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Pincher’s Creek Feminized Seeds

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Pincher’s Creek is the ultimate “get work done” strain thanks to its energizing and motivating effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid comes with subtle psychedelic effects.

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Pincher’s Creek marijuana seeds are a must-have for anybody who needs an extra pep in their step. This 70/30 sativa hybrid helps you get the job done, whether it’s completing a project before a deadline, cleaning the apartment before guests come over, or hitting the gym after a long hiatus. Pincher’s Creek uplifts the mind and creates a mindset that you can do literally anything — it’s like you’re invincible!


Pincher’s Creek will not change your natural state too much, making it perfect for daytime use when you’re going about your day. Instead of changing your mental state, it will only create your motivation and energy to do the things you needed to do anyway. At the peak of Pincher’s Creek, consumers can experience subtle psychedelic effects, which is why it’s not recommended to smokers with paranoia and worries. You may find yourself feeling hyper-aware of your surroundings. This can be interpreted as both a positive and negative thing depending on your personality.

While the genetic origins of Pincher’s Creek marijuana seeds are currently unknown, we can confirm that this sativa-dominant hybrid carries a heavy kush smell. It’s complemented with notes of spice, earthiness, and a sweet lemon finish with a piney aftertaste. The aroma of Pincher’s Creek is said to be highly refreshing and natural. Pincher’s Creek buds have a THC range of 22-24%.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Focused, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Pain


Earthy, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






41 reviews for Pincher’s Creek Feminized Seeds

  1. 5TidalToucan (verified owner)

    Pincher’s Creek Feminized Seeds are a must-have for growers and smokers alike. Not only did all my seeds germinate successfully, but the sativa-dominant hybrid also delivered on its promise of energizing and motivating effects. The subtle psychedelic experience was an added bonus for those seeking a unique high.

  2. Brenda Baldwin (verified owner)

    Sultry and savory, gives me a nice vibe, and usually is pretty easy to work with. Just happy I finally had a chance to work with this pot. It’s been on my grow list for months….and only NOW did I get a chance to buy the seeds online and pull the trigger. Good fresh energy….a nice sativa buzZ and a probably one of the better strains I’ve worked with in the home. sweet deal!

  3. MysticNomad (verified owner)

    Whenever I know I have a long, hard day ahead of me, I turn to Pincher’s Creek since it’s perfect in a pinch – get it?! LOL It’s so energizing yet keeps you focused, which is perfect for me since I’m writer and often have to meet deadlines. It makes me creative and keeps the words flowing!

  4. Nataly Wallace (verified owner)

    My weed stayed fresh for MONTHS after harvesting. I am really proud of this grow…it’s my best so far. My new harvest record is around 485 G….so I have a tough number to beat, but I think 2023 will finally be the year!

  5. HighHempster (verified owner)

    Pincher’s Creek has a nice uplifting high that helped me with my depression and fatigue. The sweet taste was a nice touch too, and I liked how focused and euphoric I felt after smoking this strain. The buds were really strong and packed a powerful punch.

  6. VerdantVoyager (verified owner)

    Hits real nice and smooth. Never come across a strain as beautiful as this before. Has a skunky lime flavor and offers me a bit of a head rush. Never had an issue in my life with this weed, it’s easy to grow, easy to order online, and ships directly to my location!

  7. Travis Mitchell (verified owner)

    Finally, a productive Sativa-leaning strain of MJ that helps me get my work done LOL! Buying online is definitely the way to go, and growing at home is so easy and saves me so much $$$$$$

  8. PrismaticPilgrim44 (verified owner)

    Pincher’s Creek is an incredible strain that truly amazed me. The high it provided was euphoric and uplifting, leaving me feeling focused and energized. The plants I grew were stunning and had a medium size, making them easy to manage. I also appreciated the helpful customer service from Pacific Seeds and their fast shipping. All the seeds sprouted and germinated successfully, and I gained great information from Pacific’s blog.

