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Reserve L.A.K. Federal Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Boasting a characteristic cannabis aroma of skunk and diesel and a THC content that can top out at 20%, L.A.K. Federal Reserve marijuana is a hybrid that may need an experienced cultivator, but will pay back growing efforts with an impressive yield.

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An OG strain that boasts the best of its parents, L.A.K. Federal Reserve marijuana is a rare hybrid that hits hard and fast with a euphoria-driven high that stays with you as your body melts into its indica embrace.

With classic notes of pine, skunk, and diesel, L.A.K. Federal Reserve marijuana is a mind-blowing headrush that averages between 10% and 20% THC. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that starts off in the head to encourage clear-headed creativity, and washes over the body in waves of tingling relaxation that will remove all traces of stress, tension, and chronic conditions like worries and more.

L.A.K Federal Reserve marijuana seeds tend to be resistant to common molds and mildews that tend to plague cannabis cultivators, but is a rather fragile plant. Experienced growers will have more success coaxing high yields of potent bud out of L.A.K. Federal Reserve.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Flowering Time

50-60 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 250g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Depression, Eye Pressure, Inflammation


Earthy, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






10 reviews for Reserve L.A.K. Federal Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Lane Rice (verified owner)

    Beautiful, top-notch strain. I highly recommend shopping for your MJ seeds online with Pacific. They ship all over the USA and their seeds come with a 60 day germination guarantee. A great deal!

  2. Rosa Vargas (verified owner)

    With an impressive THC content of up to 20%, this hybrid produces a mind-blowing headrush, followed by waves of blissful relaxation. The skunk and diesel aroma adds to the overall experience. While it may require some experience to grow, the high yield will make it worth your while. Don’t miss out on this rare and powerful strain for all your relaxation needs.

  3. Asha Rao (verified owner)

    Tasty MJ all around….just needs a very specific environment to THRIVE! I am lucky to have a greenhouse, and to get some serious bud from said greenhouse. The quality is just off the charts. It’s way better than any dispensary weed I have ever had….and it lasts longer and stays fresher too. Good choice for some intro growing….especially since these seeds are so cheap!

  4. Braelyn Long (verified owner)

    Had an interesting experience growing Reserve LAK Fed…Learned a lot from my failures tbh. The weed was a fun strain to cultivate, took about 10 weeks to reach maturity, but I had a few plants fail early due to weather complications. It really requires warm weather and lots of sun. A midsummer plant, no doubt.

  5. CaffeineChaos99 (verified owner)

    I found Reserve L.A.K. to be an excellent strain for relaxation and reducing inflammation. The body high is strong, yet it still allowed me to feel creative and happy. The buds were beautiful and aromatic, and I was impressed with the quality of the high. Definitely a top choice for anyone looking for a strong Indica strain.

  6. A.Richmond (verified owner)

    I liked growing this but probably wouldn’t again. Not that there’s anything wrong with the weed, it’s just not my style. I think I’d like something a little more sativa heavy…a little less intensely sleepy.

  7. Maxim Reyes (verified owner)

    Pretty formal name for a strain of weed. Almost seems like it’s government issued, which of course it is not.

    I have been a grower for 20 years. I don’t recommend this strain to inexperienced growers.

    Best for indoor cultivation usually takes a skilled hand to get these seeds to reach their full potential.

    If you succeed, however, you can expect medium yields and a fresh stash of MJ.

  8. Sam Stewart (verified owner)

    Never thought I’d be my own weed supplier, but let me tell you it makes a huge difference. I love the taste and smell of homegrown. It’s so much fresher than the stuff you buy at the dispensary. Always has a fresh flavor and the flower is dank and sticky. Great products from these west coast growers!

  9. Mahamed Pugh (verified owner)

    Yessss! I have finally found the weed of my dreams. It’s a strong flavor sure, but it hits JUST right! The smell alone is worth the grow. Kinda has a musky pine citrus smell that really makes and impression. Are you intrigued? Wait till you find out the price 😉

  10. Konrad Payne (verified owner)

    Looking for a worthy challenge? This lesser know strain might be the perfect match! Buying online is both simple and secure. The seeds usually ship out in 5-7 business days which is pretty good all things considered. Took me a few attempts to get it right. This strain is no joke. But if you manage a successful yield you will enjoy its skunky aroma and sweet taste.

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