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Sour OG Feminized Seeds

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If you love a 50/50 hybrid that offers happiness, and a bit of social creativity, turn to Sour OG. Mixed with one of the worldwide faves, this strain has a lemony-diesel flavor and is strong enough to be dubbed a “one-hit-and-quit”.

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Sativa versus indica is probably the biggest dilemma a marijuana user will face. It’s like choosing between chocolate sauce and caramel on a dessert. Too hard! Fortunately, there is at least one marijuana strain that is perfectly balanced between the down. An exact 50/50 split down the middle. You can find this in Sour OG marijuana seeds. This equal hybrid is a real favorite for anyone who wants to experience the best of both worlds without feeling overwhelmed by one side.

Let’s say you’re at a party and want a hit of chattiness, and creativity, reach for Sour OG! This strain is a real crowd pleaser as it gives everyone what they love most about marijuana. Growers are also drawn to this strain as it’s a cross of two of the most available strains in the world: Sour Diesel and OG Kush (a cult favorite on the west coast and a strain that started the OG family). Sour OG has been available in clone and seed form for a long time now if you’re interested in growing your own marijuana at home — just make sure it’s legal in your state!

The odor and taste of Sour Kush marijuana seeds resemble both of its parents. It has hints of lemon, pine, and fuel. Some variations have a fruity smell as well. Often described as a “one hit then quit” strain, Sour OG starts with an energetic cerebral high that gradually leads to a relaxing feeling in the body.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Lack of Appetite, Pain, worries


Diesel, Earthy, Sour

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Sour OG Feminized Seeds

  1. GardenGoddess (verified owner)

    They call this strain a classic for a reason. It’s easily one of the best! These fresh buds are some of the nicest I have come by. They are large, light, beautiful and fresh! Gets me super high every time and I love the sour taste! BIG yields all around, usually 100-150 G per plant!!! Needs a lot of compost, fertilizer, and water, treat it like a tomato or pepper plant and be amazed!

  2. M. Martin (verified owner)

    Sour OG is the perfect hybrid since it’s the perfect strain if you want to socialize and get creative but also want to feel happiness. It’s a favorite since it’s a cross between two of the most legendary strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. You’ll get great notes of pine, lemon, and fuel to give you a bit of sweet, sour, and pungency.

  3. Ellie M. (verified owner)

    There ain’t no frills to the sour OG. This is a classic grow, does well in almost every scenario, and smells amazing. Yep, it’s wicked sour and helps with stress, gotta have this in my LIFE!

  4. Enzo Moretti (verified owner)

    With a lemony-diesel flavor, this strain is strong enough to be a “one-hit-and-quit.” Best of both worlds, this 50/50 hybrid is a crowd pleaser. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your own marijuana at home! With hints of lemon, pine, and fuel, Sour OG is a delicious treat for your senses.

  5. Ciara Osborn (verified owner)

    Fresh yields! Just got my latest harvest completed. A small MOUNTAIN of nug that smells like citrusy and skunky. Delicious!

  6. Alice Mcpherson (verified owner)

    No sour is too sour for sour OG. Luckily this weed is VERY sour and it smells freakin awesome. My whole basement smells like a lemon grove. But heck yeah man. Great buy, very affordable seeds, some of my favorite. Gets me feeling sharp!

  7. Breaded30Chicken (verified owner)

    Sour OG is an amazing strain that gave me a balanced high that hit both my body and mind. The potency was strong and the energetic and euphoric high lasted for hours. Overall a great strain to try if you’re looking for a potent pick-me-up.

  8. Lyla Shea (verified owner)

    This weed is my all time favorite! It’s easy to grow and produce a LOT of weed! The yield was like 3x bigger than expected. I got nearly 600 nugs and they FRESHH son! Gotta have this weed in my life. It’s so soothing, relaxing, uplifting and cheeeeep!

  9. Mackenzie Rutledge (verified owner)

    Frosty delightful nugs with a sour flavor. Definitely a win for new growers looking to score BIG! I am so HAPPY for the amazing flavor and the best tasting weed on the internet. Do not believe the lies! Online weed is here to stay and Pacific has mastered the system.

  10. Ronaldo Rosa (verified owner)

    I swear I was on deaths door and this weed saved me. I bought 5 seeds and got them growing in my yard, and turns out I have this passion in life I never considered. I am 45! It’s crazy to discover a new passion when you’re my age. I am very happy to finally be working outside again. Nothing makes me happier than this sour dank!!

  11. Samera Mckee (verified owner)

    I am very high right now….but hopefully this review will be coherent. The weed I bought was excellent, very nice seeds that took only a few days to germinate. They grew like gangbusters and produced like 10 oz of weed across 3 plants! I got all kinds of great purchases from Pacific but this is my favorite grow so far!!