  9. Cyrus Houghton (verified owner)

    To date, this MJ has been my most successful backyard grow. It was relatively unknown to me prior to purchasing online, but since has become a long-time favorite. Beautiful nugs make this a great investment of time in your yard or garden. Big fluffy nugs and a delicious melange of flavor. You really can’t go wrong!

  10. Shaquille Li (verified owner)

    A rare find! Pincher’s creek may be lesser known than it’s mj counterparts, but the smell alone is pretty unique. You can tell it’s pincher’s from a mile away! I get excited by this strain cause it helps me deal with stress and anxiety. I have a very stressful work-life, and drinking is NOT a healthy way of coping….so yes, this is a MUCH better way to get some much-deserved relaxation!

  11. Cobie Mcnamara (verified owner)

    Puhleeez try out this weed. It will honestly change your life. It’s the most refreshing and delightful strain I have ever grown. It helps with depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. The nugs are a bright yellow and green. They almost hurt my eyes LOL But honestly it’s an easy grow with some beautiful flower. I am so happy to be a west coaster!!

  12. Dawud Guerrero (verified owner)

    Get baked and have a ball with pincher’s creek. This hybrid sativa gives me a nice mood boost along with some energy, but unlike coffee, it doesn’t give me a gorggy feeling or crash after a few hours. I find marijuana cultivation to be healthy and good for the soil. If gardening weed is a sin, then I wouldn’t mind going to hell.

  13. Wilson Vance (verified owner)

    Seriously relaxing, a lot of delicious flavors swimming around in my mind. Gets me nice and high and offers up some really fun creative thoughts. I bought this weed online and had it shipped to my new apartment where I grew it outdoors. It’s looking pretty awesome and I feel better than ever before!!

  14. Blaine Braun (verified owner)

    Yes! Pincher’s creek is pretty damned delicious, no doubt about it. It’s a light strain, helps with pain and depression, and gives me a LOT of good vibes, and a sweet feeling of happiness and relief from pain. I LIKED growing this weed, which is saying something cause generally I am not a fan of working outdoors, but when there’s weed on the table, you know I am there.

  15. Kenneth Singleton (verified owner)

    It’s a bit intense for me, but I think it was still worth the grow. It’s just that I get really paranoid on MJ, and I feel like I need to like….idk take a bath or something lol so Pincher’s had that kind of effect on me. Still, a very flavorful strain and a good grow.

  16. Celyn Stamp (verified owner)

    A strong sativa, makes me feel like electricity is coursing through my veins. I smoke this before I go to work, or before I need to get some work done at home. I am a gardener since I was a kid, and I am pretty excited to see this weed growing right alongside my other crops. Very exciting times, harvesting is so much fun!!

  17. Simone Caldwell (verified owner)

    I need a weed that helps me CALM DOWN. I have a bit of a temper problem and I smoke once my temper flares up. I get BAKED every single time. This weed is so STRONG!!! I am really happy as can be when I walk my dog and walk right to the water’s edge. It’s so beautiful! I’ll definitely buy more weed!!

  18. Ahmed Larson (verified owner)

    I like this strain better than I like my ADD meds LOL. I smoke it to get work done, usually right around classtime when a paper is due. This sativa powerhouse puts me in a state of mind that makes creativity and productivity align beautifully and the results are some better grades!!!

  19. Manpreet Amos (verified owner)

    Pincher’s creek is pretty awesome rawsome! I like it for the sweet earthy taste and those chill AF indica vibes are hard to top! I REAAAALLLY like the way this stuff makes me feel too, very chilled out, and pretty darn happy. I like to mow the lawn on this stuff, and I even like doing dishes, my least favorite chore!!

  20. Harun Key (verified owner)

    I was skeptical of Pacific cause these reviews seem kinda bogus but I decided I’d just buy a packet of seeds and plant it in my garden. Yeah, alright, I was wrong. Things are looking pretty good. The weed is about waist high, and it’s just starting to produce these large gorgeous flowers. Has a good vibe man!!!

