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Presidential OG Feminized Seeds

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This indica-dominant hybrid might just top our list of former presidents (almost). A cross between Bubble Gum and OG Kush, Presidential OG will leave you chilled out and worry-free – exactly what we need on the political front these days.

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Hello, Mr. President. Out of all the presidents we’ve ever had, this one is hands down our favorite. Presidential OG marijuana seeds, also known as Presidential Kush, are an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Bubble Gum and OG Kush. Fair warning to all you apartment residents, if your building does not permit smoking marijuana on-site, you may want to pick a different strain. Presidential Kush is seriously potent and carries a signature smell that’s easily recognizable from a mile away. This stuff smells like a mix of citrus and pine.

As far as taste goes, Presidential OG holds onto that pine flavor and then takes a subtle turn toward earthy terrain, which is highly common amongst other OG strains, like OG Kush. When we say earthy notes, we want you to imagine going for a hike and smelling the fresh soil, the mushrooms, and the falling rain. We want you to picture yourself sitting by the campfire and smelling the burning wood. If you’re the outdoorsy type, this is the strain for you when it comes to smell.

As this strain is almost pure indica, it hits hard and fast with a sedative effect, making it a great choice for smokers with insomnia or high levels of stress. You’ll notice your worries and negative thoughts immediately melt away as Presidential OG marijuana seeds work within minutes! There’s no waiting around or wondering if you smoked enough. Be cautious not to over-smoke, either. A little goes a long way with Presidential Kush.

Additional information

Cannabis Species



90% Indica/10% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Pain


Earthy, Pine, Pungent

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






52 reviews for Presidential OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Captain Crunch (verified owner)

    You’ll feel like the commander-in-chief for real when you chief on some Presidential OG because it’s a favorite for a reason. This is that stuff that you never want to put down because it makes you so chill and stress-free. Keep in mind that it’s real potent, so take your time. You’ll want to keep ordering these seeds to produce an indica-dominant hybrid that’s like nothing you’ve tried before!

  2. EcoHarbor (verified owner)

    You get the best of both worlds when you smoke this high quality bud. A delightful hybrid and a great sour flavor. I really look forward to growing this weed every summer. Whenever I get stuck, I refer to the many blogs on this site. I learn a whole lot just by reading them. They have indispensable growing advice, and it’s all available for free. I feel like I get better every season, so feeling really good about where I am at and the quality of my Prez OG!

  3. Ruby Abbott (verified owner)

    Literally smoking this weed right now. It’s extremely relaxing. But somehow I cannot sleep on it. I don’t know why. I get super stoned on the indica buzz but then my eyes are glued open lol. Good for watching TV or making food. Yum!

  4. Matea Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Gets me nice and stoned, SO stoned in fact I feel like I could lead the country!
    Growing MJ indoors has been a life changing process for me. Although the initial investment was higher than I had hoped, I was excited to try out my new equipment, including an extensive array of LED lights, and a beautiful grow tent (that cost me an arm and a leg lol).
    Good find though, the seeds themselves were the cheapest part, and they shipped pretty quickly. Good germination, just required a good deal of patience and love!

  5. Pierre Tremblay (verified owner)

    Presidential OG is a fantastic strain that I thoroughly enjoyed. It provided a strong and relaxing high, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The plants were easy to grow, and I was impressed with the yield I obtained. The buds were beautiful, dense, and covered in frosty trichomes. I particularly loved the earthy and piney taste.

  6. Kaitlyn Coleman (verified owner)

    Bubba Kush + OG Kush = Presidential Kush lol I don’t see the connection! But the weed is solid and grows well in most settings. I have 5 acres in southern Oregon and have grown weed for over 15 years on my property. Having an online seed bank ship seeds right to my mailbox has helped a LOT with time management. I definitely appreciate the convenience and the price!
    5 seeds is perfect for my own home supply. Usually yields between 100-200 G per plant with some harvests ranging between 500-600 G wow!

  7. Eric Thomas (verified owner)

    I was really impressed with how easy this strain was to grow and how fast it flowered, at just 8 weeks. The high was really great for me, definitely felt happy, relaxed, and even sleepy at times. Overall, a great choice for anyone looking for easy and enjoyable grow with a solid high.

