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Blue Dragon Feminized Seeds

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Blue Dragon marijuana seeds yield vibrant buds with 24% THC, offering an intense euphoria and body buzz. Caution for first-timers; easy cultivation for beginners, with flowering in 8-9 weeks

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Blue Dragon Bdr

Blue Dragon marijuana seeds produce beautiful green and purple hued buds, reminiscent of dragon scales, and fiery orange pistils that hint at the strain’s potency. Topping out at 24% THC, you won’t need a suit of armor to vanquish Blue Dragon, but it surely isn’t for the faint of heart.

A delicious indica-dominant hybrid, Blue Dragon marijuana boasts an intense euphoria and heavy body buzz, delivered on a puff of sweet and sour smoke.

If it isn’t already, Blue Dragon is about to become your favorite strain, if not for its effects then for the tantalizing flavors of berry and pungency of sour diesel. Blue Dragon can tend to be a bit harsh, though, and if it’s your first time testing the dragon, exercise caution!

Blue Dragon marijuana seeds are generally easy to grow, so beginners should feel comfortable successfully cultivating these fat, green buds, which you can expect to be done flowering within 8-9 weeks.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat



Blueberry, Diesel, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






45 reviews for Blue Dragon Feminized Seeds

  1. Kevin French (verified owner)

    Tasty…..pretty sweet and a little spicy too….has like an incense smell and a very buzzy, kinda magical high. Good for having a mid-afternoon escape….puts me in a really good mood, and generally just keeps me going. I am not an expert grower, I learned a LOT from reading over the blogs and asking customer service some questions. Generally pretty happy with how nice the results came out! 500 G of sweet sweet MJ!

  2. Bella Steele (verified owner)

    Blue Dragon requires some skill but don’t let that run you off because this strain is more than worth it. It grows great in hot and humid environments and since I happen to live in one of those states, it was perfect for me. The buds were nice and dense and so full-bodied. I loved the flavor and aroma, which is sweet and tastes like blueberries.

  3. Rania El-Sayed (verified owner)

    The buds were absolutely beautiful, with their green and purple hues. And the taste? Oh my, it was like a burst of sweet berries and pungent diesel. But the best part was the effects. It hit me with an intense euphoria and a heavy body buzz, relieving me of my chronic pain. If you’re looking for a strain that packs a punch, Blue Dragon is definitely the one to try!

  4. Destinee Mays (verified owner)

    A highly complex strain….a beautiful mix of THC and a kick of CBD…..then the magical split between indica and sativa…..a hybrid worthy of legend. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before planting.

    This strain is fickle and prefers very specific growing conditions. Best in central and southern USA….loves the heat, needs humidity….generally requires pruning and shaping for max yields.

  5. Eric Michael (verified owner)

    This was amazing for my joint pains. I have a lot of inflammation issues and this straign hit these aches hard. Rather strong so if you aren’t an avid smoker i recommend against this one. Solid grow at a solid price though. If you need something to aleviate pains this is a great choice.

  6. NatureNurturer (verified owner)

    Bright and tasty blue dragon kills of the depression and anxiety and just puts me in an exceptional mood.
    I just wish I was a better grower. Luckily there’s great growing advice on the blog!

  7. StarStriker (verified owner)

    Found myself feeling very uplifted and cheery after smoking this strain. I grew this over the course of 8 weeks and got a good amount of weed from it. The seeds all germinated and I was quite happy with the quality of seeds from Pacific Seed Bank.

  8. MysticDragon (verified owner)

    I managed to grow this within 9 weeks and the seeds were amazing. Easy care routine that did not require much work, the high from this strain is very nice and calming, really enjoyed it. The amount of weed it grew was also quite good, I was overall hapy with this great experience.

  9. Aydin Bailey (verified owner)

    I suffer from some pretty intense joint pain. It’s arthritis to the max….and I am NOT a fan!!!
    Buying online and growing my weed at home was a great investment of time. I am feeling very positive, upbeat, and excited.
    My joint pain hasn’t disappeared but when I feel a flare up on the way, the symptoms feel a lot more manageable.
    Thanks Pacific for these great seeds!

  10. 420tesla (verified owner)

    Blue Dragon is a wonderful strain that left me feeling happy and relaxed. The sweet blueberry and diesel taste was very pleasant. The plants were easy to grow and produced a nice yield. Perfect for those looking for pain relief and a calming high.

