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Permafrost Feminized Seeds

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This sativa strain is a sticky selection that will offer a balanced effect, leaving you feeling great in body and in brain.

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Aptly titled, Permafrost marijuana is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s like Christmas – leaves like ice, dusted by a crystalized coat of sticky trichomes.

A hybrid true to form, Permafrost delivers balanced effects for a healthy dose of mind and body relaxation but allowing the mind to slow down just enough to increase focus and attention.

High in THC, Permafrost marijuana is not for the faint-of-heart, unless you consider microdosing to take advantage of the medical benefits sans psychoactive side effects. After about 70-80 days flowering, this pine-scented strain will give the patient gardener a moderate yield of deliciously potent cannabis that will get you through the day like nothing else.

Once you get your hands on Permafrost marijuana seeds, you’ll never want to let them go – order now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

70-80 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Energized, Euphoric

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Fatigue, Pain


Earthy, Pine, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






54 reviews for Permafrost Feminized Seeds

  1. Olivia P. (verified owner)

    Feminized seeds are my jam, and these are at the top of my list lol These seeds germinate quickly, producing plenty of dense, beautiful bud. I love how I get nothing but female plants that keep on providing the weed that I love.

  2. Claudia Perez (verified owner)

    I have recently grown and smoked the Permafrost Feminized Seeds and I am extremely pleased with the results. All of my seeds germinated successfully and grew into beautiful plants. The effects of smoking Permafrost are well-balanced, providing both a calming body relaxation and a clear-headed mental focus.

  3. GreenSustainer (verified owner)

    Frosted tips are awesome….not on people but on weed! Permafrost has a gorgeous array of color….and it hits beautifully every time. Nearly banishes my depression….keeps me feeling upright and strong. Never a bad day when I am smoking perm…..plus it bakes into delicious brownies. Yay!

  4. Kenna Smith (verified owner)

    Yoooo! This is a good weed and everyone should grow it. Permafrost grows really fast! I was able to see flower forming 9 weeks after planting. I had an early fall harvest, clipped hundreds of tiny nugs and let them cure by the window sill for a week or so. They formed beautifully and are delightfully sweet. Nothing quite like fresh MJ!

  5. FirePhoenix (verified owner)

    This seed really tested my patience with its flowering time, but after 11 weeks the wait was worth it. This hard-hitting high was just what I needed in my life, love the woody pine taste as well. Upkeep was relatively easy as well.

  6. Lucas Silva (verified owner)

    Has a lovely fresh frosty flavor, kind of like menthol and it cools the back of your throat. I really do enjoy this. I have developed a serious affection for growing my own pot. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. Soaking seeds has made a huge difference in germination. The screen of green method is best for growing…..and normally I end up with MJ in the hundreds of grams. I am a professional hobbyist lol.

  7. MysticMermaid (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed smoking this strain, had a nice body and mind high to it that was not too powerful and very relaxing. Took a bit of a long time to grow but I am really happy with the yield I got from it.

  8. StellarSketcher33 (verified owner)

    Permafrost from Coastal Genetics is a fantastic strain that I thoroughly enjoyed. The high it provided was uplifting and energizing, perfect for those creative moments. The plants I grew were medium-sized and sturdy, making the growing experience smooth and easy.

  9. Adalynn Bradley (verified owner)

    I spoke with customer service over the phone, and they were so great at listening to what I wanted out of my mj, and out of my grow. Permafrost was the perfect choice for me. This sour, sativa-leaning strain is covered in little trichomes, and they make it seem like the plant is covered in snow. It’s a beautiful illusion, especially when the sunlight hits the plants in the morning and they positively glitter!

  10. Destiny Davis (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the creative and energizing high that Permafrost gave me, definitely helped me get some good work done. The growth time was a bit longer at 11 weeks but was still easy to manage and get a nice yield from.

  11. Lleyton Palacios (verified owner)

    Freinds! I come here to tell you that I love marijuana and growing it at home! This process has totally changed my life, and the wat I look at growing weed! It’s delicious, fresh, and all mine! The seeds were very affordable and shipped out rather quickly! They were EAGER to germinate and created some absolutely THRILLING looking bud. The flowers are tight, bright, and absolutely bursting with flavor! The freshest and the dankest weed anywhere online and they even ship to Canada!

  12. Jack Chadwick (verified owner)

    Pretty nug….covered in crystals….just about ready to harvest. I’ll be back to say how it went. Looking at maybe 500 G of mj….so fresh!

  13. Natasha Sheppard (verified owner)

    Best indoor growing I have done in some time. It’s a reliable plant, attracts few pests and usually puts out higher than normal yields of bud. There really is a science to growing your own weed, but mostly it’s just about having fun and staying active. Don’t give up on this weed, even if it’s slow to germinate. The beautiful colorful nugs covered in frost are just what you need 😉

  14. Star Dominguez (verified owner)

    The frost is boss. I bought this weed online and watched it grow to be as tall as me! It’s so nice to have this weed in my life. It’s made my stress levels go waaaaay down. I am finally able to relax at the end of the day!!

