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Amherst Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Amherst Diesel is an easy hybrid strain to grow and maintain. Its whopping THC levels awaken the brain to boost your energy levels and fill your head with new ideas.

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Prepare to soar higher than ever before with Amherst Diesel marijuana seeds. This strain is 80% sativa, 20% indica with THC levels as staggering as 26%. Amherst Diesel is the perfect daytime strain for anything in need of a serious mental boost, that includes energy, creativity, and motivation.


Sativa lovers won’t be disappointed by this strain, but because of its whopping THC percentage, it’s not recommended to consumers who suffer from paranoia. Amherst Diesel has a way of making your brain race with different thoughts and ideas — perfect for brainstorming, not-so-perfect for a nervous mind.


Another reason to love Amherst Diesel is its smooth growing process. We recommend Amherst Diesel marijuana seeds to all levels of growers, particularity beginners. These plants do well both indoors and outdoors as they’re not picky about their surroundings.

Despite its sativa genetics, this strain flowers over a relatively short 9–10 weeks (which is rare for many sativa varieties). Amherst Diesel marijuana seeds are also easy to maintain, take care of, and trim. When compared to other strains, it’s low maintenance — perfect for growers with a busy schedule.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Fruity, Pungent

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






39 reviews for Amherst Diesel Feminized Seeds

  1. Rosario Goldstein (verified owner)

    Amherst diesel….god buy for a low price. Hits me right where I want it….between the eyes! Opens the 3rd eye and gives me a ton of great insight. I am so proud of my grow….it’s tall, bushy, and absolutely the freshest weed on the planet. I can’t believe how nice it all is!! 500 G is the perfect harvest, stays fresh and lasts me for months!

  2. Rachel V. (verified owner)

    Easy to grow, this is perfect for a newbie grower like me. I always love to find easier strains to grow because I don’t have a green thumb lol All my seeds were fresh and germinated in about 4 days. After that, I planted outside since I live in a good climate for it. They flowered in about 9 weeks, so that was perfect for me. 10/10

  3. Galaxy4Gazer (verified owner)

    Amherst Diesel Feminized Seeds are an excellent choice for those seeking a powerful sativa strain with high THC levels. With its energizing effects, this strain is perfect for boosting creativity and motivation. The smooth growing process makes it suitable for growers of all levels, and the relatively short flowering time is a bonus.

  4. Jaylene Booker (verified owner)

    Love me a fresh bowl of amherst diesel….it really sparks the creative energies. I usually smoke a bowl of this and then work on some poetry or music. I love the way it makes me feel…light, bubbly, and happy!

  5. EcoExplorer (verified owner)

    Great choice for a new grower. Very reliable and easy to work with in the garden….even does well among the other plants. Perfect smell and taste….and a really delightful buzz!

  6. Lia Mcfarland (verified owner)

    Yo, I just picked a weed at random cause I just don’t know much about MJ tbh. The customer service crew was super cool about helping me get my growing started and the blogs on this site were also helpful. Much to my surprise, I was able to secure 400 G of pot from 5 plants over 3 months. Perfect summer project and the chicks LOOOoooove it!!

  7. GreenGuerrilla82 (verified owner)

    Amherst Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that delivers an energizing high perfect for daytime use. The buds are dense and sticky, with notes of diesel and citrus. Easy to grow and a great choice for those looking for a productive and creative boost.

  8. Arlo Hackett (verified owner)

    This weed reminds me of living in Boston. The harsh, acrid, almost acidic taste of the weed reminds me of the harsh diesel nug I was smoking out in that direction of the country. I am a Cali resident now, and I love the climate out here. It’s been a successful grow, and definitely worthy of my time.
    Get your nug right here. Pacific has the best selection, and a truly helpful staff!

  9. Macauly Floyd (verified owner)

    I like amherst diesel for its pungent smell and powerful buzz. It’s best to smoke it in the afternoon for some late-day energy boost and creativity. Perfect for the evenings too, when you’re hanging out with homies and need a few good laughs. Definitely stimulates the appetite, so I tend to smoke it before cooking dinner!

  10. Julius Rivera (verified owner)

    WOW this weed is awesome. It has that west coast flavor that hits me in just the right ways. I bought 10 seeds online and had them shipped to my home. They were very nicely packaged and look like tiny pebbles in my hand. If you need a good summer project, why not consider growing some weed? I guarantee it’ll make you a happy clam, and it will create some AWESOME weed!!

  11. Emrys Carr (verified owner)

    Breaks down the mental blocks in your mind, lets light and creativity flow through. I feel I am my best self on this weed. It’s a great tasting weed, looks nice and yellow, and has gorgeous green buds. Ordering online was simple and the shipping times were extra fast! Either way, really impressed by what this company is offering.

  12. Simran Holding (verified owner)

    So much color and flavor to this weed, it almost transcends the title of “weed”, but at the other end it hits me pretty hard, gets me baked, and puts me right in my place. I usually smoke at night to settle down with a good movie or a book. Have to say it’s feeling pretty good so far, and I will probably grow again!