  11. Kiki Newton (verified owner)

    This powerful, uplifting, intense strain has helped me deal with my anxiety and depression like nothing else will. I was honestly just surprised to see it growing as well as it did in my backyard. It’s beautiful, straight up! I can’t wait for the next batch, but I am going to have to wait until next summer Ughhhh!

  12. Garrett Warner (verified owner)

    Blue dragon is great for treating various pains and illnesses. When my arthritis is acting up, smoking this weed not only puts me in a good mood mentally, it soothes the pain in my wrists. I enjoy growing mj as a hobby, and I also appreciate how reliably my seeds germinate. Pacific is a great way to get involved in weed cultivation. It’s a great community of growers across the USA!

  13. Benjamin Hampton (verified owner)

    Even though dragons are fantasy beasts, they make for an alluring name for marijuana. This weed produces blue, crystalline flowers, almost like the scales of a Dragon! It’s a challenging grow, especially outdoors, but NO regrets! I learned so much from giving it a go, and from following the awesome blogs and growing tips on this site. Definitely a successful grow, with hundreds of little BB sized flower. Yay!!!

  14. Zane Forrest (verified owner)

    So powerful it sometimes puts me right to sleep, thank goodness. Been a big proponent of this strain for many years. I think now I am finally ready to get my little grow operation off the ground. I know I’ll be able to finance with Pacific seeds. Their wholesale rates are bonkers, plus their germination rate usually tops 90%. Feeling very confident about working in tandem with this company 🙂

  15. Nyah Jackson (verified owner)

    Damn nothing bites the hangover in the butt quite like Blue dragon. It’s a good smoke and helps with headaches, body aches, and depression. Never thought I’d be growing my own weed at home, but here I am, being a total badass, and that’s only because I decided to purchase this strain online!!

  16. Siobhan Wood (verified owner)

    Been a fan of blue dragon ever since I started growing my own weed back in the 90’s. a VERY relaxing and uplifting strain. Perfect for weekends and after work. Has a light blue HUE that makes it shine in the sunlight, it’s truly magnificent, and I highly recommend smoking it yourself!

  17. Muneeb Strickland (verified owner)

    I was pretty down over the last year, and starting my own local weed growing operation has never been better. I love working outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, and smelling the fresh weed on my fingers. It’s been awesome getting to watch these plants grow at my own hand. Feeling very fortunate. Great site will buy more!!

  18. Traci Webber (verified owner)

    The first wave of this weed hits you nice and slow. Gives me a great sense of relief when it creeps up my spine, and hits me in the lungs man….I feel like passing out, sometimes that’s a good thing sometimes not. Got like a good vibe from this weed, but my girlfriend grew it for me haha. She knows I am such a stoner.

  19. Kabir Bevan (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest here and say that this is my hangover strain. I work at a bar and sometimes…well you kinda get drunk with your customers and that’s pretty fun but nobody likes a hangover in the morning. It’s been a good way of battling the dreaded headache, and gives me a sweet energy that helps me get outta bed haha!

  20. Can Woodard (verified owner)

    This is some fiiiiine weed, top notch and also somehow easy to grow? Idk how Pacific does it, but their fem and auto seeds always seem to germ perfectly and have never failed to produce results. Blue dragon especially….wow what an awesome buy, so relaxing and smells like a blueberry bush!!

  21. Viktoria Bradshaw (verified owner)

    I wanted a strain that would send me out of this world and into another universe. I was happy with the blue dragon. It’s a fierce looking plant just burgeoning with sticky blue-green flower. I don’t really know much about weed, but I am very happy with this strain and what it offers me. I think I could get pretty experienced just by growing this strain.

  22. Youssef Burn (verified owner)

    Blue is really the color of this weed!!! It’s so good and it smells like the forest!!! I am really a big fan of the indica world. Makes me feel nice and relaxed. I don’t care for sativa because It mostly just makes me feel relaxed and not all jittery and stressed out. Sometimes it even helps me fall into a peaceful sleep. Pacific is such a clutch decision.

