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Blue Diamond Feminized Seeds

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A cross between Diamond OG and Blue Dream, this delicious, fruity strain offers a moderately high THC level that will deliver a relaxing, cheerful lift.

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Who doesn’t love a little bit of bling? Covered with sticky, crystalline resin, the leaves of your Blue Diamond marijuana plants will shine bright like, well, a diamond!  

A hybrid in every sense of the word, Blue Diamond marijuana boasts 50% genetics from both its indica and sativa heritage. You’ll experience a powerful stimulation that’s balanced out by the calming sedation of its indica roots.

Quick on the draw, Blue Diamond is fast-acting, with patients noting effects set in mere seconds after smoking it. The high starts out emotional, offering a bright euphoria and happiness that some have claimed can also improve focus and clarity. Bare in mind that too much of a good thing will leave you feeling a bit confused, so exercise caution when playing with this potent strain. Over time, the cheerful happiness you first experience will melt into a relaxation that eases muscle tension for a sweet, blissful rest.

Blue Diamond has a surprisingly fruity fragrance, like a tropical drink, all its missing is the tiny umbrella! Notes of pineapple and traces of berries are most common, which you’ll notice in the flavor as well.

Blue Diamond marijuana seeds are hearty and can grow well both indoors and out. Though it expresses itself with purple-hued buds, you may want to bring it in if the weather turns cold. Beginner gardeners can hope to harvest a relatively decent yield after the standard eight-week flowering period.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






39 reviews for Blue Diamond Feminized Seeds

  1. J. Stewart (verified owner)

    Blue Diamond has been at the top of my wish list for a minute, so I was glad I found them here. I’m a long-time customer, and I can say for a fact they have some of the best prices around. I also love the options of having different size seed packs. Whether I want a small yield or a large one, there’s always a size to get.

  2. Robin Greer (verified owner)

    A great high thc strain, love the fruity taste, which i don’t normally say about weed. Throwing this one in my edibles has been great. I did have some difficulties growing this one. Would say if you are a beginner it may be harder to sustain this. It’d resilience outdoors seemed a bit touch and go but all in all i still got a solid yield out of this.

  3. Yun-Seo Park (verified owner)

    This hybrid strain is like a tropical vacation in a joint with its fruity aroma and taste. The high hits you almost instantly, making you feel uplifted and happy. But be careful not to overdo it, or you might get a little confused. Once the initial euphoria wears off, you’ll sink into a blissful relaxation that melts away any tension.

  4. Brittney Butler (verified owner)

    I liked how relaxed I felt off this strain, really cheerful and uplifting and has helped me enjoy my time after work. I would say the harvest size was quite good as well and I got a lot of great buds from this strain.

  5. Marina Merritt (verified owner)

    This hybrid strain gave me a nice happy and relaxed feeling, perfect for winding down after a long day. The earthy, fruity, and sweet tastes were a pleasant surprise. The plants were easy to care for and yielded a decent amount of buds. Would recommend for intermediate growers looking for a solid strain.

  6. Ruben Hudson (verified owner)

    Help me help you. You need weed right? And you want the best right? Well, blue diamond is a truly magnificent strain that has helped me stay positive and focused for many days on end. My work ethic has improved dramatically, so has my creativity. Beautiful weed will make you love life even more, and you will definitely appreciate the sweet flavors and interesting buzz.
    4/5 stars cause I wanted my yields a little bigger but that just means I need to grow indoors next time.

  7. Jedd Simmons (verified owner)

    A very visually appealing strain that makes any afternoon feel like a trip to paradise. Blue diamond, when it’s ready to harvest, looks like a blue gem found deep in a mine. It’s blue color and very thick trichomes make it an extremely attractive plant, and one that makes you wanna smoke it like all day long!

  8. Kyan Maguire (verified owner)

    My blue diamond is something to behold. Look at these amazing nugs. They are as big and as beautiful as I could have imagined. A sweet-tasting and low-key buzz. Great for smoking with your morning coffee, and DEFINITELY a sweet and tasty treat!

  9. Mateo Prince (verified owner)

    Makes any diamond in real life pale by comparison. This hybrid indica is what slows me down at the end of the day, puts me in a “home” mood, cooking dinner, playing music or video games, you know the good stuff. I don’t do all the growing myself admittedly, my wife does much when I am away at work, but we both enjoy smoking it together.

  10. Diesel Southern (verified owner)

    Haven’t come across this strain on most websites. But this was a good buy, easy to grow at home, usually a pretty sturdy harvest. Opens up my senses, my chakras, and allows energy to flow from my body. Haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever.

  11. Rhea Tierney (verified owner)

    Blue dream is the gift of gab. When I smoke this I literally cannot stop talking. I love how it helps me with social anxiety and depression. It’s a great buy for the price, always looks great and smells pretty good too. It’s usually a yield in the hundreds of grams, more than I could ever afford at the dispensary.

