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Garlic Bud Feminized Seeds

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Garlic Bud is a potent cannabis strain that will boost your mood, relax your body and help you with a number of medical issues like insomnia–just be prepared for its strong scent!

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As its distinct name implies, Garlic Bud is a cannabis strain with a potent scent that is popular for both recreational and medicinal use, due to its unique combination of powerful effects. Garlic Bud’s THC levels consistently come in at around 20%, and it is often the pure indica strain of choice to cap off the end of a long day.

Garlic Bud’s high provides an immediate calming and euphoric sensation, allowing your mind to buzz a bit before you hit the couch for a deep relaxation session. Garlic Bud has been noted for its ability to allow its users to forget about their troubles and attain a state of calm regardless of what might be going on in their personal or professional lives.

People who might be suffering from issues like high stress levels, worries or mood disorders could find that Garlic Bud is just what they need to feel some much-needed relief. Others, who suffer from inflammation in their bodies might also find that Garlic Bud’s moderate levels of THC provide a welcome respite from their daily aches. And, this strain has also been known to help users enjoy a great sleep at the end of the night.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Inflammation, Pain


Earthy, Herbal, Spicy

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






14 reviews for Garlic Bud Feminized Seeds

  1. Yolanda Houston (verified owner)

    Just like the real thing, garlic is distinctive and potent and not for everybody. The strain is ideal for recreational or medicinal use, so you can get a lot of it. You get a bit of everything with it – calming, relaxing, euphoric, cerebral, and much more. When you take it at night, count on some awesome sleep!

  2. Ryder Schaefer (verified owner)

    Its unique aroma and taste add an exciting twist to the smoking experience. The high is incredibly soothing and relaxing, melting away any stress or tension. Perfect for inflammation. As a beginner, growing this strain was a breeze.

  3. David Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Garlic Bud Feminized Seeds are a popular strain known for its potent scent and powerful effects. With THC levels around 20%, this pure indica strain provides immediate calming and euphoric sensations, making it ideal for relaxation and issues like inflammation. Additionally, it can help users achieve a good night’s sleep.

  4. Regan Weaver (verified owner)

    A wicked strong scent, very skunky and bitter, kind of tastes like garlic and burnt tea leaves….maybe not everyone’s thing, but I sure do enjoy it!

    Gonna write back with the progress of my plant, and I am so thrilled to see them germinated and growing so reliably!

  5. Samantha Lucas (verified owner)

    DNA crew always comes out with the most reliable hybrids. This one is no exception! An amazing seed that’s easy to grow and yields big, my harvest went very well. The earthy spicy taste of this one hits well. With perfect germination and fast shipping, I’ll be buying from growers again.

  6. KushKween (verified owner)

    Garlic Bud has helped me immensely. Worth the 9 weeks it took to grow, with how much weed I got and how great the high has been to my body I am more than happy with these seeds!

  7. Leonard Marshall (verified owner)

    Dang, if everything in the world could have a little more garlic flavor, we may solve all our current societal ills. Garlic MJ is a great place to start, and yes, it does have a nice garlicky flavor. So savory and scrumptious, almost like biting into a clove of roasted garlic, that somehow gets you high!
    Good working with pacific products, one of my absolute faves!!

  8. GardenGrowthGal (verified owner)

    Best kept secret of the west coast! Garlic Bud has that crave-able garlic taste and a beautiful bouquet of FLOWER! A potent indica best suited for nighttime use. Watch out for those MUNCHIES!

  9. BlazeBoss710 (verified owner)

    This strain has been absolutely amazing for medicinal uses and I get some of the best sleep of my life after I smoke this. Was very easy to grow and care for and I was extremely happy with the quality fast shipping Pacific Seed Bank provides.

  10. Noor H. (verified owner)

    Get ready for that strong garlicky smell to take over your life! You can smell this plant from a mile away…and either you love it or you hate it. I happen LOVE it, mostly because garlic (objectively) is the most delicious vegetable. Great storage capacity as well. Makes smoking in the wintertime easier than ever, and I never have to worry about a short supply cause I always have more seeds available! Great rates on shipping!!

  11. Sabah Cousins (verified owner)

    Yussss! Finally a marijuana that has all the dank savory flavor of some fresh picked garlic from the garden! I LOVE buying this weed online, it’s super easy to have it delivered to WA! They really know their customers and they cater to the laziest of stoners cause these feminized seeds were a breeze to manage!

  12. Gianluca Tang (verified owner)

    A truly medinical strain that helps me manage arthritis pain and also puts me to sleep. Is that garlic that I taste? Yep, it sure is. This weed is full of delicious garlicky flavor YUMMMM

  13. Will Lucero (verified owner)

    Well, anyone who tells you garlic is NOT the best veggie, is clearly lying. Why not combine two of the greatest things on god’s green earth to make Garlic BUD! True, this weed doesn’t smell EXACTLY like garlic, but it does have a GREAT flavor and a very serious buzz. Mostly indica in energy, so best reserved for your aches and pains late at night 🙂

  14. Javier Johnston (verified owner)

    Soooo much flavor packed into this savory, delicious marijuana strain. Garlic is absolutely my favorite veggie. It improves the flavor of any dish, This medical mj has a garlic flavor and a smooth indica high for that sweet, relaxed feeling you’re looking for after a long day without garlic 🙁

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