  12. Taio Dalby (verified owner)

    Yeah it’s sour, but it’s also kind of sweet….

    Not a weed expert but I had fun. I mean I kinda let my plant just take care of itself, after a while, but it still produces a bunch of pot. Just wished I’d done more work pruning it.

    Either way, the price is right.

  13. Arooj Alvarado (verified owner)

    Is it sweet, or is it sour? Nobody knows!!! I happen to LOVE this marijuana. Gives me a great head buzz, keeps me light on my feet, and absolutely brings me back to life. I am absolutely stunned at how quickly my plants took to the soil. They seem absolutely thrilled to be in my little garden! Has been a marked improvement in my mood and overall state of mind!

  14. Skylar Mcintyre (verified owner)

    Not for the faint of heart, but a classic nonetheless. I grow it because I work from home and have time to get out into the my garden in the afternoon. Big yield, absolutely worth the longer than normal growing time. Fast shipping times and some good bud.

  15. Nafisa Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Mmmmm Sour OG is Soooo relaxing! This weed takes the edge off every time. It’s got that sour taste that will drive you wild, plus it’s easy to grow for beginners. It tastes like a sour berry and has a harsh smoke that makes me cough and couch which turns into laughing! I love growing this weed and eating blueberries!!

  16. Esmai Landry (verified owner)

    Mmmm sour, so refreshing and smooth and really mellow. I hate mj strains that make me super tired or depressed. This weed does exactly the opposite, it helps me relax and keep a smile on my face. Has been great in treating my dperession, and absolutely is worth the 5 months in the garden, you def won’t be disappointed.

  17. Amelia-Lily Sumner (verified owner)

    Gotta have some sour OG in my life….otherwise I think I’d go just crazy. I am suuuper stoned as I write this so forgive me for any spelling errors. I have a small garden plot in my backayrd, and it’s all looking pretty darn good, mixed with the herbs and spices and whatnot.

  18. Nathanael Davies (verified owner)

    I am heavily identified with this strain, honestly it feels good to have something in my life that speaks directly to my soul. I get baked and then watch Jeapordy. I am seriously doing well at this game. I think I should try out. I think I could win a few games, and never again will they call me a nerd!!!

  19. Eira Esparza (verified owner)

    Sour OG is pretty rocking and awesome but mostly it’s just chill AF and makes for a great purchase when you are new to marijuana. I like growing weed, it’s a welcome challenge and makes me smile every time. It’s pretty hard to germinate IMO, but it mostly works out in the end, and it looks pretty fantastic!

  20. Maaria Serrano (verified owner)

    Wowww this weed is special! It’s what I smoke before every family engagement ever LOL. It makes me relaxed AND social, and it has a great sour flavor that makes the brain feel like jello. I grew 3 plants outside, they look absolutely fantastic, and they have the vibe of something out of a fairy tale. You won’t believe your eyes!

  21. Rhiana Sexton (verified owner)

    /Get up and get stoned. Got Sour OG? Well, if you don’t then you should. This is some exciting sutff, great vibes all around and a very strong sour taste to match the buzzy vibes. It’s like eating candy or something else sweet and it hits you nice and slow. It’s mellow, creeps into your belly and allows you to breathe deep and relax. Thanks for the mj!

  22. Alysha Thomson (verified owner)

    SOUR wow it’s like crazy on your tongue and it makes your mouth all tingly…amazing!!! I smoked it yesterday out of a bowl…and it’s hella chill, very nice and relaxing, makes life that much better, gets me nice and stoned, I work hard all day and this gets me through…need it like coffee, makes for a good daytime and nighttime smoke!

  23. Tabitha Tillman (verified owner)

    Sour OG is by far the most relaxing and pungent of the kush strains, helps me manage my pain and stress and definitely keeps the demons away. Used to have very bad insomnia but kush really slows my gears and gets me to a place where I can relax and sleep. Can’t wait to grow more, they grow so fast and produce so much!!!

  24. tom roberts (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the happiest strains I have ever experienced. I really like the sour taste and the chilled out vibes. It’s a smooth smoke, really nice to take big deep hits from a bowl or a bong. It’s also good to have as a joint in your back pocket 🙂 I am feeling really great about how this turned out, I will always buy from Pacific, they are so amazing!!!

  25. brunchercruncher (verified owner)


  26. Shoppable (verified owner)

    Sour weed is the best weed for sure, and it helps to be able to grow your own to really bring out the flavors! Got a nice plot in my backyard, absolutely gorgeous for all its remarkable flavor….gets me super stoned helps me relax and battle stress! What could be better!

