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SFV OG Feminized Seeds

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SFV OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid is often considered for medical purposes, lifting the weight of stress, so you can feel relaxed and free, especially at the end of the day.

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If you can’t remember all these letters in their exact order, that’s okay. The most important thing to know about SFV OG marijuana seeds is their ability to take away stress of all levels. Seriously, from a minor headache to muscle spasms, this strain is a great option for patients who just want to find some physical relief — but at the same time, don’t want to be locked down to the couch all day, either. Life gets busy and we all have stuff to do. Wouldn’t it be easier to get errands done without any motivation to do so?

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, SFV OG won’t make you feel sleepy, groggy, or tired. It’s the perfect daytime strain for those with a large to-do list. As its name suggests, SFV OG comes from the OG family. This OG Kush relative originates from California’s San Fernando Valley. Although their names are barely distinguishable, SFV OG Kush is actually the Afghani-crossed child to SFV OG. The flowers of this marijuana plants will stay fairly small and may not look mind-blowing but what it lacks in size it makes up for in smell and aroma.

This strain is reminiscent of lemon and pine, the earthiness that resonates with all OG plants. It may take a little while longer to feel the effects of indica as it’s sativa-dominant, but once you do, everything will feel peachy! We recommend any lemon-scented strains for those with depression. Try SFV OG marijuana seeds today!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Lemon, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






50 reviews for SFV OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Frost Nova (verified owner)

    Great choice! 5/5 stars for excellent customer service and a great growing experience. Took like NO time at all for these seeds to ship (I live in WA state) and the vibes have been fantastic. Very pleased with the results and will definitely buy more of it!

  2. Francis Oconnell (verified owner)

    Hits smooth and tastes velvety, and then here comes the sativa! Do you know the difference? Sativa is seriously uplifting, great for mood, depression, and creativity. Not ideal before bed….but you’ll see me smoking this every afternoon to avoid “the crash” lol.

    Good work out in the garden yields bountiful results. Give it give it!

  3. HeavenlyHorizon (verified owner)

    This potent Indica hybrid hits very strongly and helps with any heavy pains I have, really like using it for my continuous leg injury. It also lets me go about my day and work without feeling bogged down or lazy.

  4. 9OceanOrangutan (verified owner)

    SFV OG is the perfect choice for those seeking pain relief without feeling drained or lethargic. With its sativa-dominant hybrid genetics, this strain provides a burst of physical relief while keeping you motivated and energized. Its lemon and pine aroma adds to the overall sensory experience.

  5. CannabisCannibal (verified owner)

    For those looking for a painkiller strain that lets you still be active SFV will be an ideal option. Growing this was relatively easy and came up with great long-lasting high, yet was not too powerful that I felt lethargic. Really nice to be able to go about my day.

  6. Xeno Gamer (verified owner)

    Trying to get rid of pain? Trying to not to feel too groggy? Still trying to get things done? You’ve come to the right strain because this is the one that will have you feeling good but not couch locked. You’ll appreciate how it’s a part of the legendary OG family, so you know have good things in store!

  7. Demarion Bernard (verified owner)

    Beautiful uplifting indica weed! I feel so fortunate to have this in my life! The 50/50 hybrid split makes this an excellent addition to my weed collections….I am very particular about what kind of weed I smoke and In what situation….but now…NOW….I only smoke the best. Beautiful win for the little guy. Homegrowing is the future and Pacific is on the cutting edge!

  8. FireballFerret9 (verified owner)

    SFV OG was a great strain for those who are looking for a strong high that will hit fast. The earthy, lemon, and pine flavors are delicious and the fast growth at just 2 months was impressive. This strain was fantastic for combating depression, pain, and stress, and I felt happy and relaxed throughout the high. The potent Indica body high was also a great added bonus.

  9. Kareena Hughes (verified owner)

    Nice to find a marijuana that doesn’t make me tired, or put me on the couch! I love the fresh, well-formed nugs, very FRESH and delicious!

  10. Anna-Marie Head (verified owner)

    Mmm these are some dark purple nugs with a deep earthy flavor and a very lively buzz. Makes me want to clean, cook, do dishes, whatever! Can’t believe how easy it is to order online and have it shipped directly to my home! Very comfortable buying with Pacific, they are such a good company with some good folks behind the wheel!

  11. Dolcie Copeland (verified owner)

    A cool, sweet, relaxing indica with a gorgeous nug that has bright orange and green colors. I had a lot of success growing this mj indoors. Took about 5 months, and I got about 10 oz of weed across my 5 plants. It’s a challenge in that mj plants require a LOT of sunlight, watering, and a good amount of fertilization. The upfront investment can be a bit high, but once you’re set up you’re gonna have good results.

