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Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds

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A soaring THC level and mouthwateringly juicy flavor/aroma profile make indica-dominant Blueberry Headband marijuana seeds a tempting choice for growers of every experience level.

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A puff of Blueberry Headband marijuana is like wrapping your mind in a comforting blanket that lets you feel relaxed and happy, with not a care in the world. 


Smelling sweet of blueberries and earth (with a flavor that’s even more distinctive), the effects of Blueberry Headband come on fast with a cerebral rush that eventually creeps down to your fingers and toes, delivering that sought-after indica relaxation. You’ll feel uplifted physically and mentally, with an inspirational kick to get your creative juices flowing. Though its THC level can top out rather high (between 18% and 20%), Blueberry Headband marijuana has been recognized by the medical community for its remarkable attributes.

Blueberry Headband marijuana seeds don’t require a lot of attention and are an ideal choice for beginner marijuana gardeners. They are a great choice for impatient gardeners too since these tall plants tend to be ready for harvest after as few as 8 weeks flowering. Given lots of light and a warm climate, your Blueberry Headband marijuana plants will provide a moderate crop come harvest time. 

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 200 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






22 reviews for Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds

  1. ShadowSeeker (verified owner)

    Experiencing Headband is one of those magical moments, now once you try Blueberry Headband, it takes it to the next level. That sweet and delicious blueberry flavor adds to that quintessential tightening you feel across your forehead as this strain elevates you to exciting new heights.

  2. LeafyLiving (verified owner)

    If sour blueberry is your thing, then you’ll go bananas for this MJ. A deeply satisfying indica that helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. It also stimulates my appetite in a great way. I am always ordering pizza!!

  3. Marquise Ellis (verified owner)

    Gives me a RUSH straight to the head. A wild strain with lots of blueberry flavor. So good I can’t stop thinking about it!

  4. Kaia Mendoza (verified owner)

    The headband weed is great cause it’s literally perfect for creativity! I smoke it most nights to just help me relax. Been a great purchase….just wish I could possibly grow more indoors! My plants almost always outgrow my little Bud Box tent lol.
    Super fresh MJ all around! Just super dank and tasty and tastes like sour blueberry.

  5. Prankster Panda (verified owner)

    Really nice head high that helped me mellow out after a long day of work. I found this hard to grow but well worth the effort. My plants flowered at about 8 weeks and I got a great amount of buds with a really nice flavor.

  6. Jayden Wilson (verified owner)

    Been getting really into growing weed the past few years. I had a friend who just gave me some leftover seed and I grew it in my yard. It blossomed into a passion and a hobby! Time to get more serious, I found Pacific seeds and made my first real order (10 seeds). Starting indoors in about April, and looking extra hearty by June when they went into the ground. A little late I am realizing, but I definitely am seeing some progress. The plants have gotten pretty tall, sturdy, and are now beginning to bud. Beautiful time in the weed growing process!!

  7. Gabriel Stevenson (verified owner)

    I am so high and loving it. this seed grew splendidly. Although it is a rather small batch it grows in. I personally like more smaller grows since i do more indoor grows. If you are looking for a big value outdoor grow this mayu not be for you. but if you want a good high and a small batch thats managable go for this on

  8. Sabrina Nighthaven (verified owner)

    You can really taste the blueberry! This weed is awesome, it grows quickly and has some seriously nice results. I am very pleased with how this came together. I just took a gamble and I won. It worked out great for me. My plants produced hundreds of little nugs. They are the size of blueberries and they smell like them too. Love crushing up these flowers and putting them into my drinks and cooking and into tinctures. Love cooking with blueberry headband. It is AWESOME!

  9. Linda Smith (verified owner)

    A nice every-level growing strain, this gives a nice sleepy high to doze off to. Would recommend this strain to anyone trying to grow in a fast rate as it only took me 8 weeks to get done, overall very solid reliable strain to grow.

  10. NugNeutrino420 (verified owner)

    Easy strain to grow with full germination. The fruity, sweet taste is complemented by a peppery undertone. The energizing and euphoric high is perfect for reducing headache and pain.

