

    You know that feeling when you’re laying on the beach and everything just feels fine? That’s the best part about smoking the pineapple mayhem, it transports you to a beach in your mind, gets you super stoned, and makes all your troubles just disappear! I love the way this feels, it’s so relaxing, mellow, and it feels like waves crashing on the sand…but in your body! Plus it’s got that delicious pineapple flavor…yummmm. What else can I say? Great buy!

  33. James M. (verified owner)

    I dig this weed to the extreme. It’s a delicious strain, smells and tastes just like everyone’s favorite tropical fruit. I smoke this with my best friend Kyle and we usually just laugh the night away and order a pizza. Got a great yield off this stuff, helps a lot if you grow indoors, but this weed is so dank it’s like crazy! Heavy stuff!

  34. Phil Brooks (verified owner)

    This is the ultimate feel-good weed! It’s super helpful for anxiety and depression and gets me into a good mood each and every time. I ordered online with PSB and had the seeds shipped to my front door! Easy to germ and grow out in the backyard, the weather has been perfect for weed this year and I definitely got a nice yield too! I smoke usually in the evenings to help relieve stress!

  35. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This is like a tropical vacation for your brain! I love smoking this after work, it really helps with the stress and anxiety my job causes me. I grew this right in my backyard, it’s truly impressive stuff, grows very tall and bushy and looks amazing, plus it smells and tastes just like pineapple! Happy as a clam, will definitely be back for more!

  36. Byron Parrish (verified owner)

    Happy as can be with my new MJ plants. They shimmer they sparkle they shine! It’s a beautiful plant that delivers an excellent medium yield, perfect for hobby gardeners like myself. The buzz is really nicely balanced, has been great for my anxiety and depression and even helps with focus when I am rounding out my work day. You’ll love that tropical taste…and feel!

  37. Keith H. (verified owner)

    I work waayyyyy too much, and I really need to feel like a vacation is on the horizon at the end of my days. This weed really gets me there. Ordered my seeds online through PSB, got them delivered in a snap! Germinated beautifully and threw those puppies in the ground. 3 months later here I am with 500 g of weed in my back pocket and smoking like I live in Hawaii! Surfs up!

  38. Dayton F. (verified owner)

    I used to take pills for all kinds of medical conditions: depression, anxiety, PTSD. I still take a few of them, but since I’ve been opened to the wonderful world of cannabis, I just don’t feel so shitty all the time and life in general is just better. I figure people buy pot for all kinds of reasons: why not buy it just to feel better? Pineapple mayhem is a pretty awesome mj – the tropical scent is terrific and I like that it doesn’t take forever to grow. Ours weas ready in 60 days. I’m looking forward to buying other strains on PSB but have a feeling I’ll buy pineapple again, too.

  39. Nigel C. (verified owner)

    Im trippin out over how crazy these buds look! So many trichomes the colas look like they were dusted with snow. Crazy beautiful! This mj smokes super smooth to. Helps with anything thats makin you feel blue. I always feel immediately happy when I smoke this bud. I guess thats why I keep ordering it. I like having some of this around and Pacific has the best pricing of anyone I’ve found so far.

  40. Marie J. (verified owner)

    Hella easy to grow and an amazing plant to look at all day long. Has these bright white and green leaves and dense sticky nugs, plus it smells like pineapple yum! First time buyer with PSB, really impressed by the online selection, so hard to choose just one! But very happy with my purchase, got all 3 seeds to germinate and ended up with around 400 grams per plant, wow! Great for an evening or weekend smoke, very relaxing but also makes ya smile. Great stuff!

  41. Ryan O. (verified owner)

    I have the feeling part of the name of pineapple mayhem comes from how big and bunchy and pineapple like the colas are lol, they’re huge! Flowering was done in less than two months indoors and I had a mayhem-level harvest for such a short flowering time. This weed is really fantastic for long stressful days, it lifts my depression away for sure. Really nice blend of indica and sativa at 60/40 so I don’t get too energized or too down, it’s the best for early evening time when I’m starting to wind down.

  42. Hank H. (verified owner)

    I can NOT get enough of this weed! The plant iself if so amazingly beautiful and aromatic and smoking this herb be like taking a tropical vacay to Hawaii. I actually grew up in HI and my mom used to grow herb on our land and so I learned all about it from her. I’m not like amazing at it or anything but I got like some pretty dank nugs from my grow and have been blazing EVERY NIGHT!!! Hella chilled out stuff with a smell that reminds me of home. Will buy again!!

