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Northern Wreck Feminized Seeds – Willits Family Farm

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With a mind-numbling high content of THC, Northern Wreck will lay waste to stress and insomnia, for an evening of blissful, restorative sleep.

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Reinvigorate your nighttime routine with Northern Wreck, an indica-dominant hybrid, rich with THC, that is guaranteed to take you to dreamland. In fact, this strain is so capable of improving restorative sleep, it has become a staple among patients suffering from chronic mood disorders and sleep concerns. 


Sit back and relax, because Northern Wreck will deliver you into a psychedelic headspace courtesy of its blistering THC content (upwards of 29% in some cases) as it numbs the feeling of emotional distress, banishing negative thoughts and aches from your person. A wave of euphoric emotion will wash over you, enveloping you in happiness. You may feel slightly creative and uplifted, but ultimately, you’ll be seeking the comfort of your bed. 


The flavor/aroma profile of Northern Wreck is remarkably similar to its parentage, and you’ll be impressed by its herbal and spicy kush fragrance that is complemented by notes of earthiness and wood. It has strong notes of pine and herbs on the tongue, with a sweetness on the exhale that leaves behind its overwhelming taste of wood and herbs, with an aftertaste of spice. 


Northern Wreck cannabis is considered one of the easier strains to grow, provided you offer plenty of sunlight and warmth. On average, it is a short, yet high-yielding strain that produces fragrant buds speckled with gold hairs. Allowed a full 8-9 weeks in the flowering stage and your Northern Wreck cannabis plants should provide upwards of 16 ounces per square meter come harvest.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



75% Indica/25% Sativa

Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Hungry

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






14 reviews for Northern Wreck Feminized Seeds – Willits Family Farm

  1. Sarah Chen (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Northern Wreck Feminized Seeds has been a delightful experience. I’m happy to report that all my seeds germinated successfully, resulting in healthy plants that produced fragrant buds. The indica-dominant hybrid delivered a mind-numbing high, relieving stress and insomnia.

  2. Raphael Silva (verified owner)

    It was a perfect blend of euphoria, happiness, and hunger. I personally enjoy indica strains and this one delivered a fantastic body high. The plants were easy to grow and the flowering time was within the expected range.

  3. Jeffrey Franco (verified owner)

    Northern Wreck’s body high is fantastic for relieving stress. I was able to grow a good amount from these seeds and the quality of the buds was amazing. Highly recommend it for those looking for a potent Indica strain.

  4. Otto V. (verified owner)

    Soak up the sun and enjoy the sweet rays of relaxation emanating from Northern Wreck! This bud is seriosuly relaxing and FRESH. Do NOT try and smoke this and get your work done. I’ve uhhhh learned the hard way that things are NOT gonna work out that way LOL

  5. Ava-Grace P. (verified owner)

    I have been cultivating MJ since the 90’s. Amazing to me that it’s gotten sooo easy to buy online and have it shipped right to my home!??

    When I first purchased from Pacific, I was skeptical because you never know when you’re buying online. Glad I was wrong!

    Very fresh and tasty nug. Helps me manage my stress!!

  6. Jayson Gould (verified owner)

    Northern wreck is just as intense as it sounds, but all it really wrecks is your stress, leaving you free and clear to relax for an evening, read a book, or do some light creative work. Very fortunate my friend recommended me Online to Pacific seeds. Their selection is crazy! I was not able to choose just one, I bought 5 strains but this one was my favorite!

  7. Jordana Chambers (verified owner)

    I usually drift towards the “wreck” strains cause you get a lot of bang for your buck.
    I cultivate 3 seeds at a time. Usually, with Pacific, I get 90-100% germination, which is truly exciting.
    Big yields mean big flowers. Northern Wreck produces palm-sized flowers drenched in darkness and sticky crystals.
    Very powerful nug with some sweet and uplifting smell.

  8. Leila Cook (verified owner)

    An excellent grow for northern climates, does well in the cooler, wetter temps of the Pacific Northwest. Buying online is easy, it’s convenient if you live in a rural locale, like myself. I have ordered a few times with pacific. Usually the seed arrive within days, but if it gets delayed or lost customer service was always helpful. High germination rates on the seeds, usually hovering around 80-90%. Can’t wait to buy more. It’s been a truly excellent strain!

  9. Jeffrey Macdonald (verified owner)

    They call it a wreck for a reason! This weed has blisteringly high levels of THC so you’re bound to get baked as all hell. It was a bit of a process getting this weed growing, but once it germinated it started growing at like twice the rate. Very impressive yield, definitely better than expected, and at such an impressive price!!

  10. Angela Mcdougall (verified owner)

    It’s sometimes hard to grow good MJ all the way in the NW, like up in BC, but when you have a little land and some greenhouse supplies you can great great grows on certain strains, especially this one. It’s suited to our Northern climates and does better than other hot-weather strains.

  11. Susanna Alexander (verified owner)

    Northern wreck is pretty much what describes my daily life here in Washington lol. At least there’s a weed that suits my needs. It’s a good strain for napping or just straight sleeping through the night. I like to grow this stuff, harvest it, then keep in locked in my airtight cellar for curing. Great when it dries out, VERY sticky when you harvest it haha

  12. Tania Mellor (verified owner)

    Awesome buy for a great price. 5/5 germination. Great way to buy seeds online, has a beautiful aroma, one of pine and earth. Grows well in northern climates like Washington and Oregon.

  13. Dar Novak (verified owner)

    This strain is absolutely amazing. The thc percent is at least 25% or better. I made every newbie mistake in the book and still ended up with a very potent harvest.

  14. tuna (verified owner)

    First time growing this strain, and could not be happier! Intense high! 100% Germination. Beautiful healthy plants and a great harvest! Thank you Pacific Seed Bank!

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