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Deep Purple Feminized Seeds

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Deep Purple is an indica-dominant cross between Purple Urkle and Querkle. It tastes great and can ease pain and stress.

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If you’re looking for a strain that’ll make you totally relax but still be able to function at the end of the day, you have to try Deep Purple. This indica-dominant cross between Purple Urkle and Querkle is just as good as it sounds.

With an average THC level of 18 to 22%, this dank strain boasts a soothing mix of cerebral and body highs. Some experts suggest it to patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis, stress disorders, and more.

The effects are both cerebral and physical—you’ll get a warming body buzz that eases into mental relief and sleepiness—and you may get pretty hungry, too! The flavor profile is amazing, with notes of spice and grape, and a floral undertone.

Deep Purple is a short plant with bushy growth due to its indica heritage. This makes it ideal for growing indoors or outside, although the flowering period is slightly longer if grown outdoors. Yields tend to be average.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain


Citrus, Fruity, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type




Skill Level




15 reviews for Deep Purple Feminized Seeds

  1. Aislinn Martinez (verified owner)

    Everyone remembers the band Deep Purple from the 60s….and I like to think this weed is an homage to psychedelic music. I usually roll up a blunt and smoke it right after work is done. I chill out on my couch, in front of my fireplace, and just chill! I love growing my own weed indoors. It’s been a great choice in making your weed work for you. 100% love at a very reasonable price! Definitely coming back for another order 🙂

  2. Caden Dyer (verified owner)

    Just like the classic rock band, Deep Purple makes you wanna smoke on the water….aka your bong!!
    Big fresh fuzzy nugs that crumble like a fine dust into a bowl or blunt. It’s so fresh and tasty I could smoke it all day!
    Buying online has just made this whole process a LOT easier. I can’t wait for my next harvest, it’s gonna be great!
    Takes most of the summer to grow, and usually produces between 50-150 G per plant, which is a LOT!

  3. Ariana Solis (verified owner)

    This weed is about as purple as royal velvet, and it smokes velvety smooth.
    These pungent, fluffy nugs are a late-summer treat, harvesting usually around 100-200 G per plant.
    Growing my own MJ has saved me a ton of money….it’s the best way to get involved in cannabis culture!

  4. William Kirby (verified owner)

    “High-quality strains with great farming practices? Norcal Farms has got it all. The customer service of Pacific Seed Bank went above and beyond my expectations and Deep Purple gave me a soothing yet uplifting experience throughout the day. Citrus fruity flavors with a great easy grow and small sized yet big yielding plant made this an excellent indoor grow. If you’re looking for something unique then this is your place!

  5. WeedWizard3 (verified owner)

    Nice gentle high that eases your body in and gives you a light buzz feeling all over as you relax the rest of the night away. I really like this strain and have always been a fan of NorCal Farms’ work. The seeds provided from Pacific were great and all germinated without any issues.

  6. Liam Wilson (verified owner)

    Fresh purple nug is really exciting and special. I like working with these plants, though they do require quite a bit of maintenance. Very fresh looking nug, an impossibly beautiful growth profile and actually pretty quick to flower. I’d recommend this weed to anyone with minor growing experience, it’s an awesome fun time!

  7. Jennifer Oliver (verified owner)

    Food never tasted so good. Music never sounded so good. I sure do love marijuana, especially the kind I grow myself!
    Pacific makes it possible and I am ALLLLL for it!

  8. WickedWombat (verified owner)

    Deep Purple from Norcal Farms is a great strain for stress relief and insomnia. The fruity and citrusy taste is a bonus. I found this strain very easy to grow and had a great yield. Would love to try it again!

  9. Lisa Todd (verified owner)

    I found Deep Purple to be very mellow and quite nice to smoke, a great relaxing strain to help with general aches. The drowsiness of this is also amazing for dealing with general insomnia or sleep issues.

  10. Dillon B. (verified owner)

    Smoke on the water anyone? That’s what this weed is all about…smoking out of a bong….you get it right? Anyway, deep purple nugs make this one of the nicer strains out there…hits every time. Fresh nugs and a powerful smell. Yum I can smell it now. Makes the whole house smell like fresh MJ. Great for picking in the fall (make sure you clean your tools) and storing for winter. Can’t believe I did this all my own!

  11. Alaric Vale (verified owner)

    Makes my whole world turn purple! I was in search of an indica dominant strain and was recommended this by customer service team. Happy with my choice. Not too demanding of a grow, but does get pretty tall. I am glad I grew outdoors, wouldn’t have room for this weed in my apartment. Just no way! Perfect choice for an outdoor backyard grow though, especially if you have a raised bed. I want to send you all pictures so bad!!!

  12. Sungho Kim (verified owner)

    Deep Purple Feminized Seeds offer a relaxing and functional high with an average THC level of 18 to 22%. This indica-dominant strain is recommended for patients with chronic pain, stress disorders, and more. Its flavor profile includes notes of spice and grape, with a floral undertone.

  13. goatpioneer10oatspie (verified owner)

    Just like the band, this strain of purple mj hits HARD! I bought 10 seeds online and had them shipped to my apartment. I live in LA and thankfully have a balcony with ample sunlight. These were the only plants I was growing this year, but they made great strides in these large planters. Require quite a bit of sun and water, but they produce a sizeable amount of nug. Try it out, and see if you can beat my harvest record of 600 G!

  14. Vladimir F. (verified owner)

    Hey! I am writing in to say that I love the deep purple strain of MJ. This was my first grow with Pacific, and I like how nice it was to have this out in the yard. I am not an expert, but I feel I definitely have done well for myself. The sweet flavors are GREAT and they bring a smile to my face. See? I am smiling ear to ear? That’s cause I am totally stoned!

  15. Roger Fulton (verified owner)

    This weed was absolutely perfect! The plant was compact, bushy, and deep green and the flower was a nice black-purple color, almost like a bruise, or red wine, and VERY potent. Nothing is quite like this weed. I was just thrilled to have an opportunity to grow marijuana in my own backyard!

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