  43. Cami M. (verified owner)

    STRONGLY recommend ordering more than 5 of these awesome seeds! You’ll be happy you did because it literally is the best weed ever. Like ever, ever. Do you enjoy feeling happy and relaxed and like you’re on cloud 9? Who doesn’t, right? Got an absolutely immense yield from my seeds. And they didn’t take too long to flower. Very tropical bud that smells really good! Liked the shipping of these seeds and thought it all went pretty fast. Gonna for sure order a bigger envelope of seeds next time.

  44. Rebecca R. (verified owner)

    Ahem. I’ve smoked a number of cannabis strains with “pineapple” in the name. This is one of the best. Fruity nose? Check. Beautiful buds? Roger. Easy on the lungs and brain? Oui, oui.

    Order process is simple and efficient. Count me as a happy PSB customer.

  45. Ingrid L (verified owner)

    Awesome hybrid. Smells and tastes so fruity! Not sure if it’s the pineapple flavor or the sight of such beautiful buds, but this weed was indeed very effective in boosting my mood. I suffer from depression, so I like to keep cannabis around that helps lift my spirits. This one is going in my top five for that reason. The grow time was average and easy. Used a hydro system indoors and was happy with the outcome. Delivery was quick and discreet. Good mj all-around!

  46. Christopher P. (verified owner)

    A pretty sociable weed for being heavier on the indica side of things. I love to roll up a J after work and chill out with my buddies and they’re all asking about the pineapple mayhem. Who could blame them, it tastes super fruity and delicious and is wicked relaxing. Perfect for smoking on the beach, or if you’re not near a beach, it’ll transport you there in your mind lol. Have been growing weed for many years and was very impressed with my yield. PSB has an excellent product!

  47. Lorenzo A. (verified owner)

    Great buy for some great weed. What I love most about Pineapple May is that it’s plug-and-play: bring it anywhere and anyone will love it. It just makes everything better: happier mood, less stress, chill vibe. I’m pretty new to growing and this took awhile to flower. The colas were so pretty and fragrant though that it was worth the wait. Quick delivery, very happy overall with PSB.

  48. Jabe H. (verified owner)

    Mayhem in the A.M.? Prolly not (unless it’s the weekend), as there’s enough THC in this weed to keep me in bed or on the sofa for a good long while. It’s excellent party pot, though, with a not-too-strong kick that keeps my crew talking and laughing and dancing. I’d recommend it for beginning growers, as it flowers quickly and doesn’t demand too much in the way of light or H20. Order extra, you’ll love it.

  49. Bernie O. (verified owner)

    Seriously some of the prettiest colas I’ve ever seen. My buds full-on sparkled. I almost had to wear sunglasses just to look at them. I’ve always enjoyed the fruity flavors of the Pineapple Mayhem and now I have so much I think I’m gonna be smoking it for a long time. Larger than expected yield. Couldn’t believe how fast my plants grew. Highly recommend to beginner and expert gardeners!

  50. Callie S. (verified owner)

    Good yield for an autoflowering weed for sure! 400g/plant after only 50 days of flowering is excellent in my book. Pineapple Mayhem is a super mood booster after smoking and even just smelling it is so nice that it makes me feel better immediately. Little more indica than sativa so if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing than energizing but that’ll still keep you awake this is an excellent choice!

  51. Thomas P. (verified owner)

    I hadn’t ever heard of pineapple mayhem before and I’m so glad I gave it a try. Seriously, this is some of the prettiest bud I’ve ever seen or grown, and I’ve grown ALOTTA weed, people. The flavors of this weed are really really nice. And I can’t leave a review without mentioning how solid Pacific is as an online seed ordering service. I have a good buying experience every time!

  52. pottsconstruction092 (verified owner)

    I couldn’t help but gravitate towards the Pineapple Mayhem. My days have been dark and gloomy (thanks PNW) and work is a total drag. Welp, took matters into my own hands and grew some of this delicious weed in my basement. Had a really good grow and a super solid harvest! The crystals on this plant look like a pineapple and smell like it too. Such a beautiful plant. Harvested around 400 G on my first go! I smoke this suring my lunch break and when I get home from work. It’s mild, which I like, but I noticed it can make me feel lazy as well. Highly recommend!!!

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