  8. Kajol A. (verified owner)

    It’s super dank if you don’t mind the stank! This pungent, earthy indica is about to put you where you belong, right in the pocket! Presidential is a middle-of-the-road strain that’s great for stress, anxiety, and even clears the mind for creativity! Baby it’s a good life!

  9. Siobhan Gibbs (verified owner)

    So much flavorrrrrr! I love how nicely this hits, its a slow, uplifting process and I really dig the experience of growing my own weed! I will recommend this site to all my dang friends! They love growing weed too. Pacific makes it fast and easy. Plus they’re all over the USA! Gotta love that Cali Weed!

  10. Nathan Bennett (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a laid-back, straightforward indica grow, then you’ll definitely appreciate the sweet vibes of Presidential OG. But don’t worry, this doesn’t make you wanna be professional in any way, in fact, it’s anti-suit and anti-capitalism to grow your own weed. Hopefully, you have an indoor space to grow your weed. WOWEE

  11. Margo Richards (verified owner)

    I may hate the government, but I ultimately love this weed! Presidential OG is what I smoke to keep my stress levels down and my eyes free and clear. I have so many creative thoughts that rush through my brain. I am much less inhibited than I was in the past. I feel light and bright and very creative. Somehow this weed has helped me stay much more self-confident.

  12. Boris Hendricks (verified owner)

    Help yourself to some Presidential OG and you’ll see your day improve right away! This indica hybrid is perfect for chilling you out hardcore! VERY taSTY AND RELAXING 🙂 I dunno about you but I am a Pacific customer for life man!! They have amazing seeds online and ship anywhere in the USA!

  13. Deborah Whittle (verified owner)

    Dunno about you but I am pretty fed up with national politics. I have a little piece of land out in Oregon and that’s all I really need in this life. Buying online is the perfect way to have my seeds delivered to my otherwise inaccessible home out in the country. Loving how easy it was to cultivate, cause believe me, all weed seeds are NOT created equal.

  14. Vikram Vickers (verified owner)

    You may not be president of the United States, but you will probably enjoy this marijuana more anyway. I purchased this strain online, and it shipped right to my door. I was real impressed by the results of my grow too. Looks amazing in the sunlight and it makes me sooo happy to know it’s my own. I will purchase this strain again and again, great times!!

  15. Georga Hood (verified owner)

    Get Presidentially STONED when you smoke this dope. It’s a great way to unwind and relax and helps me stay calm during stressful days. I am an all day smoker, morning noon and night, and I particularly enjoy this strain! Gets me baked like a villain, and it was super easy to grow as well! Breaks all my other harvest records with nearly 800 grams across these 3 little plants. WOW!

  16. Asim Hickman (verified owner)

    You might not feel like the prez, but you’ll like the seeds.

    Get 3 seeds to start. It will yield enough weed to give you a taste of what to expect. It’s mostly an indica strong weed, but it has some moments that are bright like a sativa.

    Gonna buy some more right now….ONLINE!!!

  17. Kaila Meza (verified owner)

    Gotta have that presidential OG in my life. Gets me wicked baked, looks great in my greenhouse, smells like a forest, and does remarkable things when you smoke it. True magic. Easy ordering and fast shipping, you really can’t go wrong!

  18. Reanna Rosales (verified owner)

    Easy to grow and easy to smoke, this weed is bound to make you smile, even if you are just a beginner! I bought 5 seeds online and they are looking totally wicked in the garden!!! I feel like a total badass, and I am getting better at this every day! Great experience for new grower’s like me!

  19. Sylvia Kay (verified owner)

    Smooth and solid….every day I smoke this I am feeling more and more presidential! Loving how this weed is making me feel. It’s really relaxing and uplifting, but mostly, it’s just fun. I am not a weed user who believes mj has some secret powers or anything, but I will say I am pleased that I can grow my own, finally, and don’t have to deal with the stress of legal issues hahaha.