  15. Marwan Banks (verified owner)

    I wanted to get high and didn’t wanna KEEP ON BUYING FROM MY DISPENSARY CAUSE IT SUCKS!!! I just wanted to grow my own weed and heck yeah that’s awesome.

  16. Youssef Baxter (verified owner)

    Get your FROST on with permafrost mj from Pacific seeds. This hybrid incorporates some complex sour flavors with a cool menthol finish. I find it rather luxurious, and it’s rewards are beyond measure. My stress levels have gone down tremendously. I feel much more in control of my anger as well. Keeps me based in reality, feeling even and good!

  17. Hibba Russo (verified owner)

    Easy enough to grow indoors, in your garage or basement or closet. Makes me feel GREAT! I harvested almost 600 grams of pot, and it’s honestly looking pretty stellar in the ball jar I am using to store it. The website here was pretty easy to navigate, and the prices are reasonable. Highly recommend. Try it for yourself!

  18. Katelin Gonzalez (verified owner)

    No matter what skill level you posess, permafrost is a great investment, and always yields something like 600 grams. The weed tastes nice and minty, gets me really relaxed and happy, and smells like a mountain forest. Excellent germination, 5/5 seeds popped and all of them grew into beautiful plants I loved caring for till harvest!

  19. Emily Gaines (verified owner)

    I am so down with permafrost weed. I bought 5 seeds online. Took about a week to ship. Looks dope in the basement, and totally legal. Nice for the price, though does take a long time to mature, almost six months. Very frosty looking flower, minty taste, pretty nice paired with ice cream in the summer.

  20. Zidan Humphreys (verified owner)

    Permafrost might just give you a brainfreeze. I am not kidding! This weed feels like your gulping down a slurpee from the 711. The weed feels like menthol in the back of your throat and it tastes like key lime pie! First time grower here, but not the last. Always a good decision to buy your pot seeds from Pacific Seed Bank.

  21. Samah Cash (verified owner)

    Mmmm that sticky dank herb is just the best!! I purchased some online and had it delivered right to my door. Not even too difficult to grow, made for an awesome time in the garden. Even the bees had a good time flying around my plant. I am pretty stoked for the weekend when I finally get to light up my supply!!!

  22. Colton Prosser (verified owner)

    If you like weeds you can really FEEL in your lungs, then you’ll totally enjoy this strain. It helps me manage pain and stress, and gives me that icy cool high that really brings life together. I am baked but not defeated!!! Easily one of my favorite strains, cause it smells so good, like minty weed or something, wow what an idea!!!

  23. Layla-Mae Stanley (verified owner)

    Oooo this weed feels so fancy…it burns the back of my throat and then it cools it down in the same breath. It’s truly a magic strain. The flower is crystalized and smells absolutely amazing, almost minty, and is very rejuvenating after a difficult day at work. Definitely an evening smoke, this indica is no joke!!

  24. Donald Starkweather (verified owner)

    Great strain to grow.
    I ordered these to help with chronic back pain.
    This strain will test your patience when flowering, it takes forever.
    However, these ladies were some of the best plants I ever grew, beautiful dark green leaves, sturdy stocks and beautiful tight buds almost as big as my fist.
    I was amazed at the tricome covering on these plants, made the buds and sugar leaves look like velvet.
    This is a great daytime strain as well, great head buzz as well as a tingling body buzz that helps relieve pain.
    I liked it so much I ordered more of these seeds along with a few other strains.

  25. Kye Logan (verified owner)

    Permafrost is really nice and relaxing, keeps me feeling grounded during difficult moments and my body is so much more relaxed now. I used to have trouble sleeping and appetite regulation problems. I got to growing this right away and then those problems slowly dissipated. I feel much more grounded and relaxed, and have been very happy since.

  26. Haroon Krause (verified owner)

    My new and improved marijuana growing facility will truly blow your mind. My greenhouse has vents and fans and irrigation and it just looks fantastic!!! I ordered it online and it shipped out right away. My plants are currently about to flower and they look amazing. I am so thrilled for what comes next!!!

  27. Yassin Serrano (verified owner)

    This is a nice tingly weed and it leave a little coolness at the back of your throat, it’s so nice to have too, it makes life so much nicer and better and it is all about that bling yall! I got a dope bong and I smoke HUGE rips with the permafrost and my brain turns to ice and the world is nice and crystalline. Very easy to grow too!

  28. bill ford (verified owner)

    The permafrost is a serious strain, for experienced smokers only LOL I am just kidding. I only say that cause it’s a little challenging to grow, makes for a nice buzz though, and it hits the back of the throat real nicely. Ordered online and got the seeds delivered to my home. Gets me super stoned, makes me feel really good just chilling on my couch. Amazing!!

