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Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds

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Purple Wreck won’t likely leave users wrecked, but, rather, fully relaxed and relieved of stress.

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What is a Purple Wreck? Well, its an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that has a very powerful and relaxing high for the body. With a range in THC levels from around ten percent up to an impressive 31 percent, this strain is definitely highly recommended for use at the end, and not the beginning, of the day.

It may come as a surprise to some users that Purple Wreck’s effects don’t begin instantly. Instead, some users may wait anywhere for five to fifteen minutes to start feeling pressure around the eyes and temples that then shifts into a strong sensation of joy. Stress melts away, and users have reported feeling more alert and full of helpful mental energy. The body high that Purple Wreck produces takes effect gradually and relieves tension in an enjoyable but intense fashion.

Additional information



Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headaches, Stress


Berry, Pine, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


14 reviews for Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds

  1. Lindsey Parks (verified owner)

    A sweet and smooth alternative to Train wreck….plus it just tastes better in my opinion. A great choice for new growers….and one of the most reliable germs you can get anywhere! Don’t fool yourself…this weed is top notch and ANYONE can grow it.

  2. Winston Henderson (verified owner)

    Makes me feel incredibly light, happy, and excited! I am truly blessed that MJ like this can be bought online. It’s not 1979 anymore, weed is legal in NYC and Pacific ships their seeds from the west coast allll over the USA in just 7 biz days!

  3. Breanna Steele (verified owner)

    This weed keeps me feeling light and relaxed. It’s perfect on these long summer days when I need a little extra buzz to keep me going.
    Buying online is easy and convenient. The customer service on staff knows their products and can make some great suggestions on what to buy.
    Feeling generous with my supply. I share with friends and family, and we all love relaxing and getting high together!

  4. Kevin Martin (verified owner)

    Despite the name, I did not feel very “wrecked”, actually found this high to be more on the mellow side and relaxed me gently as I destressed and decompressed.

  5. Reina Pena (verified owner)

    Pedí 5 semillas de este sitio web para el jardín de mi casa. Vivo a las afueras de San Diego. El equipo de servicio al cliente fue extremadamente útil para navegar por el sitio web y realizar un pedido. Es una empresa muy inclusiva y una gran comunidad. Gracias por la oportunidad de cultivar cannabis.

  6. Sharon Hoffman (verified owner)

    The only thing you’ll be wrecking is your stress and anxiety. Buying online is definitely the way to go. It’s simple, fast, fun, and honestly…it is beautiful. Yes, pacific seeds are beautiful and reliable like great friends. They produce hundreds of grams of bud, and look FINE as heck. It’s great to have your own weed. It really is.

  7. Ahmed Z (verified owner)

    Purple Wreck is an amazing strain that I thoroughly enjoyed. The high it provided was both creative and happy, leaving me feeling relaxed and content. Growing the plants was easy, thanks to the simple cultivation and sturdy nature of the plants.

  8. Lila Davis (verified owner)

    You know trainwreck, but do you know purple wreck? This is trainwrecks purple cousin!!
    I was very excited to have this MJ in my yard….it’s bright, beautiful, fresh! What a bounty!
    Best part is that the seeds ship out extremely fast. It’s always a celebration when they’re in the mail!

  9. IndicaInquisitor (verified owner)

    This strain has a nice balance with the high, not too overwhelming but still strong enough to feel it. I enjoyed the flavors as well, very fruity with a hint of pine. A good option for a relaxing and creative high.

  10. Douglas Hayes (verified owner)

    Was very surprised with the great taste this strain had, with nice sweet berry notes to it. Grows very well and got me a very good amount of buds from it, a really good high from it. Good high that hits the head to help with a nice destress.

  11. Findlay R. (verified owner)

    If you don’t know about Pacific seed bank, it’s time you learn. This company has GREAT pot seeds that ship right to your door…anywhere in the USA or Canada. Purple wreck is my FAVORITE and it helps me manage pain, stress and anxiety!

  12. Ravinder P. (verified owner)

    Purple wreck is one of those strains of mj that should come with a disclaimer lol. Bought 10 seeds and these plants got mighty BIG! Some of them were even bigger than me! The yields were pretty awesome. Watching this MJ grow and develop right on the main stem was a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful, tight, sticky purple gems! Smoking this was hella relaxing, and it’s changed my life! Less pain, stress, and anxiety than ever before!

  13. William Berger (verified owner)

    Purple wreck marijuana is a mind-bending journey into infinity and beyond. I freaking love it!! Never had an opportunity to grow my own weed before…and it has completely changed my life! These nugs are tight, bright, and powerful! Nothing gets me stoned quite like purple wreck. Not to mention that is melts my stress away!

  14. Paige Moss (verified owner)

    You know like the weed you used to smoke in high school, well purple wreck is a lot like that but probably much better. It’s a nice fluffy flower with beautiful purple colors and golden streaks. Covered in crystals and very “hairy”. You’ll actually be in LOVE with this weed once you harvest. It’s got great yields and cures nicely!!

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