  20. Caoimhe Britt (verified owner)

    What does it mean to be presidential? I am not so sure. Either way, this weed seems to get me right there. I purchased this online, had it shipped to my door, and it looks absolutely fantastic. It took like a week to germinate, but there it is, looking pretty amazing, I can’t believe how happy this stuff is making me!!

  21. brian d. (verified owner)

    got three and germinated one but let it dry out by accident. my three free are that auto afghan hawaiian and in a month now it’s a grower and with something i’d never run across in three hairs out a pod. mainly just pleased with ps seems tops here for me.

  22. Shaurya Pham (verified owner)

    This strain of mj is the ultimate stress killer…maybe that’s why it’s called presidential, cause all our former presidents can use a hit of this to deal with the stressors of the job lol. I have been growing mj for years with varying degrees of success, and I find that seeds from Pacific are always reliable, provide a great yield, and very high-quality flower.

  23. Florrie Pitts (verified owner)

    I don’t know what counts as presidential anymore, but I can say that this weed made me feel like I was in charge of the country, but at least I was just in charge of my couch, and my cat lol. I ordered this weed online and had it shipped right to my place, looks great out in the backyard under some greenhouse plastic, you really can’t go wrong with this stuff!!

  24. Ralphie David (verified owner)

    The greatest marriage since peanut butter and jelly, salt n peppa, or the doobie brothers….I am sooo into this weed, and I love the taste and smells it gives off…it’s like an aromatherapy candle for my whole house, and it’s so dank and sticky and fresh….you really can’t go wrong!!!

  25. caleb brooks (verified owner)

    One beautiful thing about this weed is that it helped me get my appetite back after being ill for a while. Very excited to be growing my own marijuana, helps with pain and stress and never really lets me down. It’s not addictive like other drugs and it keeps me feeling calm and happy too.

  26. Sam Clark (verified owner)

    Makes me wanna salute a general or fly an airplane…like I totally love the taste and smell of this weed, it’s truly delicious and absolutely makes everything better. I bought 5 seeds, and I like to germinate them one at a time. I feel it gets me where I wanna go faster, and I have weed for a longer time. Beautiful colorful trichomes on this weed, highly recommend!

  27. paulamore (verified owner)

    You wanna feel like the president of the US? Well, this weed will get you halfway there. It’s a great buy, one of the nicest strains on the market, makes you feel real regal and also super chill, ultimate power! Got myself a BIG fat yield, nearing 800 grams. I am so proud of this weed, I will definitely buy more!

  28. Cousin (verified owner)

    Sometimes the end of the day just doesn’t come soon enough. I look forward to my Presidential OG when I get home from work. Makes me feel hella relaxed and helps me forget about all the troubles at the office. Great buy for the price, and a pretty rewarding strain to grow. I think you’ll probably love it as much as I do!

  29. Last Chance (verified owner)

    Presidential OG is a nice relaxing strain that makes you feel like you could deliver a speech to congress. It’s a bit of a challenge to grow, especially if you don’t have an indoor space, but I highly recommend it anyway, cause the yield is usually pretty solid and the smoke is nice and earthy and sweet. Perfect for dealing with stress!

  30. @davidsmarty (verified owner)

    Looking for the midday pick me up? Order yourself some of these delicious seeds and expect some great results. I figured 3 seeds would be enough and I was right. I have more than enough weed to last me through quarantine, which I tell you, is a blessing. It’s a lot of fun to grow and manage, I got nearly 800 grams, all of it super sticky and fresh. A nice sativa blend, but not overpowering. I highly recommend!

  31. Somethin 2 Prove (verified owner)

    I guess the word “presidential” doesn’t mean much anymore, but this weed brings me back to the good old days when the US used to have values and morals and…well you get it. I smoke this indica weed and I feel relaxed and hopeful. I like the taste and smell, it’s kinda like smoking a pine tree or something like that, but definitely worth the effort. Growing your own weed is a really gratifying experience, and Pacific always has a great online selection. You won’t be disappointed!