  29. bomer88 (verified owner)

    This weed leaves you with goosebumps…makes your skin tingle and your mouth go numb….a good high, great for reading and writing poetry, a nice thick harsh smoke that burns the trachea….a beautiful grow. High and dry baby!!

  30. Net Total (verified owner)

    My lungs feel all nice and frosty after I smoke this weed, I am like floating on cloud 9 waiting to return to earth to share visions that I have recieved from the great beyond…such good times with excellent tastes and smells and beautiful colorful flower, Indica heaven!!!

  31. Lion Tails (verified owner)

    Permafrost is some serious stuff! Love the way this shit makes me feel, kinda makes me a little woozy, a little dizzy but in a light pleasant way…hits like a menthol cigarette….defies all laws of gravity…makes your brain wander into uncharted territory…manages stress…keeps me afloat…buy it!!!

  32. Ostrich (verified owner)

    This stuff may just blow your mind. Ever grown out of a space bucket? It’s the best way to grow weed in my opinion…makes for HUGE plants with a TON of flower. I never thought I’d be so rich in weed. I germinated all 3 of my plants and am truly blessed with nearly 800 grams of delicious THC! Has a great menthol type flavor, definitely a great buy!

  33. Atlantic (verified owner)

    I never knew you could grow marijuana in a large pot, but it’s totally possible. I was strapped for space this time around and needed a fix of some homegrown herb. Pacific is definitely the place for affordable seeds with great selection. They deliver seeds right to your mailbox, and when you plant them, you’ll quickly see how easy they are to grow. Got my 3 little seeds in the mail and grew them in these large pots on the porch. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful they are!

  34. Blood Orange (verified owner)

    Perfect indoor grow with some serious yield! I love how easy it was to cultivate and just how much yield I got offa this plant. It’s very earthy and has this amazing cooling effect when you smoke it, kinda like menthol cigarettes or something of the like. I share this with my buddies and we have a good time getting stoned and shooting the breeze. Nothing better than smoking your own mj, somehow makes the high that much better. I highly recommend this strain to experienced users and newbies alike!

  35. Chicano (verified owner)

    I don’t know about you but I need a little brain boost once the afternoon rolls around. It gets super stressful at work and I get like really tired at my desk, luckily I came across this site and got some pot seeds delivered to my house here in LA. Got 3 seeds growing out in the backyard, a nice compact plant makes for easy growing and saves space in the garden. This is a great smelling and tasting plant, has a nice cooling effect on the throat and gives me a nice sativa dominant high!

  36. Betty C. (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, great for growing indoors and produces a TON of weed, really high quality nug, but who could expect and less from PSB! I’ve been a return customer for a few months now, always finding the best seeds Canada has to offer and having them delivered right to my door. Now I am rich in mj and smoke this when I am having a bad day. I feel very energetic on this weed, and really dig the menthol taste!

  37. Courtney Mably (verified owner)

    This is definitely one of my favorite weeds, incredibly sticky and delicious, love the sativa edge this weed provides, keeps me up and moving throughout my day. I sometimes struggle with my energy levels but this weed really helps the time pass. I love smoking in the AM before going to work. Love the delicious sour taste too. Can’t wait to buy more!

  38. Ellis Mathews (verified owner)

    This weed is like smoking a menthol cigarette, its super minty tasting and cool at the back of your throat. Grew it in my basement, in a nice little space bucket I built myself. It’s got a great grow period, not too long at all, and it offers up some delicious bud for my enjoyment. I usually smoke at night to help with insomnia and I have never been feeling better!

  39. Mia I. (verified owner)

    WOW this was a really amazing weed. Such a perfect indoor grow, especially for beginners. I grew right in my basement under a grow lamp which was really something special and offered me a ton of NUG! I love the sour earthy smell to this weed, and the high is a nice sativa blend that’ll keep you in a good mood and help with any fatigue you may be experiencing!

  40. Eugene R. (verified owner)

    Permafrost is going to permanently be a staple of my weed growing collection! I love this weed! Nice sativa heavy hybrid with just enough indica to keep me relaxed and stress free. Be careful not to smoke too much though, I find the psychedelic effects to be a bit much if I overindulge. Took about ten weeks to finish flowering indoors but other than a longer than average flowering time it was pretty damn easy to grow inside. A+!

  41. Dwayne Z. (verified owner)

    Really long time to flower. This strain tested my patience! But I finally got to harvest and I gotta say that I’m really happy with my yield! This is all thanks to getting good seeds delivered from Pacific. I’ve been growing for a while now and I’ve never gotten the kind of consistent quality that I get from this site. This strain is a good buy and you get lots o weed for yo money!