  23. Chelsy Kumar (verified owner)

    I was jonesing for some weed seeds and found these online….Got a pretty nice little yield from these babies…they look absolutely fantastic…growing so big I can’t keep track of them…sometimes I even forget I planted weed and then I remember…glad these plants are so strong, they really care for themselves…truly can’t wait for the next harvest!

  24. Emilio Yoder (verified owner)

    Blue dragon is the best weed I have ever smoked and it helps me manage my stress, and I love the way it makes me feel and I just can’t get enough. I grew it all at home, right at home!!! So convenient and even a little bit fun, and you get weed at the end of it all!

  25. Kayleigh Watkins (verified owner)

    Blue dragon is a very magical strain…it’s got a NICE vibe, and a very sweet flavor, and the plant is super tall and bushy and it is really nice to have this stuff on my plate. I will definitely buy more weed though cause it’s saved me a TON of cash from going to the dispensary and whatnot, I highly recommend it!

  26. Daniel Grotto (verified owner)

    This weed is absolutely amazing and fantastical. The buds are sooooo light and fluffy, it’s like a dream! Ordered online and the seeds shipped out hella fast! Was a great buy though, cause these seeds are just amazing and they look great when they finally form into their adult weed selves and you just wanna smoke it forever man!!!

  27. virgo4ever (verified owner)

    The blue dragon is unlike any weed I have ever smoked. It’s potent and filled with sweet earthy flavors. It’s an easy buy and also grows nicely in most environments. I really think you’ll enjoy this bud for it’s relaxing mental effects and how it makes music sound soooo much better!!

  28. JD Kalla (verified owner)

    The blue dragon is the new sensation around town….it’s everyone’s favorite, and now that I am growing it, people are getting excited and jealous. I smoke this weed cause it makes me feel like a baller…in fact, my basketball game has gotten much better since I started getting stoned before games…lots of fun!

  29. Charles Town (verified owner)

    I was always into dragons as a kid, and I guess that’s why I bought this strain. I purchased this stuff online and it showed up right at my door. I was so surprised at how easy it was to grow, it made a phenomenal addition to my already thriving garden. I ordered like 15 seeds from Pacific and germinate them one at a time. I’ve got years worth of weed saved up!

  30. Myturn (verified owner)

    I have to deal with this chronic back pain all the time and I was tired of taking pain pills so I decided to try something a little more wholesome and grew myself a little bit of the blue dragon weed to feel better. I like the smell and taste of this stuff, very woodsy and delicious and helps with depression pain and stress. Just what the doctor ordered.

  31. lazygardener (verified owner)

    Blue dragon is a very special strain of marijuana. I really like the smell and taste of this weed, it’s pretty delectable and sour. Like candy, only better. Great for sending your mind into a whirlwind of color. Everything appears nicer and brighter. It’s great for depression and anxiety. I really appreciate the low-key relaxing buzz, helps make any situation better without being overwhelming. Two thumbs upppp!

  32. Slappy Cakes (verified owner)

    Blue dragon is your best friend when times get tough. You’ll totally love its earthy smell and taste and the blue tinge it has to the flower. I grew my plants in the basement. I am pretty amazed how well these things turned out, got like 30 oz of fresh nug, great for sharing with friends and family, and it only took 4 months! I am not an expert but I feel like I learned a lot about growing just from this website, and now feel more confident than ever to tackle it on my own.

  33. Wall Flower (verified owner)

    This marijuana has done wonders for my back pain and makes me feel like a true rock star. I smoke it after I get off the job site and then I immediately feel better! It’s so nice to have around the house too, has this wonderful green and blue color and it’s great for smoking a joint with, tastes so good! When I breathe out the smoke I pretend I am a dragon breathing fire and this is definitely worth the buy, great bang for your buck for the yield yo!

  34. Chanel (verified owner)

    Sometimes I feel like weed is better than medicine, or maybe it IS medicine! Got some delicious buds offa this plant, easy to grow and produces a lot of nug in a short period of time. Has an intoxicating aroma, kinda sweet and earthy, and the buzz is pretty nice too. Gets me high but I’m not like outta control, helps me relax after work and that’s about the extent to which is use it. I am pretty happy how this turned out, and I’ll definitely get some more mj seeds from Pacific!