  12. Jimmie Rahman (verified owner)

    Had a motorcycle accident a few years back and have residual pain from time to time. SFV OG has been a good grow for combatting the discomfort. I buy weed online and love how easy it all is! The seeds ship out in a matter of days, and they are eager to pop their little heads out of the soil. It’s so cute!!!

  13. Joshua Gould (verified owner)

    Getting through your day no longer has to be a struggle. This weed has been a great addition to my repertoire. I love growing in my little greenhouse. It’s a truly magnificent grow for a brilliant price! Just great that they ship to Canada, and fast!

  14. CultivatorChris (verified owner)

    A new attempt at growing an old strain haha. I used to get this seed from a friend but they stopped dealing so it’s onto the internet for me!
    Tried a number of different seed banks, but this one is easily the best. It’s got the best prices, fastest shipping, and usually highest germ rates.
    Saves me a lot of money to just grow my own pot….better quality than dispensary stuff too, so really its a win-win.

  15. Shaan Thomas (verified owner)

    Wish that I could take a picture of my nugs, cause they are light, bright, tight, and beautiful!!!

    5 seeds was the right amount to order. Makes sure you have SOME success with germination, and a generally nice yield.

    Affordable seeds no doubt, but can take a little while to ship. Ya gotta be patient!!

  16. Zhane Valentine (verified owner)

    Gets me nice and stoned, keeps me from feeling down or depressed. Not hard to grow, just make sure you grow in the summer, in some hot sun, cause these plants LOVE that fresh air and lots of water! Takes some care but not too bad, mostly just for fun. A good indica for what makes you feel depressed.

  17. Nikola Woodcock (verified owner)

    SFV OG is a relatively unknown strain but hits like a charm and helps with stress, depression and anxiety. Gives me all kinds of great feelings and creative energy I just cant get enough! I am a lifetime customer of Pacific and not gonna shop online anywhere else!

  18. Ieuan Monroe (verified owner)

    MMmmm this weed has a sweet lemony flavor that does great things for my anxiety and depression. Awesome buy when you are strapped for cash and looking for a nice summer project! Ordering online is the easiest way to get your seeds shipped anywhere in the USA. My 5 seeds arrived in a week and germinated beautifully 🙂

  19. Aimi (verified owner)

    Gotta have this weed in my life otherwise I will go just crazy. I have to grow it myself too cause nobody else does it right! I am the sole owner of my weed destiny and this stuff is nothing but positive vibes! I am sooooo excited to see this weed just blooming and coming to life. I LOVE the vibe, and the growing, and the green!!

  20. Usman Hamilton (verified owner)

    SFV OG is really good, and I LOVE the way it makes me feel. I smoke this weed when I am feeling tired and I feel way better. I 420 blaze it all evening long. Really a good grow too. Especially since you can order your seeds online. They ship really fast and germinate great every time. Very reliable grow!!

  21. Chloe-Louise Langley (verified owner)

    This is a west coast weed to the core. It looks great under my little grow lamps and it helps tremendously with all the negative aspects of life like pain and stress and depression. I mostly just like working in my garden and feeling all the sunshine on my back and my legs. It’s been such a great time, and I will definitley buy some more!!

  22. Reiss Hull (verified owner)

    This was a previously unknown strain to me, and I gotta say I am a BIG fan. I love the smells and tastes and everything I get out of this. I smoke weed every day, I get very baked and I chill with my new puppy and it’s totally awesome. I am very excited I can order weed online now, and I get it delivered to my home.

  23. Miguel Wilson (verified owner)

    These nugs look so tasty I almost just want to EAT the weed. LOL Noooo, I wouldn’t recommend that, mostly because smoking it is so much better. The taste and smell of this stuff will absolutely blow your mind. It’s easy growing, and when you’re ordering online you are sure to get some good recommendations from the customer service bot!

  24. Piers Henson (verified owner)

    What a cool strain! It’s much better than it sounds, very chilled out stuff, relaxing, good vibes. Makes for a nice turn of events, gets me very stoned and offers me a few mental health insights I wanted all along. Good buy, especially for the price, so much fun, great colors and aroma, smells like flowers!

  25. nancydrew (verified owner)

    SFV OG is a new strain for me, never heard of it before nor encountered it at the weed store. I thought it sounded interesting so decided to try it out. Got a really nice grow out of these 3 seeds. Great taste and smell, of course, but all weed really checks that box. I think the best part was how intense the high is, and how nice it was to smoke in the evening.

