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Ewok Feminized Seeds

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Get cozy with Ewok – a chill hybrid that will help you feel relax and leave you solidly in the happy and hunkered down camp. Enjoy a citrus flavor and 18% THC in this hardy little strain.

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When you want to wrap yourself up in something warm and fuzzy, you may want to try toking a little Ewok marijuana – a euphoric and relaxing hybrid that banishes discomfort and induces sleepiness

Far from cute and cuddly, Ewok marijuana seeds boast an impressive 18% THC, and while its heavy indica roots will deliver potent medicinal effects, its sativa genetics make it wonderfully uplifting, with a delightfully fruity, citrus flavor.

Though Ewok will easily offer up a good time, it takes a little hard work to get there. Our feminized Ewok marijuana seeds will provide robust, medium-height plants and a moderate yield after 55-65 days in the flowering stage.

Ready to make a “furry” new friend? Try Ewok marijuana seeds – order today!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain


Citrus, Fruity, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






51 reviews for Ewok Feminized Seeds

  1. Midnight Raven (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck….this plant is nice and compact, great for indoor growing….did pretty exceptionally well in the kitchen under some heavy Grow lights. I started out with 3 seeds, got them to germinate by soaking, then had them looking great by month 2. They are strong and bushy plants that produce hundreds of tiny sticky flower that makes smoke sessions feel extraordinary!

  2. Kara Walsh (verified owner)

    I had an excellent growing experience with Pacific Seeds. The plants grew exceptionally well, with healthy and good looking plants. Their customer service was also very helpful, providing great information and advice. The shipping was fast and all of the seeds sprouted and germinated successfully.

  3. Toxic Sniper (verified owner)

    I don’t know much about Star Wars but I’m lovin this Ewok! This hybrid is the perfect blend to make you feel chill but not too chill. It has just the right amount of THC, so you get a big burst of potency but nothing a real smoker can’t handle…like me! Plus, the citrus taste is off the chain. Gotta try this!

  4. Leonel Chen (verified owner)

    Nice and fuzzy and compact. This weed is perfect for indoor growing. Needs lots of sunlight so be sure to plant near a sun-facing window. Just like caring for any other plant but does need pruning every once in a while. You’ll love it, try it out and expect the best tasting Ewok weed in the freakin universe. Makes me high as a kite and usually helps me sleep 🙂

  5. HarvestHobbyist (verified owner)

    Love these fuzzy little nugs. Indica weed all the way. Gets me nice and high and usually puts me in a state of couch lock for hours on end.

    Time for another star wars movie? You bet! I’ll make the popcorn.

  6. Jennifer Rasmussen (verified owner)

    I’ve been blown away by the quality of these genetics and how quickly they’ve gone from seedling to budding stage. It’s clear that a lot of expertise and care went into developing this strain, and I’m excited to see how it continues to develop. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for high-quality genetics that delivers results quickly.

  7. DankDame2 (verified owner)

    Really happy with these seeds so far, my order came within 4 days and I got them germinated and growing only 4 days after that. The quality was great and after 4 weeks of growing my plants seem very healthy and fast growing. Pacific provided a great service for me to get my Ewok seeds from and I couldn’t be happier with how easy it was to purchase from here.

  8. Trace Walker (verified owner)

    Great looking nug….very fuzzy and easy to smoke. I liked buying it online, too. That saved me a lot of time and money. I am appreciative of how helpful customer service was in assisting with my grow and with my online order. The seeds were shipped promptly to my address and showed uo looking healthy and ready to grow! Proud of my progress as a grower, I feel like I am getting better all the time. My weed is top quality, and soooo relaxing, all thanks to Pacific seeds!

  9. HazyVision420 (verified owner)

    Ewok has a nice body high and a light hit to the head, which really stimulates the mind and relaxes the body all in one go! Well worth the smoke as well with the great fruity taste it has, and I especially found growing these seeds not too difficult.

