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Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

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Producing pungent aromas and potent effects, Great White Shark marijuana is a sativa-dominant will take a bite out of stress, and its impressive yield may just have you saying, “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

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Great White Shark marijuana may not be as deadly as its ocean-dwelling namesake, but its bite can be considered as strong. Fragrant with a complex aroma, its potency is better suited to consumers with experience with higher THC strains (Great White Shark has been known to tip the scales at 21% THC, though it can range as low as 12% in some cases). 


Sativa dominant, Great White Shark marijuana makes for a decidedly happy-go-lucky experience that can turn the tides on even the most stressful of days. It has become a popular go-to among artistic types for the swirling creativity it can inspire. Equally suited to medical situations, Great White Shark can soothe your nerves and ease your worries, as well as release your body from chronic aches. 


Where fragrance is concerned, Great White Shark can be listed among the most aromatic – it’s distinctly pungent but also sweet, with definite notes of citrus to add to its complexity. The flavor is heavily skunky, though it comes across with strong bursts of citrus fruit to counterbalance its skunkiness. 


Despite being relatively resistant to mold and mildew, growers with some experience in marijuana cultivation may have more luck with Great White Shark. This strain produces aromatic buds that are covered in crystals and orange pistils. It can be cultivated successfully both indoors and out, but many have discovered it’s easier to manage the medium-sized plants indoors, where nutrients can be closely monitored. Given 9 to 10 weeks flowering, you’ll be amazed by the incredible yield of Great White Shark marijuana.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species



75% Sativa/25% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Pungent

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

  1. XenoSorcerer (verified owner)

    Pungent + Potent = Great White Shark! That’s always a winning combo! As a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid, just feel all that stress and tension be released from your body, leaving you feeling relaxed and on top of the world. With high THC, you’re going to feel those effects kick into over-drive, so get ready!!

  2. Layne Castro (verified owner)

    Great White Shark provides a strong and euphoric high, perfect for tackling stress. The taste is a delightful blend of citrus and earthy flavors with a hint of pungency. Overall, an excellent experience from start to finish!

  3. 7DreamyDawn (verified owner)

    Great White Shark Feminized Seeds are a popular choice for experienced growers and marijuana enthusiasts. This sativa-dominant strain offers potent effects, including stress relief. Its pungent aroma and sweet, skunky flavor make it a favorite among creative individuals.

  4. Angela Crosby (verified owner)

    Helps with stress and anxiety. I have really enjoyed working with Pacific in the past, their products ship quickly and are always reliable in thre garden. Hoping I can get a small greenhouse set up this season to boost production and share with the friends!

  5. Elira Delaney (verified owner)

    Super fresh and funky….has a great vibe, so uplifting and fresh! I can’t wait to grow more 🙂

  6. StickySheriff365 (verified owner)

    The head rush of Great White Shark is truly something special, I feel so happy and relaxed after a long day whenever I smoke this. The seeds all sprouted perfectly and I got these massive yields from each one! One of the best values I have gotten from growing.

  7. Leo Moreira (verified owner)

    Cue the Jaws theme music……
    This weed is all bark no bite. It’s a beautiful, fluffy, colorful strain, usually great for smoking in the evening and helps with stress.
    It’s pure recreational for me. Growing weed is just a fun hobby, I grow in a 5×5 grow tent in the garage LOL. Gorilla tents anyone???
    Pure organic soil and some NICE looking plants. Yummy weed!

  8. Kaleb Ali (verified owner)

    Nothing to fear, this MJ is cool, relaxing, and easy to work with in the home garden. Great white has been my go-to grow for many years. It’s pretty well adapted to outdoor growing, and it’s a feminized seed so you’re work is generally taken care of. It does require maintinence, like pruning, watering, fertilizing and harvesting, but definitely one of the best strains I have ever smoked. I love it for it’s smooth indica energy and everything in between.

  9. Agnes Perry (verified owner)

    This is one pungent strain of marijuana! No way to hide this from your boss or friends, so make sure you’re only smoking it in locations where you can be called out an identified as a STONER! Ha! I love buying marijuana online, it’s definitely one of the easiest ways to secure high quality weed seed. Very potent strain, usually takes about 10-12 weeks to reach flowering but it’s so worth it!!

  10. Ho Cowan (verified owner)

    A smooth smoking indica weed with a lotta sticky crystals and colors to keep you entertained. Nothing feels btter than growing and smoking your own pot. It’s a straightforward process, just takes a fair bit of time. Ships anywhere in the USA. I buy it as a gift for the cousins at christmas time. Never had any issues with this weed. It always germinates and yields me at least 500 G. More than enough for me. It’s just for me. I smoke it when I am alone at home after work. Best way to relax.

  11. Taran Powers (verified owner)

    Sounds much more intimidating than it actually is. The flavorful juicy aromas of Great White are perfect for smoking any time of day, but especially the afternoon. I LOVE my homegrown weed. It’s been such an awesome investment. Like, who knew I could produce THIS MUCH NUG from just 3 plants? Has definitely saved me some $$ and made me a huge stoner lol.

  12. Freyja Knight (verified owner)

    First time buying seeds from pacific. Was happy to see my seeds in the mail right behind my electricity bill LOL. The seeds were surprisingly reliable. I was expecting a real struggle, but it worked out beautifully! I got a BIG yield too, nearly 600 grams, much more than I can smoke during the winter. If you cure it properly, it will maintain its freshness for nearly 6 months!

  13. Theodora Mcmillan (verified owner)

    These strains are mostly resistant to the mold and mildew, but prefer a hot dry climate. I am a California grower, and really like my seeds to be feminized. Ensures a decent yield and makes it so I am not wasting any money! Gonna buy this weed online again, especially cause the shipping rates on it are pretty fantastic!!

  14. Ebonie Park (verified owner)

    If you’re outswimming a Great White, then you’re definitely gonna need this sativa strain! It’s smooth and works great as a wake and bake. Bought 5 seeds online, had them shipped to Washington and then to Alaska to the rest of my family. Love that PSB ships anywhere in the USA!

  15. Phyllis Roy (verified owner)

    You’ll feel like the king of the ocean when you smoke great white shark mj from Pacific. Not only do these seeds ship fast, they germinate reliably and grow steadily in almost any setting. I like it’s sour taste, harsh smoke, and sativa buzz that makes me feel light, happy and productive!

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