  27. Bumps Ahead (verified owner)

    Sour as the dickens…makes life into something real special…love the way it all kinda blurs the edges…makes things seem a little wonky, a little strange…definitely helps me with stress and depression, and at the very least it keeps things interesting…cant deny I am a huge fan and I will totally buy more weed when I run out, which will be NEVER!

  28. Ibakedbread! (verified owner)

    Get your daily dose of Sour with the Sour OG weed. This stuff is great for beginners, it’s a very straightforward grow with a very classic buzz that makes you feel relaxed, giggly, and it gives you the munchies hardcore. I ordered my seeds online with Pacific and had em delivered to my place in eastern WA. Makes for a great backyard grow and always gives a ton flower!!!

  29. Creator (verified owner)

    Yeah its gonna hit you real nice and slow and you’ll get a great body buzz that lasts for hours ! Ordered my seeds online with PSB and they shipped out way faster than I expected. Kush strains are THE BEST, they’re so easy to grow and I love how I could manage it when I got home from work at night, such a lovely experience and a great yield with such a stellar freshness. I smoke it all day to keep feeling good!

  30. Roots (verified owner)

    Sour OG is one of the best strains on this site hands down. Not only is it a delicious OG strain with a powerful sour taste, it’s also an easy grow, even for beginners. Not to mention how BIG these yields are. This is my 3rd time ordering these seeds from pacific, and each time, my yields just get bigger and bigger and I think I am getting good at this! Probably one of the nicest weeds I’ve ever smoked…helps me with stress and depression, even gives me a little mood boost. Can’t complain!

  31. Infinity (verified owner)

    The perfect hybrid without any of the grogginess. I love smoking this around any time of day, it always brightens my mood and puts a smile on my face. Gives my head a nice buzz but keeps my body grounded, plus the sour taste of the weed can be addictive! It’s an easy grow too, at least for me, and I have been growing for years so you know….anyway, If you love the OG family then definitely add this to your collection and you’ll be happy. Great for sharing with friends, happy vibes!

  32. KevinP (verified owner)

    Definitely hits you with that sour flavor, and gets me really stoned. Love growing OG strains, they always seem to work well in my backyard and produce a LOT of weed, which is just great cause I am a heavy smoker. Ordered online with Pacific and the seeds shipped right out, got em in less than a week, and had my own bud in only 4 months time! I feel super fortunate and really stoked about this stuff, and will definitely be back!

  33. Meghan B. (verified owner)

    A wonderfully balanced hybrid but also very strong! This is some powerful stuff, so just a few hits and you’re good to go!!!! I love the delicious smell and taste of this weed, it’s suuuuper sour, like a candy from the store, but also nice and earthy to balance it out. Because It’s an OG strain you can expect a fair dose of relaxation. It’s been great to have around the house!

  34. Emmett Mitchell (verified owner)

    A nicely balanced hybrid strain. Easy to grow and produces a ton of weed! I am new to growing weed, but really enjoyed the process of ordering my seeds online with PSB and growing them at home. I followed their germination guide and took good care of my plants. They grew really well and the bud is amazing! Sour and delicious and a very relaxing buzz!

  35. Colin U. (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of the OG strains like I am, then this one might just be your favorite. It’s mean and green that’s for sure and packs a pretty sour taste, kind of like a warhead candy! I have been growing mj for a while now, have a full greenhouse in the backyard and these babies took off without a hitch! Pretty standard growing time and the harvest is nice! Love smoking in the evenings to CTFO!

  36. Mikaela X. (verified owner)

    I first tried this weed when I bought a vape cartridge of it from my local weed shop. I liked it so much that when I saw it here on Pacific’s site I didn’t think twice before buying it. Even though it says its an intermediate grow I didn’t encounter any problems. If you’ve grown before you should be able to handle it. Flowering time took a little longer than I’m used to but it was worth the wait.

  37. Agustin K. (verified owner)

    This weed makes me super duper happy! Every time I smoke I feel very bubbly and social. I love the taste of this bud, it’s obviously very sour, but it tastes almost like candy. It’s really easy to grow and has a sizable yield, so you won’t be disappointed on that front. PSB has a great selection of seeds, so definitely hit them up next time you’re in the market!

  38. Jessica J. (verified owner)

    What’s not to love about Sour OG? I’m a big fan of smoking this strain not just for recreational use but also for its medical benefits as well. It makes me feel happy, social, and a little bit less in pain. I have a condition that causes me quite a bit of grief and chronic pain, so anything that can help me get my mind off of it is a good thing. Plus Sour OG is just a joy to smoke. Period. I recommend this strain to anyone looking for a classic strain that’ll please just about anybody.