  10. Ioan Hood (verified owner)

    These fuzzy and delightful little nugs are a joy to grow in the garden! I have a master gardeners certificate and know a thing or two about growing a garden. Ewok fits very well among other bush plants, grows well around basil, does nicely with some lettuce or kale nearby. It’s actually a very cooperative garden plant, one you can count on!

  11. Amari Pearce (verified owner)

    Nice fuzzy little nugs that hit nice and slow and provide a mellow buzz for an evening in with the dog and the SO. A real gem in the yard as well 🙂

  12. Eshaan Cunningham (verified owner)

    I like to get all nice and cozy when I smoke this weed. It’s such a relaxing high with adorable little fluffy nugs! I don’t have any issues with growing in the backyard, it just requires some basic TLC. Don’t waste your money on other weed seed banks, I’m saying it here, Pacific is the best, especially for us west coast growers!

  13. Marcus Noel (verified owner)

    A truly delightful buy, one with a lot of growth potential. You don’t have to be an expert in weed cultivation to grow this strain. I have only done this a few times and even I got the hang of it! The nugs are definitely fuzzy like a little ewok, and the vibe is so exciting and uplifting. Don’t give up!

  14. Lisa Salinas (verified owner)

    What’s great about the ewok strain is that its easy to grow and does well in the shade!!! all 5 of my seeds germinated and became beautiful plants filled with flower! The most idyllic afternoon smoke.

  15. Fahad Snow (verified owner)

    This furry little plant comes BURSTING with flower after 5 months in the ground. Loves the warm and dry conditions of southern OR, but really needs consistent watering to stay healthy and productive. Nobody likes dry flower!!! My nugs were dense, sticky, and fresh. I share with my friends every day! We all love smoking this weed and drinking beers around the bonfire.

  16. Yasmeen Greene (verified owner)

    Even if Star Wars isn’t your thing, you will most definitely appreciate this fuzzy hybrid. I get BAKED off this weed, and I love the way it makes me feel! It’s a great starter grow for beginners, but advanced growers will definitely get something from it as well. Highly recommend growing this outdoors, it loves the sun and the rain 🙂

  17. Bushra Garza (verified owner)

    Ewok is bright and fuzzy, looks almost so beautiful as a flower that I didn’t want to smoke it….but I did anyway 🙂 First time growing marijuana, I wanted something to help me relax and manage stress. This works perfectly. I especially like the sweet flavor and the harsh smoke, really wakens the senses. I highly recommend it for weed lovers all around the globe 🙂

  18. Archie Baldwin (verified owner)

    I get my weed fixings with Ewok! I love this green fuzzy strain, but it does take patience and diligence and isn’t just a lazy grow. Give it your attention though and you will receive excellent results. I am very impressed by the customer service at PACIFIC. They knew EXACTLY what I was looking for, and soon got some AMAZING RESULTS!!!

  19. Dawson Short (verified owner)

    A solid indica strain, good for aches and pains and depression. My perfect weed for relaxing at the end of the day, never really fails to put me right to bed. Gonna definitely buy more next chance I get. Just love that it comes in these little containers that last for months so you don’t have to start growing like right away. I am lazy sometimes lol

  20. Giulia Stacey (verified owner)

    Ewok is pretty intense …it’s like smoking weed with everyones favorite sci-fi teddy bears LOL. I actually Hate star wars, but it’s ok. It’s still a worthy strain of growing, definitely makes me smile for days, and it is a NICE vibe every time!! I loved ordering online and really enjoy smoking it on the weekends too. I am a weekend warrior for sure 🙂

  21. Shania Dodson (verified owner)

    You really get your money’s worth with this strain. It’s all kinds of awesome, it’s chill indica vibes make any night home feel so much more relaxing. Pretty excited for my next harvest to arrive, the flower is looking strong! Perfect smoke for getting cozy with your GF or curling up with your cat. It’s a fuzzy weed that leaves a fuzzy feeling inside 🙂

  22. Jordon Wells (verified owner)

    I love these little fuzzy nugs, they’re so nice to have in your life, you may just cry! LOL I am just kidding, but you are sure to get extremely high and watch Star Wars that is a guarantee. Ordered 5 seeds online and had em shipped to my spot here in Oregon, it’s a pretty nice time out here with the sun and the mountains and now my very own weed!!