  26. Kevin priya (verified owner)

    I am a west coaster by nature, I love the sunshine and the water and the beaches…I love the laid back lifestyle and getting stuff done…I ordered myself some weed to remind me of my days in San Fran, and when the seeds arrived, I started them right away, 100% germination! A seriously great buy for the price 🙂

  27. Eric Daily (verified owner)

    SFV is one of my faves….gives me a huge boost of energy and makes me feel like I am on top of the world. I am soooo relaxed and feel like I can finally get some wiritng done…or I just strum away on my ukulele! I am very happy with my results…they make me feel like I am doing something rewarding with my time!

  28. Seven11 (verified owner)

    SFV OG is a really nice strain that helps with pain stress and anxiety, it’s an easy grow and is a rare gem that is hard to find in dispensaries or elsewhere on the internet. Ordering online is the way to go, very easy and fast, and the smell is just fantastic when its growing in your home. You won’t be disappointed!

  29. Green Machine (verified owner)

    Can’t stop smoking this weed! It’s a great buy for anyone looking to get into the growing game. It’s definitely a little bit of a challenge to get started, but it gets much easier once the plants are established. I smoke this stuff before heading out for the night or even when I get home. It’s a pretty energizing weed and it makes me feel all good and jittery. Great stuff all around!

  30. Gecko (verified owner)

    I am from the Bay area, can you tell? It’s pretty great having this weed around, it reminds me of all the days I would buy this weed from a dispensary in college and then smoke it with my buddies. Great to finally grow it at home and get a really nice yield. I opened an account with Pacific and loaded my cart. I am set for the next year now, and this was my first grow, absolutely stellar and amazing. I can’t wait to buy more, it’s been so great for my headaches!

  31. stay woke my friends (verified owner)

    This is some flavorful nug….nice mix between earthy, piney and lemony flavor to create this wonderful smoke that awakens your senses and helps with depression, anxiety and stress. I smoke it at night, always after the sun goes down cause smoking during the daylight hours consistently makes me feel groggy. Nah, this strain is best reserved for the moments when you will be chilling in front of the TV with some delicious food and are looking to finally take a load off. Highly recommend!

  32. InItToWinIt (verified owner)

    Yeah I dig this weed. It’s a lot easier to grow than I expected and the harvest was pretty nice too. I liked snipping off all the flowers and drying them out in the laundry room. Now the laundry room smells like skunky weed lol, but I don’t mind. I get wicked baked off this and it can make you a little sleepy but overall it’s not bad, really this strain is best at night before bed, like you can stay awake and read a book but once you close your eyes you’re out like a light. Has been a great investment, solid MJ!

  33. paul hanson (verified owner)

    This weed is better than taking ibuprofen, and it really helps with my migraines and stress. I mostly bake this stuff into edibles, cause I don’t like damaging my lungs, but the taste is super nice and sour and it has a skunky vibe to it as well. I like how easy it was to grow, nice in the backyard garden beds and it’s a great side hobby if you’re looking for something productive to do. I highly recommend if you’re feeling stressed or stuffy about life.

  34. Reggie Benton (verified owner)

    This weed has been amazing for my back pain. It’s so very relaxing and soothing and helps me unwind at the end of a stress-filled day. I love the taste and smell, a nice earthy lemony pine taste, and wow was it easy to grow! It’s something special for sure, and I am really happy I got a chance to try it out. Great stuff!

  35. zbrby3721823 (verified owner)

    Definitely indica heavy but doesn’t really leave you couch locked, which i appreciate. It’s really top knotch stuff, a great grow for almost any environment, and the power of the weed is really all about the relaxing and pain relieving properties it offers. I think it would be great for medical patients who need help with chronic pain issues. Definitely a winner 🙂

  36. Ayanna U. (verified owner)

    I’ve found that sativa-dominant strains work best with my personality. I’m naturally kind of downbeat and chill, so a little pep is good for me. I drank coffee for years and years but now I rely on pot for that little pep. SFV gives me that energy to get going and do shit. The taste is SO good too – like a walk in a pine forest while drinking lemonade. Honestly, beyond SFV’s affect, the taste is one of my favorite things about this pot. Thanks, PSB, for some awesome seeds – watching them grow was fun.

  37. Evan V. (verified owner)

    I call this one my Depression Disappearer. Psychic pain relief in smokable form. I’ve tried pretty much all the antidepressants that Pfizer and Glaxo etc. have to offer. The right stain of marijuana is still the best medicine for me. And this is the right strain. Others made me non-functional or hyper or paranoid. This one does me just right. Happy smell of lemon and pine trees and all the good things in life. Easy to grow, a pleasure to smoke.

  38. gonefishing7663902 (verified owner)

    This plant hails from the San Fernando Valley and has it’s (obvious upon smoking) roots in OG Kush. Pretty simple and easy indoor grow, for some of the best weed I’ve smoked in a long long time. Amazing combination of high thc, high cbd, so ultimately: high and happy me.