  32. Big ol’ Leafs (verified owner)

    When it’s time to wind down, pack a bowl of the presidential OG and you won’t be disappointed. I smoke this delicious, earthy blend to help me manage anxiety and headaches, and it really helps me unwind from my stressful work life and finally enjoy some time to myself. I ordered just 3 seeds online and germinated 2 of them. I got a great yield, somewhere between 400-500 grams, which I like to smoke on the dilly, just not during work, cause otherwise I will just fall asleep ZZZzzz

  33. Sudsy (verified owner)

    Given the state of the world, this presidential weed comes at a great time. It’s very relaxing when we need it most, smells and tastes super earthy and has a unique buzz too, very bright and can induce laughter for sure. Great for smoking and watching TV or just reading a book. I’ve been more of a homebody these days and this stuff has made that possible in a lot of ways. I get better sleep than ever and feel much more zenful about life!

  34. Melissa Jackson (verified owner)

    Probably the prettiest weed I’ve grown to date. It’s got these deep green leaves and bright pink and purple pistils poking out from the flowers, very impressive and is great for indoor growing with the right conditions. The buzz is very presidential haha, gets me stoned but doesn’t make me lose my cool, great for stressful or difficult days. Happy as can be. Highly recommend!

  35. hamburglar923 (verified owner)

    There’s something really special about this weed. It’s got a great grow time in the basement, only about 4 months until harvest and you get a beautiful tall and bushy plant with dark green trichomes and white pistils, very beautiful. The buzz is something like an OG with a touch of something that gives it a nice sativa boost. It’s great for depression as well as minor aches and pains. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  36. Stacie Huerta (verified owner)

    If you need to feel like you’re in control of a powerful nation…this is not the weed for you haha! This stuff makes me LAZY, like crash on the couch and watch a movie kinda lazy. It’s pretty easy to grow, and ordering online with PSB is very simple and fast. I love the sour taste of this weed, and it gets me suuuuper stoned every time. Great buy!

  37. Eduardo Y. (verified owner)

    Not sure where the name came from, but I do like this weed. I have a very stressful work life and really need something to help me unwind at the end of a long day. I’m sure just about any president would benefit from this weed’s relaxing effects. It was pretty easy to grow too, not much struggle in the way of cultivation, and the yield was solid. A great buy!

  38. Kallie L. (verified owner)

    Great experience buying seeds online from PSB. I placed my order and the seeds were at my doorstep five days later. Who needs a budtender with service like that?

    I have mixed feelings about Prez OG. On one hand, it is very effective and calmed me down pretty quickly. I was ready to relax and chill, which was good. However, that smell is kinda stinky. My roommate complained and honestly, I can kind of see why. Need mj with a better aroma next time.

  39. Hugh I. (verified owner)

    I’ll take this mj over our current chief of staff anyday! Unlike our current president, Presidential OG puts me in a good mood the second it’s around! This was my first indoor hydro grow and it cut flowering down to about 7 weeks and I got a pretty presidential yield if I may say so myself. A little goes a long way with this mj for sure, but if you get the dosage just right it’s great for stress and insomnia and the heavy indica is great for lulling me to sleep at the end of the day.

  40. Sam E. (verified owner)

    Nothing political about this stuff, it’s just good old fashioned MJ. I am VERY glad I have a nice big backyard for growing because this stuff is super duper strong and woulda caused some pungency problems indoors. Ordered 10 seeds from pacific online and all 10 germinated and grew into beautiful healthy plants. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer strain of weed to chill out with, and definitely best before bed. Great buy!!!

  41. Thomas R. (verified owner)

    THEY WEREN’T KIDDING – this weed is wildly aromatic and will definitely smell up your house so either have a sophisticated ventilation system or cool neighbors, whatever’s cheaper. The good news growing wise is that it stays pretty short so its perfect for an indoor setup, and the flowering time is relatively short too at around seven weeks. I germinated an entire ten pack with ease after a very quick trip via the post and had it vegging in no time – so, thanks PSB.

  42. Terrell U. (verified owner)

    You love indica hybrids? Get DEEZ SEEDS. Rolled some fat joints with this shit and experienced the body melt. SO GOOD! Such an easy grow I barely had to do a thing. Got all 10 of my seeds to POP and they flowered in perfect time. Did an indoor grow this time and I think the Pres OG liked it. Best buy I’ve had in a while. This site is the BEST for seeds. Super stoked!