  23. Alexie Chester (verified owner)

    This fuzzy weed is where the magic truly happens. I get very stoned and then play DOOM and you gotta love that game cause it’s just insanity!!! Getting pretty close to the end, but dang, this weed really gets me into the ZONE. Well worth the gardening time…I really value my time with the worms and the dirt. Gotta keep it going son!!

  24. Eugene Meyers (verified owner)

    Fuzzy and sweet just like those little teddy bears in Star Wars, I mean I really like the way this stuff grows in my backyard, it’s so nice to watch it throughout the summer with the warm sun and the beautiful forest fragrance. The PNW is the absolute best place for growing and smoking weed. Life has been so much fun!!

  25. david ross (verified owner)

    This weed is extra fuzzy, it helps with pain, stress, and all kinds of depression….not too hard to grow either, but it definitely helps if you know what you’re doing. Got my seeds online with Pacific, they shipped out hella fast, made for a great buy and definitely did well in my basement grow space. Be patient with this strain, it tends to take a while, but it’s pretty great otherwise 🙂

  26. seedprome (verified owner)

    Ewok is a real powerful strain and it is just as fuzzy as the little guy in Star Wars….beautiful green and red colors…like gold! Mostly an evening smoker myself, a nice relaxing vibe with a side of applesauce you know? I am a veteran stoner, been smoking since the 70s, so life is seriously good, and this weed makes the world go round!

  27. Laurance (verified owner)

    Fuzzy and super earthy just like those cute little ewoks…I got myself a small little packet of seeds as a birthday gift actually, pretty rock solid stuff, makes for a great backyard grow and I just wanted to comment here to make sure y’all know how much I love this weed and this site for selling them delicious seeds!

  28. Ixtapa (verified owner)

    We all love the ewoks…they are seriously powerful and fluffy little teddy bears and this weed is like that too! It’s super fuzzy and lovely…makes for an excellent afternoon smoke cause it relaxes the mind without making you too tired….it’s hella easy to grow…and very worth the effort cause you just cant find weed this fresh anywhere you go!

  29. Tabor (verified owner)

    Ewok is like your best friend in the world. It’s strong, delicious, and even a little fuzzy, just like the creatures from my favorite SW film! I ordered online from their website, they are really reliable and all their seeds are at a great price. So nice to have this stuff available in my own home. I feel so accomplished for growing my own weed. Such a fantastic taste and smell. Such a warm high, like a blanket for your mind.

  30. light weight (verified owner)

    Maybe they call it Ewok cause the flowers are fuzzy like everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters? Either way, such a fun strain to grow, and actually pretty user friendly. Got me a hefty yield, maybe like 500 grams, but pretty good for my first attempt! I love the taste and the smell, it’s very earthy and a little sour. Nice to keep in a jar at home, and just get excited about smoking it next…and then smoking it. A lot of benefits to growing your own weed, highly recommend!

  31. Beavers (verified owner)

    This is nice and citrusy weed, absolutely delicious and tasty and it has all the best elements of an indica strain but won’t make you super tired or fatigued throughout the day. I do find it best to smoke this mj at night however, it’s more enjoyable when you’re not trying to get anything done, and when the bud is fresh, it can smell pretty dank, which can be hard to conceal from your boss! I liked growing it too, even though I am not a gardener. I got a nice yield IMO. I’ll be back for more 🙂

  32. Aunty Knows (verified owner)

    I love to brew some hot tea and smoke the Ewok weed to relax at the end of the day, especially when it’s cold and rainy the way it has been up here in Oregon. Pretty nice to grow this over the summer, gave me some excellent yield, and very healthy looking flower. Definitely comparable to the stuff I get at the dispensary. It’s a chill hybrid, nice and relaxing but doesn’t make me feel groggy or sleepy, instead I just feel relaxed and “in my body.” Very meditative and positive all around!

