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Alien Rock Candy Feminized Seeds

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Alien Rock Candy is celebrated for its sweet and sour citrus aroma coupled with a hint of earthiness, a distinctive trait that appeals to a broad user base.

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Alien Rock Candy marijuana seeds originate from a potent cross between Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien, crafted by the innovative breeders at Alien Genetics. This high-end breeder, known for their unique cannabis strains, sought to blend the robust flavors of these parent strains into one product, leading to the birth of Alien Rock Candy. Its popularity stems from its remarkable potency, flavor profile, and unique genetic lineage.

In terms of effects, this Indica-dominant hybrid is praised for its powerful tranquilizing properties, sending users into full-body relaxation! It offers a deeply relaxing high that’s perfect for individuals seeking solace from physical discomforts like chronic pain, stress, or insomnia. Alien Rock Candy’s effects also embody a cerebral journey, sparking creativity and leaving users in a state of euphoric bliss. However, many users seek this strain for its sedating effects that will send users into physical body relaxation for hours! Many medical marijuana users love it for its ability to help with insomnia, but its sativa side is also praised by those seeking uplifting effects, making this an ideal hybrid strain.

What are the effects of the Alien Rock Candy marijuana strain?

  • Relaxation
  • Euphoric
  • Happiness
  • Sleepiness

Alien Rock Candy, an Indica-dominant hybrid, offers a potent set of effects that appeal to both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. It’s renowned for its fast-acting, euphoric high, typically initiating with an uplifting cerebral buzz that can stimulate creativity and evoke feelings of joy. As the high settles in from the sativa effects, users experience a deep sense of relaxation that gradually permeates the body. This potent body high can alleviate physical discomfort, making Alien Rock Candy a viable option for those seeking relief from chronic pain, muscle tension, and even insomnia due to its sedative properties. The strain’s Indica dominance also ensures that these soothing effects don’t compromise cognitive functions, allowing users to remain alert and focused. However, intense relaxation can lead to couch lock in higher doses. Overall, Alien Rock Candy provides a balanced, full-bodied experience that caters to the needs of a broad spectrum of cannabis users.

What do Alien Rock Candy Marijuana Plants look like?

Alien Rock Candy marijuana plants exhibit an array of vivid colors, with foliage ranging from deep green to purplish hues, and a beautiful cosmic blend of colors. These medium-sized plants often showcase dense, frosty buds covered in a thick frosty layer of trichomes, indicating their high THC content. The buds are typically structured in an elongated, popcorn-like shape, a common trait among Indica-dominant hybrids. Accentuating their visual appeal, orange pistils weave through the flowers, creating a striking contrast against the backdrop of the plant’s vibrant foliage. Alien Rock Candy plants exude an enticing aroma of sweet citrus and earthiness, hinting at their tantalizing flavor profile.

What Does Alien Rock Candy Marijuana Taste Like?

Alien Rock Candy marijuana offers a unique and complex flavor profile that is a treat to the senses. Its smoke is smooth on inhale and its sweet flavors mix well with the tangy citrus flavors that are reminiscent of candied fruits, staying true to its name. This initial sweetness is balanced with a hint of earthiness, offering a counterpoint that adds depth to its flavor. As the smoke is exhaled, users might detect subtle undertones of tropical fruits and spices. This multi-layered taste, coupled with an appealingly pungent aroma, contributes to Alien Rock Candy’s popularity, providing a delightful sensory experience for cannabis connoisseurs.

Alien Rock Candy marijuana’s aroma is an intriguing blend of sweet and sour. Upon breaking the buds apart, a sharp citrus scent permeates the air, reminiscent of tangy lemons and sweet oranges. Underneath this initial fragrance, there is a distinct note of earthiness that lends a grounding, natural dimension to the scent profile. As the buds burn, they release a slightly spicy scent, further enriching the olfactory experience. Altogether, Alien Rock Candy’s aroma serves as a tantalizing prelude to its flavorful and potent effects.

How do I grow Alien Rock Candy Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Alien Rock Candy marijuana seeds can be cultivated using a variety of methods, and novice growers have many options! This is a pretty easy-to-grow cannabis strain and is known to thrive well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor cultivation is generally preferred for more controlled growing conditions for this potent hybrid, but don’t let that stop beginner growers!