  39. Juwan G. (verified owner)

    Yes!! Sour OG take me away and let me escape all my troubls for awhile …. Sour OG is a totally awesome pot. Love that it’s an exact 50/50 hybrid, so you get the best of both worlds: you get the cerebral high of the sativa but then you also get the wonderful stress relief of the indica. Why choose between those when you can have them both in one mj strain?? I think the name of this strain is misleading, it’s not sour at all. Instead, it’s rather earthy and piney. I will buy sour OG again (and again and again and again!).

  40. tdoodlez52 (verified owner)

    Grew this puppy indoors and turned out great. I was eager to try sour og as I heard it’s pretty much the perfect 50/50 hybrid of indica and sativa. Have to say that I agree with that; the lemoney and pine smell is wonderful and this pot both gives you a burst of energy and then some cool relaxation throughout your entire body. Also, my friend who used pot for medical reasons said that it eased pain in her shins. Sour Og is a winner for sure.

  41. Jim D. (verified owner)

    A classic, platonic strain of marijuana. We’re talking perfect. 25% THC. Half indica, half sativa, all-powerful. Good for what ails you. Best not to wait. That is all.

  42. zorba0830 (verified owner)

    I brought this to a party recently and let’s just say that people LOVED it! I like this strain of cannabis too, it gets everyone feeling good and social and like it’s gonna be a great time. Then, after a little bit, it also makes you relax, so you really get the best of the indica and the sativa. I grew this indoor and everything turned out fine, not too tall and not too bushy but still very productive. Good experience, will buy again.

  43. Daniel I (verified owner)

    A cross of my two favorite strains — OG kush and Sour Diesel. Didn’t know you could improve on either of those but I guess you can. All you gotta do is hybrid them together and you have a weed monster. Not sure if I’ll smoke anything else ever again. It’s got that lemony smell of the Sour Diesel, and the one-hit wonder of OG Kush. Made me all relaxed and happy without a care in the world. The grow was a tiny bit technical. That’s why I’m only giving four stars. This one’s not for beginners, buy oh my is it a fantastic strain.

  44. Stefan L. (verified owner)

    I am not one for getting blasted on weed, but this one definitely puts me over the edge! I just had the opportunity to grow this in the basement alongside some other strains from Pacific (super fast delivery!!!) and like Wow I am really surprised with how easy it was to grow. This is a classic indica sativa split and everyone LOVES it where I live. The orange crystals are also super pretty to look at as they grow! A great buy!!!!!!

  45. Grey A. (verified owner)

    Perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid, and now some of my favorite mj around. High thc with that really nice diesel flavor that you know indicates good weed. A lot of sites say that growing Sour OG inside is best with a basic hydro setup but I did ok with just a normal scrog setup and got a good yield from it. I read that for growing outdoors that it likes to stay dry so I tried to keep the humidity down with my indoor setup and it helped for the most part.

  46. Rain M. (verified owner)

    I’m so freaking happy weed is legal in California now. I mean, I grew weed like before it was legal, but now that it is, I can not only help myself, but also grow weed to help out other people that need it. This is a great relaxing strain with lots of medical benefits. Helps with pain and anxiety — which I need help with unfortunately. But Sour OG does the trick and I’ll for sure grow this strain again.

  47. Isaac M. (verified owner)

    Soon as I saw the description (and THC level) I was down to try this one. I’m getting better with my indoor grow, but still not a pro as far as cannabis plants. My GF has the green thumb in the house. Anyway, I’d grown a few of the “Easy” strains and was ready to try one that PSB calls Intermediate. Sure enough, the plants flowered beautifully in 60 days and sure enough, the high is superb. About to fire up a bowl now. Ahhhhhh!

  48. Clara G. (verified owner)

    Suuuuper happy with my purchase, can’t believe how beautiful this mj is and an absolutely stellar high. It’s the perfect indica/sativa split, making it perfect for chilling out but also staying awake. I usually smoke at parties to help me get in the mood to socialize, soon I am the life of the party cuz everyone wants to smoke with me. They’re super impressed when I tell them I grew it myself. Thanks PSB!

  49. Guillermo X. (verified owner)

    Why choose between sativa or indica when you can have the best of both worlds? Sour OG is a fantastic walk down the middle of the road. Simple hydro set up indoors did wonders. Pretty good yield at around 425-450 grams per plant (10 pack) and it wasn’t very tricky to grow. What I love most about it is how all around good the high is – pain relief, anxiety relief, nice headiness, makes me social, etc. I’m a fan.

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