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Grape Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Grape Skunk is a powerful indica hybrid crossed between three popular and tasty strains: Grapefruit, Super Skunk, and Blueberry.

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Grape Skunk marijuana effects and aroma

Hard-hitting and delicious, Grape Skunk is 85% indica, with a 24% THC and 3% CBD content. Users should be careful with this strain, as it can come on quite strong. After your first inhale, the effects will make themselves known with an intense tingling sensation throughout your entire body. Your mind will also be hit with a wave of euphoria that some have described as slightly chaotic, making Grape Skunk a strain of concern for anyone prone to panic attacks and paranoia. Aside from this, Grape Skunk provides a sensational body buzz that allows many to focus on creative tasks and enjoy the freedom of their thoughts. 

Grape Skunk is known for its pungent aroma that bursts with berries and grapes. When inhaled, this strain has an almost wine-like taste that will linger on your lips long after finishing your toke. 


Therapeutic benefits of Grape Skunk marijuana

Grape Skunk is a common choice for patients looking for relief. It is known for inducing a healthy appetite and can help MS patients cope with their symptoms. Grape Skunk is also commonly used by those who suffer from persistent headaches. 


Growing Grape Skunk marijuana

Growing this strain will require a moderate level of experience, mainly due to its need for regular pruning. Growing short and bushy in definitive indica style, Grape Skunk will flower in about 7 to 8 weeks. It will flourish indoors and outdoors, producing buds with a delicious-looking light blue hue and beautiful orange hairs. Grape Skunk has a powerful odor, so if you’re growing indoors, make sure your set-up is smell-proof!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200 gr

Yield Outdoors

Up to 200 gr

To Treat



Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


15 reviews for Grape Skunk Feminized Seeds

  1. Jaelyn Cervantes (verified owner)

    Grape Skunk is a nice strain with a unique combination of flavors. Smoking it offers a pleasant and uplifting high that brings a sense of relaxation and contentment. It’s a great choice and the taste is a wonderful blend of berry, earthy, and sweet notes.

  2. Bridger Cohen (verified owner)

    The name says it all! This skunky/sweet weed is always a welcome addition to my nightly routine. Blessed to have access to such an amazing treasure trove of MJ. The selection here is just fantastic!!

  3. CropCrafter (verified owner)

    Hits pretty fresh and usually tastes pretty good. I like this weed in the afternoon to manage stress and usually puts me to sleep if I smoke it at night. Just wanna say thanks to everyone for making this sooooo easy! Getting your weed seeds delivered is now just as easy as buying stuff on amazon LOL

  4. Olivia Castillo (verified owner)

    Sweet and skunky! Not much to say about it other than that it grows nicely and produces some delicious flower. Just make sure you harvest round week 10 or else your flower may go to seed!
    I am building a high tunnel in the yard, so things are about to look great!

  5. ParadoxParagon23 (verified owner)

    Love how fast Grape Skunk grows, got these seeds flowered in just 7 weeks! The yields were not the largest but it was very easy to grow and these small plants can fit anywhere, very nice low maintenance grow well worth it.

  6. Robert Anderson (verified owner)

    What a powerful Indica hybrid. Grapefruit, Super Skunky, and Blueberry, a combination I never expected I needed. Absolutely amazing! Small yield size but the plant is compact and easy to grow, flowers in a very fast time so what you lack in the quantity you’ll get repaid for in speed and quality.

  7. Addyson Harrington (verified owner)

    Wish I hadn’t grown it indoors….the whole basement reeks of skunk….but hey the flower turned out pretty great. Just started smoking my stash last week. Still fresh!

  8. Anthony Spencer (verified owner)

    You won’t mistake this weed for anything else…grape skunk truly stands out from the crowd. This MJ is fast to produce buds and has a delicious smell that will make you drool!
    I only ordered 5 seeds….thought I’d be short on weed. That is NOT the case. MJ is fresh and bountiful, 600 G of indica love.

  9. Gregory Griffin (verified owner)

    Positively a great strain to smoke with a nice body high that helps anyone sleep blissfully. Was pleasantly surprised with how fast this grew and how easy it was to care for, makes up for the lesser yield size I got from this plant. Despite that I did enjoy this strain fully and plan to buy more of these seeds soon.

  10. Catalina Castro (verified owner)

    Grape Skunk Feminized Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank offer a hard-hitting and delicious strain with therapeutic benefits. With a high THC and CBD content, Grape Skunk provides a strong body buzz and euphoric effects. It is known for its pungent grape and berry aroma and can help increase appetite and relieve headaches.

  11. Natalie Clark (verified owner)

    A truly tasty strain, the grapefruit and blueberry tones in this have me addicted. I will certainly repeat buying Grape Skunk seeds with how easy and fast this grows. The high is very nice and helps give a calming drowsy effect. Lots of rest and relaxation gains from smoking this.

  12. Henrietta R. (verified owner)

    This is the PERFECT strain for smoking at night…grape flavor and a powerful skunk flavor….It’s a fun grow, but I won’t say it wasn’t a challenge! I learned a lot, made some mistakes, but I sure did pretty well out in the backyard. Doing great but not yet a pro 😉

  13. Maira H. (verified owner)

    This grapey pungent weed is great for growers of all experience levels and usually yields some gnarly lookin nugs that get me stoned beyond belief. That’s the way it should be! Fresh weed grown at affordable prices and sourced from some of the BEST pot farms in all of northern Cali!

  14. Neive Hoover (verified owner)

    Yummmm! This weed is super potent. Gets me super stoned every time and makes me like super woozy bruh. I am actually really good at gardening. My weed plants produced hundreds of grams bruh. That’s some dank nug, too. Not the cheap stuff!

  15. Kavan Dunn (verified owner)

    This is some seriously delightful weed. It’s been an absolute gem in the garden, with some awesome color and flavor! I bought 10 seeds, 9 of them germinated and they look beautiful!! Some of them even grew taller than me. I am so thrilled to have this weed in my yard! I never knew it was so easy to buy online and have it shipped to my home. Pacific stocks great products!

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