For indoor growing, hydroponics or soil can be used, though the soil is recommended to better enhance the strain’s flavor profile. Providing ample lighting, maintaining a consistent temperature range of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and ensuring relative humidity levels stay between 40-50% during flowering, is critical for optimal growth. Regular pruning is also necessary as this strain tends to bush out, and proper air circulation is essential to prevent mold or mildew development. Implementing a Sea of Green (SOG) method can increase the yield, as this technique promotes more bud production in less space and in a shorter time frame.

Outdoor cultivation requires a warm, semi-humid climate similar to the Mediterranean regions for the plants to flourish. Growing outdoors allows the plants to grow taller, which may result in larger yields. However, it exposes the plants to potential threats, such as pests, diseases, and changing weather conditions.

Despite the increased yield potential with outdoor cultivation, indoor growing typically results in higher-quality buds due to the greater level of control over the environment. Indoor cultivation can ensure the consistent growth conditions that Alien Rock Candy requires for optimal resin production, flavor, and potency. Cannabis growers will also get the best results from purchasing Candy Rock Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Regardless of the chosen method, Alien Rock Candy feminized cannabis seeds require a moderate level of grower experience due to their specific needs. With proper attention and care, this strain rewards growers with high yields of potent, flavorful buds that reflect the exceptional genetic lineage of Alien Rock Candy.

When to Harvest Your Alien Rock Candy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Alien Rock Candy Feminized Cannabis Seeds, when grown under ideal conditions, have a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks for indoor cultivation, typically making them ready for harvest by late September to early October for those in the northern hemisphere. However, it’s essential to closely monitor the plants for signs of maturity rather than strictly adhering to a timeline. Look for buds that are dense and frosty, and the pistils should be predominantly dark, indicating they’re ripe for harvesting.

Indoor growers can expect yields of around 400-500 grams per square meter. This can be enhanced by employing growing techniques such as the Sea of Green (SOG). With outdoor cultivation, each plant can yield up to 600 grams under optimal conditions, showcasing the strain’s excellent productivity.

While outdoor cultivation may offer higher yields, indoor environments provide better control over conditions impacting the growth and quality of the buds. Regardless of the method, it’s important to remember that the quality of the harvest relies on careful nurturing, an appropriate curing process, and proper storage to preserve the buds’ potent effects and rich flavors.

Similar Marijuana Seeds to Alien Rock Candy

  1. Sour Dubble: As one of the parent strains of Alien Rock Candy, Sour Dubble shares similar genetics. It’s known for its potent effects and unique amazing scent.
  2. Blueberry Diesel: This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that shares a similar sweet and sour flavor profile with Alien Rock Candy.  Its effects also mirror Alien Rock Candy’s, providing a happy, relaxed state that takes you out of a bad mood.
  3. Alien OG: This strain, also from Alien Genetics, is another potent Indica-dominant hybrid. Alien OG has similar effects and is a similar ideal strain to help with mood swings.
  4. Sour Alien: A cross between Sour Dubble and Alien OG, Sour Alien shares many of the same traits as Alien Rock Candy, and is also loved by the cannabis community.
  5. Grape Ape: this is another Indica-dominant strain that could appeal to fans of Alien Rock Candy. Its potential to alleviate stress and mild pains is comparable to that of Alien Rock Candy.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



40% Sativa/60% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Lack of Appetite, Pain


Citrus, Pungent, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Alien Rock Candy Feminized Seeds

  1. Jamarion Bender (verified owner)

    The rock candy aspect is apparent….can you see these crytsals? Looks like this MJ is encased in ICE!
    The yield was great, really easy to work with. Loved pruning and shaping my plants, watering them deep, so on and so forth.
    Growing MJ is a very fulfilling process, everyone should do it. It’s not that hard per se, but it does require committment.

  2. Funky Ferret (verified owner)

    This strain provided me with a deeply relaxing state that helps me feel a nice cerebral head high to easily relax with at the end of the day. With how simple and effectively these plants grew I was happy to repeat this purchase just for the excellent high.

  3. Carla Jackson (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great packaging! A good grow and a good yield, will say this will not be the most beginner friendly experience. As for the strain itself, Alien Rock Candy weed was one of the most powerful yet enjoyable experiences. Potent effects and sweet flavor profile, it’s no wonder why this strain has become so popular among both veteran smokers and beginners alike!

