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Tangerine Haze AutoFlowering Seeds

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A treat for all the senses, Tangerine Haze Auto smells like delicious oranges and boost cognitive function to keep you awake, motivated, and happy all day long.

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Imagine it’s the early morning and you’re craving a quick smoke before work. You want something energizing and motivating, but not on an overwhelming amount that leaves you unfocused and mentally all over the place. We get it. In times like this, you’ll be glad to have Tangerine Haze Autoflowering marijuana seeds by your side. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a great daytime smoke during the workweek as it leaves you motivated, concentrated, and focused at your desk.


Even though the high of Tangerine Haze Auto is usually happy, giggly, and chatty, too much in inexperienced smokers can lead to worries and paranoia. The THC levels in this hybrid reach around 21% on average so it’s not ideal for novice smokers with a lower tolerance. Experienced smokers, however, should be able to handle the THC percentage to feel energized, awake, and in a happier mood overall.


Please keep in mind that Tangerine Haze Autoflowering marijuana seeds are available in clone form only — something to keep in mind before you grow. Tangerine Haze Auto really is a treat for all the senses. The delicious smell of citrus and oranges will keep you coming back for more time and time again. Citrus is said to be a natural mood-booster, so even smelling this strain should make you happy!

Additional information



Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Citrus, Pungent, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for Tangerine Haze AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Natalie K. (verified owner)

    Get your seeds shipped discreetly, so nobody will ever know what you have in store. I don’t really mind people knowing I love my MJ, but it’s still nice to keep your business up to wraps. Only I know what’s inside – fresh seeds that come with a germination guarantee. Gotta love it!!

  2. Daddy87destroyer (verified owner)

    With its energizing and motivating effects, this sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for a productive day at work. The delicious citrus aroma will uplift your mood and keep you coming back for more. Be warned, though, the high THC levels may be too much for inexperienced smokers.

  3. Austin Blackburn (verified owner)

    Tangerine haze might just be the best citrus strain out there, but keep it low-key cause we don’t want everybody in on the secret!
    Why do I say this? Well, for one, this citrusy strain offers up HUGE yields, and a BOUNTY of color, flavor, and uplifting sativa energy!

  4. Youssef Bouaziz (verified owner)

    I had a fantastic experience growing Tangerine Haze, the balanced high was exactly what I was looking for and lasted for hours. The flavors and aromas were spot on with hints of citrus and sweetness. Pacific’s customer service was very helpful in recommending this strain and their blog had great information. All my seeds sprouted and germinated quickly, and shipping was fast.

  5. Diego Santos (verified owner)

    Are you a wake-n-bake smoker? I sure am! Tangerine Haze is my Go To breakfast smoke before work. Gives me a lovely head rush, while also reducing my stress.
    My flatmates and I grew it together. We enjoyed the experience and followed the blogs religiously to get the best advice. I learned a lot about plant care, and I think I am near ready to go pro! well, maybe. It’s just so much more fun to have this weed to myself lol. 5/5 stars!!!

  6. Yesent (verified owner)

    Yummy yummy tangerine haze is great any time of the week. It’s got that sweet/sour flavor that I absolutely adore, and I love the burst of sativa energy I get every time I smoke.
    Perfect for passing around with friends. Gives me a buzz that lasts for HOURS! Great buy for a low price!

  7. MarionWhite (verified owner)

    Smoking this weed is my favorite pastime! I like that it somehow never makes me tired or groggy. It’s been an excellent choice for smoking with friends, family, you name it! Everybody seems to love the sharp tangerine smell. Makes any night feel a little bit easier on the body, good for the mind, and creative for the soul!

  8. Allison Houghton (verified owner)

    If you’re a sativa fanatic like myself, you’ll highly appreciate this uplifting strain. Tangerine haze is easy to grow in the garden. It helps me manage my stress, depression, and anxiety. I like buying online cause it saves me lots of time, and even saves some money in the long run. Save the gas $ by not going to the dispensary and instead just grow at home. You will be glad you coordinated with Pacific. The options are endless and all of them are good. Buy today and see how much weed you can have just by your own hand. It’s amazing!

  9. Alana Henderson (verified owner)

    I love tangerine haze. I was very excited to grow this in my garden. It was my first attempt growing weed but I think it went really well. I got hundreds of grams of fresh pot at harvest time. I read up extensively on how to make this stuff work, this website had some really useful tips and I was all for them. I will grow indoors again next time.

  10. Gwion Winter (verified owner)

    The haze is SERIOUSLY one of the best strains I have ever smoked and grown. It’s got a HUGE yield that lasts me months and is great for sharing with your friends. The flower is a deep emerald green color, and it’s covered in tiny yellow hairs. A beautiful combination of the sublime and surreal.

  11. Kira Lozano (verified owner)

    I like tangerine haze, has a great energy, usually puts me in a good mood. I smoke it and then ride my bike to the sound usually. It really has that indoor quality, for a very affordable price. Pacific is a trustworthy company. I’d trust them with my weed growing operations.

  12. Osian Goddard (verified owner)

    So nice and sweet, I love this delicious vibe, it helps me manage my stress and depression. It gives me a HUGE burst of energy and motivation. I feel like I can ACTUALLY get my homework done 🙂 Either way, I loved growing this outdoors. Does great here in Cali. The sun and heat really get this plant where it needs to go. Can’t deny, I have never had a better experience!

  13. Alexander Peterson (verified owner)

    I was recommended to this site by a friend who has been growing mj for years. They have a whole greenhouse dedicated to Pacific seeds and I am always impressed by her plants. I just bought 3 cause I am new to this but was happy to have success just like her! Amazing weed with some seriously tasty nugs, a strong citrus flavor with a light and happy buzz!

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