  42. Austin Z. (verified owner)

    I’m always so anxious, it had gotten to the point where I took over-the-counter pills to help me focus and calm down. But I didn’t like the side effects from the pills – I broke out in hives once. So ….thought I’d try marijuana as a medical solution. A friend recommended permafrost and now I love it. Soon after smoking this I can focus and not worry the world is going to end tomorrow. Thank you, PSB!! It’s true that it does take awhile to grow, but in my case this plant is worth the wait.

  43. zilren27890 (verified owner)

    This weed has been super helpful with my ADD! I feel like I can concentrate and have so much more energy throughout the day. What a dream! I love how nice and compact this plant is and easy to grow right in my basement! It smells and tastes just like the forest, which is what makes this my absolute favorite. I love to share it with friends and it helps me finish my homework! Great buy!!!!

  44. rterra398 (verified owner)

    I smoke this for gastrointestinal issues and it’s incredibly helpful. I don’t like to smoke too much of it, it’s a little strong for me. But as a one-toke medical use I can highly recommend it. Everyone’s body is different, but weed has been helpful for some of us with GI stuff going on, so it’s worth trying if you haven’t. I’ve only just started growing my own, but this strain was a good one because it was straightforward and I didn’t have any problems. All of my seeds germinated with zero frustration. Good weed and good price.

  45. Bradford T. (verified owner)

    An awesome strain to smoke when you want to still accomplish some things with your day. I smoked some hits of Permafrost and went on about my business, just in a more relaxed, happy kind of a way. No paranoia at all and I was still conversational. All in all a good experience, even with the grow. Was happy with the seeds and the plants were easy to flower. All in all a great experience from germination to smoke.

  46. Fior O (verified owner)

    I’ve was diagnosed with MS five years ago and by far, one of the best things to help treat my condition has been this strain. Permafrost gives me a chance to have a normal body for a little while. From reducing inflammation to providing pain relief, this magical cannabis works wonders for me. I’m also able to get relief from muscle stiffness and spasms. And it helps me sleep! Can’t recommend this strain enough for medical users. If even just for a little pick-me-up. Permafrost works wonders.

  47. Laetitia Q. (verified owner)

    My partner grew this for me to treat my arthritis and it has been the best weed I’ve smoked yet. My joints usually hurt just about all the time, except for when I smoke permafrost. We are planning on ordering this strain again since I liked it so much. It’s really hard for me to find medicine that *actually* provides some pain relief. Lucky to have strains like permafrost around to treat people like me.

  48. Fran E. (verified owner)

    So easy to grow, my son grew it on his back porch. We all love the crystalized look of perma mj … not that it’s that important to its use, but it is a pretty plant! I love the hybrid effect of this weed, it lets my mind focus but also calms any stress from my body. I love I can order this from Canada, plan to buy more seeds soon.

  49. Martin L. (verified owner)

    Living in cold cold Canada I should probably be smoking some kind of tropical mj – Maui Wowie or whatever. But Permafrost is it for this Albertan. This probably the best weed I’ve found for daytime use. I can focus on stuff that needs doing, but in a relaxed way. Growing was super simple. Got a nice big harvest of sticky buds. I’m a popular guy in my dorm right now!

  50. Liana T. (verified owner)

    I’ve basically been perma-stoned since growing Permafrost. I really like this cannabis for anxiety issues, it levels me the hell out and helps me stay focused during the day. 30% indica in this hybrid relaxes me just enough but the heavier sativa is great for daytime use definitely.

    Easy to grow indoors for sure, I had a good yield and didn’t have to do too much with the ladies other than let them do their thing.

  51. Anita N. (verified owner)

    A solid indoor grow, great for joint pain and stress. I got into a car accident a few months back and have a lot of joint pain and inflammation as a result, so I decided to grow MJ to help with my symptoms, and I tell you this stuff really is great. Big sticky green buds the size of a fist and they taste nice and sour. Helps me relax almost instantly, and then I am feeling great for hours on end, has helped my symptoms tremendously.

  52. Vincent A. (verified owner)

    A stellar sativa leaning hybrid, and a pretty solid indoor grow! First time ordering with Pacific but very impressed by how easy it was to order online, the seeds all germinated and sprouted up in no time at all. It looked so good I was showing it off to friends and family! Next thing I know I am smoking my very own bud and stoned as can be! I love this weed, and can’t wait to buy more!!!

  53. Jaron C. (verified owner)

    You guys. This shit is no joke. I never thought I could use weed to treat my ADHD, but wow this stuff really does work! I only ordered a few seeds to try it out cuz I was skeptical. Now that I’m a believer I’ll be buying a whole lot more. Thanks Pacific!

  54. Hailey P. (verified owner)

    PermaFUN is more like it. So many giggles and goofy conversations with this highly sociable pot. Best weed I’ve had in a looooong time. And I grew it myself!!

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