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Love Potion #1 Feminized Seeds

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Get ready to fall in love with Love Potion #1, a sativa-dominant hybrid that will wake up your mind and body with its fruity aromas and tantalizing flavors. PIcky about lighting, Love Potion #1 marijuana seeds are best for intermediate growers who can dedicate the extra time and care needed to get the best out of her.

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Don’t worry – one toke of Love Potion #1 marijuana and the only thing you’ll be falling in love with is the smooth, fruity smoke and its delightful ability to leave you feeling romantic and randy.

An award-winning combination, Love Potion #1 took top honors in the Sativa category at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The effects of this sativa-dominant beauty come on quickly, providing a unique mental vigor that will have you feeling ecstatic and uplifted, a state that can heighten your senses and unlock your creativity. The 30% indica-genetics creep up slowly, easing muscle tension and nerves, imbuing the body with a sense of relaxation.

Love Potion #1 releases a citrus scent with spicy undertones that are even more pronounced when you break up your dried buds, and the smoke will treat you to a lemon/lime combination on the exhale that will keep you coming back for more.

With upwards of 18% THC, Love Potion #1 is best suited for providing a boost of energy, and the euphoria-driven high will burn away any stress you may be feeling. Medically speaking, you won’t find it on a prescription pad, but it can be beneficial for patients who need to improve their appetite.

Love Potion #1 is a relatively finicky strain, though it shows up with orange hairs and forest green leaves that will be coated in crystalline trichomes. It does well both indoors and out but requires perfect darkness during the flowering stage (10-12 weeks) to harvest a bumper crop. For this reason, Love Potion #1 may be better suited to gardeners with intermediate growing experience, or those who can invest in the right equipment to treat this strain how she wants to be treated.  

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

70-80 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Focused, Sedative

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat



Citrus, Skunky, Spicy

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for Love Potion #1 Feminized Seeds

  1. VoidBlade (verified owner)

    Customer service was so helpful with guiding me through the ordering process. Hate to admit that I’m one of the people who always has a ton of questions. Luckily, the customer service rep I spoke to was so nice and patient. She didn’t mind my millions of questions and answered them all, so I felt comfortable placing my order. I can’t wait until I receive my seeds!

  2. Astral8Adventurer (verified owner)

    Love Potion #1 Feminized Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers a delightful experience for both growers and smokers. With its fruity aromas and tantalizing flavors, this strain will surely wake up your mind and body.

  3. GalacticGamer42 (verified owner)

    Love Potion #1 is a unique and impressive strain. The high it delivers is creative and focused, perfect for those seeking a sedative experience. The plants grown were easy to cultivate, resulting in a good yield. The taste is a delightful blend of citrus, skunky, and spicy flavors.

  4. HashHolo (verified owner)

    Arrived in excellent condition within a few days, and all my seeds were sprouting in a matter of days! Already a few weeks in and the growth is healthy and promising, can’t wait for the harvest.

  5. Dylan Beck (verified owner)

    I am in love with Love potion. This high has me going in a sedated state and it just tastes great. Skunky citrus aromas with a relaxing not overwhelmingly high. Easy to buy from PSB with such fast shipping!

  6. Grumpy Gamer (verified owner)

    Takes a bit of time to grow, but with the right commitment and tender love and care you will be greatly rewarded with this strain. This seed will give a great yield and the buds smoke great. Smooth and delicious with a wonderful high to take your mind on quite the trip.

  7. Henry Lane (verified owner)

    Love potion is FRESH and it makes me wanna dance! Gotta love these hybrid sativa strains, mostly cause they don’t make me tired, groggy, or depressed. Fresh weed really makes all the difference, and it has saved me LOTSA cash at the dispo!

  8. Javier O. (verified owner)

    Love Potion is a strain that requires basic growing skills and a little extra attention. I have been a grower for many years, so this is not my first rodeo. I had a relatively easy time with germination, 4/5 seeds, but I was hoping for 100%. Even still, the growing process was straightforward, but longer than usual…about 12 weeks? Takes patience and love but well worth it!

  9. Elen Vance (verified owner)

    DANG This weed is powerful. Gives me amazing energy and helps with stress. Can’t wait to buy more! It grows fast and sturdy, gets really TALL! I LURVE all the flavors and the hybrid energy keeps me nice and clear-headed (but I am actually super stoned LOL).

  10. Joey Bowers (verified owner)

    Is your heart feel like a black cloud of emptiness? Well, maybe it’s time you fill it with the gray smoke of love. Buy yourself 15 seeds online and see your life literally transform! It’s such a wonderful process, watching your weed grow. I am thrilled to have it in my back pocket when I go out with my friends in the evenings.

  11. Hollie Stevens (verified owner)

    The love potion really works you guys….no it doesn’t make other people fall in love with you haha. But I sure do LOVE this weed! High octane sativa that brings the brain into high gear, creative thoughts are zipping by, work gets done, the day goes by so fast! I am so happy I got this taken care of. The world is a slightly brighter place as a result!

  12. Rhiannon Pham (verified owner)

    Mmm Yes! I feel like I am falling in love all over again, and this time it’s with a strain of marijuana! Bought my amazing seeds online, I was SO IMPRESSED by the sheer selection!!! Customer service had me taken care of however, and I am really happy it turned out well. Gonna definitely buy some more!

  13. Izabel Rush (verified owner)

    THE number one original strain that always makes me feel buzzy and lovey dovey! I smoke this weed with my BOYFRIEND and we just love giggling together. But don’t you worry, I like getting my hands dirty as well, so NO problem working in the garden like a PRO. Fast delivery when you order online!

  14. Ocean Croft (verified owner)

    Love potion #1 might have just captured my heart!! This sweet indica is your best bet against feeling depressed and anxious at the end of the day. How about buying 3 seeds to start and seeing how they grow? Mine arrived in the mail only one week after ordering, and they look amazing!!! I harvested nearly 700 grams give or take and I am sharing this colorful, mellow strain with everyone I know and love 😉

  15. Gideon Benson (verified owner)

    Mmmm this is some fruity and delicious weed. You can smell all the wonderful citrus notes when you light it up, and it feels so good in the back of your throat and in your lungs!!! FAST shipping times when you order online with Pacific. Their customer service is fantastic, and their seeds always germinate! It’s hard to find reliable seeds in Canada but Pacific makes it happen every time.

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