  33. pnw827 (verified owner)

    This strain grows great in the PNW, seems very well adapted to the rain and the mild temps out here, but does really well in the sun as well. Who knew these fuzzy little forest creatures could make such amazing weed!? It’s a nice hybrid smoke, pretty good anytime of day, but best when you’re feeling a little tired or depressed in the evening, really helps even things out and puts me back in my body. Love watching TV with this stuff, feel very fortunate to have stumbled on Pacific!

  34. Jill Morris (verified owner)

    It’s really a nice strain of weed, helps me relax after i’ve had a long day, but it fills my head with positive thoughts and keeps me on point during the evening hours. Cooking dinner is suddenly fun and just chilling in front of the tube is just as rewarding. I really dig this stuff, and thought the grow was really straightforward, perfect in any backyard. Happy I tried it!

  35. Shari Mcdowell (verified owner)

    This weed is like hugging your favorite teddy bear, or like wrapping up in a warm blanket by the fire. It’s incredibly fuzzy and green with bright orange streaks and it smells sour and earthy, almost like coffee. Super fun and easy to grow, has an amazing energy to it, something special and exciting about smoking it too, and great to unwind with!

  36. Dominic P. (verified owner)

    Nice compact little plant that’s perfect for indoor growing. Loved how easy it was to get my seeds to germinate using the paper towel method. And in just a few months time I was harvesting my very own nug! A very chill hybrid, and easy on the senses. Will chill you out and help with stress, but wont make you feel down or groggy, will definitely be back for more!

  37. Leroy A. (verified owner)

    Not sure why they called it Ewok, but it’s some seriously relaxing weed. maybe it’s cause the weed looks kinda fuzzy with its white pistils sticking out from the sticky green nugs? Either way, super glad I grew this stuff myself, very easy to maintain and got a solid 400 g yield from my plants. I smoke in the evenings, or right before bed, and excellent strain for relaxation and stress.

  38. Zoey B. (verified owner)

    One of the best hybrids! I like my marijuana to both uplift me and relax me, which I know is kind of demanding. Ewok delivers on that expectation though every time. It also takes care of my headaches, which at their worst can be pretty debilitating. The taste is kind of like fruity candy, like those fruit candies they used to have at the bank. Grew great too: no muss, no fuss.

  39. Lisa I. (verified owner)

    Such cute furry little buds! I didn’t see a lot of information out there about this strain so I ordered it on a whim. It did not disappoint! I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners but if you know a thing or two about mj gardening you should be fine. Got a pretty okay yield in average time. All in all I’d say this grow was textbook. Love the high from this bud and will be back for more.

  40. Colin F. (verified owner)

    This is seriously the only site I could find this strain. Which is weird because it is like the dopest strain of all time. Always so impressed with the selection here. The THC level of this weed is just right in my opinion. Haven’t been a big fan of the shiz that’s super high. I like to get baked but not overly so. That 40% of sativa in this strain keeps things light-hearted and fun. If you’ve never heard of Ewok you should definitely give it a go. My seeds from Pacific always germinate, and they’ve always been friendly if to me when I have questions.

  41. Kal O. (verified owner)

    Liked this hybrid! Good combo of indicia and sativa! Seemed to lean a little bit on the indica side which i liked very much! Tasted wonderful! Fast shipping! Great customer service! The high was creative! And uplifting! Outstanding marks! Good strain for pain! Also good for getting some sleep! Started off energetic and finished off sleepy! Very nice seeds and weed turned out great thank you!

  42. latergaterz98 (verified owner)

    I thought Ewok was kind of a tough grow. But with a whole hell of a lot of effort I got an absolutely massive yield. This strain was a winner of the Seattle Cannabis Cup and I can see why. The high is incredibly cerebral. VERY effective in treating pain, insomnia, inflammation. All around a classic strain. If you’ve honed your gardening chops and you’re looking for a challenge with a rewarding payoff, definitely give Ewok a go. But be ready to put the work in, otherwise you might be less impressed with the yield.