  43. Tracy E. (verified owner)

    Presidential OG was easy to grow and flowered quickly. I’d definitely recommend it for first-timers.

    Effects are very much in the OG/Kush vein. A good buy for people looking to treat anxiety or insomnia. Pretty sedating, in my experience. It does have a powerful aroma, so be forewarned. Overall, a positive cannabis experience.

  44. Amber A. (verified owner)

    Anything with the letters “OG” next it, you know its gonna be good. With such great lineage, how can you go wrong? Really good pot for a really good price. Delivery to my door went smoothly. Seeds packed wonderfully and didn’t have any problems. I thought the high was extremely chill and set in quickly after just a couple of bong rips. I’d smoke this one in the daytime. Very nice body high that wasn’t too overwhelming.

  45. Lornea T (verified owner)

    Wowza this hit me hard! Couldn’t function for several hours. If you want something to make your body stop working this strain is for you. Couldn’t keep my eyelids open and lost all motivation to do anything. Get ready to do nothing and order a pizza for dinner if you can stay awake that long. Or even think that long. This doesn’t just turn off your body. It also turns off your mind. Your whole being is shut down. Very vibrant buds with lots of color. And super stinky!

  46. Shania W. (verified owner)

    I srsly NEED some indica after a long week at my crazy job. And I need it to be strong. Prez OG delivers: it finally calms me down and gets my mind in a quiet place. Also, the smell is SO rad: the citrusy tree smell makes me feel like I’m on a hike on a top of a mountain. Ahh! I will keep ordering this on the regular from PSB, great delivery and easy to buy.

  47. Manuel M. (verified owner)

    Hail to the chief. The President of Pot has arrived. This one’s a good chillout weed, something to wind down with after a long day of adulting. I can’t buy marijuana where I live but I got lots of room to grow it so for the past couple years that’s what I’ve done. The seeds I get from PSB have worked out well for me. Happy to recommend them and this strain in particular.

  48. Gretchen H. (verified owner)

    A solid outdoor grow, great addition to any garden, it’s a gorgeous plant with dark green trichomes and white sticky resin. Nothing presidential about this weed, gets you seriously stoned, so get ready to crash on the couch and just chill out for the rest of the night. Really impressed by PSBs selection of weed seeds, and delivery was fast a reliable. Grew all 3 of my mj plants in the backyard to an above average harvest! Smells woodsy, like pine and earth, and gets you baked!

  49. Lou O. (verified owner)

    Couple ounces after about 7-8 weeks. Happy customer here. All my seeds germinated with ease and were easy to grow. I’m super busy with two jobs so I don’t really like ordering strains that are going to take a lot of attention on my part. Some days I’m working back to back shifts so I just need plants that are going to take care of themselves. Growing my own weed is the only way I can afford it and I appreciate strains like Presidential OG.

  50. Carlos P. (verified owner)

    Super Presidential! Lol not sure where the name comes from but the weed is delicious. Pungent stuff man, stinks up the whole house but if you like that earthy pine smell, this bud actually hits the spot! Definitely not a social weed, but it sure tastes like an adventure in the woods. So just keep that in mind…get your chores done BEFORE smoking lol. The grow was great, got a ton of weed, and ordering pot from Pacific was a breeze. Happy to do it again!.

  51. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Pretty good shit right here! First time trying this strain and I’ve a happy customer. It’s def very smelly, hehe. I’d recommend some good filtration if your growing it indoors. Outdoors, I guess your neighbors will def know! Lolz. Pretty easy grow and a maximum yield at the end. I didn’t get much of the sativa feels from smoking it. I know there’s a little in there, but it felt all indica to me, which is totes alright. Love this stuff!

  52. Jett P. (verified owner)

    Dude, now that Trump’s made a general mockery of the presidency we need to change the name of this weed to better reflect its winning status. Honestly I’ve never seen bud so aesthetically pleasing. And I’d challenge anyone to *not* feel super happy and positive after smoking it. They should prescribe this mj instead of anti-depressants I’ll tell you what.

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