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Sugar Black Rose Feminized Seeds

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For a truly amazing and uplifting night of rest, don’t “sleep” on Sugar Black Rose.

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This beautifully named cannabis strain is well known for providing users with an equally beautiful sleep. Sugar Black Rose is an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for relaxing the body and enabling users to get an amazing night’s rest.

Deeply relaxing from the get go, the Sugar Black Rose high starts with waves of euphoria that will continue throughout the experience, as a deeper buzz through the body starts to settle in. It’s definitely recommended that users wait until the evening hours to indulge in this sleepy strain.

Medicinal cannabis patients who suffer from issues like worries and stress will likely enjoy Sugar Black’s Rose ability to uplift. And, at this point it goes without saying that this strain is ideal for those suffering from chronic insomnia. The sleep that most users of this strain experience has even been described as “coma-like.”

Additional information


Advanced Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Stress


Berry, Citrus, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


14 reviews for Sugar Black Rose Feminized Seeds

  1. Kurt Riesgo (verified owner)

    Looks like these flowers are dusted in powdered sugar….tastes beautifully sweet and smells like a rose. A deeply relaxing MJ, great for smoking at night, and usually helps me sleep. 5/5 stars for great pot, and some of my all-time favorite nug. Took me all summer to grow, but that wasn’t enough to stop me. I love working with the soil….it feeds the soul.

  2. Helen Russell (verified owner)

    Makes my eyes water and my limbs tingle. One of my favorite strains cause it grows so quickly. You can reach flowering in just 9 weeks if you do it right…..Just read all the blogs and you’ll find some amazing results!

  3. Jan Randolph (verified owner)

    This weed has a dark color with frosted crystal tips. Beautiful nug all around. Just wish it was easier to grow 😉

  4. Anastasia K (verified owner)

    The name alone invites you to indulge in this strain’s enchanting effects. With deep relaxation, euphoria, and a soothing buzz through the body, it’s perfect for unwinding and achieving a blissful sleep. Ideal for stress and insomnia relief, Sugar Black Rose uplifts the spirits and delivers a sleep experience described as “”coma-like.” This indica-dominant hybrid is a must-try for those seeking heavenly rest.

  5. WeedWitch (verified owner)

    One hell of a strain here, excellent for helping with sleep deprivation. I found myself with a restored sleep schedule after my first week of smoking. This seed has a very fast and efficient flowering time and its small size made it easy to care for.

  6. Warren Patterson (verified owner)

    Nothing hits like a fresh bowl of sugar black rose. A delicate and luxurious grow with excellent color, trichomes, and flavor.
    It’s a weed nerds dream!
    A slow-grower, usually takes between 10-12 weeks to reach flowering, but it’s an adaptbale plant, does well in high ph soil, and generally likes heat and sunlight, much like a tomato plant.
    You GOTTA have this weed!

  7. Amanda Cameron (verified owner)

    Makes all other weed strains feel inferior. Now that I have grown SBR, I feel I have found my forever weed. I loved growing indoors under grow lamps. These seeds were absolutely gorgeous, and they took about 10 weeks to grow, so most of a summer’s work, but really not that bad. Just a great little house project!

  8. MaryJaneMercenary710 (verified owner)

    Sugar Black Rose has quickly become one of my favorite strains. The euphoria and relaxation it provides are unmatched, making it perfect for stress. The berry and citrus notes in the flavor make it a sweet treat to smoke.

  9. Maurice Mooney (verified owner)

    With Sugar Black Rose I found a nice relaxing high that gives some great euphoria to it. I enjoy the berry sweet tastes of it as well. The plants grow fast and were very easy to care for, a great purchase overall.

  10. Amara Iyer (verified owner)

    A rare strain with a beautiful floral smell and gorgeous frosted trichomes. It’s a rare beauty and does well in cooler climates.

  11. Myrtle S. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous fristy nugs the color of rose petals….takes lots of patience and skill to perfect this rare find, but even 100 G is a great treat. My nugs cured beautifully in my cellar and now I smoke just a little bit before bed!

  12. Grover B. (verified owner)

    We are used to sugar giving us a burst of energy, but sugar black rose is the exact opposite, pure relaxation and help with sleep! This was a struggle to cultivate, it was waaay above my experience level! I liked the challenge but it ended up being worthwhile in the end cause I was able to harvest over 600 G of marijuana, and that’s seriously amazing!!

  13. Amiee Worthington (verified owner)

    I liked the name of this weed, thought it might be a good experiment in the garden. Got some weed from my 3 plants but admittedly had NO idea what I was doing….I wish I’d read over their blog posts before growing, I think it would have relieved a good deal of confusion….probably increased my harvest…oh well you live and learn. Either way, the weed I DID harvest was high quality and delicious!

  14. Sharon G. (verified owner)

    This rare strain is great for migraines and sleep. A truly beautiful plant with dark green flowers that are covered in sugary crystals. The weed really does have a powerful sweet flavor. I was amazed how quickly my seeds showed up. They shipped within DAYS! I really feel lik Pacific seeds is on my side!

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