  21. Johnathan Swift (verified owner)

    Pincher’s is a cinch to grow! Great weed to buy when you got nothing going on and want some plant babies to care for LOL. Had great luck with this strain…looks fantastic under the grow lamps….and it’s like a heavy woods smell, kinda like pine, that makes your clothes smell like campfire. Real mellow stuff, gonna take it reeeeeaaaal slow 🙂

  22. Montel Dickens (verified owner)

    Sounds like a TV show from the 90’s….but it’s actually a really great strain that’ll help you get a head start on your day. Part of a complete breakfast IMO lol, and growing it super easy and fun and I gotta say I am feeling pretty dang good for the next couple of months or whatever, gonna keep smoking this forever!!

  23. Rishi Hartley (verified owner)

    Wanna dance? This weed makes me feel suuuuper good! I am smoking it all day long and I can never seem to get enough. Such an awesome buy, and the price is juuuust right! Ordered it online, but never gonna give it up. You’re gonna love my new bowl too, it’s so purple and shiny, see!?

  24. rich blake (verified owner)

    I am all about sativa strains, and this weed has to be one of my favorites. It’s a really strong smoke, makes me feel kinda dizzy and lightheaded but when the smoke settles in it makes me feel really relaxed and also pretty creative and alert. I’ll definitely make more weed happen this summer, can’t get better than this!

  25. cashingchex56 (verified owner)

    I am soooo excited about this new weed in my life. I never thought I’d grow my own bud, but here I am writing about it. It was so convenient to buy weed from PSB, their online catalog is VAST and their shipping times are FAST1 i work hard labor so smoking a nice bowl of pincher’s when I get home is sooooo relaxing, can’t wait for more!!!

  26. Wish I was there… (verified owner)

    Pinch off some of this weed and grind it into a bowl and you’ll be sure to have a good night! It’s a nice hyrbid, but hits mostly like an indica. Growing was a little hard, but I like a challenge. It’s relaxing, fun, and free. Very rewarding with some beautiful nugs to come out of it!!!

  27. BigBoi (verified owner)

    Pincher’s creek is your new best friend. I like smoking up and watching TV crime dramas like CSA Miami! I LOVE CSI!!!! I got my 3 seeds on the internet, they shipped to my place as promised. It helps to have an indoor space for this strain, but it’s definitely worth investing in the technology to grow strong weed. Grow your own, screw the corporations!

  28. Whelches (verified owner)

    Pincher’s creek is a unique strain that helps me relax and also get a lot done. I smoke it to level out my stress and keep me feeling focused and positive throughout the day. I really love growing weed it’s one of my favorite hobbies and I recommend it to everyone. Definitey try this strain if you love woodsy tasting bud!

  29. staypuffong1987 (verified owner)

    A very motivating strain of weed. It helps me get my homework and papers done on time. I have ADHD, and was surprised to hear that marijuana can help me focus and concentrate. This was my first time growing marijuana, but I was really happy with how it turned out. I got a nice yield, bigger than expected, and I loved caring for the little plants. Great hobby for these quarantine days, so I’d get on buying these seeds asap!

  30. rachel hill (verified owner)

    If you are ever in a rut and need some extra motivation to get your homework done, then smoke this weed and you will not regret it. It’s basically a strain dedicated to motivation and getting you on your feet. I grew it out back, just as an experiment and it did much better than I was expecting, amazing yield and very healthy looking flower with the scent of pine and lemon. I usually just pack a joint or two before going to work and it lasts me throughout the day.

  31. Rainbows (verified owner)

    When you’re in a PINCH, try out the pincher’s creek mj for some fast motivation to get your work done lol. I really like this stuff, it’s great for being productive and also very focused. It’s nice just to take a tiny little puff and see where your mind goes. I dig the smell and taste too, very sour and earthy, and the flower is hella green and earthy colored. I am super happy I tried this out, definitely worth a try!!!