  4. Comet2Crafter (verified owner)

    With its potent effects and unique genetic lineage, this Indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for those seeking relaxation and euphoria. Its beautiful buds and tantalizing flavor profile make it a delight for the senses.

  5. CosmicKnight (verified owner)

    Pacific has great support staff, they led me through quite a few of their seeds, I ended up with this one and got them within days of my order. Great germination from these as all the seeds sprouted. Cannot wait till they’re ready to harvest!

  6. ChroniCavalier82 (verified owner)

    Alien Rock is a powerful indica-dominant strain that delivers a strong and sedative high, making it great for nighttime use. The plants grow well and produce large, frosty buds with a pungent aroma. Highly recommended for experienced smokers looking for a heavy-hitting strain.

  7. Eve Blackwell (verified owner)

    This mj has a real funky fresh flavor. I LOVE the sweet surgary appearance of this weed. Dusted from head to toe in trichomes. It’s a gorgeous plant. Very tall, some of my plants are taller than me! The nug was an easy harvest, but very sticky, gunked up my tools, but that wasn’t problem to me!! I hung the plants upside down for drying and curing. They are looking amazing!

  8. Malik Strong (verified owner)

    So, if you have a large backyard or growing area, then you’ll likely have success wth alien rock candy . This weed really does look like candy when it’s finished growing. It’s super delicious, covered in these sticky white trichomes (that look a lot like sugar). Very strong flavor, kind of tangy and sweet and a little bit earthy. It’s a YUM in my mind! Buy your seeds right here!!

  9. Mariella Hayden (verified owner)

    This dank weed is probably my favorite in the whole universe, and once you grow it for yourself you might feel exactly the same way! Great vibes from this green alien strain, makes my brain feel like it can reach higher planes of existence. It’s a true gem with a LOT of flavor and a very high yield!

  10. Fatema Moody (verified owner)

    Get ROCKED by alien rock candy. This weed is all kinds of awesome with none of the hassle and a very affordable price! Get baked and chill with your friends when you smoke this weed. It’s so nice and easy peazy. It’s like growing a tomato plant, Easy! Just takes a little bit of effort and love and you’ll see this magical flower forming just for you 🙂

  11. Lindsay Velasquez (verified owner)

    When I am feeling tired or anxious, I usually take a few long hits of the alien rock candy. It’s a smooth and earthy strain with some fiery spicy flavor and a harsh smoke. Best reserved for the stoner veterans among us. Takes a skilled hand to cultivate.

  12. Hadi Leech (verified owner)

    The rock candy flavor is what is gonna make your head spin! It’s so sweet I can barely contain myself. The weed is LEGIT easy to grow and I LOVE the feeling that it gets me. I no longer am feeling stressed or anxious. I am Usually relaxed, happy, and focused. Get paid and get laid son.

  13. Cade Thompson (verified owner)

    Never one to smoke TOO much, the alien rock candy suits my needs perfectly. It’s a strong, pungent strain that hits pretty hard, but plateaus nicely and offers me a great sense of euphoria and calm. Never thought I’d have my online weed order shipped right to my front door! The times are a changing, and ordering online is definitely the future!!!

  14. Farzana Madden (verified owner)

    Rock candy has been my favorite for many years. This sweet and uplifting hybrid puts me in a great mood. I smoke it and I instantly feel better than before. I used to suffer from intense panic attacks, and I find that when I smoke this weed before a panic attack happens, I feel much much better. I enjoy working in my garden, getting my hands dirty, and overall just working with mj plants 🙂

  15. Kaydon Vasquez (verified owner)

    Alien rock candy is nice and uplifiting, and it’s pretty straightforward growing as well. I was surprised how easy it was to germinate and grow these seeds. They look amazing in the backyard, and they grow nearly as tall as I am every time! Hope I can finally get my high tunnel set up so I can actually get some work done this winter on securing a stable weed crop for next spring!

  16. Lilianna Frame (verified owner)

    Yum! This weed is sweet and it helps with stress. Gives me a great head buzz, and offers up some amazing energies. High on the indica side of things, this strain is honestly a miracle to behold. It grows to nearly 10′ tall, and it smells super sweet. Great fragrance to add to an herb garden!