  12. Madelaine Handley (verified owner)

    Whoever says weed isnt medicine is obviously not smoking the blue diamond. I bought 5 seeds online, got them shipped to my land, and then put them right in that highly amended soil. Looking great! Tall as I am! Nearly ready to harvest, the flowers are deeply green and colorful. I am excited for trimming but gotta make sure my tools don’t gunk up like last time haha.

  13. Sama Fulton (verified owner)

    Creates the best resin on the edge of the bowl, can smoke it for days on end and never feel like I have had enough. But it’s a nice mellow strain, great for beginner smokers and growers, with some nice crystalized nugs to be proud of. I am not a master gardener here, but I still feel like I am doing pretty well. My weed is looking like a professional, and that’s cause PSB has great advice!!!

  14. Kacey Wyatt (verified owner)

    Blue diamond is as fierce as it is subtle. The tastes linger in your mouth and in your throat for hours, feeling like cool mint. The buzz takes you on a relaxing journey to paradise, and the body sensations make you feel like your whole center is vibrating. It’s something clean and blue and special…and only for you!

  15. Nadir Riley (verified owner)

    There’s some high quality merchandising going on here…Some real nice marijuana, very easy growing, and these seed packets are like medical sealed glass or something cause the seeds stay good for freaking ever!!! Definitely got my fill, nearly 800 Grams sound good to you? Get it together and buy some pot seeds from PSB!

  16. Dua Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Blue diamond is a radical time, makes me sweat a lil bit, and it also keeps me from getting too stressed out. I grew in some really rough soil but these plants came up and thrived anyway. I feel much more accomplished now, and less nervous, and very excited to grow more. I have an acct with Pacific and they’re always having great deals.

  17. Libbie Rhodes (verified owner)

    Yeah blue diamond is really dope…it’s so chill I can’t believe how well this turned out. I burned through my stash really fast!!! I had to buy more right away and clear more space in my garden. It was like a mad dash to greatness, and now I am just living the absolute DREAM!!!

  18. Tamzin Lowe (verified owner)

    Blue diamond is like the water…it’s so calm and very deep…it’s only toiling at the surface….I like the way this weed makes me feel, like a spiritual being. I can meditate for hours on this strain, exceptionally good on weekday nights when it’s time to get stoned and live your life to the fullest. Excited for more pot seeds with PSB!

  19. Jean-Luc Chandler (verified owner)

    Blue diamond is all kinds of rad and it makes my mind feel super clean and wonderful like you just scrubbed it clean with a sponge or something and I wanna buy more weed right now cause it feels pretty amazing to just keep smoking dope you grow yourself at homeeeee! It’s got a beautiful blue-green color like the ocean 🙂

  20. Callam Cox (verified owner)

    Blue diamond is a real treat, it has a very sweet and relaxing vibe to it, and it helps me deal with all the stress from my job. Don’t be a school teacher lol, no pain and a lot of noisy kids!!! Either way, growing weed is a very nice way to cut down on expenses and have some high quality bud in your life 🙂

  21. Vanessa Li (verified owner)

    I got 3 seeds and started each of them individually. They did super well in my backyard, grew to epic proportions in my little garden bed and now I am just swimming in fresh pot!! Great vibes too, has a wonderful smell and taste and I just can’t get enough. Definitely worth it though, you will not be disappointed!

  22. dan bean (verified owner)

    Oooo so pretty! I was so amazed at the colors on this weed plant, makes everything seem more vibrant and beautiful around it too, so your garden will definitely benefit. It smells super sour and a little earthy, absolutely gorgeous and well worth the effort. I think you’ll have a great time, if you just order it noww

  23. Hanna’s Pond (verified owner)

    This one is a real gem…pun intended! I ordered my seeds online through this site and was surprised just how easy it was, they showed up at my doorstep in just over a week, which was really great. I am very excited for this grow…it’s been going really well so far and everything is turning out super nicely. I’ll write back when it’s time to harvest!!!

  24. Rider (verified owner)

    It truly is a diamond in the rough….has a nice green-blue color and makes a very nice grow in your backyard. Definitely my afternoon smoke of choice and the delivery time just can’t be beat! Love this stuff!

  25. Monks Delight (verified owner)

    Yep definitely a good buy that helps with stress and anxiety and gives off a great smell. It’s an easy grow, gets you really stoned and makes you feel like dancing or cooking or whatever. I smoke it to maintain my buzz on life otherwise I get really depressed! I am an avid gardener and this was a great strain for me to add to my collection!

  26. My Turn (verified owner)

    Everybody likes diamonds, just not everybody knows that blue diamond weed is even better! I feel very lucky to have stumbled on this strain. It gave me a great way to occupy my time during the summer, and it made some absolutely amazing flower. I got myself nearly 500 grams of weed from 3 plants, more than enough to last me into the winter. I like the smell and taste of this especially, sour and earthy, and definitely good for stress and relaxation. Give it a try, you’ll love it I’m sure!

  27. foggy (verified owner)

    If you like the color blue, then you’ll probably dig the appearance of this weed. It’s super easy to grow and produces a LOT of nug in a short period of time. It’s a strong strain, helps with headaches and depression and gives me a strong earthy smell when I smoke it outta my bong. It’s definitely got a blue and green color to it, pretty impressive just to look at. I share with my buddies and we watch football. Worth it every time!