  32. Maryjah (verified owner)

    I’ve heard that people sometimes get psychedelic effects from mj, but I have never experienced it myself. Pincher’s Creek strain changed all of that for me. This weed has a wonderful trippy feeling to it, I get tracers just like I do from LSD, but the best part about it is that it’s super easy to grow and has a strong sativa base that gets me feeling focused and energized. I can take it before work or right as I get off and feel great all the way home. I highly recommend this strain!

  33. rupert anthony (verified owner)

    I’ve never heard of this weed before, so I took a gamble and purchased it online with Pacific. I’ve done business with them before and have always been impressed with their customer service and the speed of delivery. I definitely am glad with my purchase. I got a HUGE harvest from just 3 plants, enough to last me all winter! It’s a great vibe, very relaxing and great energetic vibes!

  34. Lucas Hunsaker (verified owner)

    No this is not a 90’s sitcom, it’s an amazing strain of mj! I ordered my seeds online with PSB and had them delivered right to my door. Very easy to grow, not something I would worry about, and something I would do again! It’s some smoking too, very flavorful, earthy and spicy and sweet, yum! The high is very energizing, helps me get back on my feet when I am having a bad day. Excellent stuff!

  35. Fermin Casey (verified owner)

    It’s true, you really can get a lot of work done on this stuff, it’s really incredible. I feel like I am super productive at work when I smoke this weed. I really liked growing it in my garden, a lot easier than expected too. I would definitely give it a try!

  36. Gina D. (verified owner)

    Pincher’s Creek marijuana is the best sativa strain. Not only does it motivate me to get shit done and give me a good energy buzz, but Pincher has a secret punch. It has a slight psychedelic effect – colors are extremely vivid and smells are like boutiful potions. My partner and I got busy after smoking pincher’s creek and the sex was truly amazzzing! Really pincher’s creek will make anything better, just don’t do too much or you’ll be tripping on anxiety avenue. Can’t wait to buy more seeds from Pacific!

  37. Shanna J. (verified owner)

    First time growing my own weed, was a super fun and productive experience and gave me a whole lot of weed to smoke! I’m an art student so really need a weed that wakes me up and keeps me working late into the night. Enter Pincher’s Creek, bizarre name but SO perfect for painting and other creative outlets. This stuff puts me in the ZONE, and you’ll find me painting for hours on end, and coming up with great ideas! I know I’ll be coming back for more seeds, great stuff!

  38. Eloi C. (verified owner)

    Nice hairy big green nugs with bright orange hairs that has kind of a piney aroma. I think this is a really good strain for people who have mood swings and anxiety and the like, it really helps keep me on an even keel. Definitely a heady high and keeps me chuggin’ along through my day even when I smoke first thing in the morning. PSB shipped these really fast and I had a 100% germination rate, so I’m really stoked on this purchase!

  39. Lance F. (verified owner)

    A very uplifting strain of mj, has been instrumental in helping me with my ADD, and keeps me focused and on track throughout the day. No regrets on this front, and definitely a good grow as well, have a nice grow space in my basement and definitely a worth the wait, you’ll get a huge yield! I smoke usually in the morning before work and this lasts me well into the afternoon.

  40. Erin L. (verified owner)

    I am a sativa lover, and this is probably my favorite sativa! Ordered online with Pacific (my first time!) and got my seeds in about a week! I decided to grow them in my backyard because my neighbors said they’re cool with the smell. Pretty easy to grow, not too many problems, and a really solid yield! When I smoke this weed, I feel like I can get through my day without a hitch, and feel like absolutely nothing can get in my way! What a treat!

  41. Sally W. (verified owner)

    This stuff is AWESOME. It really gets me off my ass and motivated to get shit done. Really impressed with the yield. Got lots of weed from only 5 plants. And btw, all of my seeds germinated, so take THAT all to all those other shitty seed companies I used to order from. Pacific is my jam from here on out.

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