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King’s Kush Feminized Seeds

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You can expect a case of the giggles, endless laughter, and strong cerebral euphoria with this indica-dominant hybrid. Everything about this strain screams happiness, joy, and good times.

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Looking for one hell of a good time? Look no further than King’s Kush marijuana seeds. Despite what you may have heard about indica-dominant strains, this one provides the opposite of a “stoned” and “braindead” experience. In fact, it does the opposite with a case of the giggles, endless laughter, and strong cerebral euphoria. King’s Kush is the perfect time to turn on your favorite comedy, look at Instagram memes with friends, or go to a comedy show.


There’s no way you could have a bad time under the influence of King’s Kush. Everything about this hybrid screams happiness, joy, and laughter. You’ll notice your mood start to shift into a more positive headspace. This could be a godsend for patients who suffer from depression and worries. King’s Kush can uplift a user’s mood, relieve stress, and help combat pain.


In true indica fashion, relaxation enters the picture in the second wave of the high. We’d be lying if we said King’s Kush was too good to be true and doesn’t come without any potential negative side effects. Because of its impressive THC content (around 20%), novice smokers who overdo it may experience paranoia, headaches, and dizziness. This would not be a good first choice for beginner smokers.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



75% Indica/25% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Fruity, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for King’s Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Jack Ho (verified owner)

    The high is fit for a king, with relaxation and sleepiness, but also a touch of uplifting vibes. The fruity, pine, and sweet taste adds to the majestic experience. This strain was easy to grow and yielded tons of great buds, like a true cannabis king. Use it to treat insomnia, pain, and stress, and let King’s Kush reign over your senses!

  2. David R (verified owner)

    I recently purchased King’s Kush Feminized Seeds and I am extremely satisfied with the results. All of my seeds germinated successfully and I am now enjoying the benefits of this indica-dominant hybrid strain. The giggles, endless laughter, and strong cerebral euphoria it provides are exactly as described.

  3. America Brandt (verified owner)

    This plant produces a large variety of densely colored nugs, all of them in tight clusters covered in trichomes. Takes anywhere from 10-12 weeks to produce flower. It’s a slow grow, and a patient grow.
    It’s not the hardest plant to cultivate but does take a skilled hand to master. King’s Kush really sells itself with that velvety smooth smoke and earthy flavor. Yum!

  4. EonExile88 (verified owner)

    I found King’s Kush to be quite mellow but very nice, I got a solid body high and a light head rush from smoking this. I really enjoyed growing this, great yields and was pretty easy to care for.

  5. Aryan C. (verified owner)

    Got some delicious nugs from this grow. Really happy I went with Pacific. I get great results when I work with them. Their products ship quickly, and relaibly, to my home in Oregon. I love the challenge of growing my MJ on my own. I am not THAT great at it, but I do like the challenge.

    5 seeds is really all you need. It’s surprisingly easy to get it together. It takes daily care and effort!

  6. Nada Talbot (verified owner)

    Weed should always make you feel light and relaxed, never worried, paranoid, or groggy. King’s kush is profound. It’s delicious, helps with stress, has big fluffy nugs, and buzz that will make you feel like a king looking out over your kingdom. It’s a great purchase, especially for such a low price. Great vibes, and probably the best way to start the week!

  7. Thalia Sellers (verified owner)

    Living in such a heavy and depressing world can be hard, that’s why king’s kush is a real winner. Tastes and smells pretty fantastic, and helps with feeling blue. Whenever I smoke King’s I am on the floor laughing with my friends. We all contribute to the homegrown weed fund, and work together on cultivation. I highly suggest you try out this pot. It’s super dank!

  8. Kaitlyn John (verified owner)

    It’s good to be the king. King’s kush is strong, like some freshly brewed coffee. It wakes up my senses and gives me a great sense of relaxation.

    Highly suggest growing this weed indoors for the first 1/3 – 1/2 of its life. It starts much better in a stable environment and grows into a sturdier plant. I find that it also increases yield. Don’t skip on investing.

  9. Mollie Browning (verified owner)

    Nothing like a fresh bowl of king’s kush. This stuff is sure to leave you laughing for hours! It’s my go-to Friday night strain. I feel pretty fortunate I came across this website when looking to buy pot seeds online. Hopefully I can smoke this weed for the rest of time. It’s good to be the king.

  10. Theodor White (verified owner)

    Hard to find out in the real world, best to order your seeds here online and have them shipped directly to you. It saved me a lot of time and money doing it this way, especially since I was growing indoors and that requires a certain degree of skill and experience. Great stuff though, has a fantastic smell and a very relaxing energy. I’ll be buying this weed again for certain!

  11. Gracie-May Conner (verified owner)

    Viable and flexible grow for grower’s of all experience levels. Feminized genetics guarantees a strong yield, does require trellising/staking to stay upright, and often needs pruning. Well worth the effort though, especially since you score so much flower. I like Kush strains mostly cause they are reliably indica and help with stress. I’ll buy this weed again and again.

  12. Robert Ridenour (verified owner)

    First I want to remark on my personal/professional grading system. A 1 star plant was not worth the electricity so they would never be worth the time to review. A five-star plant would be beyond any expectations and the most perfect of perfect. With all the strains today, there is way too many people giving these reviews, and when you read them many have not even harvested the plants yet. I am not this person either. There is no one plant or strain that is the measuring stick for all the rest. This is a great plant for your garden as far as a Kush is concerned. It takes the training if you train your plants. They handle nutrition as the manufactures of the nutrition recommend to use and excel even if left alone in good name brand dirt as well. My harvest weight and quality were both spot on and all I have shared with have loved the flavors. There is no complaints here and harvest was 9 weeks into flowering using LED lights. (Quantum Boards) with some old Burple style lights brought in later as a booster or lighting supplement. These were brought in after week 5 or start of week 6 thru week 9.

  13. Owen Cook (verified owner)

    With a harvest hovering around 800 grams, you too will feel like a king. Great smelling strain, gives me an amazing cerebral buzz, helps me manage stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Ordering online was easy, the seeds shipped quickly, arrived at my home in OR in about a week and grew magnificently out in the backyard. Love it!

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