  35. ron burgundy (verified owner)

    A great hybrid strain, perfect for minor aches and pains and anxiety as well. It helps a lot with nausea if you struggle with it like I do and has been great for overall mood improvement as well. I had a nice time growing this even though I don’t know what I am doing haha! It’s got a great flavor, nice and sweet, and it cools the back of your throat kinda like a menthol cigarette. Great buy for sure!

  36. Cyndy Cowan (verified owner)

    I got into a car accident a few months back that has given me a lot of joint pain and inflammation. This weed really helps with that. It was easy to grow and is really a beautiful plant, super tall and bushy and colorful. I got a nice medium harvest and smoke this weed almost every day of my life. The pain and stress just melt away, and the vibes are great. Good buy!

  37. Enoch F (verified owner)

    Time to take a ride on the blue dragon. Easy to grow and fun to smoke. I get super high off this stuff, it’s seriously amazing. Have been growing weed in my backyard greenhouse for a while now, found this to be pretty par for the course, seeds germinated well and gave off a nice medium yield, has a great smell to it as well!

  38. corgiluvr32 (verified owner)

    A real solid strain of mj, definitely to be enjoyed by all, and has properties that make it extremely relaxing, uplifting, and fun! I ordered my seeds online through PSB, a very quick grow time and some amazing yield indoors! Took home around 450 grams and am smoking on the daily, gets me really high but also relaxed, happy as a clam!

  39. Ava D. (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking pot for upwards of twenty years so my tolerance of mary jane is pretty high (pun intended). I’m always searching for new powerful marijuana strains. Blue Dragon (love that name) keeps getting me to new highs, so I am loyal to her. Also love those fat, beautiful, blue buds – I get excited when I see them forming on the plants. I know a great time is right about the corner. Let blue dragon take you to the highest dimensions cannabis can take you to, it will never be a disappointing trip.

  40. Kayla U. (verified owner)

    I started growing weed last year to treat my migraines. I’ve been getting them for over a decade now and not much helps. I’ve found some strains of weed have been good at getting me some relief. So as a medical grower I have to say that Blue Dragon is some of the best weed I’ve found to help me feel better. Plus its easy to grow which is good because I don’t have the patience for more difficult strains. I think this strain is a good buy and can give it a good recommendation.

  41. Ty O. (verified owner)

    Ready to take a ride on the blue dragon? I know I am! Pretty powerful stuff, that high THC content is nothing to scoff at, so just keep in mind if you’re new to weed 😉 I happen to love this stuff, find it very relaxing, great at the end of the day when you’re feeling bummed about work or just life in general, smoke this and you’ll be back in the right mindset, feeling creative or meditative and ready to unwind. A pretty easy grow, with a lovely look to the dense green nugs. Try it out for yourself, you’ll be happy you did!

  42. Christophe T. (verified owner)

    Just a lil bit heavier on the indica side makes for a really relaxing high with just enough cerebral stimulation to keep things interesting. THC isn’t overwhelming with this mj at 20 ish percent too so if you get paranoia from high thc strains this is a really good option to order. Easy grow indoors, 5/5 especially for pacific’s super fast shipping.

  43. Luis V. (verified owner)

    Puff the magic dragon! I am convinced that they wrote that song about THIS WEED! Ordered online with Pacific and grew this stuff right in the backyard. A super easy grow and really rewarding! The buds are HUGE and this great orange, blue and green combination. This stuff is pretty darn potent, so I usually hit it and quit it before I get totally knocked off my feet. With some caution, this weed is like a dream come true. Take a ride on the blue dragon, you won’t regret it!

  44. Carlton F. (verified owner)

    Okay, Blue Frost is the BEST for smoking on a weeknight after work and here’s why: when I get home I have little to no motivation to cook myself dinner, go to the gym, do my laundry, etc. And then sometimes if I do, I get so wound up doing stuff that I have a hard time getting to bed. Blue Frost just takes care of allllll of that. Gives me energy to take care of personal stuff even after working all day, then puts me asleep later. Pure magic.

  45. Rachelle D. (verified owner)

    Really easy plant to grow! I’m still a novice so I only order seeds that are going to be simple. Blue Dragon is defenitely not hard and I got a fantastic yield! I’m so amazed at how much mj I get from ordering just a handful of seeds. I like Pacific because you guys are nice and responsive when I have any questions, and your shipping is really fast! I’ll be ordering again soon!

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