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Dank Sinatra Feminized Seeds

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Aromatic with deeply sedative properties, Dank Sinatra marijuana is an old-school hybrid that will make you swoon, thanks to its high THC content (33%).

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Your guide to Dark Sinatra marijuana seeds

Unlike the enigmatic crooner for whom this strain is loosely named, Dank Sinatra marijuana’s indica genetics lull you into a deeply restful state, best suited to an introspective evening spent on the couch. The plant has mysterious, dark nugs with a fluffy shape and loose amber hairs. The amber trichomes lay in an unassuming blanket over the whole plant. When you break the nugs apart, you’ll get an unmistakable fruity, earthy aroma. As you smoke Dank Sinatra, the room will fill with a dank scent that permeates the whole space.


THC levels in Dark Sinatra marijuana seeds

With THC levels maxing out around 33%, Dank Sinatra marijuana is a blisteringly potent indica hybrid that is known for providing a strong, cerebral high that is relaxing for both body and mind. With such a strong, cerebrally relaxing high, Dank Sinatra has potent uses for people suffering from sleep and mood disorders. If you have insomnia, you can get ol’ Dank to help you out in the evenings and make yourself drift to sleep. This strain can help medical patients with…

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep Issues
  • Mood Disorders


Why you should grow Dark Sinatra marijuana seeds

The dark, fluffy nugs of Dank Sinatra reek of fruit and earth, while undertones of citrus dance around your tastebuds and fill the room with its dank, aromatic presence. Dank Sinatra marijuana seeds will grow well indoors or out and produce an easily-managed plant that thrives in partial to full sun. However, attention should be paid to humidity, lest it suffers from powdery mildew or mold. Given an average of at least 8 weeks flowering before it’s ready for harvest, Dank Sinatra marijuana consistently proves it’s the kind of crop that will always be dressed to impress.  If you’ve ever felt the magic of Frank Sinatra’s voice like a warm blanket of sound over your troubled mind, his cannabis cousin might be the aromatic version. Dank Sinatra explodes in an intense, diesel, and citrus aroma that follows on the heels of your sinking sense of ultimate relaxation.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Stress


Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


8 reviews for Dank Sinatra Feminized Seeds

  1. Maximilian Cole (verified owner)

    You may know and love the famed lounge singer, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! Dank sinatra is a perfectly delicious blend of colors and flavors that’ll surely fly you to the moon! I love smoking this pot right before bed, it helps with sleep and fills my head with music. Thank you!

  2. Rhys Fox (verified owner)

    Sinatra is a classic hybrid with over 30% THC. Nothing quite like getting stoned on your own homegrown supply 😉

  3. LeeroyJenkinsJr (verified owner)

    Dank Sinatra is an excellent strain for those looking to unwind and relax after a long day. The earthy and citrus flavors add to the overall experience and the high THC content definitely packs a punch. The plant is easy to grow and produces a decent yield, making it a great choice for intermediate growers.

  4. R Powell (verified owner)

    Dank Sinatra is quite the hard-hitting high THC strain that gives a nice citrus diesel taste. Really good to help people deal with insomnia or sleep issues as the rest gained from this feels amazing. Would highly recommend this as it was well worth the 9 weeks it took to grow.

  5. Mackenzie Lewis (verified owner)

    Such a strong strain! If you want a seed that’ll keep you high for a long time this is a great pick. Growing it was a little unstable, and the plant was less resilient than I would have liked but all in all, it was still worth the time and effort. Also got a perfect 3/3 sprouts from the seeds.

  6. Kelly Martin (verified owner)

    I grew this weed….and I did it Myyyyyy WAaaaayyyyyy!!!
    Love me some Frankie and enjoy growing this weed after his namesake. A beautiful 50/50 hybrid that not only clears the mind, it relaxes the body.
    5 seeds ordered online with 7 day delivery!

  7. Wise Weasel (verified owner)

    Probably the strongest strain I have ever smoked, incredibly powerful with a potent amount of THC this is very much not for the light of heart. I did however enjoy the sedative strength of this strain and think it is more than perfect for anyone looking for something hard-hitting.

  8. Floyd R. (verified owner)

    This weed will fly you to the moon so you can play among the stars. I bought 10 seeds online, had them in the mailbox just 6 days later and was soaking them by days end. Really speeds up the germination process and provides some impressive nugs. It was a 10 week grow overall, and a FRESH yield of a few hundred Gs…perfect for a good daytime smoke…gives me lots of joy to have these fresh plants in my yard. My garden has never looked so lively.

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