  11. Mika Sato (verified owner)

    The high was incredible and left me feeling relaxed and happy. The plants that I grew from these seeds had a great yield and had no issues with germination. Overall, I highly recommend giving Blueberry Headband a try for a top-notch smoking experience.

  12. Rachel Schultz (verified owner)

    I am absolutely floored at the quality of the blueberry weed! I smoke it everyday to help with my pain and to help me relax. I have gotten better at cultivating weed over the last few seasons….now my yields are up to 150 G per plant~!

  13. Chice1957 (verified owner)

    One puff of the blueberry headband really changes my perspective on things. I love buying online and having my seeds delivered directly to my place. It’s an awesome way to grow, right on my kitchen counter against the window. These plants do have a powerful smell, so if you don’t like the skunky flavor of weed then you’ll probably not want this anywhere near your kitchen!!

  14. A. Weston (verified owner)

    Sweet and tasty weed with a kick! Gives me that much-needed energy boost! It’s super chill at the same time. Has that blueberry vibe, kinda sour. Usually an after-work smoke. Relaxes the mind, keeps me open to creative opportunities, makes me smile!!

  15. Khalil Ayers (verified owner)

    Yessss! This weed is highly delicious….it’s very fresh, tasty, and gets me high as hell! Buying weed online is easy to do, probably the easiest and most convenient way to get your weed seeds. The nugs have a brilliant gold color….and they smell just fantastic! Can’t wait to buy more….it’s just one paycheck away! So affordable! Was great to have at home…saved me so much $$ at the dispensary….the future of weed!

  16. Finlay B. (verified owner)

    I was in need of a sweet and low-key indica strain. I was happy to find the Blueberry headband online, it’s been a journey finding an affordable and reliable seed bank, but I am so very lucky to have Pacific seed bank on my side! I bought 10 seeds online this time ( I germinate them 2 at a time) and they’re looking great! Much love from the Pacific seed bank community. They’re always so helpful with advice and great tips!

  17. Anwen Mahoney (verified owner)

    If you are enviable for all the awesome weed in the world, why not grow some yourself? Blueberry headband is a great place to start. The vibes are really special!! I was able to raise 3 plants in my backyard. Sure, it took SOME effort, but just about as much effort as growing tomatoes or peppers. The results are highly desirable, with big fat nugs and a great buzz that says “hey it’s the weekend!”

  18. Vijay Mcgee (verified owner)

    The headband weed is BOSS and easy to grow here in LA! I am such a fan of west coast living. Legal weed, sunshine, beautiful women. Ordering online with pacific was cool cause all these seed producers are located right here in Cali! I feel like I am in a community of home growers and Pacific has made that much more possible!

  19. Chanice Carpenter (verified owner)

    Your head will be spinning once you smoke a fat TOKE of the blueberry headband!!! I bought my seeds online and they showed up SUPER quickly! Never purchased this much weed before. It was a new experience for me setting up a greenhouse and really hustling!!! You got nothing to lose with this weed and I think you OUGHT to try it out!!

  20. Reese Paterson (verified owner)

    I was hella happy to see my blueberry headband pot seeds in the mail. They came in this beautiful sealed packaging that keeps them extra fresh! Soaked these little marbles in the water for a night and planted them next day. 5 days later I am seeing sprouts!

  21. Akeel Malone (verified owner)

    Started growing and smoking marijuana after my surgery to improve my mood and reduce my pain. Now that I am finally healed, I continue smoking for recreation. Blueberry MJ is a fantastic buy, it’s a solid grow with some tight, tasty nugs to look forward to. Won’t you buy some more today?

  22. Mateo Haas (verified owner)

    Beginner grower here. Don’t know too much about weed, but definitely enjoy this strain. I didn’t have too much trouble growing my seeds. They all germinated quickly and took to the soil almost right away. They seriously grew taller than me and produced a healthy 800 grams of pot between the 3. My tools got all gunked up from harvest, but I am curing my weed now, and it’s looking much drier and prettier, and the smell has gotten sharper, like sour berries!

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