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Jesus OG Feminized Seeds

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A cannabis strain with a biblical reputation, Jesus OG delivers on providing a profound experience for both the mind and the body.

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Expectations are bound to be high with a cannabis strain known as Jesus OG (no pun intended). This hybrid cannabis strain unsurprisingly has positive effects on both the body and the mind, and can measure in at around 20 percent THC concentration.

Much like a holy experience, the high from Jesus OG doesn’t waste any time. Almost immediately users may experience a buzzing in their head or the narrowinf of their eyes, followed by newfound cerebral sensations. Jesus OG can be a great choice for creative brainstorming or analysis, and some users note some effects that are more psychedelic in nature.

In addition to its mental effects, Jesus OG can also provide some noticeable physical effects, including relieving tension in the chest and in muscles, and, in larger doses, couch-lock.

Medicinal cannabis users have found Jesus OG to be helpful in treating issues like headaches and even glaucoma. It can clear the mind of issues like worries and stress, making it a great choice for those dealing with ailments of the mind who are more experienced cannabis users and less prone to panic or paranoia.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Tangy, Lemon, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


20 reviews for Jesus OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Bessie Rodgers (verified owner)

    Might not make you a believer but it sure will get your stoned. Great indica leaning pot that’s an easy grow in the garden. Works well with many other plants….smells great too. Thanks for the awesome bud. Only took 10 days to reach Canada, and the package was airtight and seeds were freshhhhh. Great for indoor cultivation if you have the space and set up. Highly recommend!

  2. Katherine Scott (verified owner)

    Whether or not you are a believer shouldn’t stop you from buying Jesus OG from Pacific. This high quality strain is great for smoking in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings….and offers an uplifting, vibrant high that helps with stress and anxiety. It’s maybe not the messiah you have been waiting for, but it’s high quality bud you can grow at home and for a relatively low cost, and given the challenges of 2024, I would say this is a win 🙂

  3. Omar Lopez (verified owner)

    The high is like ascending to divine heights, feeling energized, happy, and uplifted. With a THC level of 25%, it’s potent and perfect for managing stress. The tangy, lemony, and sweet taste is pure bliss.

  4. Roberto Boyer (verified owner)

    Super tasty Jesus OG. I dunno what I like better, the weed or the price of these seeds. Super convenient, they ship all over the USA!

  5. Cosmic4Cyclist (verified owner)

    All my seeds germinated and I am extremely satisfied with the Jesus OG Feminized seeds. This hybrid strain provided a profound experience for both my mind and body. I experienced a quick buzz and cerebral sensations, perfect for creative brainstorming.

  6. Malakai Barnes (verified owner)

    What up? Jesus OG is pretty intense and dank and delicious. It’s exactly what the son of god himself would have wanted, and maybe Jesus was a stoner and we never knew. Either way, this weed makes me feel godly and above the fray, without making me too spacey or tired.

  7. Abel Summers (verified owner)

    A classic indica with a short growing arc and a nice, compact plant that’s ideal for indoor cultivation.

    I had to call customer service cause my package got lost in the mail (which happens a lot around here) and they were so nice and friendly. Seeds were re-shipped at no extra cost and they germinated at 100%!

  8. Sandra Torres (verified owner)

    Hard and fasting hitting strain that will send you to cloud 9! This plant is rather large so I am happy I opted to grow it outdoors. Took 9 weeks and all my seeds germinated!

  9. YourMom’sFaveGamer (verified owner)

    Strong strain with fast-acting effects and high potency, this strain gives a great yield and is an excellent grow. Loved growing this and smoking it, gave me an awesome strong full-body high but does not make me tired.

  10. Thalia Greene (verified owner)

    Jesus OG is a relief for both the mind and the body. MY heart just races every time I smoke this weed, and the smoke itself is smooth as Jesus himself lol. I kid, but you understand what I mean! Buying online is a treat, it’s so fast and secure! The seeds arrive in NO time, and the feeling I get is that pacific REALLY CARES about their products and their customers. They have AMAZING growing advice on the blogs, so much to learn, highly recommend it!

  11. Terrance Brown (verified owner)

    I really do think Jesus himself would have approved. This NUG has some intense flavor, and a laid-back high that makes you feel like you could perform miracles…or just take a nap on the couch, either one!

  12. Porter Hahn (verified owner)

    Jesus OG has a very nice potency to it, and I was very happy with the quality and quantity I got from growing this strain. Full germination and these seeds flowered at just 8 weeks. Great high to this as well, really nice on the body with some nice cerebral uplifting to it.

  13. Lucas Oliveira (verified owner)

    I love the idea behind Jesus OG….a transcendant weed, one that uplifts the mind, body, and spirit!
    I found it to be quite enjoyable, and very fresh. The weed itself is sticky, sour, and harvests nicely in the fall.
    A good choice for when you’re feeling a little down and out…don’t worry Jesus OG loves you!

  14. Sandra Heath (verified owner)

    Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam…but I want him for this amazing strain of MJ. Definitely one of my all time faves. It’s a great grow in any summer garden…or especially a greenhouse. This nug tastes great….has a strong earthy smell, and provides a TON of delicious nug….usually about 150 G per plant, so a pretty sweet deal! Definitely less expensive than going to the dispensary every week!

  15. Idris Nightshade (verified owner)

    We all got a friend in Jesus OG. Grew this pot over the summer, had some pretty exceptional results. Wasn’t expecting more than 100 G or so, but I near tripled that with my 3 plants. Grew wild out in the yard, fast! They require a lot of sunlight, need daily water and attention. Yes, they’re a bit needy, but I can’t complain, it’s all good weed and it helps with stress. I just want my weed to help me relax. Get me into that fugue state to get through the worst parts of my day, but I’m still standing no?

  16. Chanel93 (verified owner)

    Oh Jesus!
    Great weed for resurrecting yourself from the dead if you catch my drift.
    The ULTIMATE hangover cure 😉
    Fast shipping every time! Feeling VERY blessed and can’t wait for the next round of seeds to arrive.

  17. A. Hicks (verified owner)

    Frankly, I don’t care for religion, but I do like me some weed, and Jesus OG is the stuff. Fresh, dank, and sticky…this mary jane HITs and makes me my highest self….get it? 5 seeds is all you need…makes me riiiich in mj without breaking bank. USA grower – California.

  18. Ashton King (verified owner)

    Would Jesus approve of having his name stamped onto a strain of weed. Short answer: YES!

    My theory is that Jesus himself LOVED weed, and we all follow him for the high thoughts that he had while he was alive. Now I grow MJ in his honor, and enjoy the fruits of MY labor by smoking this earthy fruity marijuana!

  19. Gwion T (verified owner)

    Turn your miserable evening into a creative adventure with Jesus OG. A light indica that is soothing for bodily aches and pains, but also smooth and easy to smoke LOTS at once. I like sessionable weeds, ones that don’t make you cough like crazy. This is a great strain for smoking with your friends!

  20. Princess Rowland (verified owner)

    Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, Jesus OG is a good grow with a lot of nug to offer. A very forgiving strain, hard to mess up, usually takes about 10 weeks to reach harvest, best grown indoors! Gives me MAD munchies ;p

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