  17. Leena Doherty (verified owner)

    Nothing beats the sweet and sour flavor of alien rock candy. Makes for the perfect afternoon smoke, right before taking the dog out for a run or maybe just a leisurely stroll in the park. You gotta try growing indoors. You’ll be amazed to see this weed flower and make some incredible nug for you to smoke, you’ll be very pleased you tried out this weed.

  18. Safaa Cherry (verified owner)

    This weed makes me a real chatterbox. I feel like a social butterfly, and that’s pretty cool. I talk and talk at parties or on the phone to my friends. Not feeling too down or disturbed by the weed, doesn’t cause or exacerbate my depression, and mostly helps me deal with pain and stress from running my own business.

  19. Lily-Grace Cooper (verified owner)

    Alien rock candy is really dope, makes for a sweet flavor that you just are gonna want to try. I never thought I’d be here talking about growing weed, but hey, even old people can enjoy a few joints every once in a while!! LOTS of fun, and never too difficult. I can’t wait to be expanding my indoor grow space to accomodate more plants!!

  20. Rohan Paterson (verified owner)

    I love the sweet and sour taste of this strain….it gives me chills up and down my spine. Perfect for setting up a horror movie in my living room, and getting real scared in the dark! Very pleased with the grow on this weed as well, got nearly tall as me and smells suuuuper funky, it’s like a total dream I can’t believe how well it’s worked out for me!!!

  21. Ursula Pike (verified owner)

    This weed is sour and then it’s sweet, great for passing around a Joint with your buddies and getting real stoned. It’s a giggly strain for sure, makes for a nice vibe when you wanna laugh and have some fun, The pizza I made the other night really helped with the munchies. Very exciting stuff!!

  22. Asa Thatcher (verified owner)

    I am very into alien rock candy….it smells great and it makes me feel like a champ…Pretty nice buy, especially for the price, and the growing time is really pretty fast. One day I was planting in the backyard, the next day, it feels like I am already harvesting. It all just flew by, and I really enjoyed it. Gonna buy more for sure!!!

  23. Amelia-Lily Mckay (verified owner)

    This rock candy is sweeter than heaven and it gives me a great vibe, an absolute wonder, that helps with all kinds of stress and depression. I ordered it online, had it delivered to my home, and watched it grow for months before it became the beautiful mature plant it is today, an absolutely bang-up job!

  24. nugnug (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love rock candy? It’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it’s delicious. Now, imagine if that rock candy could get you stoned in orbital fashion…that’s what this weed is like, it’s super smooth, very sweet, and gets you hella baked. It was a little challenging to grow, but ultimately pretty fun, and I think it’s something I’m gonna do again!

  25. Isaak Travers (verified owner)

    The rock candy part is very apparent with the sweet earthy taste every time you smoke…It’s pretty darn amazing, and it helps me with all kinds of stress and anxiety as well. I really enjoyed burning up these flowers in my new bong, and I find I am doing a pretty damned good job of it too, lol! I am a master grower so this was a piece of cake for me 🙂

  26. Bob’s house (verified owner)

    I used to love rock candy when I was a kid and I definitely am a fan of this weed now that I am an adult! This weed might not be sweet as pure sugar, but it’s pretty solid for the buzz, great in the brain, helpful in the body too, very energizing and provides clarity in my mind. Super tasty though and great for relaxing evenings at home!

  27. Adventure Time (verified owner)

    Rock candy was always my favorite when I was a kid. I loved how crunchy and sweet it was. This weed is very special. It is like very dense and crystalline, probably why they call it rock candy. I smoke this stuff to maintain my levels of chill. I love its relaxing taste and smell, super earthy, super fresh. Great experience, will buy again!

  28. @notnormal (verified owner)

    Treat your sweet tooth to an unexpected surprise with this weed. It’s a delicious blend of earthy, sweet, and spicy flavors and gives you an amazing head and body buzz. I like the taste and smell, definitely enjoy all the euphoria and stress release that comes from smoking it…it’s been pretty good for my depression and makes me wanna smoke more!

