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God’s Bubba Feminized Seeds

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This heaven-sent strain of cannabis creeps up slowly, beginning with a sense of euphoria that culminates in deep relaxation.

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What’s the result of a cross between God Bud and Pre-98 Bubba Kush? Well, it’s God’s Bubba, an indica-dominant cannabis strain that has the ability to uplift and sedate users. You may have to wait as long as fifteen minutes before God’s Bubba’s high makes itself known, and after a few hours of feeling a boost in mood, users will experience a drowsy state that affects the entire body.

As with any slow-starting cannabis strain, it is important to ensure that users pace themselves, otherwise you run the risk of consuming too much before the high even begins. Once God’s Bubba shows up to the party, expect to feel a warming and calming sense of happiness that can clear your mind of its worries.

God’s Bubba fans note that there is a tingly feeling that begins in the head that eventually slowly melts down the rest of the body, enabling a deeply relaxing and soothing experience. For this reason, this strain is one that you’ll likely want to reserve for nighttime use.

Additional information


Grow Labs

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Eye Pressure, Headaches, Pain


Diesel, Earthy, Sour

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for God’s Bubba Feminized Seeds

  1. Marisol Aguilar (verified owner)

    This indica-dominant cannabis offers a slow-starting high, with a warming and calming sense of happiness that eases the mind and body. With its potential to uplift and relax, God’s Bubba is recommended for nighttime use.

  2. Chana Burton (verified owner)

    God’s Bubba has taken my smoking experience to a divine level. The taste is a heavenly blend of diesel, earthy, and sour flavors that instantly captivates the senses. The high is like a gentle touch from the gods, relieving eye pressure and headache. This strain is truly a blessing for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

  3. Janelle Carson (verified owner)

    Strong, heavy indica. Good for smoking at home, at night, watching TV or reading a book GREAT for sleep, as well.

    I have dabbled in weed from time to time. I like it as a hobby, and that’s why Pacific Seed Bank is the perfect choice for me. Fast delivery, fresh seeds, and great growing advice on the Blogs!

  4. Ravi Patel (verified owner)

    A fresh indica for a weary mind. I like buying MJ online and having it shipped to my place. It saves me a lot of time and money and is also a great summertime hobby. You always have a friend in Pacific cause their prices are for everyone and they ship everywhere in the USA and Canada. Good stuff!

  5. Leanna Todd (verified owner)

    Hi there! I grew 10 seeds and they all turned out perfectly. Turns out MJ is a great companion plant with other herbs and veggies in the garden. Great taste!

  6. NebulaNemesis91 (verified owner)

    This body high is quite strong but really nice. Would say growing this takes a bit of experience but well worth it for these quality buds and the moderate yield on these plants.

  7. Francesco D. (verified owner)

    Both and uplifting and sleepy strain. God’s bubba is just right when it comes to managing stress and anxiety at the end of a long day.

    Never was an issue in the yard. I know it loves our hot summers, and does require a fair bit of water (which can be difficult with California’s new water laws). It’s good to know I have a partner in the cannabis business like Pacific. They’re always answering my questions and guiding me doen the right path.

    The world is yours friends, especially if you live in the USA or Canada.

  8. Carlie Swan (verified owner)

    God’s Gift +Bubba Kush = God’s Bubba! A deep and powerful indica with loads of flavor! If you are new to growing, but you’ve been smoking a while (like me) then you ought to try out this strain. It’s super productive and easy, it does well in most settings. Honestly, I was able to grow it in a big pot on my porch and patio. I was able to harvest almost 600 G of weed, very high quality stuff too. Never seems to let me down. I’ll absolutely be buying more, just gotta wait till next spring for planting!

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