  13. Amanpreet Reed (verified owner)

    Amherst diesel is a strong and substantive marijuana. A very colorful strain with a heavy head buzz similar to having a cup of coffee. Interesting grow, a few pest problems but other than that was pretty straightforward. Pacific never lets me down, their prices are the best in town and their seeds ship fast and almost always germinate.

  14. Sapphire Cordova (verified owner)

    I LOVE Amherst Diesel! This strain is amazingly sweet and colorful and complex. It has a mellow high that makes me feel so happy, it puts a smile on my face and makes me kinda hungry too. I bought just 3 seeds online but they were productive no doubt. I highly suggest giving it a shot!!

  15. Evan Oneill (verified owner)

    Suuuper mellow strain…mellow and YELLOW! The flower on this weed is a bright lime green and neon yellow, it’s so bright it almost hurts my eyes. I find that indica strains are easier to grow and they always yield an impressive amount. I love Pacific cause their online ordering is pretty solid, and it’s helpful to speak directly with customer service!

  16. Chenai Norris (verified owner)

    I am all about amherst diesel. It’s sooooo nice to smoke and feel good about. I get HIGH AF every time I smoke. I love this weed mostly cause it’s VERY pungent and it is so sticky that it rolls the perfect joints and spliffs! I have turned into such a weed snob, and I am so thrilled to see this stuff coming up so beautifully in my backyard!!

  17. Samia Newton (verified owner)

    Yellow and fluffy and an absolute gem. Love some amherst D. Reminds me of my days in Queens, walking around downtown and getting baked a little bit at a time. Finally growing my own stuff, a real dream come true, made possible by the good folks over at Paciifc seeds!

  18. Nazifa Cano (verified owner)

    I like the amherst stuff cause it’s a great middle of the road strain, I prefer it to other strains cause it’s mostly pretty easy growing and it makes me smile!!! I bought my seeds online and got em shipped to my place in WA so I could start growing right away. You’d be amazed how many friends you will make once they realize you’re growing MJ. It’s a pretty great way to meet new people!!

  19. Chantal Workman (verified owner)

    Amherst is a new weed for me…never thought I’d try this out for myself, but growing weed is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never feel like I am falling flat or having a bad day when I smoke this. It’s a good time every time. I like being able to harfvest it from my garden and hang it out to dry. Very nice to have this weed in my life!

  20. Kaitlyn Mansell (verified owner)

    I was shocked by how much weed I got from my grow…only 3 seeds and I basically have a BUCKET full of weed. The vibes are intense, but not overwhelming. You’ll feel your arms tingling, and your fingers going numb…and your head will feel nice and light…an absolute gem. Reminds me when I was a pot head in New York!

  21. Cody Bond (verified owner)

    Yeah this weed is top notch quality with a hint of mystery and badassery lol. I ordered it online and just started growing it in my backyard and just did the best I could I kinda took a shot in the dark with this one cause it’s def new to me to grow marijuana on my own time, but wowwww it came out so good and the weed smells hella fresh yo!

  22. Chandni Hail (verified owner)

    This stuff is wild and wonderful, makes the world feel all spinny and makes me feel really jumpy and fun. I ordered it online, had it shipped to my place and then planted it all in the backyard in my little makeshift garden bed. Pretty great buy, especially for the price, and definitely good if you’re brand new to the world of weed 🙂

  23. jack i (verified owner)

    I was really thrilled to have this weed in my back pocket this morning. Smoking this joint during my lunch break was fantastic. I was really pleased with how clear-headed it made me feel and also very satisfied with the grow itself, very reliable and pretty darn fun!

  24. faith085 (verified owner)

    Wowza! This weed is literally packed with THC, you will definitely scratch the itch with this stuff, cause it gets you super blazed and keeps me firmly planted on my couch. I am a lazy stoner, I admit, but my gf is kind enough to do most of the growing while I play video games. Great stuff from Pacific!!

  25. Your Best Pal (verified owner)

    Amherst diesel is a nice strain with some seriously strong flavor!!! It’s like smoking a tailpipe lol, but it’s waaaay better than that cause the buzz is just amazing, it makes me feel bright and happy and gets me stoned in ways I have never been before. Well worth the effort, it saves you soooo much $$$!

  26. Dragonfly (verified owner)

    This weed i bet is the weed that they are smoking in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. Like It’s super west coast, and it gives a great relaxing flavor. I smoke it to maintain my santiy, and I highly recommend you doing the same. I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered right to my door. It’s a super exciting and yellow-colored weed. Makes me smile every time. Try it for yourself!

  27. porqueno (verified owner)

    Ready to have your head smashed in with a wrecking ball…but in a good way? You’ll be thrilled to try this weed…makes a great backyard grow or even in the basement. Very strong fat buds that are super sticky and smell just like heaven. I am new to the weed growing life but I definitely wanna try to get better at it!

