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Chem D.O.G. Feminized Seeds

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A long flowering period and finicky nature won’t sway the master gardener determined to coax Chem D.O.G marijuana to its true potential – 20+% THC and 28 ounces of potent, sticky bud.

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Tipping ever so slightly in favor of its indica genetics, Chem D.O.G. marijuana, also known as Chemdawg, is a world-class strain that will get you high in all the right places. 

With a wildly euphoric and deeply-felt high, Chem D.O.G. marijuana hits all the right notes, but something so potent inevitably comes with a message: a strain that tops out at around 26% should not be taken lightly. Chem D.O.G. is deeply soothing, but not so sedative that the mind isn’t energized into creativity. The intensity of its effect carries over into its fragrance and flavor, both strongin diesel with earthy-pine notes that linger long after the smoke has dissipated. 

Patients who can handle the THC content will appreciate Chem D.O.G marijuana’s ability to bring relief from mental health conditions including chronic stress. The hybrid has also been prescribed for insomnia. 

Gardeners with experience growing Chem D.O.G. marijuana seeds report the strain does best when kept indoors, where its environment and health can be closely monitored. The picky plant is best undertaken by master growers who can answer its needs for perfect humidity and air circulation. Despite its finicky nature, Chem D.O.G. provides an incredibly generous yield of 28 ounces or more after 9 weeks flowering, a worthwhile reward for the patient and dedicated gardener willing to tend to its needs. 

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


13 reviews for Chem D.O.G. Feminized Seeds

  1. Sarah Cohen (verified owner)

    The plants grew beautifully, with full germination and great yields. And the high? Oh boy, it was something special. I felt so relaxed and euphoric, but still energized and creative. The taste was unique too – like diesel mixed with earthy-pine notes. I highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for stress relief or a burst of creativity.

  2. Keaton Costa (verified owner)

    Fresh and sticky bud with a sour, bitter flavor that makes my head feel all light and swimmy. It’s sativa weed at its finest, and makes for a GREAT afternoon smokey smoke. Very happy to have this one in my yard. It’s looking FRESHHHH!

  3. Kai Hernandez (verified owner)

    Has a sour taste and a buzz that just wont quit! This makes my eyes all red and my tummy grumble for some munchies. Let’s order some Pizza!!

  4. Ashley Bell (verified owner)

    If you’re in the market for some premium seeds then look no further – these exceeded all my expectations! Not only did the seeds have an amazing high but the customer service was unbeatable and even better was the grow time and yield, perfect for any gardener’s needs. Big fan of the sweet citrus taste as well!

  5. SlayingSlayer (verified owner)

    Chem D.O.G has been a great strain to grow with full germination and a strong yield. The euphoric and happy effects make it perfect for stress relief and it has a delicious sweet and tropical taste. Would recommend it for any level of grower.

  6. Finnegan Livingston (verified owner)

    This is a chemical, skunky, earthy strain that’s great for weakness. I grow just as a hobby, and 5 seeds was the perfect order for my summer grow. I harvested in October, and things are looking pretty great still! Very fresh MJ, the perfect order for your summer garden!

  7. CannabisCove2 (verified owner)

    This has given me some awesome sticky buds with potent high and great sweet citrus flavors. Absolutely in love with this strain and it has been great for destressing after work and enjoying a beer and dinner. Great overall and so easy to grow.

  8. Robert Anderson (verified owner)

    I ended up with some prime-quality buds from this strain and it was well worth the 9 weeks it took to grow. A moderately strong high that helps me deal with those stressful days at work. I was also quite happy with how much weed I got from growing these seeds as they all yielded quite nicely.

  9. Tessa G. (verified owner)

    HUGE yields….5 plants was more than enough! The seeds were great, shipped out real quick (I live in BC Canada) and the flower is fresh as can be. Great buy, I’ll absolutely be buying this harsh chemically strain again. YUMM!

  10. Ahsan Butt (verified owner)

    OMGGggggg you need to have the patience of a zen master to truly experience the wonders of Chem D.O.G. The flowering time feels like it takes foreverrrrrr, but fear not, it will eventually be your time to harvest. I was able to secure almost 800 G from just 4 plants. That’s a lotta nug! Fresh as hell with some bright, intense flavors. I am so happy I can barely contain myself!!

  11. Rafi Mcclure (verified owner)

    It can be somewhat harsh and does make me groggy if I smoke too early in the day. I recommend it for evening use only. It’s kinda hits like a hybrid, crwals up my spine like a creeper strain, makes me have racing thoughts in a sedated body….4/5.

  12. Earl Houston (verified owner)

    The dog is in the building….chem D.o.g that is! This weed tastes like it was made in a chemical power plant, but it really is the cleanest greenest and meanest weed you will find anywhere! Great times all around with some seriously nice bud. You have nothing to lose!!

  13. Esmae Berg (verified owner)

    Sooo much to love about the Chem D.O.G. Maybe you’re new to weed, this strain is great for people just starting out. Really helped me cut my teeth in the art of growing mj. Purchased 5 seeds, a great starting point. Had them shipped right to my apartment door. Super simple and convenient. Definitely the way of the future.

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