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Pure Power Plant Feminized Seeds

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Let Pure Power Plant marijuana seeds be your new pre-work smoke so you can be at your most productive. This indica-dominant hybrid can boost brain function to help you feel more focused and concentrated. Plus, you won’t be able to resist the vanilla and citrus aroma.

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We get it, there are so many — if not too many — marijuana strains to choose from at Pacific Seed Bank. If you feel completely lost and don’t know where you start, might we suggest Pure Power Plant marijuana seeds? This indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) is every grower’s dream, especially if you’re new to the growing game.


With Pure Power Plant marijuana seeds, you’ll certainly get a lot of bang for your buck as this strain produces higher-than-average yields. That means more marijuana for you to smoke with just a single batch of seeds! Did you know that one single marijuana seed can produce up to $200 of weed? That’s impressive! Pure Power Plant is also a high-quality strain that growers love to keep in their homes at all times.


There’s a reason Pure Power Plant marijuana seeds are so popular! For starters, these plants smell delicious, almost like dessert with their vanilla flavor profile. It’s slightly sweet and slightly citrus. The effects of this indica hybrid also make it a grand-slam winner. Users can expect to feel a boost in their cognitive function, which can improve focus and concentration. Let Pure Power Plant be your new pre-work smoke so you can be at your most productive!

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Energetic, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 550 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headaches, Muscle Spasms


Citrus, Skunky, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for Pure Power Plant Feminized Seeds

  1. LunarGuardian (verified owner)

    When you don’t think you can handle another long, hard work day, Pure Power Plant will surely help you power through. Regardless of the task, you’ll have the energy, focus, and stamina to get through most of the tedious of deeds. Your concentration will be on point, so there’s nothing to it, but to do it!!

  2. Ray Kirby (verified owner)

    Fresh and potent power plant weed will shake the cobwebs out of your mind. Try growing this pot and experience the difference! What a good life!!

  3. Darnell Landry (verified owner)

    DO YOU wanna be growing your own weed? I bought 10 seeds online and got em shipped in the mail. It was suuuuper easy! Like, it was easier to buy mj seeds online than it was to buy certain products off amazon LOL. I really wish that MJ growing equipment was also available on this site, making it a one-stop shop for all your home growing needs! I also wish I could post pics of my plants, they are super tall! I still have about a month before harvest but those flowers are just starting to show!

  4. Eternal9Frost (verified owner)

    Pure Power plant is pure LOVE!
    I have been a commercial grower for many years. I work in Humboldt county and have a 3 acre plot of land dedicated entirely to cannabis production. I use Pure Power Plant as a strain for my tinctures, since it’s so potent and viscerally aromatic. Boils down great into a thick and therapeutic tincture. I grow over 1 acre of Pure Power Plant every year, and the wholesale pricing on this site is hard to beat!

  5. Emilia G (verified owner)

    It gave me an amazing high that was both creative and energetic. Smoking this sativa was a head high that left me feeling happy and uplifted. The plants that I grew from these seeds were beautiful and produced a great yield. One thing I disliked about Pure Power Plant was that it took a bit longer to flower. However, the wait was definitely worth it for the amazing high and yield that I got from this strain. I also found that while it helped with headaches and muscle spasms.

  6. Howard Coleman (verified owner)

    This strain is simply amazing. The high is pure power and gave me so much energy and creativity. I have been using this to deal with my headaches and muscle spasms and it has been really effective. A great choice for anyone looking to improve their mood and get through their day with ease.

  7. geminibakequip (verified owner)

    Sup my fellow fiends? Pure power plant is just what I needed. Helps me relax, stay focused, and presents me with a lot of great ways to have fun. It’s like driving your truck to the beach, and then surfing for hours…oh wait, I actually do that LAWL is funny. Fast shipping (7 days) and 100% reliable germination with the best genetics northern cali can provide!

  8. K Salinas (verified owner)

    Citrus aroma dominates this mj strains. Pure power plant is like power plant weed X 10!! If you want a hefty burst of energy and intense, mind-bending high. It’s best when I am NOT working, cause otherwise, ugh, I am just useless. The price was right for what I got. Great bang for your buck. Happy to have had the opportunity!

  9. Keeley Goodwin (verified owner)

    I got my power plant seeds in the mail the other day. They look amazing. I can’t wait to grow them. Such positive reviews 🙂

  10. Esmay Miles (verified owner)

    WAKE UP! Pure power plant is like an alarm clock for your brain! This weed is an absolute energy packed sativa experience. The bud is EXTRA sour and the flavor is pretty unforgettable. Takes some love and dedication to grow successfully, but you got this 🙂

  11. Ellice Koch (verified owner)

    I had my doubts as to whether weed can make you MORE productive at work, but this grow proved mr wrong. Pure power plant is quite strong. It has a sour citrusy flavor that feels like biting into a fresh lemon. It hits almost immediately, makes me feel awake and alert. Biking to work feels pretty nice and fun. I tend to get all my work done now before my afternoon meetings!

  12. Alanah Conway (verified owner)

    You gotta get on the power plant train. It’s like better than coffee and tea combines, fills me with sunshine, gives me a great vibe too. It was not at all difficult to order online or grow, just takes time and some patience.

  13. Hakim Dickens (verified owner)

    Power plant is a great way to wake up in the morning, or for a boost of much-needed energy in the afternoon. It’s a pungent strain with a high THC percentage, so may not be for the faint of heart. Love buying mj online too, the seeds look great and they ship fast. Germination has never been an issue with these seeds, I really love the way this worked out!

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