  29. Chatterbox (verified owner)

    What a beautiful hybrid strain. Great for dealing with stress and depression and gives off a great yield that lasts for months with proper storage. I got 5 seeds and am spacing out my growing for a constant supply, pretty cool right? I have a nice little indoor grow room in my closet with LED lights and everything, and I always get a great yield with nice, dense nugs. It’s definitely sweet, and has a funky aftertaste that makes it an alien strain for sure. You can’t go wrong with this stuff!

  30. @longlast (verified owner)

    I love having a good green day, and this weed is perfect for the all day smokers like me. It’s great for chilling out at the park or going for a hike, cause it gets me stoned but not CRAZY incapacitated. It’s good for just a light, happy high that motivates me to get outdoors and get some hiking done. It’s not worth growing outdoors though, definitely try for your basement, the yield is much higher and the grow is much simpler, otherwise this stuff can be fickle!

  31. Dumplings (verified owner)

    I used to love rock candy as a child, and this was definitely the strain for me cause I love its sweet funky flavor. Relaxing and laid back, definitely leaning indica and helps with depression anxiety and sleep. I share with my buddies all the time and we just chill, smoke a bowl, watch some Netflix and play video games. It’s like definitely gonna help with your work stress, cause I have a seriously stressful job that I honestly hate and here I am venting about it! All good though, this weed makes all the resentment disappear 🙂

  32. Lexi (verified owner)

    Just got the basement grow space set up. Wanted to try out some new pot seeds. Ordered online and germinated them using a paper towel, very successful plants, look and smell amazing, very tall and colorful, love the flavor too. Nice and sweet, a little earthy. Share this stuff with my girlfriend, she loves it too. Nice for stress and helps with depression. Highly recommend!

  33. Evan Thomas (verified owner)

    Yum yum this stuff is amazing, woohoo! Super glad I ordered this stuff online, it’s been a real dream to grow and to smoke my own herb. It’s got a bright green flower and it tastes sour and then sweeeeet. The buzz is very mild and weird, it offers some great benefits for stress and depression as well, a killer buy!

  34. Dominique W. (verified owner)

    This is a nicely balanced blend, great for relaxation on your days off. It’s a funky grow, a little difficult to get used to at first, but it evens out and things get better. I love the smell and taste of this weed, it’s really sweet like candy and it gets me super duper stoned, great for creative endeavors and perfect for chilling out at night!

  35. Kianna K. (verified owner)

    I feel an affinity for alien rock candy mj: I too like warm, humid temps! Alien rock candy liked it all nice and toasty in my grow space, with 80 degress as it’s ideal temp. Works for me, wish I could live in that grow space too, lol! I grow mj in order to sell it and if I have clients that are concerned about greenout, I advise them to try alien rock C. It won’t overwhelm anyone, but will still give a nice high, so you feel like you get your moneys’ worth (that’s important to me). Have yet to get any complaints about ARC – she’s a winner and a crowd-pleaser!

  36. Sage P. (verified owner)

    A very nicely balanced strain, can be very overpowering, so just take one or two tokes at a time. Grew in my backyard and had some positive results, an excellent yield, plus the dense green and orange nugs look amazing! The weed has a slightly sweet taste, like rock candy lol, and it gets you really high, great in the evenings or on the weekend! Definitely worth the time it takes to grow!

  37. Chelsie Y. (verified owner)

    It’s out of this world? It… rocks? I don’t know what I can say that everyone else hasn’t already said, but this is some good weed. It’s effective but not overpowering, and it was super easy to grow. It was only my second attempt, and the yield was impressive. Will very much order again.

  38. Jewell T. (verified owner)

    I live in a kind of balmy part of the United States so I ordered these seeds for my outdoor grow. Needed pretty little maintenance to get the full yield! Remarkable looking cannabis, trichomes all through the colas with orange pistils that pop when flowering is nearly complete. I’d recommend starting with lower dosage because there seems to be some paranoia associated with it, but other than that it’s a very pleasant experience.

  39. Kiri S. (verified owner)

    This weed is the BOMB. Perfect hybrid for all occasions. The high makes me feel goooooood and makes me very creative. I just love this weed. Bought my seeds from Pacific for the first time and it was first class all the way! They got their shipping DIALED. Delivered to your door FAST. All my seeds popped NO PROBLEM and grew up nice and pretty. Indoor hydroponic grow. High yield. AWESOME SERVICE.

