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OG Los Angeles Kush Feminized Seeds

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A burst of sunshine and THC, OG Los Angeles Kush marijuana is a pure indica hybrid that will crush worries as it puts a smile on your face. Best kept for evening use, this strain is potent, and should be enjoyed within reason.

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If any geographic location is synonymous with being as sparkling as it is laidback, it’s Los Angeles, so it makes sense that a pure indica bursting with THC like OG Los Angeles Kush marijuana would be gifted with this title.  

Topping out at over 25% THC, OG Los Angeles Kush marijuana is not a strain for novice consumers. Its cerebral head rush delivers on happiness, but stops just before euphoric, melting into a complete full-body relaxation that will completely crush stress, worries, and muscle spasms, and quell making it a heavy contender for patients battling a host of medical conditions. 

With a pungent odour that’s heavy on pine and diesel, OG Los Angeles Kush marijuana is something of an acquired taste and, even though its effects are highly sought-after, seeing as this strain tends to be quite finicky when cultivating, potential growers may think twice before adding OG Los Angeles Kush marijuana seeds to their garden. In fact, there’s little detailed information on best practices when including OG Los Angeles Kush as part of your medicinal plot, but provided with excellent lighting, stable temperatures, and humidity, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of these dense, sticky, resign-covered buds after an average of 9 weeks flowering. 

Additional information



Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Diesel, Earthy, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






12 reviews for OG Los Angeles Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Les Chabot (verified owner)

    Pure indica will put a huge smile on your face because it’s so sunny, happy, and cheery just like Cali itself! It’s so laidback and awesome that you’ll never want to run out because this is truly like living the good life! Your entire body will be relaxed, calm, and at ease for an unbelievable experience!

  2. Marin Frey (verified owner)

    Oh I miss my days down in LA, I used to love living there. Now I am in the Northwest and really enjoy growing out here as well. I bought a tract of land that’s been grown organically for ages. Truly one of the better choices out there, and for good reason. Soil quality is everything. I get great results because I grow pot in some of the freshest soil on earth.

    The price is also right when you buy online, they ship anywhere in the USA!

  3. ForestFae59 (verified owner)

    OG Los Angeles Kush is an incredible strain that provides a strong and relaxing body high. I loved the earthy and diesel taste that it offered. Growing this strain was a great experience, as the plants were sturdy and yielded a decent amount of buds.

  4. Selena Rodriguez (verified owner)

    OG Los Angeles Kush Feminized Seeds offer a burst of sunshine and THC. With over 25% THC, this potent pure indica hybrid crushes worries as it puts a smile on your face. All my seeds germinated successfully, and after 9 weeks of flowering, I was rewarded with dense, sticky buds.

  5. Logan Ashley (verified owner)

    Superior genetics means superior weed! OG LA Kush is a strain meant for southern California. One of the best grows I have had in years!

  6. MaryJaneMaestro (verified owner)

    OG Los Angeles Kush has great medicinal properties, really helped me with sleep issues. The earthy and piney taste and scent is just amazing. Overall, this was a really strong and potent strain that left me feeling very happy and relaxed.

  7. FarmingFervor (verified owner)

    The ideal weed. The weed you dream about at night. These fuzzy dusty citrusy nugs are very near perfection. They crumble into a fine dust and give me a GLOWING high with 20% THC and a beautiful hybrid split. Easily one of my favorite summertime grows, and at these prices??? Sign me up!

  8. Eleri81 (verified owner)

    OG kush mixed with LA Kush makes one of the gnarliest most intense indicas on the market. I was honestly amazed that Pacific carried this strain. It usually has over 22% THC…and that’s just the average. My yield was somewhere between 500-600 G…and it was dense, sitcky, and covered in trichomes. Took me an entire afternoon to harvest!

  9. Maciej Hunter (verified owner)

    I sure do love the sunshine, and OG LA Kush is exactly what the doctor ordered. This earthy citrusy flavor is great….reminds me so much of that warm LA sun! Can’t say anything about this weed you don’t already know. VERY fast shipping and super affordable rates. The PEOPLE’S weed!

  10. Atticus Mays (verified owner)

    OG Los angeles kush. Great stuff to grow down in south cali. Seeds are great. Ship quickly and always look good in the garden bed. Everybody loves my weed. I love living in LA!

  11. Aiden Park (verified owner)

    Definitely a nighttime smoke. I made the mistake of smoking this at work the other day, nearly fell asleep! Best tasting weed I have had in some time. The buds are nice and crumbly, fitting perfectly into my bowl! Has a nice citrusy flavor that makes one think of hot hot days in the valley outside LA!

  12. Zachary Brook (verified owner)

    Powerful weed made for the perfect night in LA. This stuff is bright and colorful. A true fem hybrid with sativa dominant traits. Kind of a “weed nerd” grow, one that’s great for experienced growers, a little more challenging for newbies. Am usually able to harvest around 400 grams of pot. Sweet and uplifting, absolutely perfect for walking round Venice!

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