  43. Lana R. (verified owner)

    So I literally ordered this strain purely for the name. Haha, and I can see from the other reviews that I’m not the only one 🙂 These nugs were my fuzzy little friends. Got a nice yield but then again I always do with Pacific’s seeds. These guys are the best place to buy from in my opinion, at least if you’re looking online. Seeds are always viable and germinate with no problems. Very much recommend.

  44. Ashley R. (verified owner)

    Love the citrus flavor of this mj!! Sometimes I find the flavor of various strains of weed to be overwhelming, like an oppressive room freshener. Love that this one is fruity and lemoney without being overpowering. Also, for me, the THC in this strain is not overwhelming either, making it a good “get and and go” strain. Needed a little help growing it and was surprised how short they were! Worth it though for the good yield.

  45. leila5809608 (verified owner)

    Huge Star Wars nerd! So OF COURSE I’m gonna grow the Ewok strain! How predictable lol!!! So yeah, had a good time growing this stuff in my backyard, I usually only smoke over the weekend so I harvested more than enough weed to last me for a while. A nice even-keeled high that doesn’t quit. This weed makes me just want to curl up on the couch and cuddle in a fuzzy blanket. I feel like I am an Ewok myself LOL. Pacific has great weed seeds!!!

  46. mongoose89 (verified owner)

    I’m an art student and longtime pot-smoker. I usually smoke in the evenings before doing drawing homework or watching films. Generally I’m more into sativas but this indica-dominant strain sounded interesting so I gave it a try. Glad I did, cuz it’s now one of my fave cannabis options. The high feels like I’m in control, not too floaty. I can draw and have conversations and stuff without feeling too stoned. My roommate and I took turns tending the plants, which bloomed right on schedule. I would order online from PSB again, and I recommend Ewok for all you artists out there.

  47. Bailey T. (verified owner)

    This mj sends me straight to Endor, out of this damn world! Short flowering period of about 60 days led to a good harvest. Had to keep the tops trimmed a little bit to keep the plant height down as I read it likes to hit about six feet if left unchecked but I was able to keep it down to four and induce lateral rather than vertical growth with a little bit of effort. Nice and creative high for sure! I’d recommend anybody order this who is looking for easy to grow but relatively potent pot. 5/5

  48. Camille C. (verified owner)

    I friggin love the Ewoks and I love this weed! I don’t know if this weed is as cute and cuddly but it sure gets me stoned. Great for just chilling out in front of the TV and chilling out hard with my cat!!! I usually smoke a huge bong after work and it’s seriously something I look forward to all day long! Pretty easy to grow too, and would highly recommend to anyone who loves indica AND of course EWOKS!

  49. Gwen F. (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for the perfect strain to help fuel creativity and I think I found it. Next painting class I teach I’m going to pass around a joint of the Ewok and see what happens. I saw colors in a whole new way while high on the Ewok. It wasn’t the easiest strain to grow but worth it I think. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet I think I’ll buy some more seeds and see if I can’t get a better yield. Cause damn, this mj is GREAT for making art with.

  50. Brentley T. (verified owner)

    Real creative and psychadelic high, I like it a lot. Stays pretty short (around 3.5 feet – ewok sized) so it’s good for an indoor grow, although it does stay kinda stinky so if that’s a problem you might wanna order something else. About eight weeks to flower and it took a lil work to get it there but nothing so major that it’s not accessible to first time growers.

  51. Brittany O. (verified owner)

    I like this strain. Lotsa fruity indica goodness in these little buds, but not narcotizing, at least not for me. A good MJ for studying. Less mind effects less than body. Relaxes the muscles. Growing — I could’ve got a better yield, maybe, if I’d spent more time on it. But whatever. Got my $$ worth.

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