  28. Parker Ranger (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever smoked diesel weed, then you know it’s got the most amazing flavor of any weed out there. This one is especially flavorful with its delicious diesel flavor and amazing lemony scent. I smoke it almost every night as I am driving my car around LA. It’s so relaxing watching the beach fly by and the neon lights glittering in the night sky. It’s perfect for those with anxiety and depression and makes for an excellent buzz after work. You won’t regret growing this weed!

  29. E-Class (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a fan of the diesel strains. Something about the way they smell and taste really does it for me, gives me a great mind boost and relaxes my body, never really makes me feel groggy or tired either, just relaxed. Plus it’s a really fun grow, gets a nice yield when you do it right and has a wonderful earthy diesel lemon smell. Great for stress and depression. I highly recommend!

  30. Coolaid Man (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck. This weed produces a ton in the backyard and makes for a great summer grow! It’s pretty impressive stuff, very strong and pungent, not for the faint of heart. This weed definitely has that signature diesel smell, and it packs a serious THC punch, luckily it’s on the sativa side of things, and that’s a pretty nice vibe. It wakes me up and doesn’t get me down, plus I have enough to last me all winter!

  31. udhfuw (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a fan of diesel strains, there’s just something about the smell and the high that makes me feel like this weed is superior to other strains. Either way, this was a real treat to grow, nice and easy in an indoor space with great yield and early harvest. Have a nice stash, maybe a few Oz. to draw from now. Love sharing this with my friends. It’s a really killer social weed. Definitely will be back for more!

  32. Natalya Conkling (verified owner)

    This is some excellent weed! Truly Grade A stuff and some of the best weed I have grown to date. I have a nice greenhouse in the backyard where I grow my stuff, this stuff really took to the soil and grew super fast! The yield was impressive, probably around 500 g per plant! The smell and taste are classic and the buzz is wicked strong and good on the brain. Love this stuff!

  33. Danilo N (verified owner)

    If you need some chilled out vibes on a friday night, make it the amherst diesel. Trust me, when this stuff is fresh, there’s nothing better in the world! Great yellow and green buds and super fluffy stuff that will make you want to chill out and forget your worries. Fun to grow and hella great to share with friends!

  34. Norman D. (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quick delivery and professionalism of Pacific Seeds. I’ve dealt with some bozos in the marijuana business and Pacific is not one of those, thank God. They know their stuff and treat their customers with respect.

    I’m giving Amherst Diesel just a bit of a lower star rating because that high THC level is no joke! I thought I could handle that high of a THC but now I’m more wary. My mind kept racing and racing and it just didn’t send me to a good place. Oh, well. I gave the rest of this strain to a friend who said it gave him the best high of his life. To each their own, ha ha. Amherst D was easy to grow so Dan can grow his own Amherst next time, lol.

  35. Geoff H. (verified owner)

    I hadn’t ever heard of this weed, but the Pacific rep recommended it to me when I told her what I was looking for to treat my medical symptoms. However, I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who gets paranoid when they smoke weed. This would not be your favorite. But for me, it does a really great job lifting my mood, (I get depressed a lot) helps with pain and gets my creative juices flowing. Thanks for the good recommendation Pacific!

  36. Corbin E. (verified owner)

    A HEFTY sativa strain, really wakes up the mind and body and gets you in the mood to tackle your day, whatever that may entail. Have been growing weed for a number of years and have always enjoyed this strain for how easy it is to grow and maintain. Always surprised how much nug these plants produce. If you do it right you can get like 600 grams of weed which is really great bang for your buck. I smoke this in the morning to get my on my feet, helps with mood and really mediates depression, not only that but its great if you have a headache or muscle pains as well. A great weed overall for beginners or more seasoned smokers!

  37. Rosa E. (verified owner)

    Such a great deal, especially if you love diesel strains like me. This is the best producing diesel I’ve grown so far, and I’ve been growing weed for many years now The trichomes are huge and look yellow and white like popcorn, and the weed is very pungent, smelling obviously like diesel. Great smoke as well, very uplifting and fun, but also very strong!

  38. Jesse K. (verified owner)

    Probably the most potent weed I have ever smoked. One hit off this stuff and I am flying!! Have been growing mj for some time now, grew this variety in the backyard and no joke got 900 G of marijuana. I am literally swimming in this stuff. It’s crazy! The plants were easy to cultivate and the trichomes look a lot like little popcorn balls, smells amazing and tastes pretty sour (in a good way!) Wouldn’t recommend this strain to novice smokers, it’s waaaaay too strong!

  39. Daryl V. (verified owner)

    I started these seeds just before I left for Mexico for the winter. I left my housemate in charge of watering and feeding them, and given the fact that he’s a complete moron, I still got a great harvest. So I guess the lesson here is, doesn’t matter how little you know about growing mj, you can definitelty get some bud from this weed regardless of your level of ability. And the weed is good so def order yourself some!

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