  28. Water Works (verified owner)

    Gosh what a dreamy weed! I love smoking this stuff in the evening and just floating around in my own mind. It’s great for artists, gives me excellent creative thoughts and makes me wanna just paint all night long. I am very happy I went for this stuff. I am not much of a grower, but I was able to manage this plant nicely, and got a very respectable yield! I also enjoyed perusing PSB’s online catalog, which is so amazing, it’s like Christmas came early!

  29. Hybernater (verified owner)

    It’s pretty cool looking at this plant. it’s got all these hairs and crystals and a very pretty blue-green color, like the ocean. I got a nice yield off these plants, nearing 800 grams from all 3, which will easily last me through the winter. I’m a return customer, have been shopping online with PSB for a little while now, always a stellar collection, and fast delivery too. I appreciate how helpful their customer service team is at resolving any issues with my order. It’s been great ordering pot seeds online, I’ll definitely buy again!

  30. emma bovine (verified owner)

    I’ll just come out and say it, I had an eating disorder in the past and need some help regulating my appetite these days and like the mj strains that give me the munchies. I got 3 seeds from pacific and grew them out back, no problems with germination and a pretty easy grow too, not a bad strain if you’re a beginner either. Got a solid yield, maybe 400 g per plant, and the weed itself tastes wonderful, very fruity and earthy, yummm! Has been great for my appetite and mood!

  31. Victor Boyles (verified owner)

    A really nicely balanced hybrid, excellent for daytime use, especially in the afternoon. I smoke this after work usually for my bike ride home. It’s excellent and delicious and offers some amazing mental benefits, like a better mood and increased focus, plus my depression just melts away. Definitely will be back for more!

  32. Randy Ho (verified owner)

    This weed sure is a diamond in the rough. It’s super easy to grow, to weed, to cultivate and to harvest. Ordered my seeds online with PSB and had them delivered right to my door. It’s super fun to do this on your own. You’ll love the smell and the taste of this stuff, plus you’ll enjoy how relaxing it is, great for headaches!

  33. Carl W. (verified owner)

    Boy if I haven’t found a better weed in years! This is some of the dankest herb around, and it’s super easy to grow! PSB has an amazing selection and this one is hard to beat! It’s a great yield and offers a lot of good growing experience. It’s also a really pleasant high, not too crazy in the head or body and it keeps you feeling great for hours! So fruity and relaxing!

  34. Jarvis W. (verified owner)

    Such a pleasant strain of mj. I love how balanced the high is, not too strong on the indica or sativa front, and doesn’t leave you feeling wicked tired or depressed. In fact I find this weed to be very helpful with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Something about the lovely sweet taste of the smoke just puts a smile on my face and elevates my mood. It’s a great rainy day weed, looking out your window and reading a book, it’s a nice companion to have around when you’re feeling blue, a diamond in the rough for sure!

  35. Christian L. (verified owner)

    I live in Seattle and I work a stressful job with a long commute. After I’ve sat in traffic for an hour, all I want to do is smoke some Blue Diamond and relax. I grew this with some help from a friend. It was a little more technical than I was used to but I’m glad I gave it a try. I learned a lot and in the end I got a full yield of what has become my favorite mj to smoke. For the low price of these seeds its truly amazing how much weed you get. You’ll never go back to buying it in a store, that’s for sure.

  36. Jerome O. (verified owner)

    Nice, dense, purpley buds throughout covered in awesome crystals. Starts off really sativa feeling and slowly eases its way into indica based relaxation and it has a really nice fruity pineapple type scent. I brought the temps down in my indoor grow right around the time it started to flower so I got a really nice blue and purple hue on the leaves of the plant. I read that bringing temps down on this particular strain doesn’t affect potency or yield it just makes the plant look real nice and I got just that out of it. Easy to grow otherwise!

  37. Chelsea S. (verified owner)

    Delicious bud! Plus it looks and smells great too, kind of like pine and berries. Yummmmm 🙂 I let my bf do the growing cause I’m lazy, but I watched him do it LOL and it seemed pretty easy. I ordered the seeds online from PSB and that was super easy too! This weed keeps me awake and alert but also super chill at the same time, it’s the best of both worlds and me and my bf love to smoke this on weekends together. So much fun!

  38. Gibson H. (verified owner)

    Blue Diamond should be called Delicious Fruity Awesome Treat! My friends all like pot with an earthy taste, but I favor a more fruity pot taste and blue diamond is the best. I like to buy a large order of seeds so I don’t have to worry about running out. Love ordering from Pacific Seeds – they always get my order right and ship it to me in Canada without any issues. Also, not only is blue diamond’s high pretty great, but it even alleviates the pain in my hands. Wins all around!

  39. Donavan B. (verified owner)

    Super awesome harvest! Really impressed with how much weed I got from these seeds! Of course it helped that all of the seeds I ordered actually germinated. I’m so tired of ordering seeds and not having them all actually pop. It’s happened to me a ton of times with other seed companies but not Pacific. These guys are legit!

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