    I ordered the seeds and had them germinated in less than a week’s time, I’m very impressed with the shipping speed from Pacific Seed Bank.

  39. beachmom350948 (verified owner)

    I am a full-time teacher and a mother of two. I am on my feet all day and am running errands most evenings. After the school day is over I like to smoke a small amount of this strain to help with my leg and back pain and couldn’t have asked for better results. I ordered my seeds online and delivery was fast and easy through PSB. My husband is the real gardener in the family and he helped me cultivate these seeds in the backyard and even harvested the buds for me when they were ready. So happy!!

  40. Pat Y (verified owner)

    This pot has a pretty relaxing effect on me. I mostly smoke it on weekends, as I find that weed during the week makes me a little sluggish at work. Great for chilling out and playing music. Also, it’s strong. Overall, a positive experience.

  41. Frannie Trent (verified owner)

    Best marijuana for medical use. i needed some mj to help me deal with some back pain i’ve had for the last ten years, and SFV OG treated it so well. Also not only was the pain gone but i still had energy to do stuff too which was awesome. Also the lemon taste made me feel happy.

  42. Judy G. (verified owner)

    I did a little research for the best place to buy cannabis seeds from online and was impressed with all the great reviews of Pacific Seeds. I can see why they are so well-regarded: the customer service was very professional and my order arrived very quickly. I also really appreciated their germination guarantee, but all of my seeds germinated. I’ve ordered from other companies in the past that didn’t have their shit together, so dealing with Pacific Seeds was a refreshing treat. Planning to buy more seeds soon!

  43. Samuel O. (verified owner)

    I cannot tell you how much I do not like indicas, yet that’s usually what I find when I’m looking for a strain that will deal with my chronic pain. So imagine how excited I was to find SFV OG while perusing Pacific’s website. A sativa that also manages pain? Yes please. My ladies are about three weeks in, so I haven’t harvested yet. But so far so good! Plants look healthy and I got every seed to germinate

  44. Esther O. (verified owner)

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and this weed really helps me feel a little more even keeled throughout the day. I smoke it in the morning after breakfast and on my way to work. I have a lot to be thankful for, this weed smells like citrus and gives me an extra boost, helps my mood, and alleviates my aches and pains! Growing this weed was fairly easy, and the seeds shipped out fast! Plus I love all the orange sticky nugs!!!

  45. Landry V. (verified owner)

    I’m typically partial to sativa dominant hybrids but this is some of the best indica weed I’ve smoked and grown. I found that SCROG worked wonders in my indoor setup and I tried my best to maintain a PH level of 6 soil-wise, which I think led to a healthy harvest. There were definitely some tricky aspects to trimming the lower portions of the plant to increase yield but overall it wasn’t tremendously difficult.

  46. Mila F. (verified owner)

    Delicious nug and very energizing. I vastly prefer sativas because I just don’t care for couch lock. I need to be up and about and this weed does that and more! It helps me with anxiety, depression, and all sorts of stress. It’s really the perfect combo of energy and chilled out vibes! Ordering online with pacific was easy and reliable and all of my seeds germinated without issue. The growing process was fun and I got a whole lotta nug to call my own! Magic!

  47. Phil U. (verified owner)

    Don’t let the tiny flowers fool you. I got a surprisingly nice yield from my plants. This grow was buy the book and went smoothly from germinating to harvest. Love the lemon pine flavor and the relaxing happy high. Potent just how I like it. Got my seeds fast in the mail. Great experience ordering from Pacific and will buy more in the future.

  48. Isis Q. (verified owner)

    A fairly mild indica that has really helped me with joint pain over the years. First time grower and first time with PSB, a great company with an amazing online selection, best seeds in USA hands down! Grew in my backyard which turned out to be great, I have excellent climate conditions where I live, and I got a solid yield of around 300 g per plant. Smoke this usually in the evening to help with pain, appetite and sleep!

  49. Elliot E. (verified owner)

    Even though you’re supposed to still be able to be up and doing things, I usually smoke this weed in the evening when I need some relief from my back pain. The sativa aspect of this strain isn’t too jittery which is good for me. I don’t really like taking lots of drugs for the pain I have so its nice to be able to use medical marijuana to treat it. I don’t know what I’d do if weed weren’t legal in my state! Hopefully it will be all over the USA soon that everyone can get the help they need!

  50. Terrence B. (verified owner)

    What’s not to like about this weed? high thc and a good hybrid leaning towards indica for a nice cerebral high that doesn’t have the accompanying paranoia because of the CBD benefit. Really good for wake and bake. Nice clean pine/lemon scent. I ordered them and they got to my house before the week was over, all my seeds germinated, good experience overall.

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