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Pot of Gold Feminized Seeds

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Pot Of Gold marijuana seeds are the way to go when you want to completely relax and let go of your day. This 90% indica comes with sedating effects, a boosted appetite, and stress-relieving qualities. No wonder it’s a Cannabis Cup winner!

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You know what they say, at the end of a rainbow you’ll find a pot of gold! Pacific Seed Bank has the ultimate hookup on Pot of Gold marijuana seeds — just in case you don’t feel like waiting for a rainbow to appear. This strain is a 90% award-winning Indica that blew people away at the 1998 Cannabis Cup, and for good reason! If you ever find yourself complaining that marijuana’s effects don’t last that long, simply turn to Pot of Gold marijuana seeds.


When compared to other indicas, the effects of Pot of Gold go beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before. While most marijuana strains leave you high for an hour or so (when smoking), Pot of Gold goes the extra mile into the 4-5 hour range. Obviously, this timeframe can vary from person to person. This strain’s long-lasting effects are best suited for experienced smokers. Otherwise, novice users may feel overwhelmed.


As a potent indica, you can expect most of the effects to present themselves in the body. Your muscles may feel heavy, lazy, and lethargic. Your mind may feel blank and unable to focus on specific details. Pot of Gold marijuana seeds are the way to go when you want to completely relaxed and let go.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 850 gr

To Treat

Headaches, Insomnia, Pain


Fruity, Pungent, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






10 reviews for Pot of Gold Feminized Seeds

  1. S. Campbell (verified owner)

    I wasn’t too familiar with this strain, so I wanted to do some research. I thought I was going to have look all over the place for info, but luckily, everything was right on PSB’s site. They broke down the most important things about the strain, like the effecs, the ease of growing, THC level, properties, and everything else. I ordered my seeds and can’t wait to get them!!

  2. Stephanie Barr (verified owner)

    Pot of Gold was very effective in helping me relax and fall asleep easily. The high was very heady and made me feel very happy and content. The yields were very large, and the plants were easy to grow. It helped relieve my headaches, insomnia, and pain from chronic illness.

  3. M Zhou (verified owner)

    It gave me a great high that left me feeling happy, relaxed, and sleepy. The plants I grew were beautiful and sturdy, and I had a good experience growing them. The high was exactly what I was looking for – it helped with my headaches, insomnia, and wrist pain.

  4. Evie R. (verified owner)

    Fresh to death!! Pot of gold is what you’re looking for at the end of the rainbow. These green nugs flecked with gold, you will laugh your head off and fall asleep right away with some help from this high-end indica from pacific. 500 G between 3 plants….I am swimming in FRESH nug!!

  5. Jenson Deleon (verified owner)

    MAybe I am a snob, but I only buy weed that has won cannabis cup in the past. Pot of Gold is exactly what the doctor ordered. Beautifully bright and vibrant flower. Usually takes medium skill level to cultivate successfully, but OMG is it worth it! This is a dank and delicious smoke to round out ANY day, plus it’s fresh as heck!

  6. Charity Mccoy (verified owner)

    This weed is not only only delicious, it’s colorful as hell! I bought 10 seeds online and had them shipped to my front door. Most seed companies aren’t this reliable. Pacific is like the Amazon of weed seeds! My seeds were truly remarkable, they sprouted right out of the ground, they grew to be as tall as me, and produced upwards of 10 oz of nug. That’s some gold for ya eh?

  7. Dougie Wilde (verified owner)

    Mmm this is some before-bed shit. It’s perfect having a nice densely packed bowl of the Pot of Gold right at the bedside table. Smokey smoke this before beddy bye time and a have literally the best sleep of your life! My insomnia has been SO MUCH BETTER since I started growing my own weed!

  8. Cally Carlson (verified owner)

    Grew this outdoors and it came out kinda dry, but still smokeable so that’s chill. I got like 400 grams but it’s Mids quality for certain. I was pretty excited for the growing process. I’ve honestly always wanted to grow my own pot. It’s pretty tasty stuff, but again, kinda dry. Best for growing indoors.

  9. Douglas Bernal (verified owner)

    What’s at the end of a rainbow? Why, it’s pot of gold mj of course! This colorful bright strain is perfect for afternoons when you don’t have much going on and just want to have a good time. Not too hard to grow if you know what you’re doing, but if you’re new, just follow the grow tips on this website for some serious yields!

  10. Dwayne Mckenzie (verified owner)

    Pot of gold earns its name with its sweet and tasty buds the color of emerald and…you guessed it, GOLD! Ordered 5 seeds online, got it shipped to my place here in Oregon and had excellent luck growing this heavy indica strain. BIG yields, very heavy nugs, some of them the size of my palm! I love sharing this with my BF, we have so much fun working in the garden together. Never had this much success in my life!!!

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