  40. David C. (verified owner)

    Awesome grow with an incredible yield! I got such a great crop from these seeds, my mind is completely blown. The weed is also mind blowing with a sweet candy flavor and pleasing aroma. Kind of a spacey buzz but not too intense. Plants didn’t get too tall which was optimal for my indoor system. Got all five seeds to germinate in record time. Buds were fluffy and sweet smelling. So good. Love this weed. Love Pacific! Great seeds!

  41. Trina E. (verified owner)

    I feel like Goldilocks when it comes to the Alien pot strains: some haven’t been powerful enough for me and others have hit me full-on. Alien Rock Candy was JUST RIGHT. I got a nice buzz in my head but not too powerful that I couldn’t go about my life (and not so weak that I felt I didn’t take anything). The sweet sweet candy smell was PERFECT, like a nice afternoon treat. Growing it was easy too, not much to it. Would order it again absolutely.

  42. Lina R. (verified owner)

    FULL BODY MELT. Honestly, you don’t need a massage or a hot tub if you have this weed around. It’ll relax every muscle in your body until you feel like a puddle of goo. Meanwhile, you can still use your brain and make thoughts. Hahaha, I guess I like to still have a functioning noggin! My plants flowered in just two months and I got a fantastic crop of good bud. Me likey!

  43. T.R. (verified owner)

    I was worried about buying seeds because let’s be honest, I’m not a skilled grower. Heck, I can barely keep a regular house plant alive! But, these seeds are honestly awesome, and you can’t really go wrong growing them – they’re super easy to maintain and grow. Plus, the creative ideas I got after smoking this strain were unreal. My mind wandered to some amazing places. After the mind rush, I just melted into bed and was able to truly relax and rest deeply. If you want creative ideas and great relaxation, this is the strain for you!

  44. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Want to see things from a different perspective? Try smoking Alien Rock Candy. I had insights I couldn’t believe after a few vape hits. Might want to keep a notepad handy so you can remember later what came to your mind. I felt like I could see things from outside of myself, giving me a new perspective on my life. This weed is truly transcendent. Give this strain a chance and see what kind of new ways you can see the world.

  45. Anthony P. (verified owner)

    Love ordering marijuana seeds from Pacific: got an email confirming my order and the delivery to me in Canada was quick.

    I’m giving this three stars because I think I need to get used to how this mj works. It starts working in my head and the feeling was a little weird, like a worm was crawling in my brain. I need to be careful with Alien strains anyway because they tend to be a little strong for me. So, I think I’ll order from PSB again but maybe not the alien rock candy strain, lol!

  46. Leonard J. (verified owner)

    Have an indoor grow operation in SW Oregon, and added this to my list of strains. Bought wholesale from PSB, fast delivery, reliable seeds. Strong germ rate and a solid yield, walked away with around 500 G per plant, which is what I was hoping for. Good seller in retail outlets and a fairly even balanced strain. Don’t smoke mj myself but it’s good business. Will buy again.

  47. Carl Q. (verified owner)

    Friggin love this stuff! It’s the perfect balance between indica and sativa, and has an amazing taste and smell that remind me of the woods! I grew this in my backyard and had a great deal of success I wasn’t even planning on! Plants get really tall and bushy with these bright green nugs that show up in just a few months! Super great for kickin it with friends, playing video games, or just watching the tube before bed. Won’t couch lock you but won’t send your brain into hyperdrive either. A great pot for anytime smoking!

  48. Krista K. (verified owner)

    Haha, I had so many good ideas while I was high on this strain an I was too lazy to write any of them down. That’s Alien Rock Candy in a nutshell. Lots of creativity, no motivation or desire to follow through. Nice full body relaxation and a smooth smoke. Love it!

  49. Bjorn E. (verified owner)

    Have you ever seen that movie Adaptation? This is like that shit they make out of orchids that makes everything wildly fascinating. This weed brings out the fantastic in the most mundane things, I can stare at woodgrain for hours and be completely immersed if that’s what I feel like doing. Short flowering time and (as per instructions) I kept the humidity up which the strain really seemed to like, so overall it was an easy indoor grow with barely any adjustment to my setup. I’d strongly recommend getting these seeds.

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