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Shishkaberry Feminized Seeds – Growers Lab Seeds

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Shishkaberry marijuana seeds are the ideal smoke when you want to relax, socialize, and spread the love. This social indica can help boost focus, prompt the giggles, and uplfit your mood around friends and family.

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The next time you’re planning a chill night with the ladies or homies, you might want to treat them to Shishkaberry marijuana seeds. The Shishkaberry experience is ideal for relaxed, social times with close buddies or family members. Think about Thanksgiving or another holiday. Everyone is gathered together in one room to hang out, socialize, and unwind. That’s what Shishkaberry should be used for. 


This indica is capable of breaking down walls between people and allowing you to open up. Even though it’s considered an indica, there’s a slight sativa sensation that feels awakening, uplifting, and social. You’ll likely be in the mood to chat with others, laugh at a comedy on the TV, and share stories. Shishkaberry produces a chatty feeling that’s warm and welcoming. It can also help boost focus, prompt giggles, and elevate your mood.


Take advantage of this cerebral buzz while you can because it doesn’t last too long. The second wave of Shishkaberry marijuana seeds comes over the body in a flash, leaving you completely stoned and still. It’s very likely that Shishkaberry will leave you with couchlock for hours. Now’s the perfect time to grab some food, relax on the couch, and bond with loved ones. There’s no better feeling, is there?

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Stress


Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for Shishkaberry Feminized Seeds – Growers Lab Seeds

  1. Dominic Thompson (verified owner)

    One of those weeds you need to tell your friends about!!!
    I grew 10 seeds and they are sooooo beautiful 🙂 They grow tall and very bushy. I need to prune them at least once a week.
    So excited for this new round of growing.
    Next summer is gonna be rad!

  2. Amelia Sullivan (verified owner)

    Indulge in this indica-dominant strain that uplifts your mood, boosts focus, and prompts laughter. Perfect for gatherings with loved ones, it breaks down barriers and fosters a warm, chatty atmosphere. Soothing the mind and body, Shishkaberry delivers a cerebral buzz before leaving you couch-locked. Bond with friends, enjoy good food, and cherish the joyful moments this strain brings.

  3. MelancholicMoose420 (verified owner)

    Shishkaberry is my go-to strain for a euphoric and happy high that melts away stress and pain. With strong potency, it’s perfect for depression and anxiety relief. This is a great strain for anyone looking for a relaxed and uplifting experience.

  4. Zeshan G. (verified owner)

    This is a good weed for its fresh, flavorful smell and low-energy buzz that keeps me firmly planted on the couch for hours on end. This is the life. Keeping my feet up, eating snacks, watching movies, and smoking this low and slow indica weed!

  5. Leena Pearson (verified owner)

    This is an amazing strain….has some real hippie vibes. Spread the love…peace on earth….that kind of thing. Buying online is great. It’s easy and it’s quick. The seeds always arrive on time and ready to grow! I usually soak them anyway. It’s a good way to ensure you get good results. Otherwise the weed seed can be a tough nut to crack! The flower is nice and berry-flavored….very nice!

  6. Kayan Newton (verified owner)

    This pot is great for some friday night smoke sessions with the homies. Love being the guy who supplies the weed, I get the best deals when I buy online, and I love having the plants growing outdoors. They seem to love the warmth and sunshine of the backayrd. It’s great having these plants intermixed with my other herbs and veggies. Such a bountiful yield!

  7. Montgomery Hensley (verified owner)

    Sweet shishkaberry for the win! I got 5 seeds online. When they arrived, they were wrapped in a beautiful little golden package, keeping them nice and fresh! No matter who you are, or your previous growing experience, Pacific makes it super easy to have success with your MJ seeds. From their super duper helpful growing tips, to their fast-growing, self-maintaining weed, I highly recommend to anyone with even a PASSING interest in growing Marijuana.

  8. Griffin Mcclure (verified owner)

    If you like berry-flavored weed then you’ll probably enjoy this one more than the rest! It’s got beautiful tight little nugs, about the size of a BB , and they crumble like dust between your fingers, making for the perfect bowl everytime. Indica heavy and good for evening use, shishkaberry is the best this site has to offer!

  9. Bentley Sykes (verified owner)

    Get baked on shishkaberry for a “do nothing” day or night at home. Forget those pesky dishes in the sink or the carpet that needs a vacuum. You’ve got the day off and you deserve some stress relief. This citrus and berry flavor weed is tasteful and on YOUR side!

  10. Ebonie Levine (verified owner)

    Looking to relax and socialize with your friends? Then don’t miss out on the shishkaberry grow from pacific. These seeds are top quality, usually grow at a fast rate and produce flower within 4 months! I was so happy it was such a compact and potent strain with dense sticky nugs! Pacific is a win every time, their online selection is pretty impressive.

  11. Lyndsey Schofield (verified owner)

    Middle of the road kind of high, nice flavor, prolific yield. A good grow for small operations looking to sell in local markets.

  12. Dorothy Prentice (verified owner)

    Mmmm Shishkaberry is a real treat, great for smoking with friends and family, or even just by yourself to watch a movie. I enjoyed growing my own marijuana as well, it was challenging but fun, and I like the way it makes me feel too. I enjoy a nice indica strain, especially one like this, with some sweet and earthy flavors, and light fluffy nug. Excited to buy more ;0

  13. John Guin (verified owner)

    I popped 3 of these seeds, all grew well, had 3 different type looking plants, all were great to vape, strong and long lasting high but none had that classic old F1 shishka berry flavor or smell, if one has ever had the original Shishka you will know what I am talking about and these are not it, I do have the old F1 and will just feminize one of them for seed

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